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As stories of the Covid-19 pandemic spread around the world, I’ve personally been touched by how the inner beauty of people shines so brightly in this seeming darkness. You see it their actions — actions that convey compassion, actions that tell us we’re not alone. 1/4
This is so true of the incredible medical professionals who are facing this crisis with a spirit that inspires us all. Many of them say they are finding a source of strength within themselves now that they hadn’t known existed. The care, the loving kindness, 2/4
the empathy they show nourishes hearts as well as bodies. It can motivate us to act with awareness that what we do and what we say affects others, 3/4
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A day in the life of a #COVID-19 #healthworker in India. A #Thread.

#indiafightscorona #healthwarriors
What does it mean to be a frontline warrior amid the #Coronavirus ( #COVID-19 ) pandemic? It means being away from home for weeks, staying awake for days and nights,
dealing with emotionally vulnerable patients and a sense of timelessness – when the clock ceases to exist and the patients’ recovery is all that matters.
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Countries are asking ppl to #stayhome & shutting down population movement to limit #COVID19 transmission. These steps can have unintended consequences for the poorest & most vulnerable. I call on countries to ensure these populations have food & life essentials during the crisis.
My appreciation to Prime Minister @narendramodi for announcing a $24 billion package to support 🇮🇳's vulnerable populations during #COVID19 crisis, including:
-free food rations for 800M disadvantaged people
-cash transfers to 204M poor women
-free cooking gas for 80M households.
However, many developing countries will struggle to implement social welfare programs of this nature. Broad and expedited agreement on debt relief is essential to enable them to care for their people and avoid economic collapse. #Solidarity
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While we all work together to stop #COVID19 pandemic, countries must not forget to minimise potential impacts on food supply & international trades. More in a joint statement by WHO, @FAO & @WTO 👉

During #COVID19 pandemic, all countries 🌍🌎🌏 must ensure continuity of the food supply chain in every way possible to protect the health & well-being of their citizens, especially the most vulnerable. Full statement with @FAO & @WTO 👉

1⃣Export restrictions, 2⃣ food shortage and 3⃣ price spikes will harm low-income countries that face food shortages. The world must show solidarity amidst the #COVID19.  👉

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#Thread What type of bottom feeding media attacks educators during a pandemic? The same one that wished a #HurricaneKatrina on #CPS. I’m guessing their goal is to remain on brand? #Trash #Covid19…
#NewFlash : Educators are real ppl. We’re experiencing #Covid19 like the rest of the world. Some of our immune systems are compromised. Some hv contracted it. Some are awaiting results. Many are taking care of family who’ve contracted it. Some have died. #InRealLife #Covid_19
3/ We are watching the body count increase daily. Some of us are making masks for 1st responders. Others hv cleared out their teacher cabinets & given sanitizer & soap to 1st responders. #Service #Covid_19 #InRealLife
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Thread on government’s measures for the self-employed: i want to say some things about the delivery, rather than the policy here. This million £ policy will be administered by HMRC. Since 2010, HMRC resources have been eroded; 90% of tax office are closed or are in process of
being closed. The people who work there are civil servants, but not the high level senior civil servants you’re thinking of. They are the unseen civil service who have been most victimised and vilified by Tory attacks on the public sector.
Google “HMRC staffing cuts” and you’ll find a wealth (pardon the pun) of information. HMRC reduced its workforce by 20% since 2010 and because of chronic low pay struggles to recruit people who are often better off in local private sector employment.
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#ClapForCarers #ThankYouNHS

With such immense gratitude for the people putting themselves on the line for us all every single day. For everyone at #stmaryshospital in #paddington, and all our #NHS and all #carers across the country. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Never even knew so many people lived on my street. People out in force clapping, whistling and shouting “NHS NHS”. I can even hear people banging pots. #solidarity #ClapForCarers #ThankYouNHS #londonlockdown
Medic family and friends responded very emotionally to all the cheering and support. We mustn’t forget them in the days ahead. #ThankYouNHS
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@ChrisCEOHopson 1) Thread⬇️

Thanks Chris for doing this.
In terms of the @WHO evidence base to support all countries.-

National Leaders need #Solidarity with a global approach as per the advice from @DrTedros who now @didoharding has support from the head of @FIFAcom…
@ChrisCEOHopson @WHO @DrTedros @didoharding @FIFAcom 2) National Leaders such as @didoharding and @CNOEngland and others will only #KickoutCoronaVirus with the help of all inc @FIFAcom by

Test test test.
Aggressive contact tracing.
Quarantining of contacts.
& the “Pillars” of the @WHO approach.
@ChrisCEOHopson @WHO @DrTedros @didoharding @FIFAcom @CNOEngland 3) The @WHO approach is an evidence based approach & as a global family, we must all learn & share as countries together, not alone.

