Just so we are clear. I believe and have believed the hyper-aggressive Neocons (or Straussians) are a faction easily manipulated into doing things that look like they are to their benefit but ultimately aren't.
People this single-minded and radical can easily be directed like a missile at a particular target, especially if that target is their White Whale, i.e. Russia.
Davos is obsessed with preserving the EU and transferring that power to the UN for global government through the end of commercial banking and total surveillance
Getting the neocons to over-react to the current state of play in Ukraine by blowing up two vital pipelines to Europe is child's play. You are goading them to do what they want to do anyway.
Screw Germany and Russia simultaneously.
But the real win for them isn't giving Germany no way to back down wrt Russia. It is to get Germany to see themselves as a victim of US colonialism.
This leads to a critical mass of people seeing the US as the world's leading cancer, deflecting from the real perps...
That this is happening after the US got major wins in the UK and Italy electing Truss and Meloni while the Fed starves global markets of dollars, the source of Davos' real strength ... Eurodollar futures and shadow banking.
In the short run, the neocons think they've won a big victory. In the long run, it seals Europe's fate by crashing their markets so they can blame Russia and the US for their bankruptcy while defaulting and consolidating power in Brussels.
France is happy to see this happen b/c bringing Germany down elevates them. Blackmailing the Italians is next on the flowchart... has to happen while Italy is in a gas deficit, i.e. Libya offline.
The Neocons are Straussian in their thinking. Better to burn down everything rather than lose. I don't agree with all of this article, but the basics are sound.

Europe's only solution, said many times by Soros is to default by issuing perpetual debt, consols, and rolling up all the political power in Europe to the EU Commission and the ECB.
To do that you NEED a collapse of the German middle class.
But you also need a scapegoat to focus German anger on otherwise you lose them. So, bring in the hyper-aggressive Yanks and the hated Russians. Perfect patsies for this operation.
Turn Western Europe as anti-American as Eastern Europe is anti-Russian.
Turning the US into a global terrorist state in the minds of everyone is an attempt, lame as it may be, to stop capital outflow while the reset of Europe's finances occurs.
Hence, the US neocons likely blew up NS1 and NS2 but under the 'guidance' of Davos from within the "Biden" Junta.
This was an act of war. No doubt. The UK and France have been trying to get NATO officially into a war with Russia since it moved into Syria... Remember the IL-20 ELINT shootdown?

That was a French/UK op. that everyone else covered up.
This pipeline explosion smells of a similar setup.. The goal? Same as always. Get Russia to over-react, weaken Putin at home for being soft.
Set the US and Russia on a path to open, not proxy, war.
The same strategy is being employed with China/Taiwan. Reckless provocations to weaken Xi and get China to over-react to save face with the domestic population.
Why? Because if these folks are all fighting while Europe hunkers down and 'rebuilds' itself, then they are all weakened through war and relatively speaking the EU comes out of that coma to a more-level playing field.
This is the plan. It's stupid. It's insane. But it's clearly what's on the table.
The leaked RAND Report everyone was so hot and bothered about was pure psy-op to set up this latest atrocity.
If you think this is far-fetched:
Who directed everyone to lock down the world over a freaking flu?
Who tried to bankrupt you for not getting the jab?
Who is pushing for UBI, MMT and you owning nothing?
There are clearly forces resisting this insanity but it's not clear as to whether they are winning or not. What is clear is that most people are done with globalists, but which globalists?
This now opens up the possibility of the East Med Pipeline from Israel to Greece, which "Biden" took off the table earlier this year. Why? Davos wants us off oil and gas.
The bombing of NS1 and NS2 is as significant a red line being crossed as seizing Russia's forex reserves.
Both assets were considered 'verboten.'
Not any more. Who ordered that? Davos.
Who went along with that? The EU
Who's putting more sanctions on Russia today? The EU
The point of this act was to freeze all pipeline construction worldwide.
If these assets are on the table, then nothing is off the table.

Do you really think it's far-fetched to false flag something like this to achieve global dreams of control?
Who has those dreams?
Who is reportedly opening up back channels with Russia to slow everyone's roll? The US
Who is not banging their shoe on the table about this b/c they understand the implications? Russia

• • •

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Jan 27
El-Erian makes a number of good normie points here in yesterday's BBG op-ed. Notice how it wasn't picked up by the dollar bears.


archive.ph/s3b4X Image
The big on is that there is nothing telling the Fed to slow down here in any meaningful way.

Most of the pullback in inflation and consumer spending is just baseline effects.
The banks have collateral, loan growth is fine and labor market strong. go another 50 Jay-Pow. /2
Powell is dealing with the hangover from Brainard/Obama's attempt to get rid of him in 2021.

That's why the markets are so stubborn.

It's moronic. Powell's entrenched. They didn't believe him last year either. /3
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Jan 14
5000 Swiss troops to protect oligarchs at #Davos2023.
This is what you order up when you're scared of the people.

Here's a reminder that I saw Peak Davos in November 2021. It was over the COVID-9/11 Jab Protests... among other things.
Austrian protests, Nov. 2021.

It doesn't matter that they buried the lede for months. The anger is still there. /2
Davos is the ultimate expression of the authoritarian mindset. Because of that they will still be issuing orders while being walked to the guillotine.

Some other outrageous mandate is just over the horizon. /3 Image
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Jan 9
From Zerohedge's article on Poszar's War thesis. /1
Now re-read my GOAT Predictions for 2023. Sound Familiar? /2

Here's the big question for 2023 as to how things play out.
Will there be a massive escalation in war which requires the "Fed to Pivot" or not by June?

The Eurodollar futures are convinced of it. LIBOR will be dead by then. /3
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Dec 29, 2022
In 2017 the Trump Tax Cuts passed.

I described Trump as having "the political acumen of another brilliant U.S. politician, the loathsome Franklin Delano Roosevelt."

That would spark internal migration, tearing down the Blue Wall

The migration story is now all the rage.

Here's the latest thing from @zerohedge

and here are the domestic migration numbers, state by state.

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Dec 29, 2022
Short thread on the imminent collapse of the Russian economy. The latest episode is entitled, "But The Ruble is Crashing!"

The Ruble was held artificially strong through gov't intervention for most of the summer.
With sanctions, the EU price cap & Putin's response the RUB is going to get pushed around.

Would rather cut production than sell to their enemies.

The typical analysis is this link:
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Dec 9, 2022
When people look at me weird because of my love for my guardian dogs (Maremmas) this story only partially justifies this.

This is human ingenuity at its finest. This dog's breeders are real heroes of civilization. /1

The woman in this video gets it, these are working dogs of the highest caliber. Literally they are the backbone of our food supply.

Until you meet one and watch them work you simply have no idea what they are capable of. /2
This ... /3 Image
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