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COVID-19: Increased risk of dying from infection and sudden death

This a long thread looks at several studies on death and neurovascular injury along with a whole bunch of sudden death examples of relatively young and healthy people found by @MeetJess. 🧵1/ German heart patient in med...
The problem is that COVID-19 is not just a respiratory virus, it can get into many different systems and organs in your body and cause vascular damage leading to many different outcomes and severities. Image from:… 2/ Different parts of the body...
Infected patients develop blood clots, heart inflammation, arrhythmias, and heart failure among others (… ). 3/
A study that performed autopsies on the brains of COVID-19 patients who died shortly after infection found all patients had multifocal vascular damage in the brain which was accompanied by widespread endothelial cell activation (… ). H/T: @MeetJess 4/
"Antibody-mediated cytotoxicity directed against the endothelial cells is the most likely initiating event that leads to vascular leakage, platelet aggregation, neuroinflammation and neuronal injury." 5/
Another study found that hospitalized patients who survived at least a week after being discharged were more than twice as likely to die or be admitted to hospital again within months compared to the general population (… ). H/T: @MeetJess 6/
These COVID-19 patients also had increased risk for readmission, adverse mental health and cognitive outcomes and a 5x higher risk of dying from all-cause mortality in the following 10 months. 7/
The Ministry of Health (MoH) in Singapore released this very interesting report on excess deaths over the weekend ( ). "In a secondary analysis of persons without recent infection, no additional excess deaths were found." 8/
Non-COVID excess deaths could be explained by patients who passed away from other illnesses within 90 days of being infected with COVID-19, showing COVID-19 aggravated existing illnesses, resulting in further mortalities (… ). 9/
It is not just adults that die from COVID-19. A recent study in Japan looked at 41 children under the age of 20 who were infected and died between January and August of this year, 73% within a week after symptom onset (… ). H/T: @KatePri14608408 10/
So much for Omicron being mild, more than half the children who died developed COVID-19 symptoms after mid-July (within the past 2 months). 11/
More than half (52%) of the children did *not* have any underlying medical conditions, and 87% of the children who were eligible for vaccines were *not* vaccinated, all of the 18 children under 5 who died were unvaccinated. 12/
"The main causes of death were 'circulatory system abnormalities' including myocarditis and arrhythmia in seven patients, or 24%, and 'central nervous system abnormalities' such as acute encephalopathy in another seven patients. Among others were multiorgan failure." 13/
Now onto the many examples of sudden death recently in the news that @MeetJess has compiled in 5 threads. With so many people becoming infected without protections in place, how many could have been from a COVID-19 infection in the past 12 months ( )? 14/
- 20-Year-Old Canadian Junior Hockey Player Collapses & Suddenly Dies During Preseason Game
- Actor Charlbi Dean dies suddenly, brother "heard there was a viral infection in her lungs"
- Dolphins VP of communications Jason Jenkins age 47
- 11-year-old boy dies suddenly

- Miami businessman died after suffering a pulmonary embolism
- British soap star Ashvin Luximon has died suddenly, age 38
- M&S worker age 35 died suddenly at a store in an unexplained tragedy
- Football player Clark Yarbrough died after suddenly collapsing, age 21

- Cyclist, 37, dies after going into cardiac arrest lying in bed

Studies have shown COVID-19 can cause death months after infection, such as 2.83x increased risk of death in mild COVID-19 patients younger than 65 after 12 months (… ). 17/
Thread #2 on sudden death examples ( ).
- Popular Leigh Miners coach who died suddenly in Italy age 54
- Founder of PACHULAH Amanda Welch died suddenly along with her unborn baby
- A Hamilton, Ont. paramedic died suddenly while riding a jet ski age 32

- Tevin 'Lumba' Taylor, of Blacq Road Media Films died suddenly after falling sick only hours before
- Owen Cotty, a student at Methacton high School, was tossing the frisbee with his dad when he fell to the ground, age 16
- Father-of-two in Belfast, age 28, died suddenly

- Camilo Guevara March, son of "Che" Guevara, age 60, "pulmonary thrombosis which led to a heart attack."
- Sudden death due to acute pulmonary embolism in a young woman with COVID-19
- N.C. Baptist pastor who died suddenly

- Young Derby woman was killed by a blood clot aged just 23
- Alberta teen sudden death after COVID-19 exposure

An increasing trend of sudden cardiac death has been observed starting with the COVID-19 pandemic (… ). 21/
Thread #3 on sudden death examples ( ):
- Ontario junior B hockey player dies during tournament
- Emmerdale actor Sam Gannon dies suddenly in America aged 31
- David A. Arnold, a standup comedian, age 54 died on tour

