You've likely seen this word bouncing around the culture. If you want to understand wokeness and how it operates, you MUST understand deconstruction. It is the key method the woke use to attack our institutions and ideas.

So, Deconstruction...

A thread🧵
In order to understand how we deal with attempts to deconstruct our concepts, ideas, thoughts, arguments, texts, words, and other meaningful bits of language, we need to understand that deconstruction **always makes its attack at the level of MEANING**

Please read that again!
In other words, deconstruction does not engage with the substance of what you say, deconstruction tries to dissolve the MEANING of whatever it is you try to say.

Deconstruction doesn't seek to show you are wrong, it seeks to subvert the MEANING of you claim.
The goal of deconstruction is find out how the meaning of something (text, book, argument, idea, concept, etc,) actually functions, and to then seek to find ways in which the meaning of that thing can be blurred, subverted and undermined. See how that works?
Deconstruction is not going to try to show that a claim is false. Deconstruction is going to try to undermine, undercut, subvert, and otherwise attack the MEANING of that claim.
Deconstructors want to take the wind of meaning out of the sails of whatever you say.
As a result, when someone is attempting to deconstruct what you have communicated it very often looks like they are nitpicking the words you used to express your ideas with the goal of missing the point that you were trying to make.

It's very frustrating.
The great weakness of deconstruction is this: if you can make your point clear enough that the average person can understand what you mean perfectly well, deconstructive attempts to attack the meaning of what you said will be exposed for the nonsense they are.

Let me explain.
Deconstruction can look clever when the meaning of a text is unclear. However, when the meaning of a text is clear then attempts by deconstructors to reinterpret the text with the goal of attacking the meaning will backfire and come across as bad faith pedantic nitpicking.
Here are some simple rules for making deconstruction backfire.

Be really clear about what you want to say before we say it. If we are not completely clear about what we want to say before we say it, then we will end up communicating vague ideas that can easily be attacked.
Secondly, when we communicate we must avoid technical jargon that can be confusing.

Third, use examples and metaphors from every day life so that it makes them more difficult to misinterpret. Use simple examples drawn from things understood by the general public.
Finally avoid over explaining yourself. If we spend all our time trying to preempt every way in which we can be misinterpreted then we will end up saying so much that our communication can become unclear, or run the risk of dying the death of a thousand clarifications.
By making ourselves very very clear we can make attempts to blur our meaning backfire, so they will be seen for what they are: attempts to subvert the meaning of what we communicate without engaging with the substance of our communication.
Thanks for reading!

For those interested in a more detailed examination of deconstruction I wrote more about this on my substack (link below). My substack essays are free, but there is a paid subscription option for those who want to support my work. wokaldistance.substack.com/p/understandin…

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Aug 29
In the interest of honesty I deleted a tweet (pic 1 below)

I was sent the screen shot in pic 2 without the context of pic 3, since one account was locked I couldn't get full context,but the user below gave a screen shot of the context, so I am deleting the OG tweet
Criticism should be honest, and if I get context wrong I need to admit that.

Even though @keffals regularly brigades people, will doxx people (pic 1) and admits to trying to "transgender your children" (pic 2), I still need to make sure my criticisms are in context.
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You cannot argue somebody out of a position that they were entertained into.

Lets talk about why the arts and stories are so important using as my example the first Pokemon movie.

The importance of stories and the arts,

A Thread🧵
The first pokemon movie came out during the height of the first Pokemon craze.

I cannot describe to you how big a deal this was if you weren't there.

The first Pokemon movie is a perfect example of how movies and stories, even ones for kids, transmit values and ideas.
The story revolves around a Pokenon named "Mewtwo" that has powerful psychic abilities.

The story is that a scientist named Dr. Fuji was hired by the evil Team Rocket to create Mewtwo so that Team Rocket could use Mewtwo as a living weapon.

Mewtwo was created to destroy.
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Aug 27
This is bang on...the goal is to control the overton Window (AKA, the "window" of socially acceptable positions on an issue) and make every conservative view fall outside of the window of socially acceptable opinion.

The left doesn't win intellectually, they win *socially*
The left wins by using social games, power plays, and emotional manipulation to take control of the society wide discourse and grant themselves the power to legitimize their views and delegitimize dissent.

They don't want to win through arguments, they want to win by....
placing themselves in positions of social power that allow them to decide which views are legitimate and respectable and which ones are not.

They way to defeat this tactic is by pointing out what they're doing and making it so obvious people can't help but see what's going on
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Aug 21
The mixture of sexual revolution, 2nd and 3rd wave feminism, and the decoupling of sex from love and family led to the raunch culture (girls gone wild, pornstars in music videos, hook-up culture, Howard Stern's radio show, etc) that reigned in the 90's, 2000's and 2010's...
The atmosphere of this era has been one of "sex-positivity" which said sex has no inherent meaning. Sex can just as easily be used for casual pleasure as for marriage and family and it must liberated from prudish norms which said sex was for marriage or long term commitment...
This era claimed deconstructed of all of the previous sexual moral norms and it replaced them with a view that reduces all sexual morality to nothing but power and consent...so long as everyone has equal agency and everyone consents then it is morally acceptable...
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Aug 20
Woke teachers have hijacked k-12 public education and are destroying it.

This teacher, who doesn't know when America was founded, says she teaches her students about protesting and activism but refuses to teach the curriculum.

Let's talk about how it happened,

A Thread🧵
Critical Social Justice (aka, wokeness) has taken over almost every college of education in North America. Teachers are told that social justice/wokeness is fundamental to ALL learning, and ALL teaching is and ought to be political.

Here, a teacher says exactly that:
So what is going on here?

How did teaching as a discipline become politicized in this way?

It starts in the Universities, where leftist professors have decided that all teaching is now a political act. They say this very clearly in the academic literature: ImageImageImageImage
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Aug 17
So, I'm a visiting fellow at @amrenewctr where I wrote their anti-CRT activist handbook for k-12. I work closely with @russvought, @realchrisrufo, and James Lindsay, and I'm one of the largest counter-woke/anti-CRT accounts on this site.

I'd like to say something about this👇
Before we get going we need to understand that according to research by @JonHaidt, conservatives and moderates are able to understand liberals much better than liberals are able to understand conservatives. This will be key going forward.

From "The Righteous Mind," p334:
As @JonHaidt points out, it is those who describe themselves as "very liberal" who are least able to understand conservatives.

The biggest advantage I have over CSJ advocates is that I underatand their views, and they haven't got a clue what my side thinks.

Let me explain.
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