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Vaccination is key to protecting against serious #COVID19, including disease caused by #DeltaVariant.

With @EMA_News we urge 🇪🇺 citizens to get fully vaccinated as soon as possible!

Don't forget your 2nd dose.
Don't miss your 2nd dose.
With the increasing circulation of the #DeltaVariant in EU/EEA, #EMA & #ECDC strongly encourage those who are eligible for vaccination but have not yet been vaccinated to start and complete the recommended #COVID19 vaccination schedule soon. Image
Full vaccination with any of the approved vaccines = a high level of protection against severe disease and death.

The highest level of protection is achieved after enough time (7-14 days) after the last dose.…

#COVID19 #DeltaVariant
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CHILD ENDANGERMENT—Florida's second-largest school district last week imposed a mask mandate—but on Monday said it will no longer impose mandate after @GovRonDeSantis (R) threatened to withhold funding from districts that require face coverings. #COVID19 🧵…
2) @browardschools County Public Schools announced last week that it would require mask use after the CDC issued new guidance recommending universal indoor masking for all teachers, staff, students and visitors to K-12 schools this school year, regardless of vaccination status.
3) DeSantis on Friday issued an executive order barring local school districts from requiring students to wear masks when they return to the classroom next month.
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Why does it feel like there's sudden rise in #antivaxxers?

Answer (it's gonna be long):Since we've hit 70% of eligible adults having gotten at least one dose, most of the 30% of ppl who are left are those who have decried the vaccine from the start 1/21

It's about 57% of the total US population. I thought that also included those 12-17, but I was incorrect. Out of about 50 million eligible 12-17 y/o kids, approximately 10mil are vaccinated, so that's only about 20%… Image
It's less they are now everywhere & more media saturation as we push for everyone to get the jab.

Since this's become political, the places in the US w a certain political bent are also the states w the lowest vax numbers and the highest number of cases…
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🧵/ NEW: UK study throws cold water (again) on the “pandemic of the unvaccinated” the upshots are:
🔸#VaccinesWork but #DeltaVariant changed the game so #MaskUp
🔸unvaxed kids are the fuel, vaxed adults are the match
🔸#DeltaVariant infection in fully vaxed persons is *common*
2/ The study involves nearly 100,000 persons, and it’s run out of the Imperial College London (UK). Here’s the link to a pre-print of the article:…
3/🔸#VaccinesWork: unvaccinated persons were 3X more likely to test positive than *fully* vaccinated persons
🔸44% of #DeltaVariant infections occurred in *fully* vaccinated… Image
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Live footage of the CDC for the next 6 weeks before they reluctantly claim that "new" data made it necessary to recommend that only children who are fully vaccinated for COVID-19 be allowed to resume in-person instruction
Now would be a great time for someone at the CDC to leak an internal document showing the need to protect children from #DeltaVariant
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@werdendi Ko. sivu nyt myös arkistossa:
Tartuntatautirekisterin tilastotietokanta
@werdendi #Fimea @THLorg @STM_Uutiset @HUS_fi
Tartuntatautirekisterin tilastotietokanta: Raportointiryhmä 1,
#Covid19 - #koronavirus -infektiot: 2011/07 ja 2019/01.
- Miten ko. merkinnnät ovat syntyneet ja millä perusteella?…
THL CC BY 4.0. 2021, Kuutio 03.08.2021 ImageImageImage
@werdendi @THLorg @STM_Uutiset @HUS_fi #Taiwan #CDC varoitti #WHO'ta email -kirjeellä:
- 'at least seven atypical #pneumonia, not #SARS' -tapauksista December 31, 2019, mutta THL'ssä rekisteröitiin #Covid19 -tapaus 8v. 5kk. aiemmin, 2011/07. Image
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🧵Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson on Tuesday officially called for a special legislative session to LIFT a ban on school mask mandates… Image
Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson: There are currently 1,250 Arkansans hospitalized for COVID and 260 are on life support.
Amid 1,250 Arkansans hospitalized due to the #DeltaVariant and 260 on life support, there was a sharp increase in demand for vaccinations. 30,756 vaccines were given in the last 24 hrs, said Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson. 25,000 were new doses. 🙌🏽🙌🏽
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The #COVID19 #deltavariant threat is surging, and with only 44% of South Carolinians fully vaccinated, Gov. @henrymcmaster has no plan to keep SC safe. Y’all better believe I DO. When I’m Governor we will:
1. Request and distribute all available federal pandemic funding for South Carolina.
2. Partner with the @CDCgov, as well as federal and state public health experts, to ensure that SC is implementing best practices with regard to vaccines, variants, safety protocols, resources and other critical information.
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🧵/ Gov. Cuomo should resign, not only for engaging in sexual harassment, but also because his team leveraged their roles in New York State’s #COVID19 response to advance a political agenda

