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Why are russian propagandists and the Kremlin so afraid of ATACMS missiles... is it a fear of striking deep into russia? is it a fear of striking symbolic targets?

No, it's all about logistics. A thread 🧵:

russian military logistics are a disaster: no forklifts, no pallets, too few trucks, bad maintenance, corruption, incompetence, no movement control units - without access to a railroad russia can't supply its troops.

For more about this topic - see:

The only way for russia to somehow keep its logistics alive are railroads. For russia no access to a railroad equals failure of an operation:

attack towards Kyiv from the East - no railroad = no supplies, troops starving, tanks without fuel, no ammo - disaster, then retreat.
The moment Ukrainian troops arrived outside Kupiansk, russian troops fled from Izyum, as without the railyard at Kupiansk there was no chance to supply the Izyum salient.

With the flight from Kharkiv russia is now down to two fronts:

• East: Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts
• South: Zaporizhzhia, Kherson and Crimea oblasts

Let's look at the main railroads in the East first (colored blue): Kupiansk, the main rail hub for the Luhansk sector, has
liberated by Ukraine. Debaltseve and Ilovaisk, the main rail hubs for the Donetsk sector, are in GMLRS range (yellow circles).
This forces russia to unload trains 100+ km from the front and truck supplies the rest of the way, but
russia doesn't have enough transport units for
this. This shortfall in transport capacity has already led to russia being unable to pursue offensive operations in the Donetsk sector.
The logistic situation is even worse for the Luhansk sector, where distance are longer and roads worse. I believe these problems will force
russia to retreat further in Northern Luhansk.

ATACMS wouldn't change much in this front sector. No russian air bases are within Ukrainian territory and most russian depots have been HIMARSed already.

But things are very different on the Southern front.
The Southern front: colored in blue the main supply lines and in yellow GMLRS ranges, which force russia to unload trains far from the front.

Now we're gonna have a closer look at the three locations in the purple pentagons:
• Volnovakha
• Kerch
• Syvash

The railroad from Donetsk to Volnovakha (colored in orange) is unusable. It's in 120 mm mortar range (yellow circles) and in L119 105 mm howitzer range (green circle). Where the railroad is closest to the front it is even Javelin range - no train can pass here. Not one.

This means the ONLY way for russia to supply its 70,000 troops on the Southern front is by rail over the Kerch bridge. russia neither has the trucks nor the drivers to supply its Southern front by road. There is only one lifeline and it runs over two bridges and if ATACMS
takes these two bridges out - russia can't hold the South.
Especially with winter fast approaching - because soon russia will not have to transport food for 70,000+ troops, millions of liters of fuel, 100s of tons of ammo, spares and supplies to the South every day, it will
also have to supply 100s of tons of heating material every day. russian forces in Kherson on the right bank of the Dnipro are already running low on ammo, fuel, food, spares, replacement tanks, etc. because the bridges over the Dnipro have been taken out by GMLRs. But those
are just 20,000 troops and trucks have to drive only 100 km to pick up supplies - imagine what happens when it is 70,000 troops, 400+ km of distance from rostov-on-don and it is winter.

This is why russia's dictator and his goons are so scared of ATACMS.
The Kerch railbridge (in red) is a 227 m tied-arch bridge... two ATACMS and she is gone, as attacking ATACMS weigh almost a ton and hit with Mach 4; and then they detonate 215 lb og high explosive.
The bridge will not survive. Even if she would not collapse into the sea, no
train can cross her after that without risking to drop into the sea with the remnants of the bridge.

And ATACMS will not miss - officially their CEP is 9 meter... but it's actually under 2.
And don't worry: the Kerch bridge isn't in russia.
Tuzla island in the middle of the Kerch Strait is, like Crimea, part of Ukraine. The internationally recognized border between Ukraine and russia is nowhere near the bridge.
Ukraine is just hitting targets inside Ukraine.
Hitting the Kerch railbridge would devastate putin's ability to wage war in the South of Ukraine. Hitting the Kerch railbridge would also be highly symbolic, showing all russians putin is a loser. Yes, he could retaliate... but nothing he can do would improve the disastrous
military situation he is in.
But if the White House is not willing to sign off on an ATACMS strike on the Kerch railway bridge - at least they must allow a strike on the railway bridge at Syvash. By far not as useful as a Kerch strike and not symbolic at all, and this bridge
could be fixed in a few days. Ultimately it is a strike on the railway bridge in Kerch that putin and his gang of genocidal war criminals fear most - that is why they are so shrill about it. They know how this would devastate their war and occupation of Southern Ukraine,
AND they know they can could not retaliate. The only retaliation open to them would be to use a tactical nuclear weapon... which would see all of them either die in nuclear war or be hung from their neck as war criminals.
The shriller the shriek, the more they show how afraid they are of the US and Ukraine calling their bluff and blowing up the Kerch bridge.

Once ATACMS are on the battlefield, russia has to abandon its four airfields and all its Black Sea fleet bases in Crimea.
And russia can't land a single ship in Crimea or along the Ukrainian Azov Sea coast to resupply its forces, because those ships would be ATACMSed immediately.

