The dumbest things Sam Harris said on @triggerpod with video to back it up.

Everyone's seen his insane support for silencing the truth about Hunters laptop, but most haven't seen the other insane/hypocritical stuff he was saying.

Strap in!
Here Sam uses the "Its a private company" argument to justify Trumps ban and says private companies should be able have total freedom of association

Sam however doesn’t agree with his OWN argument and totally contradicts himself. By supporting the Civil rights act
So he wouldn’t normally support legal discrimination But because he hates Trump he pretends to support this argument.

He's showing he has no principles or values because he's willing to abandon them entirely because "Orange man bad"

This guy gives talks on truth and reason BTW
Here he basically says "Look I know I said its my belief that breaking the TOS should be used to ban Trump and he probably didn’t actually break TOS but I think they should ban him anyway because I don’t like the TOS and he violated the rules that don’t exist but I think should"
Here he says Trump and Alex Jones are basically the same person.

Literally the day after this was released Alex Jones came out in support De Santis over Trump
You couldn't write how wrong he is here
He says Trump doxed people because he criticised public media figures and this is another reason he should be banned.

He admits Trump never doxed anyone but should instead be banned for the actions of his worst followers. By this standard anyone with a following would be banned
Also notice he doesn't call for CNN to be banned when the ACTUALLY threatened and doxed the guy who made the Trump wresting meme.

Or the Washington Post to be banned for doxing Libs of TickTok
Here Sam thinks Trump is awful for not committing to a peaceful transition of power. But in the same interview he advocates for and agrees with a state/media conspiracy to affect the election outcome

Sam says Trump is worse then the people started the war on terror that killed over a million people, destabilised half a continent, created ISIS, created the migrant crisis, wasted trillions, killed thousands of American soldiers, tortured innocent people to death...
and passed the patriot act that allows the government to illegally spy on millions of its own citizens.

And why is Trump worse? Zero specifics, actions or policies just an emotional word salad of Orange man bad.
Now a total lack of introspection, he doesn’t acknowledge any wrong doing of his side and blames a TV producer and CNN for Trump. he cannot possibly fathom the idea that the liberal world order from which he comes is being rejected for any reason other than propaganda
Its not the wars, the uncontrolled immigration, the constantly expanding government, the corruption, the unaccountability and the same cavalcade of establishment hacks being your only choice.

Its this guys fault!
Here Sam justifies his support for silencing the laptop story because Hillary emails were the deciding factor in the 2016 election because she dipped in the polls

These were the same polls who gave her a 98% chance of victory, but I'm sure they were right here
Note that he never denies that any of the allegations against Hillary were false, he's just disgusted the truth was actually reported on because the truth makes his desired outcome less likely.

"Liberal Values"
Tomas Sowell perfectly summed up Sams elitist world view
"They believe that there exist some people who are further along the path of moral development, and are immune to the influence of power and therefore can act as surrogate decision-makers for the rest of society."
Thanks for reading if you made it this far please give it a RT as it took hours to make!

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