A brief thread on what we know, how we know it, and why it matters *right now*
2/ The New York State AG report describes how members of Gov. Cuomo’s inner circle appeared to coerce political support from local county executives in exchange for access to #COVID19 vaccinations.… Image
3/ The report describes a pattern of targeted and persistent thinly-veiled threats. Cuomo’s COVID-19 Vaccine Czar’s reference to the “formulaic nature of vaccine distribution” raises serious questions about the role that 3rd-parties may have unwittingly played in the scheme Image
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BREAKING—Florida shatters its all time high daily record with 11,515 hospitalizations—the highest admissions per hospital bed in the US. FL’s 2020 year record was 10,170. Louisiana surging as well as rest of the South and part of the Southwest. 🧵 #COVID19 ImageImage
2) Not only are hospital beds filling up… “Hospitals around the state report having to put emergency room visitors in beds in hallways and others document a noticeable drop in the age of patients.” ⚠️…
3) Positivity % of #COVID19 also surging nationwide. Especially the in South. Image
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💡UPGRADE TO PREMIUM MASKS—"We need to talk about #BetterMasking. We need to talk #N95 Respirators—would do a lot for both people who are not yet vaccinated & protect others who might become infected." ➡️ WE NEED KN95/N95/ELASTOMERIC for #DeltaVariant.🧵
2) 7 months ago, I called on everyone to switch to premium masks when the #B117 #AlphaVariant was surging. Since then FFP2 and KN95 masks have become super cheap and common. Even N95 respirator has now become more common as well. And Elastomeric respirators are more common too.
3) Lots of studies show that the respirator-grade premium masks are what we truly need. The leaky partial protection of cloth and flimsy unfitted surgical alone just not enough.
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1/🧵Moral Injury: #DeltaVariant surge & ICU beds shortages pose big risk
In my last week’s @WashingtonPost piece, I wrote, “Any health-care professional who has to make impossible ethical choices likely incurs MORAL INJURY.”

What is moral injury?
2/ This article tackles it:
It’s not burn-out, which is characterized by exhaustion, cynicism, and decreased productivity.
Moral injury occurs when we’re forced to make decisions that go against our deeply held beliefs.
3/ Moral injury was used in 2009 to describe Iraq soldiers’ responses to actions in war. It is “perpetrating, failing to prevent, bearing witness to, or learning about acts that transgress deeply held moral beliefs and expectations.”
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🧵/This is a distraction. We are only using a third of our testing capacity, rapid tests are prone to error, and the UK’s massive #DeltaVariant wave occurred *despite* following Drs. Topol and Del Rio’s proposed playbook. A thread w/ data

Upshot: Get #vaccinated and #WearAMask
2/ The U.S. is only using about a third of its daily testing capacity. Is this surprising? No. Why? Because the U.S. public has gotten into the habit of not getting COVID-19 testing unless they’re feeling symptoms…
3/ OK, but what if we just test the symptomatic? If we use them that way, they’re going to miss cases.

The UK gov’t spent $4+ billion on rapid tests and still ended up w/ case surge. England in 2021:
125m rapid tests (57% of total testing)
5m cases…
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🧵Draadje 122e OMT advies🧵

Waarin het OMT een weloverwogen ...


... en wat ik toen las, zal je versteld doen staan!🙃

Stukken daar:…
Eerst het uitstapje naar het BAO advies.

Waarin de minister ons kennis liet maken met een hele, lange zin, die ik echt 3x keer moest lezen om hem te begrijpen. Waarom was het zo lastig?
a) een klassieke tangconstructie!
b) na de komma een woordenbrij.
In het kader van toegankelijk schrijven: Áls je zin niet in één tweet past, dán is hij zéker te lang.