- Shelton police officer age 41 died suddenly while off-duty
- Boy age 8 died after shortness of breath and cardiac arrest
- Winnipeg teen age 14 died unexpectedly
- Mother age 28 dies suddenly after dropping son off at school

- Bodybuilder and Judge Jerry Ward Died of a Pulmonary Embolism from Deep Vein Thrombosis, Age 46
- North Texas school district’s new superintendent died unexpectedly
- Associate professor of biology Vladislav Snitsarev died unexpectedly
- Olyvia age 24, died unexpectedly

- Matthew Rodrigopulle died suddenly in his home in Regina

Heart-disease risk soars even after a mild COVID-19 case (… ). 25/
Thread #4 on sudden death examples ( ):
- Identical twin died suddenly after visiting GP with a cough
- Popular tattoo artist, age 57 suddenly dies just days before his wedding
- Baby girl age 6 months suddenly died in Glasgow

- Healthy 18-year-old lifeguard dies suddenly in Italy
- College football player Luke Knox dies suddenly at 22
- Mom age 36 collapsed and died suddenly during birthday holiday
- Rugby commentator Willie Los'e dies suddenly in Cape Town

- Mom collapses and dies hours after death of her five-month-old son
- 23-year-old pilot fell to his death on July 29 during an emergency landing in Raleigh
- Triathlete, 27, becomes 5th GTA doctor to die in July
- BBC Radio broadcaster Kim Lenaghan who died suddenly aged 61

- Former women’s basketball player, age 27 dies unexpectedly
- East Surrey Hospital paramedic who died with Covid-19 was told 'he didn't need to wear mask'

"Houston cardiologist: COVID may bring ‘a tsunami of heart attacks in the future'" ( ). 29/
Thread #5 on sudden death examples ( ).
- Rugby broadcaster dies in sleep, age 65
- Valencia Prime was performing when she collapsed and died, age 25
- Young man dies suddenly at Scots shopping centre, age 25
- Unexpected death of high school teacher

- UH women's basketball director Kaila Chizer dies at 26
- A young boxer passed away suddenly, age 19
- Jesse Powell’s sudden death at 51 has fans remembering
- Husband's sudden death leaves widow with two young boys

31/ 👇 Click "Show Replies" to continue thread...
- Anoka police mourn unexpected loss of officer
- YouTube Star Everleigh Rose's Dad Tommy Smith Dead at 29
- High School Cross Country Runner Recovering After Suffering a Heart Attack During a Race
- Youth football player dies unexpectedly, age 10

- Katie Donnelly from Trillick died suddenly, age 18
- 10-year-old cheerleader dies of aneurysm in Stanislaus County
- Kathryn Mazzolini age 22 died unexpectedly from a coronary aneurysm
- Unexpected death of folk musician Paul Sartin, age 51

- Sgt. Nicholas M. Hunter died unexpectedly on his way to work
- High School cancels classes after sudden death of teacher, tennis coach
- Mariano Ondo dies suddenly at the age of 23

Evidence suggests that cerebral aneurysms are observed after COVID-19 infections (… ). 35/
An autopsy case of COVID-19 with sudden death was performed and found severe pulmonary hemorrhage in the right lung sometime during the last 3 days of life, causing blood to fill most healthy alveoli in the lungs causing death (… ). 36/
These are many reasons why you may want to go out of your way to reduce the risk of being infected or reinfected again. If you don't follow @MeetJess already, I would highly recommend it, she posts great information. 37/
Thread #6 on sudden death examples by @MeetJess. These are coming out way too fast so maybe time to #BringBackMasks... ( ). 38/
- Athumani Brown, a seventh-grader, died during school visit after collapsing on beach
- Triton Poker Co-Founder Ivan Leow Unexpectedly Passes Away at Age 39
- Bristol rugby star, age 24, dies after suffering a cardiac arrest in Millennium Square

- Canadian Hockey Captain, age 20, Dies After Collapsing During Game
- Hawaii surfing and skateboard prodigy Kalani David has been reported dead at the age of 24
- Raju Srivastava (Indian comedian) dies aged 58 after suffering heart attack

- Staten Island woman, age 21, died suddenly after ruptured brain aneurysm
- ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race U.K.’ Contestant George Ward, Known as Cherry Valentine, Dies at 28
- San Dimas 13-year-old who suffered heart attack during football game

