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1. TY @GOPLeader @MariaBartiromo @SundayFutures for moving to end the military mandate in the #NDAA

BUT, will it make whole those who’ve already been penalized and make @SecDef #Accountable for illegally coercing EUA jabs on us?

2. Also, @GOPLeader will you speak to this Petition that 1,000’s of military service members and concerned American citizens have sent to you which lays out in the Whistleblower Report exactly how this mandate was illegally and fraudulently implemented from the very beginning?
3. Again, @GOPLeader what is your plan to make these military service members whole?
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It's World AIDS Day: time to take stock. Because there is no #HIV #vaccine and women can't compel men to use condoms, people continue to get newly infected. And because the majority of them live in poor parts of the world, the undeclared #pandemic is very expensive.
MORE Image
Inside the USA federal spending on HIV/AIDS $7.6 billion/year.
MORE Image
Of that, about $780 million goes to the @CDCgov for prevention programs -- and much of that is passed onto the States.
MORE Image
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#Gujarat: अंजार, कच्छ से #NarendraModi का जन संबोधन,

"कौशल और कर्तव्य की भूमि है"

'भूकंप में कई गांव हुए तबाह'

@BJP4Gujarat @narendramodi @CMOGuj #GujaratElections #elections #Vibesofindia
"कच्छ भारत में तेजी से बढ़ रहा है"

"अगर कोई विकास पर शक करता है, तो उसे कच्छ के विकास की गति देखनी चाहिए"

"कच्छ नहीं देखा तो कुछ नहीं देखा"

@BJP4Gujarat @narendramodi @CMOGuj #GujaratElections #elections #Vibesofindia
"गरीब परिवारों को पक्के मकान दिए"

"किसानों के लिए किसान क्रेडिट योजना शुरू की"

"कच्छ में नर्मदा का महाभिषेक"

@BJP4Gujarat @narendramodi @CMOGuj #GujaratElections #elections #Vibesofindia
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#Gujarat: #NarendraModi का पलिताना से चुनाव प्रचार।

मोदी का कांग्रेस पर हमला,

"#Congress ने वाटबैंक के लिए फूट डालो और राज करो की नीति छोड़ें"

"विरोधियों को गुजरात की जनता कभी भी सत्ता नहीं देगी"

@BJP4Gujarat @narendramodi @CMOGuj #elections #Vibesofindia
"कांग्रेस ने नर्मदा विरोधी आंदोलनकारियों के साथ मार्च किया"

"#Congress को हमें प्यासा रखने की सजा मिलनी चाहिए"

@BJP4Gujarat @narendramodi @CMOGuj #Gujarat #elections #Vibesofindia
"पिछले दो दशकों में खेती में काफी बदलाव आया है"

@ADevvrat प्राकृतिक खेती के लिए काम कर रहे है"

"किसान की जेब में अब तक 510 करोड़ आए है "

@BJP4Gujarat @narendramodi @CMOGuj #Gujarat #elections #Vibesofindia
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Post-midterm reflections THREAD: I am #thankful for every voter who looked at the candidates on their ballot and chose those who respect our electoral process over those who do not, especially candidates running for important election-related offices such as Secretary of State.
I give thanks for the thousands of volunteers and election officials who worked to ensure that #voting and vote counting proceeded efficiently and fairly. #midterms2022 #VotingRights
I am also thankful for the numerous pro-democracy groups (including @CampaignLegal!) who guarded vigilantly against efforts to disenfranchise #voters, and responded when necessary, including with legal challenges. #midterms2022
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The sudden collapse of FTX, one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, will be the subject of a hearing on December 1st, the U.S. Senate Agriculture Committee announced on Thursday. Image
The hearing's first witness is Commodity Futures Trading Commission Chairman Rostin Behnam, who will discuss on, "Why Congress Needs to Act: Lessons Learned from the FTX Collapse."
Debbie Stabenow, chair of the U.S. Senate Agriculture Committee, urged Congress to pass the bipartisan Digital Commodities Consumer Protection Act on Thursday.
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#Savarkar was sentenced with double life sentence in September, 1910. #Congress session in 1910 December was to be held in Allahabad (now Prayag). Gokhale pleaded with Sir William Wedderburn to take over the presidentship of Congress (which was fighting the British).
In July 1911, #Savarkar was sent to Cellular Jail for hard labour prison term. In December, 2011, Calcutta Convention, it was proposed that Ramsay Macdonald, takes the mantle of #Congress President. Bengal congress telegrammed Gandhi to take over. The majority supported Mudholkar
#Nehru on 1912 #Congress- 'It was very much an English-knowing upper class affair where morning coats and well-pressed trousers were greatly in evidence.'
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THANK YOU election officials/poll workers/volunteers who worked & continue to work to ensure that #Midterms2022 are carried out successfully. Nationally this election has been free of major issues, and Americans should feel confident about the voting/vote counting process. Image
While many are focused on the horse race for control of #Congress it is worth noting that #Midterms2022 produced a number of pro-democracy gains through ballot initiatives, many of which received strong majority support. #DemocracyWins
#Arizona: The “Voters Right to Know Act” (Prop. 211) brings transparency to elections by requiring election spenders to disclose the original sources of their funding. Thank you @TerryGoddardAZ for leading on this effort.…
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The Moplah Revolt of 1921.

