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The Republican party’s dominance-based authoritarianism is fueled by alpha displays of economic, political and physical violence inside and outside the party. Everyone must be kept off balance, distrustful, in competition for what limited security exists. The cruelty is the point
How will the GOP’s extremist authoritarianism culture play out in future legislation, tax policy, women’s rights, immigration, social security, healthcare? In a dominance-based political culture, leaders vie for power by one upping each other’s displays of dominance.
You pass a law outlawing abortion? I’ll pass a law putting a $10,000 bounty on women who seek an abortion. This need to escalate displays of dominance is why the downward spiral of authoritarianism accelerates as it takes hold. We are seeing this spiral now in the GOP.
This is why various Republican leaders are signaling the end of marriage equality, social security, the affordable care act, voting rights, Medicare. This is why Lindsey Graham prematurely signaled an national abortion ban. He’s frantic to signal his dominance by attacking women.
This is why some GOP were surprised by Graham’s announcement supporting a national abortion ban. That wasn’t supposed to come before the midterms. The GOP message discipline was “we’re not outlawing abortion rights by overturning Roe, we’re letting states decide.” That’s toast.
Which tells us something crucial to our collective survival. GOP message discipline has always been in lock step. Why would Graham break message discipline and announce a national abortion ban? Because he’s afraid of falling behind, of not being seen as cruel enough by the base.
The cascade of cruelty displays includes and Abbott and DeSantis putting immigrants on busses and shipping them north. Once Trump called COVID “just like the flu” the entire GOP had to get on the anti-mask, anti-vaccine bandwagon. What shocking is how quickly they all did.
This signals both our salvation and our grave peril. The GOP is infighting, not because they are splitting between moderates and extremism. The moderates are gone. They’re fragmenting as they battle to one up each other’s next display of cruelty, pushing the envelope on that.
Ind/ex GOP voters see the danger. We must all join behind fed, state, local Dem candidates and win the midterms. If the GOP get their hands on the levers of power again, their fear driven spiral will accelerate with shocking speed. The cascade of competing cruelty will drown us.
The GOP has weaponized white supremacy, forced birth, climate change denial, Christian nationalism, anti LGBTQI violence, COVID denial, overturning elections, judicial corruption, and absolutely anything else the 1% wants attacked. We lose? They’re coming for us all. #BlueWave

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It's NEVER been hard to be a christian in America. There's a church on every corner. You want hard? Try growing up in a fundamentalist christian family. Or being a gay or trans person in America. Or Muslim. Or a woman. The GOP is weaponizing a victimhood mindset for its base.
A foundational frame of male, white and christian supremacy is the victimhood mindset. Extremist groups always begin with that frame: "We are being erased, oppressed, abused." Seeing themselves as victims grants extremists the the right to do violence against outside groups.
The victimhood frame grants supremacists the right to do violence against those they subjugate. The victimhood frame is starkly visible in the language of domestic abusers, who, as they do violence against women/children, say "Look what you made me do."
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Want to make war on stupid? Then make war on white supremacy. One and the same.
The idea that any race is “better” than another is an exercise in blind self deception. Absurd theories of racial purity are designed solely to justify controlling and dominating others, based in trauma, fear, and our lowest human appetites. And it’s fundamentally not smart.
Organizations that are diverse, equitable, and inclusive, dramatically out perform organizations which are not. They just do. According to Deloitte, they are 6x more likely to be innovative and agile, 8x more likely to have better business outcomes.
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