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This tweet represents the lowest point of dishonesty to which we can descend when we sell out to the crass tone of secular politics instead of following the way of Christ.
Deevers is attacking the consistent pro-life position of the Southern Baptist Convention as represented by more than 20 resolutions adopted over the span of 40 years. To give some specific details…
Since 1980 we have consistently said that abortion should be illegal unless the life of the mother would be in peril if the pregnancy were to continue (such as in the case of an ectopic pregnancy).
That means—don't miss this—that Southern Baptists have not supported exceptions permitting abortion in cases of rape or incest.

Ours is not a "moderate" position. It is certainly not a position that is "against the innocent preborn."
We have funded crisis pregnancy centers and foster care and adoption services, have adopted tens of thousands of children ourselves, and have created poverty-assistance ministries in our communities, working in every way to ease the burden of carrying babies to term.
We have invested in providing advanced imaging technologies to pregnancy care facilities across the country—massive investments—to help expectant mothers to meet their babies before deciding whether to let them live. We've tried to give the baby a voice to speak to her mother.
And we have not been silent on the legal front. We have supported legislators and legislation from state-to-state with the goal from the very beginning to accomplish one thing: The end of legal abortion.
Through success and failure, with indefatigable courage, over the course of decades, calling upon the brightest of minds and the strongest of wills, Pro-Life legislative and judicial strategists successfully implemented an incrementalist strategy that has finally toppled Roe.
This is the only Pro-Life approach that has actually saved any babies at all.
And now, post-Dobbs, the abolitionism movement that Deevers favors is at work opposing Pro-Life legislation like the "Value Them Both" amendment in Kansas. Not content just to accomplish nothing, this movement works against accomplishments by others.
But Deevers has chosen this line of messaging. According to him, if you supported the actual legislative and judicial work that produced the Dobbs decision and overturned Roe, you might still be "against the innocent preborn."
If you fund prenatal clinics that help women meet their babies and choose life, you still might be "against the innocent preborn."
THEY can oppose the "Value Them Both" amendment in Kansas and claim the high road in doing so, but anyone who opposes their poorly-written legislative efforts they will accuse of being "against the innocent preborn."
How? Why?

Because unless you 100% agree with every jot and tittle of Deevers's obsession with sending 16-year-old girls to prison for succumbing to the coercion of their parents to have an abortion, he will label you "against the innocent preborn."
How? Why?

Because if you want an exception in the law for ectopic pregnancies where the mother (and the baby) would be in grave danger of death if the pregnancy were not ended, he will label you "against the innocent preborn."
Even he knows that this isn't true. Even @dustydeevers knows that @LeatherwoodTN isn't "against the innocent preborn."

He's just hoping that YOU won't know that.

Because honest discussion of the actual issues is not his goal.
And it is THAT—this Faustian bargain with the devil of politics, this gossipy accusing of the brethren, this focus-group-tested rabble-rousing that tramples truth in the quest for quote-tweets—that represents one of the gravest threats to the work of the SBC today.

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Sep 16
If you ask an abortion abolitionist to protect a woman from being prosecuted for having her life saved from an ectopic pregnancy, he'll be glad to put that sentiment into a tweet.

He just won't put it into his proposed law.
If you ask him to protect minors, women coerced by abusive spouses or boyfriends, women coerced by parents, women coerced by their pimps or traffickers, he'll be glad to put that sentiment into a tweet.

He just won't put it into his proposed law.
He'll tell you it's unnecessary to have an exception to save the life of the mother.

A whole host of lawyers, legislators, jurists, and law enforcement officers will tell you it's necessary, but he'll tell you it's unnecessary.
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Jul 8
@jenlyell I'm on vacation this week, and my phone only works in specific places (and sometimes even time of day affects it). I apologize for seeing this so late, @jenlyell.

This is a very emotional topic. It's emotional for me, too. But I want to try to provide more light than heat:
@jenlyell Jennifer Lyell's claims have been investigated and corroborated. They have been investigated by people close to the situation who have first-hand knowledge of the people and context involved.
@jenlyell Those people, including people I know at SBTS with whom I have spoken directly, have said that they believe Jennifer and that what she has said about the abuse she experienced is true.
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Jul 6
August 7 is @sendrelief Sunday in the Southern Baptist Convention. I'm setting aside money right now to give to this offering, especially this year. Here's why:
1. In addition to all of the other ways that we are spreading the gospel through @sendrelief (and those are enough to earn my support), this ministry has stepped forward to bless and serve survivors of sexual abuse..
2. I want to give through @sendrelief to help survivors because I want to help them with gifts that they know I have given voluntarily—gifts laden with love and compassion. Here is something tangible and comparatively quick that your church can do to aid survivors.
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Jul 4
Happy Independence Day.

On this day, I offer you an address from the patriot Dr John Warren, delivered in 1775. Much of what he writes is eerily prescient.
"Our country is in danger, but not to be despaired of. Our enemies are numerous and powerful, but we have many friends, determined to be free, and heaven and earth will aid the resolution.
"On you depend the fortunes of America. You are to decide the important question on which rest the happiness and liberty of millions yet unborn. Act worthy of yourselves.
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Jun 27
The Baptist Faith & Message is the vehicle by which Southern Baptists have addressed "those articles of the Christian faith which are most surely held among us." (Preamble)

The words "most surely held" play a valuable role in that phrase.
The MEANING of "most surely held": The BF&M has deliberately not included all of the doctrines that Southern Baptists have generally affirmed in 1925, 1963, or 2000. Rather, we incorporated into our statement of faith only those doctrines about which had the greatest certainty.
EXAMPLES: The BF&M says nothing about ordination, although the preponderance of Southern Baptist churches practice some form of ordination. Why? There remains a bit of uncertainty from sources as august as Spurgeon regarding the details and meaning of the practice.
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Jun 20
Best things about being SBC President so far. A top 10 thread, but not in any particular order:
1. Last week I went on the prayer lists of thousands of really effective prayer warriors.

2. From fellow-students with me to former-students of mine to partners in @fbcfarmersville's missions projects in the past, I've heard from so many people I've loved down through the years.
3. My high-school science teacher reached out and said that he was proud of me, which was a personal win, since I accidentally shattered a petri dish in class once by doing something stupid. Maybe I've made up for that.
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