THREAD: I find it quite curious that, for all the ridicule and criticism, few have acknowledged an obvious reality - #TheQueue is a massive #psyop. This is a particularly peculiar oversight given the very notion of queuing as quintessentially British is in itself a psyop.
In WW2, it served the purpose of ensuring the collection of rations and handouts wasn’t smash-and-grab pandemonium. People queued then because they had to. Now, people are queuing because the state wants them to - in order to legitimise the monarchy, and hereditary rule.
In short, #TheQueue has generated enormous amounts of international coverage, which directly and indirectly reinforces the notion The Queen, and the institution she represents, is overwhelmingly popular. It has also created a massive distraction at a highly expedient time.
Namely, from debates about hereditary rule, what the monarchy represents at home and abroad, its enduring legitimacy in the 21st century, and awkward questions about the family’s racism, Nazi sympathies and the profusion of paedophiles in their genepool. Among many other things.
The funeral is an extraordinarily expensive mass spectacle that has been meticulously planned for decades, with plans updated all the time. Creating a dedicated, top of the range, foolproof ticketing system with viewing at scheduled intervals would take days, or even hours.
Bear in mind that public visits to Buckingham Palace have operated on the basis of timed ticketing for three decades without any problems, so they wouldn’t need to look far for inspiration for such a scheme. They *chose* #TheQueue instead.
Given the speed social media moves, it’s easy to forget how much critical and negative content related to The Queen and monarchy more generally spread immediately following her death. Irish Twitter was a particularly rich source of course…
But numerous people, both public figures and private citizens, shared horrendous tales of their ancestors’ experiences under British rule in living memory. Many of these posts were removed after spreading like wildfire. The posters were also viciously attacked in the media.
One might argue that, given several people have collapsed and suffered injuries in #TheQueue hasn’t gone entirely swimmingly as far as PR stunts go. But the message is clear - the British love The Queen so much they risk injury and brave the cold just to witness her funeral!
Even criticism and ridicule of #TheQueue draws further attention to it. And any critical media reporting is more than offset by the endless talking heads saying nauseatingly servile things about The Queen. The ends justifies the means, in every sense…
Bear in mind too that Charles suddenly became King in the middle of this in a remarkably low-key manner. Key propaganda message Brits are constantly bombarded with is that hereditary monarchy ensures the swift, efficient transfer of power from head of state to head of state…
But it hasn’t actually been smooth, has it? Protesters have been arrested, assaulted and harassed by the filth. A stray rollerblader was brutally stopped in their tracks. Charles has been loudly booed in some places. But is the average person aware, in Britain or elsewhere?
I’m guessing not. And oh look, every key royal has experienced a huge domestic popularity boost in the past few days. Charles’ approval has leaped a staggering 16% despite that well-circulated video of him harassing a servant. Even Paedophile Andrew has seen a modest bounce!
Irritatingly necessary credit to @mrjamesob for getting things half-correct here a few days back. Of course accounts lined up to savage him over it. Almost like it was coordinated! One key attack line was #TheQueue isn’t mandatory. But that’s the entire point, obviously...
You don’t *have* to queue. You really don’t. You only queue if you want to in free, democratic Britain. A country that happens to have a secretly very powerful unelected head of state, the reality and implications of which is *never* discussed seriously in any public forum.
#TheQueue has likely guaranteed the monarchy’s continued existence for another century, in lieu of another paedophile scandal perhaps, not least because it was a completely organic, overwhelming public endorsement of The Queen and all she represents. Except it wasn't....

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His contact, Andy Pryce, has boasted to Paul of how he was behind YouTube's ban on Russian media in the UK, and how "there is something we can do" about private channels/groups on WhatsApp. So clearly PM had good reason to believe something would be done about MintPress too... ImageImage
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