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“Have you really thought this through, toy? I know, I know, we talked about it. You’ve asked, practically begged for this. But have you really considered what comes next?” Your hypnotist smiled, not fully paying attention to you as they fiddled in a drawer for something.
“This is a lot of control you’re giving me. Power over your orgasms. Over your arousal. And whilst you can safe word, or talk about it anytime, I just want to make sure that you’ve thought it through. After all, Your control might not be so easy to get back. So, are you sure?”
You took a moment, thinking. This was going to be a lot. They had promised that the freedom of pleasure you were used to experiencing would change. But you were sure about this. You trusted them. You nodded, took a deep breath, and finally said. “Yes. I’m sure.”
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You felt footsteps on the carpeted floor growing closer. You could sense your hypnotist behind you, but it didn’t matter. You couldn’t take our eyes away from the spiral on the TV. The headphones were still playing their voice on a wonderful loop.
You felt their hand trace up your back, to your neck. You squirmed at the pleasurable sensation that their touch brought you. In your ears, their voice was saying “Just letting go of what you don’t need to remember, so you can focus more deeply on the pleasure I bring you.”
Then the headphones stopped. Your hypnotist was now speaking directly to you. “Good job toy. You’ve done so well, letting me brainwash you. I’m going to bring you up now, okay?” Your head gave the slightest nod, and they smiled. “Okay. One, two, three, and awake!”
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“Come on now toy, don’t disappoint me. I know, I know, you’ve been edging for so long. But you can last a little longer, can’t you? What if I help? What if I made your brain feel all blank, and empty. Nothing but the pleasure.” Your hypnotist smiled.
“That’s it, good toy. Just focus on the pleasure for me. Let everything else leave your mind. You can give me your thoughts. You don’t need them, not right now. I’ll give them back, when we’re done.” You felt their hand caress your cheek, and squirmed at the sensation.
Every part of you was bursting with pleasure. You had long ago lost track of time, and now you were losing what was left of your thoughts. “Awh, my sweet toy. Have I made it harder? Is there nothing left but pleasure now? It’s okay. Don’t worry.”
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“What comes first, my love? Do you reach the edge? Or does your mind shut off before then?” Your dominant laughed as you teased yourself, moans falling from your lips as pleasure threatened to overwhelm you. They leant down, their hands joining your own.
“Let’s start with ten. Feeling the pleasure rising, just as your thoughts, and your mind, become a little slower.” You felt a burst of pleasure deep in your core. “Nine. The two intermingling, mindlessness is pleasure, and pleasure is mindlessness.”
Your hands were more insistent, more eager now. “Eight. Feeling so good, so blank, so blissfully empty, aren’t you, toy?” They stood, towering over your weakness, your helplessness. “Seven. And I’m the one in control, even without touching you.”
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Ok, I like you. Waiting is lame, so here goes nothing. Just going to get this out as quick as I can.

#Sizetwitter #Splatoon3 #Erotica #NSFW #Gore ImageImage
Your head spun. Everything hurt. Your body felt unbelievably sore. You could hear your heart beating in your ears. You couldn't remember anything. Where were you? Who were you? Why were you here? As much as you wanted to answer these questions, you wouldn't have time for that.
"Ooooh, Shiver look! Another tiny!"

A booming peppy voice rang out, sending a shudder down your spine.

"Ugh, another one? You can have it, I dealt with the last one..."

Another loud voice followed soon after the first, this one cold and unenthused.
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Your hypnotist smiled down at you as you yawned, the ache of tiredness washing over you. “Having trouble napping, toy?” they asked, wrapping one arm around your shoulder, pulling you in close to them.

You nodded, softly grunting your confirmation. You were so very sleepy.
Their hand brushed through your hair. “Would you like a bit of help with it?”

