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'Sewage pollution incidents' – many legal – increased 29-fold between 2017 & 2022 and countless urban rivers are now effectively extensions of the sewerage network.

Just 14% of rivers in England have “good” ecological status.

#TorySewageParty… Image
In the absence of effective regulation since the Environment Agency’s monitoring budget was slashed just over a decade ago, dumping sewage in rivers has contributed to a spectacularly profitable business model.

Water companies paid out £1.4BILLION in dividends last year. Image
There is something missing in existing data. Sewage discharges to rivers are recorded by sensors known as event duration monitors. These measure the start & end time of any flow, but are rarely set up to measure the volume of that flow. This leaves the data open to manipulation.
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Was this #dogwalker a #whitewoman by any chance?

Because for the life of me, I do not get how all can ignore what happened to #myson #AmbroseGGBall in 8 solid years unless it was @MPSHaringey posting up all the wrong information, wrong days and dates,
the wrong locations, wrong description of clothing , the wrong Fox pub, all different times of the night, leaving out the vital information leading up to during and after my son went @missingpeople, did not response for 56 hours after all the calls myself and others had made over
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#EnoughIsEnough #EnergyCrisis
Zahawi is "deeply concerned"
Truss "no new taxes, or rationing"

cutting the NICs & no new windfall taxes, ultimately means the biggest shrinking of the state we have ever seen

think of the direct impact on Social Care & NHS Image
SMEs, already facing insurmountable exponential energy costs, are also facing Consumer spending already falling off a cliff, 10% down Image
#EnoughIsEnough #EnergyCrisis
Lord Prem Sikka, Richard Murphy & David Blanchflower have written to the BoE urging £200 BILLION of spending to avoid meltdown, just as I suggested on the 10th March, also urging nationalisation of energy (which tories will never do) Image
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1. Love child of Harry Hill & Paddy off Emmerdale, James Whale of Talk TV who you may recall was normal in the late 80’s has now decided that the @RNLI are the real enemy because (wait for it…) they’re doing their job. James and his roll call of regular callers are outraged at
2. the idea that one of the most lauded charitable associations in Britain won’t just let these refugees sink. In fact he goes on in a later tweet to decry calling these people refugees because “they is illegals innit boss”
Outraged by International Law, and insistent that
3. they’re all coming here solely to maraud through the Tory heartlands ravishing our women and ending up camped outside Sophie Corcoran’s bedsit…
The truth of the migrant crossings course sits somewhere between the left and the right of U.K. political opinion but the far right
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1. On the morning that Ofgem announce an 80% increase in the energy price cap, effectively triggering a social and economic disaster in the U.K. the likes of which hasn’t been seen for 75 years, and with experts predicting a grim death toll as a direct result, the media brought
2. the wonderfully astute financial expert Martin Lewis to once more spell out the immediacy of the emergency facing the poorest in society. Of course for these continued efforts we’re supremely grateful… but if you’re half awake today you may have noticed a glaring omission
3. in this morning’s wall to wall coverage of the ever worsening fiduciary catastrophe… those among us who think may have spotted the lack thereof of a representative from the only people who can actually do something to bring essential aid to those literally choosing between
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This is my duly elected political representative, @DrNeilHudson , a member of the #TorySewageParty & the #TurdReich . He’s currently MIA, presumed to be off practicing his rosette pining and ribbon cutting technique.
In October 2021 @DrNeilHudson , in his capacity as a member of the #TorySewageParty & the #TurdReich he voted against amendment on amendment 45 of the Environment Bill.
As a member of the #TorySewageParty & the #TurdReich @DrNeilHudson knew the amendment would have required ministers,water authorities & OFWAT to work to reduce the number of #RawSewage discharges nationally and in his constituency,
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@englishjungle1 @elsewhere55 Just a suggestion - but - you’ve done brilliantly promoting #TorySewageParty - how about collecting them all in one thread? Use ‘quote’ option, include hashtag/s then post as a reply to your own previous tweet. @threadreaderapp tcan pull them all together into one thread?….
@englishjungle1 @elsewhere55 @threadreaderapp @threadreaderapp only collates threads of posts from one account so you need to post everything relevant as a reply to your previous post. Hope that makes sense. 🥴
I’ll ask for #unroll for you if I see a thread. It could create a very long and very useful thread? 👍
@englishjungle1 @elsewhere55 @threadreaderapp This is how it works. It picked up on my post to you because it had @ thread reader app and # unroll and so it did an instant ‘unroll’ thread of my posts to you.
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The UK Govt are protecting disaster capitalists while allowing them to stealthily undermine the Rule of Law and the welfare state. A now weakened UK is totally exposed to libertarian exploitation when the country should be rebuilding new ways to counter corporate aggression.
Tories working in secret partnership with @iealondon facilitated Brexit with help from the worst of the worst advocates of unleashing free market chaos on stable economies. Dr. Barbara Kolm, Shankar Singham, Grover Norquist and +450 r/w think tanks flush with wads of dark money.
These traitors of democracy are well and truly in place at the highest levels of Govt, influencing policy decisions that will abolish workers rights, cement low taxes on the wealthy 1%, annihilate public spending and enforce privatisation on all public sectors. #Libertarian
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This is your daily reminder that Germany 🇩🇪 which has 20 million more citizens than the UK spent less than 1 (one) Billion pounds on their Track and Trace system. And didn’t run out of money.

