There are some who glow SO much with goodness and kindness within, that their very presence dispels the darkness around.
I consider @Sudhabharadwaj one such person.
And among those I know on Twitter, @MasalaBai .
They deserve a lot of good things to happen to them in their lives.
Another person here who I've found to be extremely kind is @priyashmita .
I remember how, much like @MasalaBai , she used to try to find suitable job openings for others.
She absolutely didn't have to - but she did.
Also, in a natural calamity, she's there trying to help.
Then there are others, like @deepsealioness , @poonamkachanddd and @medusaflower .
They're often the targets of trolling here, cos they speak out their minds fearlessly.
But just as equally importantly, they're also very kind.
And very aware of privilege.
There are many I've come across here who I've become friends with, and/or developed respect for.
I don't agree w/ everything they say.
And I don't expect them to agree w/ me either. :-)
My friendship/respect transcends this transactional element. :-)
Arguments are in good faith.
Kindness is a magnet for me. :-)
I'm generally uncomfortable with people :-), but I find kind ppl easier to get along with.
Ppl whose world revolves around more than just "me, myself and I". :-)
Like @nuts2406 .
Am SO glad to know her.
She's one hell of a kind person.
Then there's @namitaj68 .
We first bonded over #Sahir and poetry :-), then I was totally wowed by her art.
Still am. :-)
But beyond all this, there's her underlying kindness.
And that's the thing.
Whatever one's accomplishments, a person's kindness is what impresses me most. :-)
Every day I come across people whose kindness speaks to me.
Keeping my bias against Mumbai aside (it's only for its yesteryear cricket hegemony, I otherwise love the city :-)), the kindness of @vijivenkatesh and @Basantipara overwhelms me.
So much warmth in their tweets.
There are so many other kind persons I follow.
Not writing abt each one individually (sorry about that!), but I can sense their kindness.
@AarKiBolboBolo , @desertdew , @pratsd , @ks_NotANiceGirl , @baehaya_aurat , @joBeeGeorgeous, @soumya__mishra, @dreamzdotcom, @SecularSiddha.
Then there are also kind men I've come across here.
e.g. @ThePapaShark_ , @asuph , @sibinmohan , @gauravsabnis , @pundmentlyflawd , @amitmehra , @_amitbehere .
There isn't enough kindness going around in this world - which is why it feels really good to come across a kind person.
There's also my cricket twitter gang.
Many kind persons in there too, even if they support BCCI :(
Am not going to take names - I think they know who they are.
During the Covid wave, many of them really stepped up to help whoever they could.
And did help a LOT of ppl.
Not surprisingly, I'm forgetting names.
@SaibBilaval , @Duneemperorpaul , @joeyp225 , @just1doctorwala , @HermitPen, @whatisdapoint...
And how can I forget @anuradhaxyz , @swapstick - who give me hope for tomorrow's India?
And @whataworldithu, @pinkpaisley3 , @rakhitripathi?
There are many names I've not mentioned yet.
So many more kind people I follow.
Will keep adding later in this thread.
Taking a break for now. :-)
Back, and I'm upset with myself for missing out names.
But such is my memory now...
Talking of kind ppl, I must include @HiAinwe , @ekmushtghubaar , @LarissaFernand and @thathappydad .
And there's ofc @kavita_krishnan who is often on the ground fighting against injustice.
The extent of memory deterioration can best be judged by the fact that I missed out @nimishdubey !
How could I?
And I missed out @Poojawhatever, @tejujoshi31 , @jeevika_shiv , @DearthOfSid .
Never ask me to make an all-time India Test XI.
I might miss out Kapil Dev. :-)
I forgot @ikaveri , @calamur, @Meetasengupta , @swarraj . :(
I think they were amongst the earliest persons I began following on Twitter.
Ok, there were a few journalists and celebs I'd followed at that time, but I've unfollowed most of them. :-)
The Gavaskar of my Indian Kindness Test XI has got to be @silverlightgal . :-)
Easily one of the kindest persons I've come across here.
I just don't know how I missed her name till now.

Talking of kindness, I miss @surekha.
She was the embodiment of kindness.
More names of kind people come to mind.
@AltamashKhan_ , @mahuadey20 , @hash62 , @Vtna20 , @cruzex100 , @amitghoshspeaks , @DiscourseDancer, @yourlostpoet .

