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If people have waited all their lives to shout "child abuser" at Andrew Windsor, and they have one opportunity to fulfill their ambition, I think we should all respect that.
One way to avoid getting sewage in your mouth, while swimming, is to keep it closed
Another way, is to lock the bosses of the water companies up. And renationalize
The Labour Party should be brought back into public ownership. Privatization hasn't worked.
I see the media urging the working class to get behind Starmer.

Where are the journalists urging the Labour Party to get behind the working class?
I don't understand why the Labour Party isn't coordinating and running its own foodbanks.
The Party doesn't seem to do anything to support communities, or show solidarity with those in need. Which is a pity.
One advantage of abolishing the monarchy, is that it would also mean getting rid of the Lords, the Ladies, the Baronesses, the Barons, the Countesses, the Earls, the Marchionesses, the Marquesses, the Duchesses, the Dukes, the Princes and the Princesses too #AbolishTheMonarchy
In the early Nazi days, huge crowds would gather to witness displays of power. Anyone who dared criticize these gatherings would become a target for the fascist thugs. Those who actually protested at the event were attacked by thugs and arrested.
It could have been this week.
First they stole our council houses, hospital grounds, and playing fields
Then they stole our NHS ancillary services and telecoms
Then they stole our coal, steel and energy companies
Then they stole our utilities, public transport and mail
Now they're stealing our cities
There's never been a period in my life when the regime has been so malicious, aggressive, brutal, and treacherous. What's become of Britain?
Has it fallen into the grip of the far right, and their odious apparatus of rule?
Don't flag or fail.
Keep fighting
Fight for clean seas and oceans
Fight for your rights and protections
Fight for clean air and clean rivers
Defend the rights of future generations
Prepare to strike
Demand clean beaches
Fight for the refugees
Fight for organic agriculture,
Fight for democracy in the streets
Fight for the freedom to roam the hills,
Disobey the Regime,
Refuse to let it subjugate or starve you.

#solidarity comrades
to end this thread I'll give my thoughts about #mourning

people get a bit twitchy about it

but here goes
If we hear about someone's death, it will affect us. It may be someone very close, or someone we've only seen or heard about once. How we're affected varies, some may be so affected that they pass away themselves, while others may feel reenergized, or simply shed a tear.
Some may smile or treat it as a new and interesting fact.
The actions we take, after hearing about death can be described as mourning. Some may mourn their own way, in private, and not be noticed by anyone else
Others may simply acknowledge the death in public, and continue their lives by fitting in the best they can with the world around them.

After a death, the body must be disposed of, and the personal effects of the deceased, dealt with. How this is done can vary.
The body can be given a simple burial, an outdoor cremation, or fed to the vultures, but in western capitalist society, it's normal for elaborate and showy displays forms of committal to be performed. What happens is largely cultural, but based on how the economy works too.
For instance, in a pre-capitalist or a wartime scenario, the body may be wrapped in a shroud, and taken by people not particularly close to the deceased, to a communal burial pit, where they perform a ritual, and inter the body.
Family and friends will take a passive background role, and not be centre stage. They will not be judged on their performance, and will neither lose, nor gain any form of status, or social capital.
However, if an individual wants to gain social capital, the mourning process changes. Here people feel obliged to display their grief, by letting others know.
They may dress in certain ways, they may choose to act out displays of deep sorrow, throwing themselves on the ground, or wailing for days
Of course some such displays may be outside the mourners psychological control, but if they are acted out purposefully, they can be seen as attempts to gain social capital, by conforming to the current normative behaviour of the group, or even trying to "improve" on it
Such displays are then used to give that person special status, or social capital.
Basically, they're saying, I'm important, I've been successful enough in this society to be able to perform funeral duties at the highest level.
This can be through the ability to display the socially accepted emotional responses, or put on and partake in impressive rituals, build monumental graves, or even mausoleums honouring the family name, built in high-status places, and which will last for many years.
These people feel the need to think they have made an impression on others, and that impression is to gain capital, which can be used in their own favour, in the years to come.
And, that's why people queue 12 hours to see a box
We have reached the point in history where we must make one choice, before it's too late
Are we to become slaves, or revolutionaries?

• • •

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Sep 18
The word community is often attached to buildings and people's jobs and public groups, and politicians love talking about it, but communities are hard to define, and it often seems that politicians take advantage of this, and manipulate it to their advantage. 1/10
A community can be scattered all over the world, or be situated in a very particular place. It can have its own language, or be multi-lingual; it can have a particular religious belief or can be multi-faith or secular, or tribal. 2/10
It can feel associated with a with a particular place, region, nation, or continent or event of type of events. 3/10
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Sep 18
What's five minutes
What's £5
What's c92O3
What's a 1000cc a motorbike
What's 13.787 billion years
@RobertGEdge can you recommend a song on YouTube, please Robert?
@RobertGEdge here you go
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Sep 18
We were told that Prince Andrew had lost his military titles and use of HRH, and that he was to give evidence in deposition, and that it was unlikely that we would see him attend future royal engagements.
But looks like he has a "little black book", because now, he's deputy King. ImageImageImageImage
Once Mummy was gone, there was no one to protect him

but instead of disappearing, Andrew Windsor has resurfaced, with more power to abuse than ever.
It looks like blackmail to me.

Why else would someone so damned and so liable to cause problems, ever be resuscitated? Image
What benefit is there in keeping the abuser close, and pushing away those who know the truth?
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Sep 18
The pre-capitalist population of Britain began to decline after the succession of Henry VIII to the throne of England. Subsequent regimes stole the common land and treated the countryside like a colony, a process that has continued to this day.
These regimes also expanded their colonies overseas. It was a brutal story, on example if which was the slave trade. Africans were captured, transported to the American colonies, and forced to work on plantations and other such places.
English pirates, most famously Frances Drake, helped by attacking Spanish treasure fleets and aiding the slavers. These murderous looting bandits played a significant role in establishing the English naval fleet which has wreaked so much misery around the world.
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Sep 17
Ansel Collins And The M-Squad - Carroll Street - Version
Reach For THe Sky Blake Boy

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Sep 17
Why do the Tories want us to live in the worst possible housing, with eviction always hanging over our heads?
Why do they want us to be so poor we need to rely on foodbanks?
Why do they want us to have the lowest legal work and consumer protections?
Why do they deny us NHS care?
Why do they deny us dentistry?
Why do they want to deny us a proper education?
Why do they want to smash the heart out of our communities?
Why do they want to destroy independent journalism, and lock journalists up?
Why do they want to lock up our children in secure schools?
Why do they want us to live in polluted cities?
Why do they want us to swim in sewage infested seas?
Why do they want to torture and murder our wild animals?
Why do they want to deny us the right to a family life?
Why do they want to depoliticizevus and curtail our voting rights
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