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Anonymous #OpHMagTrojanHorse
We have published the fourth part of our investigation. It contains hundreds of files of the UK Foreign Office and it's suppliers on Russia.The files confirm that the UK is conducting a secret global operation aiming to change the regime in Russia.
Poisonings of Alexei Navalny and the Skirpals followed by Bellingcat investigations were part of the operation. UK suppliers in their bids admit that they behind the recent protests organised through Telegram. You will find companies, media outlets, journalists, YouTubers,
high-ranking military officers, public officials and more.


We'd like to remind you that by now our investigation has covered pillars ENGAGE (working with the population through offline people 2 people projects) and ENHANCE (creating an alternative reality) of the
ENHANCE (creating an alternative reality) of the CDMD Theory of Change. Now it's time to cover the most secret part of the ToC - EXPOSE. Its outputs, outcomes and impact were REDACTED even in the confidential file distributed among bidders.
This part of the investigation updates our work of 2018-2019. Even if you followed all our publications, and know exactly what is going on in the world, we recommend that you read on, bearing in mind that all the projects that we have exposed over the past three years are in fact
just parts of a global and most widespread black propaganda operation of the CDMD in the history of humanity. Understanding this makes it all sound even scarier.

As part of the Russian Language Strategic Communication Programme the FCO allocated 2 million GBP to a previously
unknown charity the Institute for Statecraft so that it could conduct two phases of the Integrity Initiative project in 2017-2019. Some time later independent journalists found out that it was not a charity but an intelligence cutout staffed with ex and acting officers of MI-6
and Defence Intelligence and headed by an honorary colonel military intelligence Christopher Nigel Donnelly. In fact, its registered office was listed as an old and almost completely ruined mill in Fife, Scotland.
While in truth the firm was operating out of one of the most expensive historical buildings in central London at Two Temple Place.
Under the project HMG established secret organisations (clusters) in many European countries as well as in the United States and Canada to promote its interests there. The primary cluster was situated in London and staffed with experts on Russia. They included a lot of former and
acting officers of the UK military intelligence and MI-6. The clusters were composed of well-informed representatives of political, military, academic and media spheres of the countries. They exerted influence on the leaders of those countries so that they made decisions
favourable to London. Besides that, anti-Russian think tanks, media outlets and certain researches received funding from the UK to make 'reports' on Russian meddling in internal affairs of those countries, cover the reports in the media. It made the information scene suitable for
The UK
The number of people in the clusters varied from 2 to 26, totaling 253. All of them were British influencers. Secrecy was of primary concern - identities of clusters' members were highly confidential and even the FCO received reports that didn't disclose their names.
Only heads of clusters or their deputies could directly contact London after signing non-disclosure agreements.
A UK embassy representative in each country supervised a cluster and provided support to all operations. At the time London had a tight control over all clusters, but the plans were to provide more latitude, turning the headquarters in the UK into a coordinator of major strategic
information operations. The work in each country was organised so as to take into account its particularities, as well as the interests of Russia in that country and the leverages Russia had to promote its interests there. E.g. they took into consideration the increasing
influence the Kremlin had on political parties in Italy, in Germany they were concerned about Russia's energy projects and worried that Russia could influence public conscience, Russian oligarchs kept a lot of money in Greece and Russia had strong positions of its Orthodox Church
French cluster was in close contact with a think tank of the Ministry of the Interior and could informally reach out to diplomats and officers of law-enforcement agencies working in Russian departments. A remarkable fact is that the British weren't acting directly in the
United States where they planned to establish a whole network of clusters, instead they conducted operations through their personal contacts in the State Department and the Department of Homeland Security.
The FCO received a report about a successful operation Moncloa (La Moncloa means government in Spanish). It took them only one day to prevent Pedro Banos - they considered him to be a pro-Kremlin politician - from being appointed the Director of the National Security Department
(NSD) on the 7th of July 2018. Two weeks later a member of the Spanish cluster Borja Lasheras infiltrated the NSD.
Examples of the Moncloa campaign
Example on Whatsapp
The UK team. names such as dan kaszeta.
And if Emily Thornberry (we mention her in the beginning of this investigation) was outraged only by the fact that the Integrity Initiative operated inside the UK, Chris Williamson - being an honest socialist to the very end - recorded a video message demanding that the
operations of the II be thoroughly investigated.

He also wrote a letter to the Prime Minister of Spain informing him that HMG interfered in internal affairs of his country.
Well, we told you what price he paid for his honesty and insubordination...

However, they arrogantly interfered not only in internal affair of the EU member-countries but in the affairs of the United States as well.
Recall that they planted a mole inside Bernie Sanders 2016 campaign.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. To truly understand how Orwellian the project was - from its title to its operations, you should carefully read our complete series of investigations.

Or you can read articles of the progressive media.
Unfortunately, the mainstream media totally refused to cover the scandal.

The gist of it all is the following. HMG used its agents (totalling 253) in other countries to invent facts about the Russians waging a 'hybrid war', to promote the facts in the media and to inform leaders of foreign countries of the fake information.
HMG managed to create a parallel reality, secretly pushing European countries as far away from Moscow as possible. In some cases, they were able to convince those countries to take specific anti-Russian steps.
They invented Russia's meddling with the Catalan and Scottish independence referendums and the US elections, they orchestrated the MH-17 case etc.
One of their primary objectives was to label any information that didn't suite them 'Russian disinformation'.