I don't need to have interacted a lot with someone to sense the person is intrinsically kind. :-)
Oh, the names keep coming to mind.
@SamikshaWadhwa , @bandrabachha , @jeena_singh_ , @vijiology , @VJ290481, @temporary_handl , @Mamooni6 .
All kind people who I'm happy to follow here.
Have mentioned many names already but am sure I'm missing out names.
There are some kind people you know through Twitter, and some you get to know in real life first.
Twitter comes later.
For me, one such is @_alagammai .
One of the kindest persons I've come across in my entire life.
May she always be blessed.
Other kind persons I know outside Twitter.
@ShaliniAustin , my UK-based friend, who I know from the time Aus thrashed Eng in Ashes 2005. :-)
Truly wonderful person, she is.
And there's @aparna_hm , who I know IRL.
Another very kind person.
Am fortunate to know her.
And, talking of kind ppl, we have @free_thinker (honoured to be followed by him), and @zoo_bear .
Neither needs any intro. :-)
Taking another break now, closing this list for the moment with @karunanundy .
In their own ways, these ppl make the world a better place to live.
Ok, feeling guilty that I missed out @mahimanambiar .
How could I miss her?
Another person whose kindness is inspiring.
There are still many kind persons I've missed mentioning.
That there are so many is a good thing - that I've missed mentioning them, isn't. :-)
A few more come to mind ->
@RURALINDIA , @GorwayGlobal , @BharatVarma3 , @digitaldutta .
Always standing up for what is right.
Still so many I've missed mentioning.
Pls excuse my adding tweets in drips here.
I'm glad my brain still functions, I wouldn't make too many demands on it.
@MinhajMuslim - very kind.
Only a few interactions with him, but I can make out he's got a big heart.
In my mental block against Mumbai cricket (hard to forget childhood scars of Ranji thrashings :-)), I forgot to mention a Mumbai person I have a lot of regard for, and consider to be kind as well.
@ramkid , popular here for his remarkable story-conjuring and telling ability.

• • •

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Aug 6
If the last 24hrs are any indication, there's a small sign that #Congress has started gaining ground.
Not only was TV media reporting on them yesterday, but this is front-page in TOI today.
It starts with the media.
More the people get to hear #RahulGandhi and #PriyankaGandhi, more they'll be able to judge for themselves whether these are leaders they want to have.
Many ppl STILL retain the image of "Pappu" propagated so successfully by BJP pre-2014.
Let ppl see more of today's #RahulGandhi.
Ofc there's a core BJP supporter group which will always vote BJP.
But there are many who vote BJP cos they believe #Congress has lost it.
THESE are the ppl who can be made to re-think, cos they're open-minded enough to give Cong a chance again.
But first they have to believe.
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Aug 4
Meanwhile, this also happened.
Siddique Kappan denied bail by Allahabad HC.…
"Siddique Kappan and others were charged under S. 17 & 18 of UAPA, S. 124A (sedition), S. 153A (promoting enmity btwn different groups on ground of religion) and S. 295A (deliberate & malicious acts intended to outrage religious feelings) of IPC, and S. 65,72 and 75 of IT Act."
Siddique Kappan was arrested by UP Police on 5th Oct 2020.
Soon it'll be 2 years for him.
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Aug 4
Bengaluru is full of tech & startup folks who have made tonnes of money fairly early in life, and are ever trying to discover new ways to spend this money. :-)
A lot of these people have been influenced a lot by western cultures, and try to bring that atmosphere to Bengaluru.
At the same time, they feel their Indianness shouldn't be compromised.
So they try to indianise their westernness, from westernising their indianness. :-)
Bengaluru embodies the true "global village" spirit which tech enables and easily embraces.
At least that's how Bengaluru likes to brand itself, and it IS very easy to get caught up in the city's hubris.
It is the city's administration & rains that play spoilsport.
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Jun 12
I've had ppl disagree with me on this before, but I maintain that it is the PEOPLE who are to blame.
Not the masses who are barely surviving from day to day and don't have an agenda as such.
No, not them, but those who CONSCIOUSLY wanted a Hindu nationalist party in charge.
Ppl tell me "Don't blame the people, blame the politicians".
Sorry, I WILL blame the people.
When Advani took out his Rath Yatra in the 80s, why didn't Hindus just dump him?
Truth is, he appealed to their base instinct - and they exposed their ugly belly.
They ARE to blame.
Most Hindus don't particularly care about an inclusive society.
They live in their own world, doing their poojas, associating with "people like us".
For them, Muslims are not "people like us".
But till a few years ago, they didn't interfere in lives of Muslims.
Today they do.
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Jun 12
In the last few years, there have been many days when I've felt low after seeing happenings in India.
Today is one of the worst.
Partly cos earlier, however bad things were, I always felt it was a passing phase.
Like they say, this too shall pass.
Tbh, I'm not sure anymore.
It's a no-brainer that if we want change, we first need BJP to be voted out of power.
Longer BJP is in power, longer we're going to see atrocities against Muslims.
It's as simple as that.
Non-BJP doesn't mean no atrocities at all.
But BJP equates to atrocities against Muslims.
By now, it should be clear to one and all that, except for providing lip service to it, BJP doesn't care two hoots about the Constitution.
And, as we've routinely seen in Yogi's UP, it doesn't care about the process of law and justice either.
It does whatever it feels like.
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Jun 11
There was a time when rail was THE default mode in India for long distance travel.
Most couldn't afford flights, or no airports in B/C cities.
Road travel was uncomfortable, or took longer than rail.
Today, with better highways, many prefer bus or car, to rail.
While much has been done to build airports and highways, railways (IRCTC apart) haven't improved that much in the last 25 yrs IMO.
There seems to be a shift to air and road travel.
Ofc we still see waiting lists for trains, but that's due to population.
My longest-running rant here has been that the fastest Bangalore-Mumbai train still takes 23 hrs.
Maybe a marginal improvement recently, but this distance of 1100km could be an overnight journey.
Board Bangalore 8.00 pm, reach at 10.00 am. Pune at 7.00 am.
Would be wonderful.
Read 4 tweets

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