Again, you nodded. Words were hard right now, but your brain felt so full of thoughts. Of energy. Your body and your brain were in disagreement, but you knew that you wanted to rest, even temporarily.
They let you go, gently lowering you to rest on the bed. “Okay sweetie, then let’s work through that busy, busy, mind of yours, yeah?” Your nod was almost automatic, as their voice slipped into that soft hypnotic tone that you love. You felt your mind beginning to unravel.
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“How long has it been pet?” You were barely aware of their voice, amongst the pounding pleasure that thrummed through your body. “Minutes? Hours? Do you even care anymore?” You let out a soft moan at their caress, not stopping your hand’s motion.
They laughed. “I don’t think you’re capable of caring anymore. All you can do now is feel the pleasure as it overwhelms your mind, sweeps away your thoughts. Leaves you empty. Ready, for me. Doesn’t it feel so good?” It did. It felt incredible.
Each motion of your hand felt like you were letting something of nature bloom through you. Taking your energy. Taking your power, and storing it, ready. And then there was their hand, wandering, almost causally, across your bare skin. Water feeding the roots of your pleasure.
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“Okay, and that’s my problem why?” Your hypnotist smiled down at you, mischief etched into every line of their face.

“But – but -” Your words were silenced by a single finger, pressed to your lips.

“But what, you want to cum? Is that it?” They yawned.
You nodded, and they laughed. “Well too bad, toy. You agreed to give control over your orgasms to me. And I’m deciding that you don’t get to cum. Not today.” They stood up from the chair, and as you knelt on the ground before them, you felt their power over you solidify.
“No, you don’t get to cum. But you know what you can do?” Their hand grabbed your chin, pulling you up to look into their eyes. Their gorgeous eyes.

“What’s can I do?” You asked.

They eyes were locked onto yours. “You can begin to drop, can’t you?”
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So I had an interesting idea. Usually when I write microfics, I'm focusing on the character in question. But what if I didn't do that? Going to give that a shot, lemme know what you think!

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The first stomp only lasted an instant. To her it was no doubt the most simple of actions. A mere lowering of the leg to snuff out an insect. To you, however, it was as far from simple as could be. The moment the soft foot began to descend, you had been flung into hell.
You raised your arms in a pitiful instinctual attempt to defend your life. It was utterly meaningless of course. The foot was utterly undeterred, shattering the bones of your arms like they were made out of twigs. You could only stare up at the fleshy ceiling as it drew close...
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New microfic! This story was written as a birthday gift for my friend @HietoReth. I hope you all enjoy it! I tried a slightly different style so definitely let me know your thoughts.

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Her appearance was sudden. Who could have expected it? Out of nowhere, a random woman had appeared. She had descended from the sky like some sort of angel, her eyes closed and lips curled in a serene grin. How were they supposed to react?

The answer was with fear.
Moments passed after her feet daintily touched the earth, the deafening still silence hanging in the air. Until, suddenly…


…An explosion sounded as the woman vanished, leaving in her spot a cloud of dust surrounding a deep crater.
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I had an idea that really wouldn't leave my mind, so I figured I'd try and write a microfiction for the first time.

CW: Extreme cruelty, gore, and general grossness.
#NSFW #Erotica #Gore
You fall to your knees, the Pokeball in your hands clattering down onto the sleek floor. After having come so far and defeating every trainer in your way, you’d been utterly defeated at the final stage. It was immensely frustrating the ease at which you’d been destroyed.
Cynthia, the champion of the Sinnoh league, had barely even tried during your battle. How was she so strong? These questions ran through your head, but the clack of Cynthia’s heels snapped you out of it as she walked towards you.
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“My feet are cold,” she declared as they lay in bed together caressing each other.
“What do you want me to do about it?” Her boyfriend, Hank sounded slightly annoyed.
“Get me my socks?” Kim asked with a slight pout.
Hank perked up. “Which socks?” 1/
#FlashFiction #Erotica
“You know, my sexy socks.”
“I was hoping you’d say that!”
Hank walked across the room naked in the cool fall air. Reaching the dresser, he pulled out a pair of long wool socks. He quickly returned to bed with a huge smile. Kim took the socks and gave Hank a quick kiss. 2/
She giggled as she briefly disappeared under the covers with the socks. Hank’s dick grew firm as he watched her curvy form wiggle under the covers putting on the socks. He expected her to emerge any moment. But instead the lump under the covers moved in his direction. 3/
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@HouseGOP @SenateGOP @GOPLeader @GOPChairwoman @SenToddYoung Even the fund managers are making sure that the small companies get benefits even if there are no legislations implemented by the Republicans in Congress. @SenatorBraun ?
David Leigh and the @guardian have subsequently and repeatedly violated @wikileaks security conditions
@iankatz admitted in December 2010 meeting that this condition was not being followed by the Guardian.
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“Awh, honey, what’s wrong? Don’t you want to touch me?” Your hypnotist smiled as they taunted you. Your body, frozen to the spot, was filled with desire, with arousal, with lust. “Am I being mean puppet?” You considered, you could answer… And they were looking at you, waiting.
Finally, you spoke. “Y-Yes.” The timid answer made them titter.

