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15 Sep
1/ On Emerging NFT Photographers

This will be a relatively shorter thread. I do not claim to be an expert on this topic, but there are more projects and more people in DMs on this topic, so wanted to share some initial thoughts
2/ This thread is not directed at established NFT or offchain photographers.

They are fine, going to have massive audiences and distribution and will do very well.

This is for those trying to get established.
3/ Let's start with the general concept that NFTs and their ecosystem (OpenSea, Foundation, SuperRare) give photographers (as with all artists) a vastly vastly better distribution and demand aggregation system.

First step, read @cdixon on 1,000 true fans

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13 Sep
1/ 🚨🚨🚨 Opportunity for a writer/s to earn some ETH 🚨🚨🚨

It is clear that for the 100M project we need better on-boarding guides.

"What is an NFT?" "How to buy one?" "What is the wallet whose name cannot be spoken", etc
2/ 6529 is willing to fund 1 or more writers to write some onboarding guides that we can all use to bring our frens onboard.

Necessary skills: Excellent native-English language skills, excellent understanding of crypto and JPGs. (I can't handhold on this). Also speed!
3/ Payment will be on a reasonable IRL hourly or piece rate, but can be paid in ETH.

This is a contractor job.

You will have to be doxxed unfortunately due to 6529's real-world regulatory obligations.
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12 Sep
1/ OK, the Seize The Memes of Production contest winners have been picked. My algorithm was going down the list in chronological order, seeing if I laughed and seeing if I thought the person likely owned the copyright

2/ I am going to post each winner in the thread below. If you are the artist, please confirm in reply that: a) it is your work, b) you release under CC0) and c) your ETH address and 0.10ETH is coming your way.
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8 Sep
1/ On the 1st Amendment & SEC

This is not legal advice. I am not a lawyer and I am certainly not your lawyer.

And the 1st Amendment to the Constitution applies to the United States of America and nowhere else.

Having said that, we begin.
2/ My personal belief is that the 1st Amendment is one of the greatest moments in decentralization in world history.

The US government prohibited itself from interfering in the speech, religion or gathering of its citizens
3/ The 1st Amendment is part of the Bill of Rights which is 230 years old! (1791)

In an era where looking at a King the wrong way could end up with you hanging from a rope, the US state tied its own hands.

It is, arguably, the greatest of Amendments

What does it say?
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7 Sep
OK, let's haul out THE TULIP to see if this thing really works.

Never really tried before or read the instruction manual. Don't know what the cmd-line is. Might need some practice

OK, what else. umm.

how about this

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7 Sep
1/ On Making It

Are we GMI? Are we NGMI? Are we WAGMI? What does Making It mean?

I present below the 6529 GMI Framework (tm, all rights reserved, (c) 2021, 😂)

Frameworks are just a tool. None are 'right'. This is just how I think about it.
2/ Level 1: Crushed by Circumstances

Refugees in Syria. Drought in Eritrea. Civil War in Congo.

Unfortunately billions of our co-travelers in life don't even have the faintest opportunity to make it, due to circumstances outside their control, namely where they were born
3/ Level 1 presents an existential problem for 6529.

Thousands of little kids will die today as we play with JPGs because they don't have access to a $0.50 pill, bringing endless agony to their parents and cutting their dreams short.
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6 Sep
1/ I agree with the former.

On the latter, I am more sympathetic. the building in public aspect of NFT/crypto is insane pressure never seen before in startups

N project was launched 2 days ago.
2/ Within 24 hours, cartoon characters online (@loomdart, me) started pummeling team/hodlers on twitter for not having already figured out the correct platform strategy (100% open) that Microsoft took 20 years figure out.

Like your day 1 team meeting with maniacs crashing it
3/ Building an NFT Primitive protocol in public is like being thrown into the deepest end of the pool with sharks all around you on the first day at the office.

I think team and community is doing much better today.

Less focus on DAOs/governance, more focus on shipping
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6 Sep
1 /Seize The Memes of Production! Competition

6529 will pay 0.05ETH to best 20 "Seize The Memes of Production" memes in the replies

Memes can include or not 6529 as per your artistic judgement. No bonus or demerit.

The goal is to start arming ourselves w/memetic weapons
2/ Rules

1) 6529 is the judge
2) Contest ends in 24 hours or later if 6529 is still having fun
3) Only original art that you made and own copyright to - copy pasting google images is not allowed
4) Nothing mean to others in imagery or replies
3/ Usage

If you win and are paid, you will release the NFT under creative commons 0 so anyone* can do whatever they want with it

*However, if 6529 ever mints it, 6529 will split the mint proceeds w/ you 50:50 & recommends that others do the same.

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5 Sep
1/ The 100 Million (100,000,000) Project

First read this to understand the overall mission

Why Decentralization Matters:

Open Metaverse To Save The Future:
2/ I have a 🧠thesis on what will keep the metaverse decentralized over the next decade.

That 6529 Army plan is coming in the next couple of days.

In the meantime, no need to delay on the simplest most immediate Team 6529 objective

🚨🚨On-board 100,000,000 people to NFTs🚨🚨
3/ My theory here is that everyone, young or old, loves the feeling of owning an NFT once they have done so.

It does not matter if it is valuable or not, in fact it is much better if it is *not* valuable.

