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Aug 21 5 tweets 1 min read
A funny thing. I was asked today by a respectful media if I could comment on the Dugina's death. I agreed, and mentioned that there is a small like 20% chance Dugin himself stays behind it, as he is an esoteric psycho. The person was clearly scared, the interview was canceled :)
And yes, I was asked, if Ukrainians or (!) Russian opposition (!!!) stays behind the attack. I said: clearly no. My guess: 80% FSB, 20% Dugin, some few chances Dugin's party internal enemies. "What party?"the person asked. I had to explain, Dugin stays on the top of his movement.
Too many people in the West really cannot get it, that Russian elites massively believe in esoteric things, secret power artifacts, reptiloids, mind reading etc As I mentioned the Dugin's occult ideas, she was really visibly scared, as if it was me who started the Flat Earth Talk
I don't have any problem with that, understanding the editorial politics of mitigating risks, and the media was really very good, that is why I do not name it. But the reaction is really sad, and a bit scary.

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Aug 23
THREAD I saw many skeptical comments about my take that Dugina's death could have esoteric dressing besides the FSB motive. It looks like too many people have no clue, to what extent Russian elites adopt the worst esoteric ideas. Well, let's dive into this nasty journey. 1/x
Ever heard about Daniil Andreyev? The man was born in Berlin in 1906, and died in Moscow in 1959. In 1947 he was arrested in Moscow, and put into jail, where he had hallucinations (Stalinist jails were terrible). He hallucinated a book about the "REAL" structures of the world 2/x Image
Andreyev's "Rose of the World" was the quintessence of esoteric texts. It is absolutely weird. He wrote, the true world is a metaworld run by monsters he called "uitsraors". Uitsraors mentally project the nations, and run them as tools, fighting each other with these tools. 3/x
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Aug 21
THREAD Regarding the question "who could stay behind Darya Dugina's death". We need to separate many topics here.
1) Dugina was a devoted and important Nazi propagandist and a party member, but WAY far from being a star in Russia. In Ukraine or else she wasn't known at all; 1/x
2) Her father Alexandr was way more famous. But he was not as important as he wanted us to believe. His ideas were taken, stolen, appropriated, used by the Kremlin, but he personally was never allowed to belong to Kremlin's inner circle. He was always a 3rd class starlet; 2/x
3) Ok, who was the target - he or she? The car was registered on the father's name, and he was intended to drive it, as some of his friends said. It can be, he was targeted (as anyway he was more prominent). The only way she was targeted is, when HE planned the murder; 3/x
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Aug 21
Russian prominent liberals (and Putin opponents) publish their mourn the death of Daria Dugina, a 30-y.o. top Nazi party member and a prominent Nazi propagandist, who openly called Ukrainian "subhumans", called for a genocide of Ukrainians and for public execution of POWs. 1/x
The West totally ignores how the Russian liberals (who well understand that they are dependent on Putin) are well-integrated into this Nazi propaganda system. Here: Alexey Venidiktov, "Echo Moscow", with Putin's tops propagandists incl Simonyan (RT) and with Maria Zakharova 2/x
Or look here: the "Moscow liberal" star Yevgeniya Albats and a liberal star journalist Zygar (the author of a book about the Kremlin inner circle, which was cheered in the West as a great insight) are happy to meet Margarita Simonyan at a Kremlin's FIFA WM and post a selfie. 3/x
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Aug 20
There are tons of Russian bullshit about nukes:
1) "Nuclear powers don't lose was". Bullshit. US-Viet, China-Viet, USSR-Afgh etc.
2) "Nuclear powers can't collapse w/out a nuclear war". Bullshit. USSR 1991
3) "Nobody gives away nukes". Bullshit. South Africa, Ukraine, Kazakhstan.
The UKR give-away-nukes case did not age well, agree. But it just proves that the next deal on nukes must have substantial guarantees, including a real membership in real defensive alliances. That's it. Having nukes is a very expensive thing, guys. One is better off in Nato.
Oh, and don't forget the next bullshit statement:
4) "Nuclear powers cannot go into a direct military confrontation without a nuclear escalation and the Armageddon". Bullshit. India-Pakistan.
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Aug 20
Within the last 103 years, the Russian empire has collapsed three times - fully unexpectedly for itself and for the observers. In Feb1917, Russia - a member of a winning WWI coalition - revolted and left the war as a loser. A republic was founded, which existed only 8 months 1/x
Already amid the Feb17 revolution, the Russian empire lost territories, occupied for centuries. Still, the collapse of Oct17 was much more intense. With October Revolution, the Russian republic collapsed, and Russia went into a devastating Civil War, which lasted 3 years. 2/x
I don't want to go into details about what happened in 1917-21 with all the tyranny, terror, aggressions against Russian neighbors, etc: I just want to point out, that this revolution and the collapse of Russia were not expected by anyone (including Lenin and the Bolsheviks!) 3/x
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Aug 17
I talked to my great Ukrainian friend about my plans for "after the war". I said I have a long list of cities and towns to visit but am afraid of my emotions in some of them, which I remember as incredibly beautiful places before the war. And that I want to finally visit... 1/x
...Crimea, where I have never been before. Than I realise, I will have very problematic emotions towards Crimea. As this peninsula appeared on my "radar" only after its annexation, it has always been a place of injustice, occupation, and military threat for Ukraine for me. 2/x
And I don't want to come to Crimea while having THIS toxic emotion. I want to open Crimea for me, not to come with a negative feeling of fighting back against smth ugly. And that moment I realized what should be done. I will first ask for advice from my Crimea Tatar friends 3/x
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