Recall that they convinced members of clusters to commit perjury during the hearings of select committees of the House of Commons on the Catalan independence referendum.
Yet, the people failed to stop the criminals, so they continued their operations even on a greater scale. They managed to mislead the entire House of Commons about the Russians and basically convinced the British intelligence community to start preparations for war against Russia
The Integrity Initiative had its hand in preparing the Intelligence and Security Committee report, that had been delayed for a long time.
It is a long read as well, so we will show you only its conclusions.
The report contains 47 sheets of 'evidence' that the Integrity Initiative and similar project invented.

Pay special attention to the witnesses.
Aren't they familiar to you? Let's recall who they really are.
It's absurd, isn't it? And all of it is directed by a leader of the spy den from a half-ruined mill in Fife, an honorary colonel military intelligence Christopher Nigel Donnelly. Topping it all up is Chris Steele and his FBI-supported report about Russia's meddling with the US
There's also a bothering question. Why did Ben Nimmo, who just joined Facebook here recently, this major hunter of Russian trolls, stay in the shadow? We assure you that this knight in shining post-truth armour will yet make a statement by 'debunking' us as the Russian GRU.
This is the list of respectable MPs who got deceived into preparing the report.
More tomorrow
This all was originally posted by @mcmastersteve on his FB page via Anonymous
All of it is proven by the documents we published and the FCO admitted the documents were authentic. And still, nothing has been done about it! No charges were filed against those people, although there's plenty of evidence of their guilt.
Let's refresh our memory about the second secret project that we exposed in the beginning of 2019. It was a part of the EXPOSE pillar and it was named accordingly - EXPOSE Network that received a new name Open Information Partnership after we debunked it.
It is also allegedly aimed at countering disinformation. But now we know for sure what the British mean by it.

Well, here the FCO is outlining the goals.
Above we've mentioned a Scoping Study. This is how it was prepared.
They thoroughly checked every member of the project team and prepared a file that contained all the organisations they selected.
Did you notice another organisation that supports 'independent investigative journalists'? It is OCCRP. We wonder if they are going to investigate themselves as well. Btw, this document contains the FCO's killer-description of Bellingcat.
In accordance to the document, the project's aim was to 'unleash the capacity of civil society to counter disinformation'. At the same time, they referred to the FCO fakes that the Integrity Initiative had been actively disseminating since 2015 to prove
that the Kremlin was 'spreading disinformation'. Their proven facts are: campaign against the White Helmets whom HMG trusts, interference in Scottish and Catalan independence referendums, meddling with the US and Italian elections, the so-called Skripals case etc.
It is notable that one of the accusations against Russia that justified the EXPOSE Network was Moscow's alleged establishing and funding alternative media in the West. While the main instrument of countering the Russians' actions was supposed to be 56 CSOs secretly funded
by the FCO. And of course there were no evidence supporting the accusations against the Russians.
Basically, the British habitually and falsely accuse others of their own crimes, whereas the sheer scale of their own operations transgresses all possible bounds of decency.

Do you get it now?
Every piece of information about the Russians you received from those 56 CSOs was nothing but HMG propaganda.
Two British consortiums were competing for the UK grant. And we didn't pay much attention to the following names two years ago: Sibylline, Albany Associates, Stratagem Consulting, The Stabilisation Network, Torchlight Group, M&C Saatchi, Institute for War and Peace Reporting.
While now we know all of them pretty well by their projects on Syria, Lebanon and Russia!
However, the second consortium is of greater interest because it includes ZINC Network, The Institute for Statecraft and Bellingcat. The IfS is at the same time inventing 'evidence' as part of the Integrity Initiative.
The documents we showed above are truly explosive.
And since we decided to cover Bellingcat, let's show its team.
And they understood the risks pretty well.
This document contains the information that we brought your attention to.
Well, what do we have to say about these latest intelligence cutouts? You saw, as ZINC suggested, that pillar ENHANCE is intertwined with the secret CDMD pillar EXPOSE.

It is interesting that ZINC is implementing an ENHANCE project in the Baltic States and an EXPOSE project
all across Europe at the same time telling about the added value and complementing rather than duplicating the existing programmes.
Recall that ZINC's project in the Baltics and its re-render show that the company has a wide network of popular pro-Western YouTubers in Russia who investigate government corruption and receive support from journalists from the Baltic States.
Bellingcat is working with them within the framework of EXPOSE/OIP project.
And they mentioned something about complementing existing programmes.
Essentially, at the end of the previous year we must have seen a practical implementation of the programme when they combined Navalny and Bellingcat projects.
Doesn't it catch your eye that the UK accuses the Russians of interfering in internal affairs of other countries, of disseminating propaganda and inventing 'evidence' of some covert operations while London is virtually doing just the same sort of things.
And they don't provide any forensic evidence of the Russian malign activity, while we show you authentic documents that confirm their malign activity. Maybe the time has come for the international community to discipline them and hold them accountable for all their crimes?
Notice they actually received funds from Facebook, now Meta. In an active intel operation. For a foreign government.
So the UK 77th Brigade, a social media psyop division of the UK armed forces, was working alongside Lithuanian government officials and media experts.
Any wonder that they were barking like chihuahuas about Kaliningrad?

• • •

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Via @mcmastersteve
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RUH8 just before the war began you knew it happened. Have you figured out the how yet? Imagine losing Image
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