Testing needs to happen everywhere. Not just for #NHS staff.

Isolation should follow @DrTedros guidance.

#COVID19 #OurNHSPeople
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We all know it has been tough for our communities. Gathering events, pow-wows, & cultural programs have been canceled & people feel isolated. Lets change that!

Share your dances, songs, crafts, lessons, and stories traditional & contemporary using the hashtag #PandemicPowWow
The #PandemicPowWow is an online compilation of cultural songs, dances, stories & crafts that can be added for the duration of the Pandemic. Add your work every week & keep the worlds spirits filled with hope & love. Every contribution will brighten someones day! Share widely!
One of the bright things to look towards is connecting indigenous people around the world. We welcome Indigenous people from across the world to contribute to the #PandemicPowWow. Let these hard time unite us and draw each other closer in learning, comradery, & #solidarity!
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A number of media reports this week on potential treatments for #COVIDー19. @WHO is tracking these developments and will update our treatment guidelines if any evidence emerges. Right now, what is needed are high quality #RCTs@JeremyFarrar @ICMRDELHI @Chikwe_I @jarottingen @MRCza
The @WHO #Solidarity trial will test chloroquine or HCQ, lopinavir/ritonavir with and without interferon beta, remdesivir versus Standard of care in many countries round the world, in order to generate robust evidence on mortality and hospitalization of #COVIDー19 patients
The #Solidarity protocol is an adaptive clinical trial - so more arms can be added later, arms can be dropped for futility. A global data safety monitoring committee and steering committee (of international experts) will oversee the trial @WHO.
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Social media is the best and the worst of us. It connects us when we might otherwise be isolated, and it magnifies the ugliest parts of our nature. It offers hope and comfort, and makes attack so easy it happens before we think.

Right is for many of us, a lifeline.
I am grateful for all of you. Even when we — even when I bite and scratch and shout. Even when we're at each other's figurative throats, standing on the precipice of a new nation or the edge of absolute ruin.
While we're in this strange, grey limbo between the past not yet dead and the future not yet born, I am grateful to have this platform to reach you and to be reached. To hear you. Even when what I hear hurts or makes me angry.

It's humanity. And it's solidarity.
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The probable scenario is that the majority of the population will
contract SARS CoV 2/Corona

It is very important to slow down the virus through isolation to have enough time to find a treatment or vaccination.
There is a likely scenario in which we will contract the virus...
... once like chickenpox and then be immune. This means we would at some point reach a
state of herd immunity and only a few people ever contract the virus in future generations, therefore they are easier to treat. The other possible scenario is that the virus mutates....
...and it becomes seasonal like the flu.
Both require the same precautions: Isolation to slow down the virus.

However, it is very crucial to understand that the virus is less harmful to young and healthy people. Some are even asymptomatic (presenting no
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Devastating #COVID19 situation in Italy,
8342 infections, 357 deaths as of today

45% have either no/minimal symptoms
22% of infections detected in age 19-50y
583 HCWs infected
In-hospital mortality figures are similar to early Wuhan data
This is a reminder that #COVID19 is not a disease of the elderly. All age groups contribute. Especially those who feel well with minimal symptoms are more likely to contribute to the spread infection, and sadly, worst outcomes are observed in the elderly population. #Solidarity
*This analysis is based on data as of March 9th.
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These are the HUMAN BEINGS who have perished in Mississippi prisons over the last two months

In saying the names, they become REAL, they were REAL HUMAN BEINGS who died in our prisons on our watch

#Solidarity #Parchman #Mississippi
I want to hold up the work of these folks (and anyone else) working on the ground to help address the Prison Crisis in Mississippi


Much love to all of you!!!!!! #Solidarity from #Michigan
@PrisonReformMS @UniteThePoor @lumumbasvision @RocNation @REFORM @MississippiRise Where is your coverage of this ongoing human rights crisis?


