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Aug 19, 2022 32 tweets 9 min read
1/ On Solving Problems On-Chain

So, conventionally, this is about the time I'd start a podcast.

But I prefer bold experiments so I've been chasing partners and people all summer to try something that has never been done before

What is that?
2/ This fall, with the help and forebearance of the teams at @unicmetaverse and @oncyber, and the most amazing roster of guests and instructors, a team of us are going to try to run a university course 100% on-chain and in @OM100m.

What does this mean "on-chain?"
3/ What it means is that someone will be able to enroll in, attend the course, attend the lectures, graduate from the course and do it 100% with NFTs as the database of record (no centralized database).

It is hard to do!
4/ Let me get the basics out first because @unicmetaverse already tweeted them and then come back to the "what does on-chain mean"

The course is here:

You join via a free mint here:
24/ Now, back to me again.

As you can see, the instructors and guests are incredible.

I can't wait to listen to all the sessions. And if we get a good group of participants, we can have great discussions

And it should be great onboarding for your NFT-curious friends
25/ The interesting and difficult part is going to be the 100% on-chain part.

My view of the open metaverse is not, in the end, only about art or even gaming.

We have to see if we can push larger aspects of our lives into decentralized spaces...
26/ And there it gets very tricky.

Companies, industries and organizations have built good information systems that work for their needs.

The on-chain versions don't exist, are confusing, are primitive, present new challenges and, day 1, are inferior
27/ So we are in vastly unchartered territory here and everyone is going to be scrambling in real-time to see if we can do it.

@rayan_oncyber is working on token-gating and support for larger multi-user groups in @OM100m
28/ @unicmetaverse is trying to to solve how to do exams on-chain.

Broadly, the direction has to be zero knowledge proofs but I have never seen this in the wild.

So if you have ideas on this, please get in touch.
29/ In general, I view this as a grand experiment for us, that we have to solve together.

We say that we can do things in a decentralized manner, time to put our actions where our mouth is and figure out if it is possible
30/ @unicmetaverse has a discord but I am a bit afraid they are not ready for what it means when we all come marching in

Anyway, here it is.
31/ Also, the free mint pass to the course is a @6529er special, his reinterpretation of the @UNIC_ENG logo, along with a couple of Easter Eggs

mint.unic.ac.cy Image
32/ Also, I am still thinking about some additional guest lecturers.

I need to sleep on it for a day or two but we have some small gaps still - I am going to send some DMs and if by next week I am not fully satisfied I am going to ask for community help.

• • •

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Jan 29
1/ On Open Editions

tl;dr - some will work, most will not, collectors will be fine if they approach it with the right mindset, artists need to think through them a bit more carefully.

also, I am generally chill about them.
2/ Let's start with tradart for a second.

You can buy a Keith Haring 1/1, a Keith Haring limited edition print or a Keith Haring open edition poster.

All are fine, so long as you know what you are getting with each one.
3/ I have collected both limited editions and posters from the same artist, sometimes in chronological sequence (e.g. a bought a Warhol soup can poster many years before I bought the "real thing"), sometimes simultaneously - I have Haring editions, NFTs, posters.
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Jan 29
1/ This week we are going to do one snapshot later today that we will use for the rest of the week.

After the snapshot, we will announce the artists for the week.

Read on for the continuing series of allowlist management in a permissionless blockchain
2/ For most of the history of the The Memes, we announced the artist right before the drop.

This was not due to some giga-brain thinking about allowlist management but because we were scrambling to get ready for the drop date.

We are now more organized, more ahead.
3/ As we got more ahead, there were logical calls to give everyone more warning, particularly the collectors of the participating artists, so they could prepare, learn how we mint, be available for the drop.

So we started announcing a week in advance
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Jan 22
1/ On The Memes prices

Since a lot of people are pinging me, a public reply for efficiency.

First, I have no idea what the right price is for a Meme Card and I do my very best not to think about it.

The mission will work fine at any price point I think
2/ In general, I don't know what the price of stocks, bonds, bitcoin, eth, punks, xcopy, ringers, fidenzas, nouns, toadz, mfers, pepes or anything else will be from day to day

Only thing I know for sure is that the price of NFTs is very volatile and will go up and down a lot
3/ In general my advice to NFT enjoyooors is to:

a) only buy what you love
b) that you are willing to hold for a long time
c) in quantities that you can afford stress-free
d) even if price does the exact opposite from what you hope, as it often does in crypto
e) don't lever up
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Jan 16
1/ What is the point of Meme Cards?

The point is that people think in stories, think in visual shorthand, think in brands, in intersubjective myths, in memes.

I (we) believe in many complex ideas about self-sovereignty and centralization.
2/ I write very long threads to explain those ideas.

They are pretty complex and hard to find on twitter. I 🫡those who read those, but it won't be many in the scheme of things

The same thing goes for the @unicmetaverse course

Great for the dedicated!
3/ We need these ideas to break out of XXX,XXX people here on NFT twitter.

They cannot break out in complex tweetstorm form.

Presidents get elected with "Yes, we can" and "Make American Great" not with "here is my nerdy 69 tweet tweetstorm"
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Jan 9
1/ Card #4 from SZN #2 ("Summer is coming") is a wonderful card in the signature @Xose_Casal style.

The drop this time is in the xcopy meme card style model (2-phase) to manage gas a bit - see details in the next tweet.

Also the edition is a bit larger which should help.
2/ There is concern that the recent drops are being botted, which in this context means the following:

a) Anyone on the allowlist is on the allowlist because they made the allowlist

b) they have been limited to 1 mint per address

these are not bot sweeps
3/ What is happening however is some people on the allowlist are using a "bot" to mint directly from the contract.

This raises the gas cost for everyone else as they try to compete and sometimes people can't make it in time.

Left unchecked everyone will 'have' to do this
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Jan 8
1/ The Meme Labs contract is live with the first mint by @6529er

Reminder: The Meme Labs contract is an experiment zone for Meme Card artists to do (or not do) whatever they like.

The 1st NFT is an edition of 39 for the SZN Meme Card artists (transfers coming manually)
2/ As @6529er said, without the artists, there is no SZN1, so THANK YOU

3/ A reminder, The Meme Labs are a "no rules apply" experiment zone.

Style, edition size, goal, distribution plan, price, primary/secondary royalty revenue share with the project and *every other parameter* is 100% up to the artists, individually or in collabs.
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