What is revealed is how rapidly the  All India  #Congress retreated whenever the masses were in motion, and how in this case a strategic political retreat necessitated a communalist rather than class view of an important peasant (1/25)
The #Moplahs were #Muslim peasants in Malabar (now part of the state of #Kerala ) on India's west coast. In 1922 it had a population of 400,000, of which 163,328 were Hindus and 236,672 were Muslims. The Moplahs were amongst the most heavily exploited (2/25)
peas­ants in the entire subcontinent. Most of them worked as wage-labourers either on the land of others or on the rubber plantations. The #landlords in the region were virtually all upper-caste #Brahmin Hindus. In the century preceding 1921, there had been a total of (3/25)
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Long thread, but must tell facts about #1984SikhGenocide

This is key for all #Indians (especially 🇮🇳 youth to know!)

#Congress party followed Islamic invaders template & created genocide to protectors of #SanatanaDharma purely state sponsored massacre on epic scale

1/19 Image
Sonia & Rajiv Gandhi’s 1st major political game was to divide a 400 year bond of Hindus & Sikhs. No Hindu ever wants enmity with Sikh who protected them for centuries!

Genocide history of Congress which no one should ever forget.

Chronology of events mentioned below

2/19 Image
First day - 31st October 1984

9:20 am: Indira Gandhi shot by Sardar Beant Singh & Sardar Satwant Singh at her residence, No. 1 Safdarjung Road, for attack on Shri Darbar Saheb June 1984.

She is then rushed to AIIMS, Delhi.

@TajinderBagga @arifaajakia @KapilMishra_IND

3/19 Image
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#Pcc #Congress thread: Cosa sappiamo: Li Keqiang, Wang Yang e i due ex Comitato Permanente Li Zhanshu e Han Zheng (era vice premier) fuori. Per limiti di età, si dirà. Limiti che non valgono per Xi e Zhang Youxia, vicepresidente della Commissione militare centrale. >
Fuori dal Comitato centrale (11 donne su 205) il capo della diplomazia Yang Jiechi e vicepremier Liu He. L’attuale ministro Esteri Wang Yi, nonostante i 69 anni, è tra i nuovi membri del CC. Potrebbe entrare nel Politburo e sostituire Yang Jiechi >
Al suo posto si dice possa andare l’attuale ambasciatore cinese Usa Qin Gang, fedelissimo di Xi (si parla anche di Liu Jianchao). Importante nomina anche quella del nuovo capo dell’anti corruzione. Nel suo discorso Xi Jinping ha specificato che non si fermerà, anzi. >
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#ABC News Producer Missing Since #FBI Raid [Video] | Oct 21
- Emmy award winner James G. #Meek – a deep-dive journalist who was also a former senior counterterrorism adviser and investigator for the House Homeland SC, abruptly quit his job of 9 years…
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If you are USian, are you aware of Congress passing The Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act (1998), and WHY the US needed to disclose Nazi war crimes?
Some breadcrumbs. If you would like to see some excerpts from books related to these matters, please see BLOWBACK and KILLING HOPE threads at @BirbBookThreads
It's true. The Victims Of Communism Memorial Foundation relies in part on The Black Book Of Communism, which has been debunked & discredited. Two contributors and Harvard Press disavowed it. They also count babies they think Nazis would have had if they'd lived.
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi paying tribute to #MahatmaGandhi on the occasion of his 153rd birthday anniversary, at #RajGhat in New Delhi.

Photos: Shiv Kumar Pushpakar
President of India #DroupadiMurmu paying tribute to #MahatmaGandhi on the occasion of his 153rd birthday anniversary, at #RajGhat in New Delhi.

Photo: Shiv Kumar Pushpakar
UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres urged people to shun violence by following #MahatmaGandhi 's principles of #Ahimsa (non-violence) on the occasion of his 153rd birth anniversary.
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#ShashiTharoor filing nomination for #Congress President post at AICC.