I said in May that M142 HIMARS and GMLRS would change the course of the war - and they did.

And russia never retaliated. Now ATACMS can change the course of the war - even more than GMLRs.

russia fears ATACMS - but here is no reason for us to fear russia. Ukraine deserves ATACMS, Ukraine needs ATACMS - to deny Ukraine ATACMS is to aid russia.

Send ATACMS now!
PS: Sorry for the low quality graphics - but I am not good at that stuff.
PS 2: russian air defense - not gonna do anything when ATACMS comes. They are technically 30 years behind.

• • •

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Sep 9
As people wonder why I have only scorn for the Karabakh Armenian leaders:

Armenia's 1993 invasion of Azerbaijan was even more brutal than russia's invasion of Ukraine: massacres, expulsion of 300,000 civilians, every (!) building was burned down, war crimes upon war crimes.
1/4 Image
The Karabakh Armenians then annexed the occupied areas and demanded the world recognize these as theirs, which would retroactively ok all their war crimes. This would also violate the UN Charter, the Helsinki Accords and the Paris Charter. In 2020 the Karabakh Armenians lost
a war and Azerbaijan liberated these areas. To this day the Karabakh Armenians insist these lands are theirs and Azerbaijan has to hand them over. War crimes must NEVER be rewarded. The Karabakh Armenian war crimes are on par with what the Serbs did in Bosnia. Armenia's
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Aug 31
Ukraine is pursuing 7 aims with its unabated drone strike campaign deep inside russia:

1) Degradation of russian military assets & defense capabilities.
2) Dissuasion of russian strikes on Ukraine's energy and heating infrastructure in the coming winter through deterrence.
3) Demoralization of the russian people as the war finally exacts a toll from them too.
4) Humiliation of the kremlin, as it is unable to shoot down the drones or destroy Ukraine's drone production facilities.
5) Relocation of russian air assets further away from Ukraine to
reduce the number of sorties they can fly.
6) Relocation of russian air defense assets from the front in Ukraine to russia, to protect russian military and defense production sites and thus opening gaps in russia's air defense belt.
7) Gratification - it's fucking wonderful
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Aug 27
The Ukrainian strategy is working.

The russians keep moving troops to the center of the Southern Front. Thus they thin out their lines everywhere else. This is opening gaps in the russian front, which the Ukrainians will exploit, when they feel the time is right.
1/7 Image
Until then the Ukrainians are destroying russian forces in the center of the Southern Front with superior Western donated artillery: precision guided munitions like GMLRS, Excalibur, SMArt 155, Bonus to destroy russian equipment and DPICM to annihilate russian personnel.
2/7 Image
It's a meat grinder and the russians are feeding in forces from front sectors they deem "safe". This is why I believe the main Ukrainian advance will not occur, where we have seen fighting over the last two months. In the center of the Southern Front the russians are
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Aug 18
Ukrainian troops I spoke to say that russia's Lancet kamikaze drones are currently the biggest problem they face on the battlefield... and that they have no solution to the problem yet.

First: No (!) NATO army has a solution to this problem, as all NATO armies lack a system
1/17 Image
like i.e. the Skyranger capable to shoot down kamikaze drones... and the ridiculously low numbers of systems being ordered aren't gonna do any good.

If NATO militaries would have taken the drone threat serious, 60+ Skyranger would come of the production lines monthly now.
2/n Image
Only the US Army has gone on an emergency shopping spree to buy Stryker M-SHORAD vehicles, but 12x batteries of 12x vehicles is far too little.

So how can we help Ukraine? There are four ways:

1) Taurus
2) Harop
3) 🚀tech transfer
4) get off our asses and start building 60+
3/n Image
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Aug 13
I have been very, very critical of the German government's slow response to russia's invasion and lack of weapon deliveries in 2022, BUT now I have to defend Germany: saying "only half of what Germany promised has been delivered" is bullshit.

Germany's military is out of
1/2 Image
materiel to give to Ukraine. Almost all that has been pledged now comes from Germany's defense industry, which means it has to be produced first.
Germany never said everything would come right away - it has always said that everything pledged will arrive right after it has
2/4 Image
been produced. All of it will go directly from factory to the front. If you visit the German government's website, that lists all of the equipment delivered to Ukraine - everything marked with a * comes from industry. Of 178 items listed - 119 come
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Aug 13
As news from Karabakh become more shrill, a short thread about what led to the standoff:

• Armenian weapon smuggling

Karabakh can be supplied by two roads, which both end in Karabakh's capital Stepanakert/Xankəndi (green):

• from Goris in Armenia via Lachin (purple)
1/18 Image
• from Barda in Azerbaijan via Aghdam (blue)

For the last few years the Armenians have been using the newly built Lachin road, which crosses through Azerbaijan before reaching Armenian held Karabakh, which is recognized by all nations (including by Armenia) to be part of
2/18 Image
Azerbaijan. For years Azerbaijan did not interfere with Armenian traffic on the Lachin road; but with the mandate of the russian "peacekeepers" running out in November 2025, the Karabakh Armenians, aided by the russian "peacekeepers", began to smuggle weapons and ammo
3/18 Image
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