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How do you find true #Teacher, #Jyotishi, #Guru & #Student.

It's not easy to find Truthful Teacher, Guru & a Good Jyotishi who can guide you toward rightful, dharmik & Genuinely can give advice as this is the only relationship which carry forwarded from many birth journeys
as it has strong karma attached between both the Guru & Student from many lives of both the people, once the karma is fulfill then there is no attachment between two souls as next path is toward Moksha & Jeevan mukti. It's the desire which bound two souls via Dharma & karma
That's the reason we take birth to complete those unfinished business via either meeting a Bonafide guru, Teacher & Jyotishi because both has selfless give and take relationship toward each other one of best Example is Lord Shuru Krishna & Arjuna, vivekananda & Ramakrishna etc
What made them attached toward each other;

it has two conditions either you have cheated a guru, teacher or Jyotishi Or you had made them suffered in last life and in this birth you have to pay them your debt in the form of wealth & sewa toward the guru to clear the debt
Second one is you have found guru in your last life via your true devotion, Dharma and penance toward your ishta devta and there must be a strong desire to meet guru in last life toward your ishta to seek knowledge, Shiksha and learn from the physical guru Or both the souls
Are connected with each other via same ishta so both take births unless and untill the karma of learning is not finished and both reached toward the path of Bhakti & jeevan mukti. So Both Guru & Shishya has to take birth to finished those karmas to get enlightenment
Same is the case with Jyotishi when you seek advice from a guru and you never both to respect him his advice, or you might cheat him or you make him suffer and end result will be you will keep on meeting cunning jyotishi to end up your dues and debts unless the karma & suffering
Get neutralized via same meaning where one suffers.

So to seek a True Guru, teacher & Student one himself has to be very truthful, honest, faithful toward your Soul, Subconscious & Ishta dev bhakti, if there is sense of cheating in your bhakti you will end up meeting
Same cheating via people.

So if your soul is blind, Dishonest, false & untruthful you will keep on meeting same Gurus & Jyotishi in your life.

When you have sense of genuineness, honestly & Truthfulness you will meeting same people and you will feel guided in your life.
Astrologically Your 5th house shows future of this life, your sense of faith, bhakti and devotion and 9th house shows your Divine blessing of your ishta, guru, father, teacher & how divine is listening your prayers because of your good karmas & godly deeds of your last life
5th is punya and 5th from 5th is Root of punya karma which is your sum total karma of last life - Sanchit karma.

When both 5th & 9th house / Lord without affliction and are well disposed, Benefically placed via Shubh Grahas one will have supreme grace from his ishta & Guru
Eventually one prayers will be listened both via his divine Guru & ishta devta and one will always feel Lucky, blessed and will meet keep on meeting good guru, Teachers, Jyotishi in his life and his faith will always work on his life in the form of his remedial measures
When one is devoid of Guru, Teacher, good Astrologer & remedies either the 5th is blocked or 9th is blocked and there must be affliction/blockage in Natal Jupiter or there must be presence of Guru - Chandal yoga and bad Navamsa & D60 chart as both shows your sanchit karma.

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Mar 27
Many people are confused about getting understanding on the profession via 10th house & 10th lord but thats not true. 10th house majorly shows about your work culture, work environment & how you behave in society and what sort of people you meet in your work,
10th house is public and kendra sthan that shows about how you interact with outer world, what kind of work you do in society, its not profession its shows about everything you do in society, karma social work, being interaction with people.
10th house lord placement in sign & Nakashtra shows about what sort of skill you have, your talent and interest and its strength whether you will survive in society or not.

If it is afflicted one always experience in work environment or one never meet right people in work front
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You know why Hindustan never developed in last 100 & 200 years, Seen slavery & starvation not because of Invasion of British & Mughal's its because Greediness of Librandus. They have sold their soul to them sacrificed their own country & people.They are biggest enemy of country.
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After Sun, Moon is most important planet because it has control over your mind, water element in earth & human body.

Being a fastest planet changes its motion within 2.5 days wrt earth distance it has Most important influence on Human mind, Physcology & depression, sleep Image
Insomania, neurotransmiters, plasama, healing human cells.

Movenent & Distance of moon from Sun & earth gives many dynamic changes in humans mindset, animals behaviours, herbs effects in ayurveda, plant growth & sudden weather changes as in cold, rainfall & moisture in nature
It is 2nd most important planet as per Siddhant Jyotish because of distance, motion & speed wrt to earth.

A good Soul ( Sun ) born in earth need good mind ( Moon) so for Strong spirituality & Respect in society role of Sun & Moon is paramount in one making
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Dec 26, 2021
Your Navamsa 7th house & planet placed in D9 7th house, its trine has much says on your would be horoscope planetary placement that might dominate his whole personality.This rule is only applicable when time of birth is exact & rectified else it wont give you any clarity. Image
Mars shows - Dominance, aggresive physically well built spouse.

Venus - Beautiful & good looking.

Moon - Fair complexion, emotional, small hieght & round body.
Mercury - Intelligent, skilled, learned &, young greyish complexion.
Saturn - long body, dull face & serious, orthodox
Jupiter - Fair complexion, Bulky, relegious & good natured.

Sun - Proudy, wheatish complexion, high self esteem & well built.

Rahu - Dark complexion, diabolic nature, cunning, sharp.

Ketu - Dominant, nagging nature, round body, dusky complexion & fanatic
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Dec 21, 2021
Understanding Boyfriend/Girlfriend in Jyotish.

Though there is nothing specific mentioned in Classical scriptures for Short Term/Live in/Casual affairs & Multiple Relationships like “Boyfriends/Girlfriends " but in Jamini system we can check these Casual affairs Image
Astrologically, that i have personally in many charts based on my practical experience.

First thing we have to understand all sort of casual & non serious romantic reltionships are seen based on physical atttibutes i.e Face beauty, attraction, good looks of the opposite sex
Where 7th house & 7th lord plays a Major role in understanding physical traits of the opposite sex as 7th house & 7th lord only shows about the physical condition & attributes we drawn toward him/her i.e how he/she looks, nature , qualities & which we like or get attracted
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