“Oh, pet, if I’m being mean, why don’t you try to resist my control? Try to move. Do it.” Their hand brushed down your arm, sending a tingle of pleasure running through you at the soft touch.
And you tried. But no amount of effort would move you, not even an inch.

“Awh… sweetie. Is it too hard?” Their hand had moved, caressing down your bare chest. “Is your body all stuck? It’s okay. I like you like this. I think you like it too. Don’t you pet?”
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What – what had you been doing? You had just walked into the room and now you were struggling to remember what for. You turned around, thinking to retrace your footsteps, when your partner called out. “Hey, babe. What’s wrong?” You stopped, and turned back into the room.
Had they always been there? Sat on the sofa? “I… Forgot.” This had been happening more and more frequently recently. Just walking into rooms, and forgetting what you were doing there. It didn’t trouble you. It felt a little soothing, for some reason.
Your partner stood from the sofa, and came to you, taking your hand. Concern on their face. “Awh, pet… Do you forget a lot?” They pulled you close, holding you tight. You could smell their comforting scent. Your body relaxed into them. “Are you sure you weren’t made to forget?”
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“Hey, toy, stop moving. I know it feels good, but if I want you to squirm, I’ll tell you, okay?” You tried to focus, to distract yourself from the pleasure they were delivering to you that made your toes curl. But you couldn’t, not as their mouth descended once again.
It felt so good, and sure, their suggestion to be so much more sensitive than normal wasn’t helping, but even without that, they were always capable of making you feel pure ecstasy. And then the sensation was retreating, and they were looking up the bed at you, brow furrowed.
“What did I say toy?” Their voice was full of menace. Their eyes were locked on yours.

“To- To- To stop moving.” You tried to look away from their eyes, in shame, but you couldn’t, no matter how much you tried.
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You were awake. You were asleep. You were dozing, lazily, in your partner’s lap. Were you dreaming? Of staring into their eyes, as they spoke soft words you couldn’t quite make out into your ears? Or, no, you were awake, you were just resting, on your phone.
They were reading a book. Right? No. They were looking at you, their gaze swallowing your whole attention. Taking your mind down into trance. Making you so obedient. So submissive. No, no, you were both relaxing. Both doing your own thing, together.
But – where had the last two hours gone? Why could you taste them on your tongue? Why were you looking at them, unable to tear your eyes away? They were putting down their book. What was real? Did you know? Did you want to know? Or did you just want to sink into confusion?
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You knew you shouldn’t have stepped off the path. That’s what the innkeeper in the tavern had told you. “Don’t step off the path, just go quickly, and quietly, where you mean to go.” That’s what they had said. But now you were here, that advice didn’t seem so… advisory.
The sweet smells of the flowers, and the wonderful sounds of the emerald forest were swirling around you, making your head feel so fuzzy. And somewhere, nearby, you could hear someone singing. It sounded so beautiful. Surely it wouldn’t hurt to take a small look.
You tried to focus on the singing voice. And the more you tried, the easier it became. You didn’t notice yourself take the first step off the path. But you didn’t care anymore. All that mattered was following that enchanting voice as it floated through the trees.
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Your mind rose up, up, up, as if from sleep. Your eyes opened, and instantly, you were starting at the spiral that span before you. You couldn’t look away. You couldn’t hold on to your thoughts. You became aware of the voice too late to try to shut it out, you sank down.
Down, down, deep into the trance that you had just been in. Letting the voice wrap around your mind, flooding your brain with the foggy feeling that made it so malleable, so open to the programming. You continued to sink, feeling something teasing your body.
Pleasure from… What was it? It was hard to think about it. Your mind couldn’t grasp a thought long enough to comprehend it. And it didn’t matter what was touching you, not when it felt this good. The long languid pleasure stretching through your body, making you squirm.
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You hadn’t been seen them as you walked, so when you bumped into them, your attention was automatically drawn as you said “Sorry! I wasn’t looking where I was going.”

