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How does a twin flame know if they are healed other than having their twin return to them and being in union?
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Other than magnetizing your Twin to you and coming into Union, you will know that you are healed when you:
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Love yourself unconditionally and say “No”, and “I’m not doing that” frequently
Love your Twin unconditionally, with total freedom and acceptance, without exception
Are aligned with your Higher Self/Soul and are faithful to your spiritual Guidance.
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Are aligned with your Higher Self/Soul, are faithful to your spiritual Guidance
Are no longer addicted to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, sex, food, etc.
Feel content & peaceful almost all of the time
No longer respond to your Twin, others and circumstances with hurt, anger or fear. Image

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Oct 12
Who are the other consorts of Bhagwan Vishnu?
#SanatanDharma Image
Bhagwan Vishnu is said to have eight consorts in all; they represent the 8 channels through which his various energies or faculties can display their beneficial activities. Some texts differ from each other in the Goddesses' names. The meanings of names speak for themselves. Image
List “A”

Śrī – Prosperity
Kīrti – Fame
Śānti – Peace
Tuṣṭi – Pleasure.
Puṣṭi – Welfare
Bhū – Fortitude, Forgiveness
Sarasvati – Knowledge
Prīti – Love
#SanatanDharma Image
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Oct 12
Sadhguru calls Patanjali father of modern yoga. Then is Sadhguru’s teaching of yoga older than the Yoga in the Six Darsana? Is his yoga Astika or Nastika?
#yoga ImageImage
Sadhguru is absolutely correct.

The 6 schools Shad-darshana are all “nominally” Vedic, i.e., they’re all āstika as long as they don't deny the authority of the Vedas in metaphysical matters. So it is the non-denial that makes them “orthodox” rather than any direct link.
#yoga Image
Many of the basic ideas of all the 6 Schools have their seeds in the Vedas - but have an independent growth, flowering and fruition structure.
#yoga Image
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Oct 11
Swadhisthana Chakra

The Sanskrit word swa means 'one's own' and adhisthana means 'dwelling place or residence'. Therefore, swadhisthana means 'one's own abode'.
#kundalini Image
Although mooladhara occupies a very important place in the scheme of the chakras, swadhisthana, which is located very near to mooladhara, is also involved in and responsible for the awakening of kundalini shakti in mooladhara.
#kundalini Image
In fact, it is said that previously the seat of kundalini was in swadhisthana, but there was a fall and subsequently mahakundalini came to rest in mooladhara.
#kundalini Image
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Oct 11
Is the truth so complicated that it needs several volumes of books such as Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, etc. to explain it?
#Spirituality ImageImage
There are many subjects and many truths and many teachers and many students of various academic and intellectual dispositions. And there are also many ways of seeing the same truth.
#Spirituality Image
There are texts for child-like aspirants and there are texts for PhD’s in spiritual training. Not everyone needs to read every text - you read whatever suits your personal disposition, stage of development and aptitude.
#Spirituality Image
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Oct 11
Since truly enlightened people only experience things for what they are, do they still have "mental" interests, not just things that they like to do, as in actions, but interests, as in certain topics being more alluring to their minds?
#enlightenment Image
Once one is enlightened, they are no longer a person.

They are still human. That is, they have a human body & a human mind. And that body does human things and that mind thinks human thoughts and may be interested from time to time in human interests. But the person is gone. Image
So, what does it mean to no longer be a person?

Let's take a look at where the word, “person” comes from. It originates from the Latin word, “persona” which originated from the Greek word, “prosopon.” Image
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Oct 11
Why did Buddha keep on meditating even after attaining enlightenment?
#Spirituality Image
There are said to be several stages of enlightenment.

This maybe confusing for some advaitins, who like to talk in terms of oneness, but the stages all take place beyond the mind in a state of non-duality, so the oneness is never lost.
#Spirituality Image
They are simply deeper dissolutions into the Whole.

Different teachings, traditions and systems that have arisen from different mystics use different names for these stages.
#Spirituality Image
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