NEW: I just had the privilege to interview @RepMTG.

Topics we covered:

- Christian Nationalism and its appeal to young people
- The persecution of white men
- The anti-white agenda and its consequences
- The link between Big Pharma and school shootings

And much more

@RepMTG MTG: Anyone who calls themselves a Christian Nationalist will be persecuted. And if you’re not prepared to be persecuted, you need to ask yourself what faith means. It’s time for the Christian Church to start acting like the Christian Church. We have to be dedicated to Christ.
MTG: I believe that white men are the most persecuted identity in America. Young white men are put at the bottom of the list, of so many things, and it started a long time ago.
MTG: The reason why I stick up for white men is that I know for a fact they’re put on the bottom of the list. Colleges and corporations get through foreigners and girls before they look at white guys. The white male identity has been pushed to the bottom.
MTG: What do Hollywood, books, music, and our entire culture tell white men? That they’re bad and should be pushed to the back. That has created hopelessness and depression in many young men. They’ve grown up in a broken home, no one’s there for them, and they spend hours alone.
MTG: Then “the future is female” became a thing. Which is insane. They want to depopulate the Earth. How do they do that? By people not having children. Even @AOC is telling young people to not have children because it’s bad for the climate. This is how sick these people are.
MTG: Little boys are not designed to sit still at school all day long. They need to play and move. It’s part of who boys are. But if they move or touch something, they get yelled at by their female teacher. They get put on medication for ADD and told they're hyperactive.
MTG: These medications have terrible side effects like homicidal thinking and suicidal thinking. Combine this with a world where young men are told they don’t matter and broken households. Then they go commit terrible acts like school shootings. It's a failure of our society.
MTG: It’s up to young men to demand a stop to all of this. Young men aren’t bad people. They’re great. We have to fight against the lies, and the lies have to be taken down.
Very few in power speak with the level of honesty and clarity that @RepMTG speaks with. It’s no surprise she receives relentless hate from the worst people in society.

I talked about very similar topics with Tucker Carlson just a few weeks ago:

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Aug 11
ANTI-WHITE DISCRIMINATION DEFEATED: My university's medical school, @UChiPritzker, just announced it will be changing its ILLEGAL program that would give a $2,000/month stipend only to students who aren't WHITE.

The dean, @FutureDocs, admitted the policy was illegal.

Here’s the Dean saying “diversity without inclusion is just traumatizing.” Except when white people are excluded.

These are the people who decide who becomes doctors. They utterly despise white people and will do everything they can to blacklist them.
These universities despise white people so much they are willing to enact flagrantly illegal policies and just hope no one notices. White students have become accustomed to being treated like second-class citizens, so they don’t do anything about it.
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Jul 25
As expected, Media Matters ran a hit piece about my interview with Tucker Carlson.

The hit piece calls me "racist" because I tweeted the phrase "White Lives Matter" last month.

These ghouls claim anti-white treatment is a conspiracy theory and then write this.
Back in June, I tweeted “White Lives Matter” above this video, which shows a white woman being brutally beaten by a black man.

If the races were reversed... well, you know. But because the attacker was black, the story was quickly forgotten about.

Calling out blatant anti-white treatment like that makes the people who fund and run companies like Media Matters feel threatened. So, these people have one primary goal: to demoralize and demonize.

In their ideal world, every white person would be too afraid to ever speak up.
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Jul 24
I'm an 18-year-old college student. I just had the privilege to interview Tucker Carlson for 40 minutes.

We talked about how porn damages young men, why anti-white sentiment is so pervasive, why marrying early is the best, and much, much more.

Tucker’s advice for young men?

Drop out of college. Get married. Have more children than you can afford. Seek responsibility and adventure.
Tucker: Banging 40 people in your twenties is not that fun. It’s easy and not an achievement. Feminism has convinced women they have to be like men and sleep with you. It’s all fake. It’s why everyone is so unhappy. Add meaning to your life and you will be happy.
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Jun 27
A phenomenal article was just published in the brilliant @DarrenJBeattie’s Revolver News about my experience attending an elite university (the University of Chicago).

If you're the parent of a white American child, you need to read this.…
@DarrenJBeattie Some disturbing statistics:

At the University of Chicago, the number of white freshmen has dropped nearly 8% in just 2 years.

At Johns Hopkins University, only 19% of the incoming class is white. 4 years ago, the incoming class had 50% more white students.

The list goes on: Image
To blacklist white students even more, elite universities are increasingly making their application process as subjective as possible, preferring factors like “personality” and “leadership” over objective metrics like the SAT/ACT.

They openly admit this (per Washington Post): Image
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Jun 20
I'm an 18-year-old white male. I was in middle school only 5 years ago.

I think I can offer some perspective on @dannagal's thread.

Yes, young white males increasingly identify as right-wing.

But why?

From my experience, here's what's really happening:

@dannagal Thought experiment:

Imagine you’re an 8th-grade boy. You’re beginning to be told by teachers, the media, and maybe your parents that you’re privileged because you’re a boy. It’s a basic truth, you're told.

But this just makes you confused. You start asking yourself questions.
If boys are privileged, why do the girls in my class tend to get better grades?

Why are there more girls than boys in my advanced classes?

Why are the girls more well-behaved and focused?

Why are some of the girls preparing for college applications already?
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Jun 13
I just finished my freshman year at an elite university that costs $80,000 annually (University of Chicago).

The students at a school like this are future politicians, billionaires, etc.

Here are 5 observations I made this past year about them that may shock you:

*THREAD* Image
1.) A staggeringly high number of them are LGBT+. I’m talking 20% to 30%.

Don’t believe me? At Yale, 23% of freshmen identify as LGBT+.…
I have no reason to believe it’s any different at other elite universities. So why are so many “high-performing” students LGBT+?

Nationally, only around 7% of adults are LGBT+.…
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