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xiumin solo fan (waiting for XIUOLO2) — personal acc
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220926 XIUMIN BUBBLE 🐱: “How is it how is it?!
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xiumin brand new countdown live live watching hshs mute ME I’M VERY HAPPY
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220926 XIUMIN Brand New Press Conference: thread of photos, articles, etc.

XIUMIN: I have done solo activities but officially releasing my solo album, I feel nervous and thrilled. I believe my album will be turning point where I develop one step further

#XIUMIN #Xiumin_BrandNew XIUMIN: Just like the album name “Brand New”, I worked hard in preparing to show a new image of myself, so please look forward to it

#XIUMIN #시우민 #Xiumin_BrandNew #xiubreadtr
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XIUMIN for 1ST LOOK Magazine Vol. 246: Full Interview💙

“fall into you”

scan cr. @/azure_xm

Part 1/3 #XIUMIN #시우민 #Xiumin_BrandNew #xiubreadtr Part 2/3

#XIUMIN #시우민 #Xiumin_BrandNew
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[Article] XIUMIN, “I really dislike losing” an embodiment of desire to win (HK Coin)

- So for HK Coin, they are playing jegichagi* & XIUMIN emerged as the final player of their team! Their team needs 30 kicks in total to succeed++

#XIUMIN #Xiumin_BrandNew #xiubreadtr - Wooyoung saw XIUMIN sweating profusely and said “Umin is sweating” “Umin is sweating like it’s a concert” and handed him over a hand towel ++

#XIUMIN #시우민 #Xiumin_BrandNew
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<1ST LOOK> XIUMIN Interview — random parts I found interesting shhs (photo cr. @/azure_xm)

Q. These days when new songs come out, they do dance challenges and reels. Did you prepare anything?
XIUMIN: There’s a few that’s been filmed already+

#XIUMIN #Xiumin_BrandNew #xiubreadtr Image but ahyu, I feel sorry having to ask for a favor (to do the dance challenge!).
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[Article] EXO XIUMIN “I was preparing for College of Physical Education before debut, I was going to be a bodyguard” (HK Coin)

- He shared that he was 4th Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo and 1st Degree Black Belt in Kendo, displaying his athleticism

#XIUMIN #xiubreadtr ImageImage 엑소 시우민 “데뷔 전 체대 입시 준비, 경호원 하려 했다”(홍김동전) (출처 : 뉴스엔 | 네이버 TV연예)