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Sep 20 9 tweets 3 min read
BREAKING: My team and I have been investigating the transgender clinic at Vanderbilt here in Nashville. Vanderbilt drugs, chemically castrates, and performs double mastectomies on minors. But it gets worse. Here is what we found. Let's start at the beginning.
Vanderbilt opened its trans clinic in 2018. During a lecture the same year, Dr. Shayne Taylor explained how she convinced Nashville to get into the gender transition game. She emphasized that it's a "big money maker," especially because the surgeries require a lot of "follow ups"
Vanderbilt was apparently concerned that not all of its staff would be on board. Dr. Ellen Clayton warned that "conscientious objections" are "problematic." Anyone who decides not to be involved in transition surgeries due to "religious beliefs" will face "consequences"
In case the objectors hadn't gotten the memo, Vanderbilt unveiled a program called "Trans Buddies." The "buddies" are trans activists from the community who attend appointments with trans patients, monitoring the doctors to guard against "unsafe" behavior such as misgendering
Vanderbilt makes their Trans Buddies available to children, too. They make lots of "services" available to children, including chemical castration. Though at some point in the last month they removed explicit admission of this fact from their site. Here's the archived screenshot Image
But they must have forgot to delete a video from Vanderbilt Psychiatry’s Youtube channel back in 2020 which admits explicitly that they will give and have given irreversible hormone drugs to children as young as 13.
After they have drugged and sterilized the kids, Vanderbilt — as explained in this video presentation by plastic surgeon Julien Winocour and Physician’s Assistant Shalyn Vanderbloemen — will happily perform double mastectomies on adolescent girls.
So, let’s review. Vanderbilt got into the gender transition game admittedly in large part because it is very financially profitable. They then threatened any staff members who objected, and enlisted a gang of trans activists to act as surveillance in order to force compliance.
They now castrate, sterilize, and mutilate minors as well as adults, while apparently taking steps to hide this activity from the public view.

This is what "health care" has become in modern America.

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Sep 28
(Thread) Just in time, the propagandists are out with a "study" which "proves" that we have to chop the breasts off of children in order to improve their quality of life. The problem is that it takes all of 5 seconds to see that this study is abject, shameless bullshit.
We need only focus on the fact that the study surveyed 36 double mastectomy patients THREE MONTHS after surgery. As they well know however, surgery regret and detransitioning takes a year or two or longer to set in. So they made sure not to cut the study off before that point.
But there's also this problem. The study relies on self-reported data from 36 "top surgery" recipients, and compares it with a control group of 34 patients who did not get surgery but still received "gender affirming" care.
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Sep 21
Trans identity has risen among children exponentially in just the last five to ten years. We're talking about a ten or twentyfold increase, or more. This is the result of deliberate indoctrination. There can be no other explanation. I'll explain why.
The Left says the increase in trans identity is illusory. They say that there were always this many trans people but they simply weren't comfortable coming out in the past. This claim is absurd on its face and doesn't pass the common sense test, but it's also self-contradictory
Why? Because the Left ALSO says that if we do not "affirm" all of these children as trans, they will kill themselves. The worst form of emotional blackmail.
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Sep 16
(Thread) The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) is an radical leftist group originally founded by a quack "social psychologist" who worked with John Money, the guy who performed sexual experiments on children which caused two of them to kill themselves
WPATH is now run by people in the gender ideology industry, meaning they all have an enormous financial stake in making transition guidelines as relaxed as possible. And what do you know, each new set of guidelines becomes more relaxed and they all get personally richer.
WPATH should be disregarded for these reasons, and yet it is erroneously looked to as the leading authority on the subject of "transgender health." The APA, along with every other major medical group, uncritically adopt whatever recommendation WPATH hands down.
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Sep 14
The forbidden truth here is that you almost never see videos like this in reverse. Very rarely if ever groups of white kids mercilessly brutalizing black kids. Almost always the other way. We all know that but we are not supposed to acknowledge it.
Not just white kids. Also true of nearly every video we’ve ever seen of an Asian person being randomly assaulted.
Perhaps relentlessly scapegoating and demonizing white people, especially white males, has totally foreseeable results like this. Crazy thought!
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Sep 13
I’m all for any abortion ban whatsoever but there is no chance of this legislation getting a vote with this Congress, which means that this is a political play by Graham. And it’s a really remarkably stupid political play.
If the idea is to force the Dems to defend something heinous and extreme, the bill should be a 25 or 30 week ban. I support a ban from conception but as a pure political move — which is all this is right now, or can be — that’s what would make the most sense.
And considering that Graham has never shown any great passion for the pro-life cause, the timing here seems incredibly suspicious
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Sep 12
Hollywood changes traditionally white characters into black while claiming that the reverse would be “black erasure.” What this tells us is that, by their own admission, they are engaged in white erasure. It’s just that we aren’t supposed to notice or complain.
The very people who complain about “appropriation” and demand that minority characters be portrayed by minority actors will then turn around and mock and deride any white person who tries to apply their own logic in the reverse.
The rule we are supposed to accept: “Having a white actor play Black Panther is horribly racist but it’s also horribly racist to complain about a black actor playing the Little Mermaid.” This is absolutely indefensible and hypocritical, and we all know it.
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