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Importance of Ear Piercing in #SanatanDharma...
Karnavedha is a Hindu tradition that is being followed since ages. It is believed that right ear of the boy child should be pierced first nd when it comes to girl; her left ear must be pierced first.
Sushruta the great Indian surgeon advocates ear piercing as it is believed to prevent diseases like Hernia nd Hydrocele. It is believed that ear piercing also regulates menstrual cycle in girls nd prevent hysteria nd other ailments.
The flow of current.... body is maintained by wearing earrings. The meridian points in the ear lobes connect to the left and right hemisphere of human brain nd piercing has activation impact. Ear piercing helps in speech- restraint. It helps to reduce impertinent behaviour...
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Science vs Sanatan Dharma

Many modern scientists are struggling today to find out what is mind? But have not succeeded entirely. #Sanatandharma has all the answers. Professor Ashok Sharma, a former professor in applied science...
who was also a scientist in Harvard university has dig theories to solve the secret. The reality is science is materialistic study and is not capable to integrate the non physical entity. consciousness is a non physical activity which is different from time, space and matter.
This consciousness is itself "TRIMURTI" which creates, preserve & destroys.

Svetasvatara upanishad 6:19
niṣkalaṃ niṣkriyaṃ śāntaṃ niravadyaṃ nirañjanam
Consciousness is not different from the source of universe. It is undivided & faultless.
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He is a servitor of Puri Jagannath Mandir. He is Anil gochikar,Mr India be in & Mr.odisha.He follows a strict veg diet,not even eaten eggs in his whole lifeCalled the bodyguards of Lord Jagannatha,he belongs to d 'daitapati' sect of sevayats (servitors)of Lord Jagannatha at Puri.
Of course some of them have gone to become Mr. India and Mr. Odisha as well.
This daitapati sect of sevayats are direct descendants of the legendary Sabara chief Bishwabasu, who is the first worshipper of Nila Madhava (Jagannatha), whose daughter eventually married Vidyapati
sent by King Indrudyumna. Rest is history.Daitapatis carry out crucial tasks in the temple. If you've seen Ratha Yatra procession (called pahandi), the three Deities are held tightly in the arms by these people, both at front and back,
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Before the arrival of Islam, there had never been any bloodshed in the name of Dharma in this hallowed land of #SanatanDharma

Do #Hindu know that #Nehru invited trouble by ‘importing’ the alien concept of SECULARISM from Europe?
After the 4th & before the 18th century, the function of the European States was not only to control the worldly life of its subjects, but also to secure salvation in the other🌎, key to which was in Church’s possession!

The Church excommunicated those who violated rules,👇🏻
& closed gates of heaven for him.
It was State’s duty then to burn him alive/torture to death!

Jews were deprived of all citizenship rights & stigmatized as
KILLERS of Christ!

State was termed as
‘SECULAR ARM’ of Church,
State admitted its main function was to serve Church!
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The two powerful🇮🇳kingdoms VIJAY7th-10th century incuded,

KAMBUJ extended over Cambodia & Vietnam.
#Hindu Temples can b seen in these Countries thus.

@Anand_Krishna_ @oneearthschool @oneearthedu keeping #Sanatan #Dharma ALIVE🙏🏻
#Hindu rulers never colonized any state!
All those lands shared the same Vedic culture,
the family name Varman, still be found in #Indonesia reminds us of the ancient kings both in 🇮🇳 & 🇮🇩 (*Adityavarman)
#HindusOfBali @Anand_Krishna_
Channelize the energies of coming generations in a positive & constructive direction.
Teach them to meditate in the tender formative years.
Meditation sessions @oneearthschool @oneearthedu thanks to @Anand_Krishna_ #Bali
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