Everyone I have onboarded so far has followed the same pathway
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4 Sep
1/ On N Project

I don't like to discuss my views in this "ramp"-y phase of a project because I do not want to FOMO people.

But people have seen the 6529 buys so might as well open up to deFOMO the situation
2/ 1st, for the love of god do not FOMO in and lose the rent money on white numbers on a black background

If this fails you will feel very very dumb and 6529 does not want that for you. Also your IRL fam will be mad and you won't even have "I was in it for the art" excuse
3/ The whole 6529 NFT portfolio is money that 6529 can afford to lose and not change 6529's IRL life.

Today's allocation to N Money is, I dunno, a 1% allocation from *that* portfolio.

Even with the "chad" buys, 6529 is taking NO personal risk here and you shouldn't either.
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4 Sep
1/ OMG, we must immediately make DAO and buy the town of Fidenza, Italy

Looks cute and manageable and it is in Emilia Romagna so the food will be good
3/ Fidenza. Looks rare
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3 Sep
1/ On institutional traps

The institutions are coming and they are bearing gifts.

They are TRAPS

2/ "We would like to buy your whole collection at an attractive price" [they might even have learned to say "ser"]

3/ "Our fund absolutely believes in the creator economy. We support artists"

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2 Sep
1/ Some of you are old enough to remember when the 6529 Permanent Collection acquired a Lost Robbie (three days ago).

So, why are we back on @SuperRareBot again?

A short story
2/ A few weeks ago, 6529 went on a mission quest for a Lost Robbie, with some guidance from @OSFCollections.

It was tricky and nerve-wracking - for Lost Robbies in particular, many of the deals are off-market, so there were discussions ongoing with multiple people
3/ There were delays, tickets to be scratched, upgrades to the @SuperRare system and so on and the deals were moving at somewhat different paces.

So when @Premala_BRIC was ready to execute this week, 6529 went ahead.

A few days later, the other deal was ready too
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1 Sep
1/ On NFT Twitter

We have a lot of newcomers to NFT twitter. This is a thread to teach them our ways.

6529 will start this list today, but will add to it w/suggestions.

NFT twitter has a great culture, very positive. Let's keep it this way.
2/ GM

gm means "good morning"

We say good morning to each other because we are a friendly happy optimistic global community and it is nice to say good morning to your friends as you start your day
3/ GN

gn means "good night"

We say good night to each other because we are a friendly happy optimistic global community and it is nice to say good night to your friends as you end your day

(20 hours after you say gm and 4 hours before you say gm again)
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30 Aug
1/ The 6529 Museum is delighted & honored to announced the addition of one of the most historically significant 1/1s - one of The Lost Robbies.

We will expound on this in more detail in a few days.

For today, I would like to welcome @Premala_BRIC to NFT fam
2/ @Premala_BRIC was the original owner and seller of the Lost Robbie.

So first, let us welcome her to the NFT 🐳club.

According to @banterlytics this is in the top 223 sales ever (including bundles)
3/ @Premala_BRIC comes from a family in the art world and is an art advisor in the TradArt and wealth management field.

She and I have been talking NFTs for weeks now and she is very interested in learning more about our world
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30 Aug
1/ 6529 Global Amalgamated Enterprises is proud to announce that it will be saying "gm" to frens across all time zones as it is always a good morning somewhere

Let's kick it off with wishing an extra special gm to Nuuk, Greenland
2/ GM to our frens in Lima, Peru! Image
3/ GM to Akihabara Image
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29 Aug
1/ A fun story with @lphaCentauriKid and @klepikovadaria that even they don't know.

As many of you know, I am a fan of @lphaCentauriKid.

One day I notice on twitter that he had started an auction on one of @klepikovadaria's series on @KnownOrigin_io
2/ Specifically, @lphaCentauriKid put a bid in/triggered an auction on "Hopelessness" the first of the "Splitting" series

3/ I think artists collecting artists is super cool. It has always happened but will happen more in this field due to the vastly better distribution dynamics.

But being in an auction is kindof fun in its own right, a bit stressful, a bit fun.
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29 Aug
1/ On buying your first NFT

6529 has a lot of new followers and (so far) has DMs open and receives a lot of DMs asking "Hi 6529, I am new, which NFT should I buy"

So rather than trying to answer this 1-on-1, I am posting this for future reference
2/ First, the disclaimer. 6529 will never ever ever tell you which NFT to buy.

6529 will not tell you if "a collection is good" or "if this NFT is rare" or "if this NFT will go up value"
3/ Related, 6529 does not want you to buy an NFT, does not care if you buy an NFT and does absolutely not want you to FOMO into buying an NFT that you later regret.

Stay cool. We are not going to run out of JPGs
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27 Aug
1/ Earlier this week, I came across this absolutely mesmerizing piece of art by @aylaelmoussa.

Expand it full screen & watch the waves wash over. It is incredible, meditative. I would love to see it wall-sized.

So it joined 6529 Museum

2/ Then I saw "Sands of Time", w/ same theme as "Bodyscape II" and thought:

One of these is super, but two, together, on huge opposing walls*, facing each other would be really something extraordinary.

* in IRL/metaverse, tbd - @rayan_oncyber 👀

3/ There are two new pieces in similar themes on @SuperRare in her collection, one with a new, related, but different theme that you might enjoy.

Also, I won't counter-bid these pieces. This one is so so cool IMHO.

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