1. On the morning that Ofgem announce an 80% increase in the energy price cap, effectively triggering a social and economic disaster in the U.K. the likes of which hasn’t been seen for 75 years, and with experts predicting a grim death toll as a direct result, the media brought
2. the wonderfully astute financial expert Martin Lewis to once more spell out the immediacy of the emergency facing the poorest in society. Of course for these continued efforts we’re supremely grateful… but if you’re half awake today you may have noticed a glaring omission
3. in this morning’s wall to wall coverage of the ever worsening fiduciary catastrophe… those among us who think may have spotted the lack thereof of a representative from the only people who can actually do something to bring essential aid to those literally choosing between
4. heating and eating. The most basic of duty for any government is to be at the very least visible, and to lay out a timeline to provide some solace amid the palpable anxiety taking hold of many who’ve never faced a fiscal downturn quite like the one facing Britain right now
5. So where were they?

Breakfast television producers took the usual steps to ensure a Tory MP did the bare minimum duty by being appearing to face questions and accountability but to no avail… so what were the excuses? 👇
6. Team Liz Truss

“Liz Truss won’t be available for media interviews this morning as she’s too busy writing an apology letter to Emmanuel Macron having called him a gobshite while trying on bras in a unisex changing room. Oh and we prefer it when she keeps her trap shut”
7. Team Ready for Rishi

“Apologies but former Chancellor of the Exchequer and so called financial Gandalf Rishi Sunak has no comment to offer on Britain’s economic cliff edge but if it helps he’s having a Faberge Egg for breakfast (hard boiled just like Rishi”
7. Team Boris Johnson

“Apologies but Boris can’t offer up 2 hours of his Friday morning… not because he doesn’t want to, but simply because he was last seen joining a 14 person gangbang in the Donbas region of Ukraine having slipped his security and stolen a helicopter 🚁”
8. Not one Tory MP had the basic common decency to come out and face down questions to a dire economic shock that’s in no small part down to 12 years of governance that they’ll make disaster movies about in generations to come. That right there is the epitome of today’s Tory
9. Party. Responsible for nothing. Blaming anybody and everybody else, and all the time claiming that they’re the party of sound economics. Their absence this morning is the perfect explainer for a summary of British conservatism across 12 long and miserable years of abject
10. failure, cronyism, and the shifting of wealth to the ruling classes. Remember, not one Tory MP is choosing this morning between a meal and a hot shower. They’ve simply got to go
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Aug 25
1. In the wake of the outstanding truth to power lecture by Emily Maitlis exposing Tory cronyism within the heart of the BBC, all backed up by factual evidence… first Tory gobshite out of the blocks to try and discredit Emily’s viewing figures is @CatharineHoey inferring
2. that the reason for a switch off from Newsnight was due to Emily’s rhetoric. Ms Maitlis was the second most watched Newsnight presenter behind Jeremy Paxman thus proving that Conservative peer and travelling circus ‘She-Bear’ Hoey is exactly the problem described by EM in her
3. lecture. Right wing commentators haven’t quite settled on their line of attack toward Ms Maitlis yet but expect comment in tomorrow’s Daily Mail calling this a coup by the left wing liberal elite rah rah rah, while all of them in their quiet moments know that every word is
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Aug 20
1. So Shaun Wooller of the Daily Mail who’s famous for absolutely nothing other than demonising the symbol of the LGBTQ movement 🏳️‍🌈 by aligning it with the existential crisis of our time… ‘woke’… fails to mention that the £0.83p spent by the NHS per employee per year is less
2. than they allocate per employee per week on toiletries, is the equivalent of NHS staff parking for 22% of the average daily shift, and is 7p less per year than the Daily Mail charges per day to read their fantastical twaddle. In a normal functioning workplace Andrew Pierce
3. would march from his desk to Wooller’s desk and demand to know why he’s trying to demonise something that symbolises Pierce’s rights as a gay man, but instead of course he’s crusading against rainbow cake and people’s freedom of expression, and surely wondering when the
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Aug 16
1. Airports taking ‘draconian measures’ that’ll affect that famed summer getaway ‘the end of October’ whines the Daily Mail while omitting to point out that the labour pool drawn on by airports has halved due to the Tories hard Brexit denying access to anyone with a suspicious
2. accent or who’s surname isn’t Smith, Jones, or Chormondley-Warner…
The Daily Mail which has spent 6 years laying waste to anyone with expertise or ‘Brexpertise’ by simply calling their opinion ‘woke’ or declaring them an enemy of the British Reich…
Let’s take Kully Sandhu
3. Head of the Aviation Recruitment Network who says “the challenge is now we've come into a situation where not only Brexit has taken place, but we've lost a large amount of skillsets from the aviation industry to non-airport businesses." or Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary who says
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Aug 8
1. Today’s Daily Mail headline of Trumpian partisanship is brought to you by Kumail Jaffer who you’ll note is quoted below from a previous article where he’s singing the virtues of diversity training being conducive to his career as a journalist. Now I’ve done an exhaustive
2. search across the Mail Online and you’ll be shocked to hear this but at no point anywhere on any of the Mail’s various sites and feeds does Jaffer come leaping tearing out of the blocks to take issue with the current Tory policy being floated by Tory Attorney General
3. Suella Braverman to literally eradicate diversity training currently required in law for the 448,000 civil servants employed in the U.K. instead Jaffer falls in line like a good client journalist and pushes yesterday’s outburst of teen crushery by ‘Minister for Culture 👀’
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Jul 19
1. Great piece in the Guardian from @JohnJCrace who takes a deep dive into what the rest of us who have eyes, ears, and a functioning cognitive response can see unfolding within the Conservative party. The ascension of Liz Truss to the position of

2. Bookmakers’ favourite in the Tory leadership race… just three candidates are left standing in the bid to replace the exiting incumbent Boris Johnson (although buffering rather than exiting would be more precise given his unwillingness to actually depart Downing Street)
3. as the new U.K. Prime Minister. Truss sits in third place, some distance behind Rishi Sunak and right on the shoulder of Penny Mordaunt but ultimately, once the final ballot has taken place, none of the infighting, the blue on blue smears, or the allegations of penis hypocrisy
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Jun 25
1: Northern Joe Pasquale impersonator and comedy extremist @ScottBentonMP took to Twitter last night to celebrate the US Supreme Court ruling that overturns Roe v. Wade effectively stripping women of their abortion right to choose what they do with their body. Minutes later the..
2: Supreme Court inferred that gay marriage may be next at which point Benton of course deleted his retweet… you’ll recall he came out as gay and announced his marriage to his husband on GB News because how meet cute is that??? So Scott hates brown people, refugees, the poor..,
3: the woke, and now apparently he objects to freedom of vaginas which is of course is hugely ironic given he idolises the two biggest cunts in U.K. politics in Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage. How quickly he forgets how us efties fought so hard for his right to live openly as…
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