But what held your attention was their eyes. Beautiful, captivating. Almost technicolour.
“Oh, it’s no worry!” They laugh, softly. “But now that you are looking, you can keep looking, can’t you?” Your found yourself nodding, absently, as a foggy submissive feeling coated your mind. “And you can keep looking as you follow me, right?” Your hand was in theirs.
They led you away, never breaking eye contact, softly pulling you somewhere that was out of sight. And by the time you got there, your mind was drowning in this fog that seemed to supress your thoughts, supress your mind. All that existed was their voice, and their eyes.
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“Awh, what’s wrong? Is my big strong bimbo having trouble using those big dumb muscles?” Your hypnotist had you pinned. They were straddling you, and laughing as they tickled you, mercilessly. “Are those big muscles getting weaker and weaker pet?”
Once again, you could feel your strength draining from you. Now you were barely able to lift your limbs, let alone try to push them off, to get away form their hands as they teasingly brushed against sensitive areas. Tingles were sparking through your body, making you squirm.
And it felt so good to be like this. Powerless under them. This body that they had helped you sculpt was helpless before them. A puppet, a doll for them to play with. Strong, muscled, but unable to disobey, and currently unable to use any of the muscles.
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“Okay pet, now, hold it there. That’s it. Freeze.” As they said the final word, your body was caught in place. Stuck and unable to even begin thinking about moving. The sensation sent a shiver of pleasure up your spine, but you couldn’t squirm, you couldn’t moan.
All you could do was close your eyelids as the pleasure rolled through your body. You heard a tut from your hypnotist. “Tsk tsk pet… Eyes on me. There you go.” Your eyelids opened and your eyes were drawn automatically to them, as the camera in their hands flashed.
“Good job toy. Okay, Release.” As you unfroze, your moan was soft, the pleasure you had been feeling finally had somewhere to go. They were still speaking, and you hurried to catch up. “Right, now, mirror me, left arm a little further down… Good, now Freeze.”
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You can feel their body against yours, but you can’t tear your gaze away from their eyes. They have straddled you, and now they are looking down upon you. And with each passing second, you’re pulled deeper into their gaze. You can feel your mind unravelling. Slowing down.
In your peripheral vision, you can see their smile. “How are you doing pet?” They ask.

You stammer, unable to come up with a response. Even those noises fade as you continue to fall deeper into their eyes. Mind going blank, quiet, empty, as they ask another question.
You cannot comprehend it. You can only fall deeper into their eyes, sinking, unravelling. Time has no meaning, there are sensations, but you can hardly recognise your body. And then there’s a crisp snap, and they say “awake!” And your brain begins to climb out of trance.
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“And pleasure feels good, doesn’t it puppet?” You nodded, mind moving slowly. “Yes, in fact, pleasure feels so good that it makes it hard to think. The more your mind fills with pleasure, the less space there is for thinking.” Your mind was spinning, spiralling in ecstasy.
And they were right, it was getting harder to think, all you could do was focus on the pleasure. All you could do was focus on the pleasure you felt as their hands explored your body. Each movement, each gentle brush and touch wiping away another thought.
“Does it feel good puppet?” They asked, one hand coming up to gently brush down your cheek.

You stared at them, trying to find words. It was so difficult. “Y-y-yes.” You smiled, softly, as the pleasure rode around your brain.
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