The Tories spent 37 Billion pounds and ran out of money.
It vanished in Tory companies
2/5 As a reminder: The total cost of running the state of the United Kingdom is 101 Billion pounds. The Tories intentionally spent 37 Billion pounds, more than a third of the total state budget on a failing system. It never worked properly. But they knew this. Some “consultants”
3/5 for Track+Trace earned thousands A DAY. (!)
Money had to be “burned”/ given to Tory Donors in the quickest , most wasteful ,ineffective way, so that that money -the absolutely UNBELIEVABLY AND RIDICULOUSLY HIGH SUM would be ready and waiting once the pandemic was over and
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Angry northern woman here!!! #JohnsonOut you lying cheating snivelling bag of blubber !!!! RESIGN NOW and take your minions with you!!! Your a disgrace people died while your people partied #downingstreetparty Kids went hungry till a footballer stepped in. You
Wanted to pump shite into our rivers #TorySewageParty the people in Afghanistan died while your people where on holiday #Afghanistan your people amended the #nhsbill making the poorest suffer. Kids have been thrown into schools without thought for their safety #SafeEdForAll
The list goes on the #excluded !!! the corruption in your party on your watch. You are the head, yeah I know knob head but the buck stops with you 🤬🤬🤬😢
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OH MY GOD. This is a total car crash for the government. Finally.

Could almost cry with relief.

This nonsense is coming to an end. It really is. Soon.
#WhoWasAtTheParty #whoattendedtheparty #torylies #ToryCovidCatastrophe #toryliars #TorySewageParty #ToryBritain
Excoriating discussion between @tombradby and @PaulBrandITV on @itvnews just now. This is mainstream prime time news, not the allegedly leftie Channel 4. And Stratton was their colleague at ITV once.

Disaster for the Tories. Absolute disaster. #whoattendedtheparty
And @Peston also now demanding a list of #whoattendedtheparty

Tick tock……
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The Culture Secretary, who is in charge of broadcasting, doesn’t go on any news programmes and is proud of this fact.

This is like a health secretary refusing to visit a hospital.

Sack these awful people.
#ToryShambles #JohnsonOut #TorySewageParty
This is why the person in charge of the nation’s news media doesn’t do news interviews. It’s because a baby armadillo that had been dropped in a vat of LSD would do better. In this exhibit, she bemoans the lack of MEPs and Commissioners after #Brexit 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
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Easiest deal in history, overseas aid 0.7% of GDP, 40 new hospitals, Northern Powerhouse Rail, HS2➡️Leeds, no tax rises, pensions triple lock, 350 million/week to NHS, boost for 🇬🇧 fishing, Erasmus scheme safe, EU citizens secure, no Irish Sea border.

All promised.

All broken.
Feel free to add others, they won’t all fit in 240 characters. #ToryBritain
And in many ways the most accidentally hilarious broken promise of all. #TorySewageParty #ToryShambles #idiocracy
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It’s all imploding. This is their own propaganda organ’s front page. Tory MPs will ditch Johnson sooner rather than later, they often eat their own leaders. Abysmal state for the UK to be in as #COP26 gasps for breath
#TorySewageParty #TorySleaze #ToryBritain #ToryBrexitDisaster
Boom 💥
Even the Express has had a spiritual lobotomy. #BrexitHasFailed
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Tweet this clip from @campbellclaret far and wide, all day long.

It is time to put an end to this abysmal charade.
#TorySewageParty #ToryBrexitDisaster #TorySleaze #ToryBritain
There were plenty of warnings when he was Mayor of London. It’s a pity so many people don’t follow the news isn’t it. #ToryBritain
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God this is mortifying. In front of the whole world, when you are trying to exercise diplomatic leverage at a pivotal moment.

Utterly embarrassing. #COP26 #ClimateCrisis #TorySleaze #TorySewageParty
I am always delighted to see how the liberal metropolitan elite has been totally smashed up in favour of ordinary working people in the north of England. 👀 Image
My word. Contrast that embarrassing corruption word salad with this desperate, deeply felt plea from a tearful former President of Ireland, who can actually see through the spin and sees how serious this all is. She is now President of @TheElders.
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Bloody hell. Every word of this. I hope more moderate Conservatives speak out like this, louder, and more often. This government of mini Trumps is on the ropes, and hasn’t the brains to change course or any compass to navigate itself out of its cesspit.🔥
This is where power-crazy nationalist flag shagging populism leads.
Their propaganda rag not even playing the game today. #TorySleaze
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Merkel says farewell to France.

This is what grown up diplomacy looks like. And what the EU project means to so many citizens on that vast continent. Whilst we sit outside the tent, drunkenly shouting at foreigners.

Beautiful. 🇪🇺
I find this intensely moving. Bridges not walls. Peace not jingoism and war-making. Cooperation not stand offs.We have made a terrible, terrible mistake. #BrexitBritain
I wish all those who lost their lives in WW2 could have seen this moment.
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The government has just u-turned, or should that be u-bent, and accepted the amendment on sewage after all, which is rather embarrassing for all the Tory MPs who have spent two days explaining why they had no choice but to vote against it.

Pressure works. Here, and in a sewer.
Never think twitter activism is a waste of time. Without all of us, this wouldn't have happened. Simple. Now let's see what they actually do. #TorySewageParty #Sewage
Disastrous day for the water companies oh well never mind. The free ride is over. #TorySewageParty #StoolBritannia
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Following allegations of Russian interference in our #BrexitBritain democratic processes, here’s ‘Rule Britannia’ cheekily re-imagined as a Russian romantic piece, complete with Soviet nostalgie colour scheme. 🇷🇺 🎼
#SundayThoughts #music #piano #sundayvibes #musicislife
I love the #StoolBritannia hashtag. 😂💩
There is possibly a series of Soviet treatments of popular #flagshagger 🇬🇧 tunes to be done actually.
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