Photo: Sushil Kumar Verma Image
#Congress president polls | #MallikarjunKharge has filed his nomination in the presence of Ashok Gehlot, Anand Sharma, Prithviraj Chavan among others. | @fewcan reports
Mr. Sharma and Mr. Chavan are members of the ginger group or G-23 that has written to Sonia Gandhi for internal reforms. Mr. Tharoor was also signatory to the 2020 letter. | @fewcan reports
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1/ The latest out of #Izyum has led to further investigations into Russian atrocities in #Ukraine. What is the American #Congress doing? A 🧵
2/ In my article for @TheWilsonCenter and @kennaninstitute, I examine how Congress is weighing options as Russia continues its unjust war in Ukraine:…
3/ Currently, #Estonia, #Latvia, #Lithuania, #Czechia, #Canada, #Ireland, and #Ukraine have accused #Russia of inciting genocide in Ukraine. This is consistent with the conclusions made by sone leading experts and scholars:…
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#DuratmaGandhi to #TraitorNehru to robot Man Mohan Singh, #Congress kept devising & passing such unconstitutional, loaded Acts ie Anti-Riot Act by Sonia. What were #BJP lawmakers doing, what were ppl doing - voting same Anti-#Hindu bigots in the name of #Secularism #ScrapWaqfAct
@ARanganathan72 says, 'Today Waqf says Hindus can use the land but tomorrow they won't, this is what happened with Gyanvapi'

If there are issues with the ownership of Waqf properties, it can be taken to the court: @touseefakhan

#EXCLUSIVE | Days before the 2014 elections, the UPA govt 'gifts' 123 prime properties in Delhi to Waqf.

"Please refer to the telephonic request", @navikakumar takes us through the details of the 'secret note'.
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The @WhiteHouse #monkeypox #MPX briefing was mostly very good news. New cases reports are way down across most of the US, and globally. But in the last week the demographics shifted, from a predominately white male outbreak to:
- 38% black men
- 25% Hispanic
- 26% white
About 540,000 doses of #Jynneos #vaccine have been admin'ed in USA, and some men are now getting their 2nd doses -- which are essential for effective protection.
But there is a mismatch.
While 38% of new cases are black men, only 12% of vax uptake is in that group.
The @CDCgov is shifting from from education/#vaccination campaigns at large gay pride events, to smaller, targeted efforts aimed at less-served groups.
Meanwhile, CDC says MPX "travels with" other STDs & #HIV -- 61% of diagnosed #monkeypox cases are co-infected.
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The 1st terror attack in #Mumbai happened on 14 September 1946. The fallout of these unfortunate events also have a link with two iconic figures in #Maharashtra-Acharya Pralhad Keshav Atre and Prabodhankar Thackeray, father of #ShivSena chief Bal Thackeray #history #MumbaiPolice
1946: India was on the boil due to communal tensions & the impending partition of the sub-continent. Mumbai too had seen communal riots take place, allegedly sparked off by the Muslim League.
14 September 1946: Two men who were travelling in a taxi from Bhuleshwar to Dhobi Talao opened fire from a sten gun at Kalbadevi. They killed seven people and injured 20. They had hired a taxi driven by Nariman Basta near Byculla station.
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An important conversation on Capitol Hill for the fight against #humantrafficking - 13 NGOs & 8 congressional offices met yesterday to discuss the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act (TVPRA) & begin conversation about legislative priorities in the next #Congress. Image
As #TVPRA nears the finish line, @IJM is thankful for the hard work of #House & #Senate staff on a vital reauthorization of anti-trafficking policy & programs. Special thanks to Anne Basham & @Hopeforjustice for organizing this unifying event.
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#Congress hopes that lakhs of people will attend the protest rally, besides party workers from the neighbouring states of #Delhi and party leaders from all over #India.

'Mehngai par halla bol' Live updates:…
All India Congress Committee (AICC) General Secretary, K.C. Venugopal said, "We can proudly say that we are the party, which is fighting against this most painful price rise issue all over the country. From 2021 onwards consistently, continuously, we are staging this protest."
#Congress to hold mass protest rally against #inflation in #Delhi today
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Nehru’s legacy:

India’s first working PM (India’s first PM, provisional, was Netaji) Jawaharlal #Nehru , who remained PM of our poverty stricken country for 17 years consecutively, could call to his credit only a single AIIMS, an ISRO, a BARC, a few IITs & a handful…1/9
of money guzzling Public Sector Enterprises (white elephants) to maintain whom Indian tax payers had to pay through their noses. This is the legacy that #Congress party, Gandhis & their acolytes tom-tom about. Is it really worth it, forget bragging about it?? Shameful !!…2/9
A nation neck deep in poverty & illiteracy, in the first 17 plus years were denied food, roads, health, poverty alleviation programmes, housing, toilets, drinking water and electrification. In the name of education, there were these hand full of institutions developed…3/9
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If the last 24hrs are any indication, there's a small sign that #Congress has started gaining ground.
Not only was TV media reporting on them yesterday, but this is front-page in TOI today.
It starts with the media.
More the people get to hear #RahulGandhi and #PriyankaGandhi, more they'll be able to judge for themselves whether these are leaders they want to have.
Many ppl STILL retain the image of "Pappu" propagated so successfully by BJP pre-2014.
Let ppl see more of today's #RahulGandhi.
Ofc there's a core BJP supporter group which will always vote BJP.
But there are many who vote BJP cos they believe #Congress has lost it.
THESE are the ppl who can be made to re-think, cos they're open-minded enough to give Cong a chance again.
But first they have to believe.
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