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220926 XIUMIN Brand New Press Conference: thread of photos, articles, etc.

XIUMIN: I have done solo activities but officially releasing my solo album, I feel nervous and thrilled. I believe my album will be turning point where I develop one step further

#XIUMIN #Xiumin_BrandNew
XIUMIN: Just like the album name “Brand New”, I worked hard in preparing to show a new image of myself, so please look forward to it

#XIUMIN #시우민 #Xiumin_BrandNew #xiubreadtr
XIUMIN: It’s an album I’m releasing on my 10th year since debut. There are a total of 5 tracks. It’s filled with the sensibilities of music I liked and listened to since I was young from the 90’s to early 2000s in XIUMIN’s style

#XIUMIN #시우민 #Xiumin_BrandNew
엑소 시우민 “데뷔 10년만 첫 솔로, 터닝포인트 될 것” (출처 : 뉴스엔 | 네이버 TV연예)
About How We Do (feat. Mark)

XIUMIN: I worked together with Mark again after 5 years. I thought Mark should really do it. I thought it would suit him so I asked him a favour to do featuring and despite being busy, he gladly agreed so I’m thankful.

#XIUMIN #Xiumin_BrandNew
엑소 시우민 “NCT 마크와 5년만 컬래버, 꼭 함께하고 싶었다” (출처 : 스포츠동아 | 네이버 TV연예)
After listening to the intense uptempo song ‘Feedback’ XIUMIN said, “The transition of the song isn’t complicated so it’s easy to listen to. It even became a candidate for title track”

#XIUMIN #시우민 #Xiumin_BrandNew
시우민 "수록곡 '피드백', 타이틀곡 후보...팬들의 떼창 기대"…
XIUMIN about Brand New performance/choreography: There’s no break from start to finish. It’s a really energetic and passionate performance, with the dance key point being the hand gesture as if opening a gift box in the chorus ++

#XIUMIN #시우민 #Xiumin_BrandNew
I also made a Brand ‘N’ew signature with the letter ‘N’. It came from my idea.

#XIUMIN #시우민 #Xiumin_BrandNew
XIUMIN about Brand New music video: The keyword is Gift. I played a 2-in-1 role as the person delivering the gift and as the gift itself. If you watch while comparing the two, I think it will be fun

#XIUMIN #시우민 #Xiumin_BrandNew
XIUMIN: I didn’t forget EXO’s worldview. There’s a part where everything will be frozen with my frost superpower so look forward to it

#XIUMIN #시우민 #Xiumin_BrandNew
시우민 "솔로곡 'Brand New' 퍼포먼스, 시작부터 끝까지 쉴 틈 없어" (출처 : YTN | 네이버 TV연예)
XIUMIN introduced 민들레 (Love Letter): It’s a song with retro vibes about writing a clumsy but sincere letter. 민들레 (dandelion) in flower language means I give you love. I hope fans see it as a love letter that I sent. ++

#XIUMIN #시우민 #Xiumin_BrandNew
In keeping with the sentimental vibes, I worked hard to sing sentimentally.

#XIUMIN #시우민 #Xiumin_BrandNew
시우민 “수록곡 ‘민들레’, 팬들에게 보내는 러브레터” (출처 : MK스포츠 | 네이버 TV연예)
XIUMIN: Singing is important so I paid it a lot of attention. During team promotions, other members, main vocals sing a lot but in solo promotions, I have to do everything with my voice from start to finish so I worked hard on vocal lessons.

#XIUMIN #시우민 #Xiumin_BrandNew
엑소 시우민 “첫 솔로 위해 보컬 레슨 열심히 받았다” (출처 : 뉴스엔 | 네이버 TV연예)
XIUMIN about his motivation for putting out an album: My hiatus as a singer was long. I had my military service and after I was discharged, other members went and it became difficult to have EXO activities.

I really wanted to meet everyone as a singer+

#XIUMIN #Xiumin_BrandNew
I wanted to put out an album and meet fans and wanted to show my image as a singer.

Ultimately, I really wanna do EXO activities

#XIUMIN #시우민 #Xiumin_BrandNew
In addition to above, XIUMIN said: I felt a stronger sense of responsibility just by putting out an album. I have to do the role of the 8 members by myself so it felt 8 times heavier. I worried a lot ‘Can I do well by myself?’. ++

#XIUMIN #시우민 #Xiumin_BrandNew
Seeing the members who previously released albums, I admired ‘Our members are so incredible. Not everyone can do it.’. I also thought everyone would develop because of it. If we could promote as EXO again later, I hope I could be of help even by a little to the members.

