🧵Brief Ukraine War Update

I had intended to publish new blog commentary today in relation to the ongoing war in Ukraine. But given that I now perceive an important decision has been forced upon Russia, I have opted to delay my new post until at least tomorrow.

In the meantime, I took the opportunity today to create a new substack blog, and to migrate all of my older blog posts to that platform.

I will, over the course of the next hour or so, tweet out new substack links from that body of older posts.


Meanwhile, I will simply note that the United States and its willing NATO vassals have deliberately raised the stakes of this conflict such that Russia will very likely now feel compelled to make a momentous decision in deference to the power of perception and narrative.

The empire has played the "ace up its sleeve" in Ukraine.

Over the past several months they methodically constructed a modest strike force of hoarded NATO weaponry and a briefly trained new cadre of Ukrainian soldiers – most of them fresh conscripts.

In addition to these new Ukrainian brigades, they also assembled multiple brigades of NATO troops – “foreign volunteers” – to serve as shock troops for an envisioned “counter-offensive”. The total count of these NATO soldiers is unknown, but is likely at least 3000 - 5000.

I'm persuaded the Russians were clearly cognizant of this build-up. They also clearly provided an irresistibly tempting target for the assembled force, and deliberately created a vacuum into which it would be permitted to advance. What they plan to do next remains to be seen.

In the meantime, the narrative of an ingeniously glorious Ukrainian counter-offensive holds sway in the public perception – indeed, it has assumed a power far beyond the reality of its battlefield significance. This is true both in the west and in Russia itself.

Indeed, it is the power of this narrative that, although not rooted in the objective calculus of war, is nonetheless almost certain to constrain Russia to respond such that its influence can be at least mitigated, if not altogether defeated.

We shall soon see ...


• • •

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Sep 12
🧵Ukraine War Update – 2022-09-11

So … the wife and I took the grandsons on a weekend trip from which we’ve just returned. Was incommunicado almost the entire time – ten hours of which was driving.

I see there have been some new developments in the war. 😱🤣

It’s going to take a while to catch up on all the news and commentary produced over the past couple days.

As for the many hundreds of “notifications” I have – well, I opted to just purge the obvious trolls and skip the rest. I simply don’t have time to respond to them all.

Unsurprisingly, there have been laughably exaggerated reactions at both extremes of the fan section. Most on #TeamUkraine are shit-faced drunk with comical delusions of glorious triumph; too much of #TeamRussia is shit-faced drunk with pathetic delusions of doom.

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Sep 9
🧵Brief Ukraine War Update: 2022-09-09

I have no doubt there is still feverish hand-wringing and general “dooming” taking place among those inclined to favor the Russian cause in the ongoing war.

I have seen nothing in this morning’s updates to warrant this pessimism.

Quite to the contrary, although intense battles are being fought, the advance of the AFU – evidently spear-headed by a significant contingent of foreign “volunteers” – has slowed to a slog, and Russian reserves and firepower are exacting a heavy toll on their formations.

I came across a brief but highly revealing report this morning from a Ukrainian journalist at the front. I will cite it in full below, with only minor editing to clarify some of the awkward wording of Telegram’s translation feature:


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Sep 1
🧵The AFU clown show in southern Ukraine scales new heights.

In arguably the most embarrassing debacle of the war yet for Ukraine, they apparently permitted themselves to attempt an MI6-designed and directed commando operation to seize the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant.

The would-be commandos, 64 in number, recently “trained” in the UK, set out across the Kakhovskoye reservoir in seven high-speed boats, landed on the opposite shore 3 km from the NPP, where they were immediately met by a Russian ambush.

Apparently Russian intelligence was fully aware of their plans and had monitored the debutante commandos from the time they left Poland to pursue their ostensibly glorious operation – allegedly advocated by the corpulent Boris Johnson himself in his recent visit to Kiev.

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Aug 31
🧵Kherson Counter-offensive Update

In a futile attempt to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, AFU forces, over the past 24 hours, succeeded only in adding to the butcher's toll of the increasingly disastrous Ukrainian "counter-offensive" north of Kherson.

Near the small village of Sukhoi Stavok, which the AFU briefly occupied the previous day, the remnants of that force were destroyed. Other pockets of AFU troops on the south side of the Ingulets River were similarly cut off and in danger of annihilation.

In a valiant but hopeless attempt to rescue their comrades, a column of 12 tanks crossed to the south side of the river. Some were immediately destroyed; several others were then destroyed when they drove over their own mine field in the course of a disorderly retreat.

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Aug 26
I've never been a huge Who fan, by any means. But I like several of their songs, this one probably most of all.

IMO, Pete Townsend was a much more refined and impressive guitarist in 2007 than in the 1970s. Just sayin'.


Speaking of guitarists who aged like fine wine ...

I've been watching this sucky low-res YouTube video of Eric Clapton multiple times per year for many years now, because it is such a stunning live-performance masterpiece.


Another lead guitarist, somewhat underrated imo, who refined his craft as he got older is Lindsey Buckingham. This is him at his iconoclastic finger-picking best:

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Aug 21
Something different for a Sunday morning.

I descend from a long-line of self-taught musicians / choir masters, and therefore I have a genetic predisposition for choral music.

And, imo, no one on the planet does choirs like the Latter-day Saints.


Another one from this student choir from Brigham Young University.

This has long been one of my favorite choral hymns. Gives me goosebumps.


The Tabernacle Choir in typically perfect form ... but it's the recorder solo and descant in this piece that penetrates my soul.

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