I am not talking about web content, I am talking about NETWORK coverage #Parchman #Mississippi
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What everyone with & who supports people with #EDS should be doing, not only in support of .@jameelajamil & her partner against a vile attention seeking bullying attack, but also in support of the estimated 1in4 who potentially are already living with a form or subtype of #EDS &
Will spend their entire life fighting this sort of medical misogyny & abuse not only from uninformed ignorant ex Mirror-editing fake tanned grown arsed men that should blatantly know better but need the attention/controversy to continue their 80s/90s heyday buzz, but the cruel..
And real world implications this has on people living with this disability, how it effects them, others opinions regarding what rights & support these people should then have, medical opinions including funding & research forcing scientific evidence proving the existence of..
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GRAPHIC WARNING: woman being stoned to death by evil male scum. If you hear my rage against Islamists &their #RegressiveLeft apologists & assume I’m overly harsh on this barbaric ideology & its “caliphate” obsession, just watch this. I’m not harsh *enough*. I’m not angry *enough*
Hey #RegressiveLeft, now tell me again how all cultures are equal? Nincompoops.
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PSA: Abusive people are not welcome in our organizing space.

Trauma does real harm & as leftists our community has been traumatized repeatedly by those who oppose progress.

Trauma is a favored weapon of opposition & its a known subversion tactic to destabilize our communities.
Everyone involved in @RoseCaucus, from slate members to volunteers are asked to review and agree to SHARP, which is our policy against abuse & harassment.

We take abuse seriously, because we are a trauma-informed community.

You can read SHARP here:…
We will never apologize for removing individuals from our organizing spaces who are willfully inflicting trauma, even after repeated attempts to de-escalate.

We understand not everyone who inflicts trauma does so intentionally, but will take action if it persists beyond reason.
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In her Hogmanay speech @NicolaSturgeon stated: "We will provide support and reassurance for the #EUcitizens who have done us the honour of choosing to make #Scotland their home."

Here is how we can begin to constructively fulfill that promise:…
1. EU citizens will face discrimination by Brexit/HostileEnv design. Those who have Settled Status need a physical token not offered by the Home Office but any individuals status can be checked online - including by @scotgov who should issue a #ScottishResidencyCard open to all.
2. All residents of #Scotland are equally affected by Scots Law, yet not all are protected by it. For 2020 I hope to see an all-party, multi-disciplinary Equality workgroup at the Scottish parliament finding & using Scots law & powers to enhance equality and protect all Scots.
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THREAD: "Corbynista" - Why Labours loss is Corbyn's fault

The big takeaway from Labour's loss in the 2019 General Election is that Corbyn was deeply unpopular outside of the movement and on a basic messaging level why in hindsight he was doomed to fail.
It's the issue that can't be named is simple: Corbyn advocates treating all people equally, regardless of gender, race, background etc. This is deemed as traitorous because Brits should come first.
His very appeal to those who left Labour due to the Iraq war is the biggest reason why he wasn't trusted on the doorstep.
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Ana Kasparian Exposes Twitter troll and likely operative "M. Mendoza Ferrer" for accusing Cenk of "pro-beastiality," its an ugly smear circulated eagerly on the alt-right podcast "The Killstream."
Btw, I'm blocked just like Ana and Cenk. #Solidarity #Cenk2020 #tytlive
Infowars has also run with the fake news
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Disheartening to see Sanders campaign condemn the actions of Black Lives Matter South Bend, which interrupted a recent Pete Buttigieg event. The group called attention to what they felt was the mayor’s failure to address and disregard for the issues affecting them. #Solidarity
As the candidate most invested in movement politics, it seems off brand for the campaign to issue a statement condemning disruptions of campaign events.

Pete Buttigieg has a long, problematic record on racial issues. It’s bound to get called out. Power to the protesters.
In its statement on the disruption (from @jtlarsen), BLM South Bend not only justifies its actions, but castigates the Buttigieg campaign for trying to spin a “false narrative” that the protesters were just white Bernie Sanders supporters. Still, Sanders’ campaign took the bait..
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#UCUstrike After crossing the picket line, a senior academic emailed our branch office to complain that the union picketers were too noisy. I think it's time to devote a thread to say #ThanksToUnions for making lots of noise.… #UCUfightsBack /1
#UCUstrike #ThanksToUnions for the 8 hour day and the five day work week #UCUfightsBack /2
#UCUstrike #ThanksToUnions for parental leave, though that varies wildly by country… #UCUfightsBack /3
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My twitter presence is much bigger than it was a year ago (thank you everyone) and inevitable this means I face more online 'critique' than previously.

Today the focus has been my 'politicising' of #RemembranceSunday

I have just a few things to say: 1/7
As the granddaughter and daughter of army and navy veterans I know personally about the costs of war & would suggest that my views are as valid as anyone's.

As a sociologist, and a critical thinker, I argue that ALL life is political and what more than war & peace, war ... 2/7
... related death (suicide included) and justice for veterans & their families.

As a @UKLabour member I applaud our party's plans for service personal & veterans, especially with SO many veterans experiencing homelessness and/or PTSD (issues cruelly ignored by the current...3/7
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