시우민 “가수 공백 길어 솔로 앨범, 엑소 활동 너무 하고파” (출처 : 뉴스엔 | 네이버 TV연예)
XIUMIN: It is my goal to be acknowledged by fans that I can release an album and do my promotions as a solo (artist). To be acknowledged that ‘XIUMIN can also fill up the stage by himself, he can also put out an album’ is my 1st solo album’s goal.

#XIUMIN #Xiumin_BrandNew
“시우민도 혼자 할 수 있구나 인정받고파” 엑소 아닌 솔로 시우민[종합] (출처 : 뉴스엔 | 네이버 TV연예)
XIUMIN🧡: The color of XIUMIN’s solo album is orange. It’s a very eye-catching color and a color that stimulates the appetite. Don’t you need an appetite to be healthy and enjoy life? That so why I wanted to express the color orange. ++

#XIUMIN #시우민 #Xiumin_BrandNew
Sehun said “My favourite color is orange. Fans all know. How did you end up choosing orange~” to which XIUMIN answered, “Then I will become orange” cutely.
'팔색조' 엑소 시우민, 10년만 첫 솔로로 터트릴 오렌지빛 에너지 [종합] (출처 : 한국경제 | 네이버 TV연예)
About Sehun going to XIUMIN’s MV filming: I still remember what Sehun said. He came to my MV filming location and watched my choreography video and listened to my songs. He spoke briefly and coolly. ++

#XIUMIN #시우민 #Xiumin_BrandNew
Sehun said “Oh, I like it. It says trendy. Hyung, do you like it?” I said I like it and he said “Hyung, then you do that. If you like it, do it. Do what you want to do.” His words gave me strength and moved my heart.

#XIUMIN #시우민 #Xiumin_BrandNew
엑소 시우민 "세훈, 하고 싶은 대로 하라고 응원" (출처 : 마이데일리 | 네이버 TV연예)
ill add the little left later lol i wanna rest for the countdown live
XIUMIN on his 10th year of debut: The best thing I did these 10 years is to protect myself? I protected EXO’s XIUMIN well for 10 years.

For the next 10 years, more than myself, I don’t want to lose the members and EXO-L. ++

#XIUMIN #시우민 #Xiumin_BrandNew
I have felt that they’re precious even before, but with 10 years passing, I realize even more how precious they are. That’s all. I believe it’s not just me but the other members all feel the same.

#XIUMIN #시우민 #Xiumin_BrandNew
More about Brand New: When I first heard this song, it was a song of the genre I wanted. I was eager to make that genre be XIUMIN’s genre, and since it has a bright energy, I thought it was a song that suited EXO XIUMIN most.

#XIUMIN #시우민 #Xiumin_BrandNew
“형이 하고 싶은 대로 해”..오직 시우민 스타일대로 표현한 ‘Brand New’ [종합] (출처 : OSEN | 네이버 TV연예)
More on How We Do: In the lyrics, there’s the word 엑시트 (exit) and Mark said that it’s like the words 엑소 (EXO) and 엔시티 (NCT) together so he’s going to pronounce it similarly. ++

#XIUMIN #시우민 #Xiumin_BrandNew
(To which Sehun joked) Should EXO and NCT get together and promote as “엑시트 (Exit)”?

(XIUMIN said further) When I first heard the guide track, there were a lot of rap parts. ++
I thought I needed another person to do it with since I wasn’t confident in my rapping. I thought of Sehun at first but he was busy with his drama filming. I thought about Mark a lot and thought the song suit him well so I asked for a favour.
“엑소는 은색, 나는..” 시우민, 팬들에게 전하는 오렌지빛 선물상자[현장의 재구성] (출처 : OSEN | 네이버 TV연예)
I feel like I forgot something.. but for now, thread done!

• • •

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#XIUMIN #시우민 #Xiumin_BrandNew
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XIUMIN: There’s a few that’s been filmed already+

#XIUMIN #Xiumin_BrandNew #xiubreadtr Image
but ahyu, I feel sorry having to ask for a favor (to do the dance challenge!).
Q. This solo album is being released on your 10th year of debut. “10th year” and “1st” together must feel significant. What kind of result do you anticipate?
XIUMIN: I don’t hope for much in terms of result. (…) + Image
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