Waarmee ik niet wil zeggen dat deze brief op taalniveau B1 moet zijn. Maar helder communiceren naar de Tweede Kamer, en daarmee het volk zou wel fijn zijn.😅
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BREAKING—San Francisco plus 7 additional Silicon Valley area counties now instating a mandatory indoor masks 😷 regardless of vaccination status given the highly transmissible #DeltaVariant. Great start. And also preferably premium masks / respirators too.…
2) Why is this needed? Because vaccinated people can still get breakthrough infections, even if 2-3x lower risk of infection, and then transmit onward to others. That said, breakthroughs are much more protected against severe disease, but BEWARE THE FIRDT 6 DAYS—viral load equal.
3) Why to mask indoors, reason number 1million… @LindseyGrahamSC was even vaccinated.
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🔥 Re-upping this thread, now that it’s complete. It is a practical overview of the data on the following topics:
🔸#DeltaVariant in kids (+surge of RSV pneumonia)
🔸#LongCovid in fully vaccinated persons
🔸Masks protect the vaccinated, too
San Francisco indoor mask mandate 👀⤵️
#Tennessee should absolutely require masks in schools given what we know about #DeltaVariant in children. Vaccinations for those who are eligible should also be a requirement
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With #DeltaVariant spreading rapidly among young people, and some evidence that it causes more severe disease, there is a growing argument for #vaccinating children, and at the same time wealthy nations ensuring they deliver #VaccineEquity for ALL nations.…
Little doubt that relaxing control measures while the majority of the global population remains #unvaccinated risks the evolution of more transmissible, more virulent #variants. Variants that may be more dangerous for children & certain vulnerable groups.…
The researchers warn that,

'Even in countries where #vaccination has reduced the numbers of hospitalizations and deaths, high case numbers and large numbers of unvaccinated individuals provide a mixing vessel in which new #variants can emerge.'…
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"...research also shows that even if masking is required in all schools, if there no other mitigation strategies, she still expects 40% of elementary school students to be infected within three months."

They are normalizing killing & disabling kids.…
Our country is immoral. They are manufacturing consent to willingly harm children.
For all the "cOviD CAn'T huRT ChiLDren" folks, don't reply without giving this a look:
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After one week without masks, COVID outbreak forces two Mississippi high schools to close and go virtual.…
After one week, Oak Grove schools identified 6 cases among faculty and staff, 41 cases among students, and quarantined 100 people.
Lamar County School District plans on mandating masks for 2 weeks, then re-evaluating... "the decision to continue wearing face coverings will be based on the number of positive COVID-19 cases in our schools”
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“80% of 🇮🇱 ‘s population over 40 is vaccinated…Serious cases of COVID-19 have grown from 19 a day in mid-June to 159 (last week).” I know everyone is saying that’s 0 vs their population, but their country is much younger & more vaccinated than USA’s🇺🇸……
The injustice of this entire #DeltaVariant situation is enraging…wealthy nations like us🇺🇸&🇮🇱 & the 👿 incarnate #BigPharma have been hoarding/monetizing 🌎 supplies of the 💉 #CovidVaccine all year; most people on 🌍 haven’t even gotten ONE SHOT yet….now 🇮🇱’s giving boosters?
My heart aches 💔 for folks in formerly colonized nations suffering cos of 🇺🇸 & #BigPharma’s greed & American’s truly audacious refusal to take #vaccines so the virus can’t continue to mutate/get worse…
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🧵 on Israel 🇮🇱 and the #DeltaVariant
I get it. Most vaccinated people will be ok even if they get it. But the endless chorus of medical professionals saying “the only people with severe cases/death are chronically ill/old so whatevz 🤷🏻‍♀️😒” is getting to me. 👋🏽 we matter too…
…I guess me & every other immunocompromised person on 🌍 are not a concern to society🤔 & I guess the #Unvaccinated who are alowing these #covidvariants to emerge give no 💩 that we have to bear the burden of their inaction? Torn between “what else is new?” & “smh?” over here😒
As usual, those who were already the most vulnerable and in need of support PRE-Pandemic are suffering the most throughout this seemingly never-ending story of covid19 hell 🔥 allllll because we have never, not once in 🇺🇸 put #PublicHealth before 💰 during covid😟its so sad😟
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BOOSTERS—Germany 🇩🇪 plans to start offering #COVID19 booster shots to the elderly & high-risk starting September 1, according to draft documents, as concerns grow about the spread of the #DeltaVariant. Details to be announced tomorrow (Monday).…
2) The plan also recommends promoting vaccination for those aged 12-17, which would go further than earlier guidance.
Health Minister Jens Spahn and Germany's 16 regional health ministers are expected to finalise the plans, drawn up by ministry officials, in a meeting Monday.
3) “Mobile vaccination teams will be sent into care and nursing homes to offer Pfizer/BioNTech or Moderna booster shots to residents, regardless of which vaccine they had originally, says the document.” ➡️ MIXING vaccine types seems now okay.
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