- Zack Estrin, Writer-Producer Known for 'Prison Break' and 'Lost in Space', Dead at 51
- Pilot of Boeing flight from Novokuznetsk to St. Petersburg dies suddenly on board plane
- New Brunswick curler Jamie Brannen has passed away suddenly at the age of 47

- Fishing boat makes port 12 days after captain's death at sea
- Tributes paid to a Huddersfield sailor who died suddenly while on duty

A study looking at 48 million adults found COVID-19 raises the risk of life-threatening blood clots for at least 49 weeks, with a 22x higher risk of heart attack or stroke in the first week following infection (… ). 44/
Another study found signs of inflammatory cardiac involvement in previously well people ther persisted for several months after mild COVID-19 infection (… ). 45/
Even mild COVID-19 increases the chance of heart attack and stroke (… ). "Our results provide evidence that the risk and 1-year burden of cardiovascular disease in survivors of acute COVID-19 are substantial." 46/
Thread #7 on sudden death examples by @MeetJess. These are coming out way too fast so time to look more closely to see what is going on, whatever it might be... ( ). 47/
- Police officer suffered cardiac arrest and could not be revived
- Actress Shonka Dukureh, age 44, died of "hypertensive and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease"
- NFL legend Tony Siragusa, who helped Ravens win Super Bowl, dies at the age of 55

- Jay Monds, 46 - commonly known by his moniker Bulletproof died following a brain haemorrhage
- Boy Collapses and Dies During His Little League Game a Day After Celebrating His 10th Birthday
- 9-Year-Old Boy 'With No Known Sickness or Trauma' Dies Unexpectedly in His Sleep

- 7-year-old dies after found unresponsive in Johnstown home, say State Police
- Glasgow mother, age 34, dies in hospital after collapsing on Castlemilk street
- Tsuta Ramen Founder Dies Suddenly At 43

- 10-year-old collapses from stroke, doctors’ and paramedics’ quick action saves his life
- 12-year-old boy collapses at school and dies, doctors determined boy died from cardiopulmonary failure and COVID
- Baradene College student death: 12-year-old collapses during run

- Pa. boy, 12, collapses, dies at middle school basketball practice
- A guardsman who took part in Queen Elizabeth II's funeral has been found dead at his barracks.
- Football legend Diego Maradona dies of heart attack aged 60 after telling his nephew he didn't feel well

- COOLIO struggled with severe asthma
- Kevin Locke, Lakota Flute Player, Hoop Dancer, and Cultural Ambassador, Walks On at 68
- Max Baer, the chief justice of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, has died at age 74 only months before he was set to retire

"Some studies suggest that the risk of cardiovascular problems, such as a heart attack or stroke, remains high even many months after a SARS-CoV-2 infection clears up." (… ). 54/
"Risk of Blood Clots Remains for Nearly a Year After COVID-19 Infection" (… ). 55/
Lingering cardiac involvement in previously well people after mild COVID-19 (… ). 56/
"Serial heart MRI scans conducted in previously well people with mild initial COVID-19 illness suggest that lingering cardiac symptoms may be explained, at least in part, by ongoing mild cardiac inflammation." 57/

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You can see from the previous Ontario hospitalization rate by age group that children <1 were hospitalized at 81.8 per 100k population which is more than age 60-79 at 77.2 per 100k population. The 1-4 age group is massively smaller at 7.7 per 100k population. 3/ Graph of Ontario hospitalization rate by age group for the 2023-24 surveillance period. Image from:
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A nine year old boy named Matt in Singapore was infected with COVID in January 2024. Unfortunately he developed myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) from the COVID infection and then had a stroke which weakened his left side ( ). 🧵1/…
From Jan 5 to 16, Matt Aeron Semodio was on ECMO, a life support system that temporarily does the job of the heart and lungs. PHOTO: COURTESY OF MATT AERON SEMODIO’S FAMILY. Image from:
After being admitted to hospital, his heart failed and he was required to be put on the most invasive form of life support extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), which temporarily does the job of the heart and lungs. H/T: @MeetJess 2/
His initial stay in the hospital was 5 weeks before he was discharged on Feb. 8, 2024 to recover but then was readmitted again twice for other virus infections on Feb. 11, 2024 for 3 days and then on Feb. 22, 2024 for another infection. 3/
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* Worldwide Outbreaks
* Symptoms
* How is it Transmitted
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* Damage from Measles
* Measles Depletes Immune Memory
* How long does Vaccine Last
* Breakthrough Infections
* Cleaning the Air

There has been a huge surge in measles cases around the world including cases in the UK and USA. The government is strongly advising everyone in Canada to be vaccinated with 2 doses of measles vaccine, especially before travelling ( ). 3/…
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