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You felt them before you saw them. Their perfume, their footsteps on the floor. The rest of the party seemed to fade away as your attention focused solely on them. To the outside world, nothing had changed. But between the two of you, your dominant was your sole focus.
You excused yourself from your conversation to talk to them. They smiled as they took your hand. “Enjoying your evening, my love?” Their breath was warm on your cheek as they gave you a soft kiss. You nodded, telling them how your evening was going.
They smiled, and beckoned you into an empty room. “Good to hear you’re enjoying yourself, but how about we knock this on the head and get going before too long? I’ve wanted to play with you since we got here. You should wear that outfit more often, toy.”
They cast an appreciative eye over you in the dim light of the room, before planting a kiss on your lips. It was wonderful, gorgeous, mind melting. As they drew you in deeper, you felt the bliss of their lips against yours, as you were conditioned to. They pulled away.
They laughed. “Well, say we head off in half an hour? Just think what you’ve got waiting for you back home, toy.” They gently swatted your butt as they walked out of the room, leaving you reeling with desire that for now, would go unanswered. You were looking forward to later.
#erotichypnosis #microfiction #erotica #control #desire #hypnoticcouple
This was released yesterday on Patreon (Patreon.com/hypnopum)! Support me there to get early access to all future microfictions, from just £1/month!

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Oct 10
Your hypnotist straddled you, pinning you to the bed. “That’s it toy. Feel me. Feel my power over you. Feel it washing over you in an endless tidal wave of bliss, of pleasure. Unmaking your body and unravelling your mind. Turning you into my good, sweet, obedient toy.”
Your eyes had rolled back into your head as you felt each and every sensation they described. Feeling their control taking hold of your body and mind. It felt incredible. They laughed down at you. “Such a good toy for me. So ready to give in. So easy to obey.”
Their hands dragged down your chest, taking a moment to tease, to toy with you. You bucked at the pleasure, but their thighs had you pinned down. “Ah, ah, ah, toy. You aren’t going anywhere. Not that you really want to, huh? No, you like this too much. Good toy.”
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Oct 8
“Oh, you poor thing. What’s wrong? Can you feel your thoughts leaving you already? I haven’t even switched the headset on yet, silly toy.” You felt your dominants hands securing your restraints. Holding you into the brainwashing chair. They laughed.
“Is that comfortable? It’s about to be even more comfortable, when there’s nothing but my voice in your silly, empty brain. Are you ready? Are you excited?” The headset began to hum, on, but with nothing running. “Because I am. I know what comes next.”
With a flash, spirals span before your eyes, and you had nowhere else to look. Copies of their voice were overlapping, overwhelming you, so very easily. You had nowhere else to be, and as your thoughts fled you, you stopped wondering why that was…
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Sep 24
“Have you really thought this through, toy? I know, I know, we talked about it. You’ve asked, practically begged for this. But have you really considered what comes next?” Your hypnotist smiled, not fully paying attention to you as they fiddled in a drawer for something.
“This is a lot of control you’re giving me. Power over your orgasms. Over your arousal. And whilst you can safe word, or talk about it anytime, I just want to make sure that you’ve thought it through. After all, Your control might not be so easy to get back. So, are you sure?”
You took a moment, thinking. This was going to be a lot. They had promised that the freedom of pleasure you were used to experiencing would change. But you were sure about this. You trusted them. You nodded, took a deep breath, and finally said. “Yes. I’m sure.”
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Sep 23
You felt footsteps on the carpeted floor growing closer. You could sense your hypnotist behind you, but it didn’t matter. You couldn’t take our eyes away from the spiral on the TV. The headphones were still playing their voice on a wonderful loop.
You felt their hand trace up your back, to your neck. You squirmed at the pleasurable sensation that their touch brought you. In your ears, their voice was saying “Just letting go of what you don’t need to remember, so you can focus more deeply on the pleasure I bring you.”
Then the headphones stopped. Your hypnotist was now speaking directly to you. “Good job toy. You’ve done so well, letting me brainwash you. I’m going to bring you up now, okay?” Your head gave the slightest nod, and they smiled. “Okay. One, two, three, and awake!”
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Sep 22
“Come on now toy, don’t disappoint me. I know, I know, you’ve been edging for so long. But you can last a little longer, can’t you? What if I help? What if I made your brain feel all blank, and empty. Nothing but the pleasure.” Your hypnotist smiled.
“That’s it, good toy. Just focus on the pleasure for me. Let everything else leave your mind. You can give me your thoughts. You don’t need them, not right now. I’ll give them back, when we’re done.” You felt their hand caress your cheek, and squirmed at the sensation.
Every part of you was bursting with pleasure. You had long ago lost track of time, and now you were losing what was left of your thoughts. “Awh, my sweet toy. Have I made it harder? Is there nothing left but pleasure now? It’s okay. Don’t worry.”
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Sep 15
“What comes first, my love? Do you reach the edge? Or does your mind shut off before then?” Your dominant laughed as you teased yourself, moans falling from your lips as pleasure threatened to overwhelm you. They leant down, their hands joining your own.
“Let’s start with ten. Feeling the pleasure rising, just as your thoughts, and your mind, become a little slower.” You felt a burst of pleasure deep in your core. “Nine. The two intermingling, mindlessness is pleasure, and pleasure is mindlessness.”
Your hands were more insistent, more eager now. “Eight. Feeling so good, so blank, so blissfully empty, aren’t you, toy?” They stood, towering over your weakness, your helplessness. “Seven. And I’m the one in control, even without touching you.”
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