Nothing provokes hysteria and panic in servants of establishment power more than the possibility of spaces on the internet they can't control and censor. These two -- @jaredlholt and @timsquirrell -- work for a benign-sounding group (@ISDglobal) funded by the US Security State:
There's a huge number of people like this who present themselves just as nice liberal social media personalities who, in fact, are funded by every establishment center of power and, especially, Western security agencies. Why? Because their only job is to agitate for censorship. ImageImage
Their media counterparts are the employees of large media corporations whose *only function* is to target, threaten and expose ordinary people whose crime is expressing dissent from establishment orthodoxies.

This new brand of media employee never targets power. They serve it.
These are the most dangerous people, absolute menaces, in media. They abuse the power of the world's largest corporate platforms to demand censorship of ordinary people: NBC's "disinformation" agents (@oneunderscore__ and @BrandyZadrozny), @TaylorLorenz, the NYT's tech team. ImageImageImage
These people are the literal opposite of what journalism is supposed to be. Their only purpose is to monitor the internet to find and punish ordinary people whose views they believe should be prohibited because they deviate from establishment decrees. They are censorship agents.
There is an entire industry funded by liberal billionaires (Soros and Omidyar) and Western Security State agencies whose only purpose is to censor the internet. The fraudulent "disinformation" industry is for this. These "journalists" are their soldiers.…
It makes me physically sick to see these people call themselves "journalists" when their only function is to silence ordinary citizens, narrow the scope of permitted debate, and use the largest media corporations to punish any dissent. They know their power depends on silencing.
That's why any attempt to create spaces on the internet where "unfettered conversations" can occur instantly become their target: Musk's purchase of Twitter, Ye's purchase of Parler, places like Rumble, Substack, Callin that refuse to silence what they deem "disinformation."
Every major debate in the West over the past 5 years has been severely censored by this cartel: COVID, Russiagate, the war in Ukraine, the 2020 election, January 6. If you want to know who your real enemies are, focus on those who are devoted to this censorship regime.

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Oct 20
These views about the war in Ukraine are commonplace all over the world. They only sound shocking and offensive in certain Western countries (US) where the political class is united in support of the same war narrative and where any dissent from it is literally outlawed (EU):
The way censorship works in the US is just standard Big Tech banishment: after COVID dissent, dissent on Ukraine is the easiest way to get banned by Google and FB.

But the EU actually *made it illegal* to air Russian state media. It's a crime to do so:…
Obviously, a population in which only one side is permitted to be heard, with the other side banned and censored, is a population that cannot be anything other than propagandized. It of course can't be informed.

But it follows Zelensky's model of banning TV stations *last year*: Image
Read 5 tweets
Oct 19
These people in media corporations think they have the right to attack, mock, criticize, dox and try to destroy the lives of anyone they want, including (especially) ordinary citizens.

But if anyone criticizes how they use their massive corporate platforms, it's "harassment."
Employees of the planet's large media corporations are 100% fair game for criticism. You have the absolute right to highlight all the damage they cause.

They do immense harm. They spread lies constantly. They're bullies who try to ruin the lives of people who think differently.
These liberal employees of media corporations have been trying for years to create a warped framework where they can unite to viciously attack their ideological enemies, but they're off-limits from criticism.

If you critique them, it's "harassment." 😭…
Read 6 tweets
Oct 18
Since I've been writing about politics, Dems have been denying election outcomes. It was basically universal among liberals that Bush/Cheney stole the 2000 election. Many believed it about 2004, Ohio and Rove. 2/3 of Dems believed Russian hackers converted Hillary votes to Trump.
One of the most admired Democrats in the country -- @staceyabrams -- refuses to concede her 2018 loss in the Georgia gubernatorial race, insisting that she is the real winner and that Republicans cheated to win.

The media ignores this whole history when using "election deniers."
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Oct 18
Let's have a war with Russia, China, Iran and a few other countries we deem insufficiently deferential (Peru? Nigeria? Pakistan?) all at the same time just to see how it works out.
The standard DC warmongers who have led the US into multiple military conflicts over the last 20 years -- Iraq, Syria, Libya, endless drone bombing of 8 countries -- are more excited than ever with Ukraine. Here's @davidfrum demanding the nationalization of Starlink, citing WW1. Image
How do you not realize that the current and extremely dangerous US proxy war with Russia - using Ukraine as the battlefield - is being led by all the same people (beginning with Biden and his neocon allies) who led the US into war in Iraq and Afghanistan, then Libya, Syria, etc?
Read 14 tweets
Oct 17
Good morning.

Western security experts say there's a 10-25% chance Russia will use nukes in Ukraine. Biden: we're closer to nuclear war than any time since 1962. Russia and NATO are conducting "long-planned" nuclear drills. US is threatening full retaliation.

Have a nice day.
All of this is over who will govern provinces in Eastern Ukraine which former President Obama, in 2016, said are not and never will be of "vital interest" to the US, but are and always will be of "vital interest" to Russia given it's right over their border but far from ours.
Be a real man, like @AdamKinzinger! Stop all your whining about how you think it's bad to trigger the first use of nuclear weapons since 1945, when their potency was a small fraction of the modern-day version of those weapons. Real men play with nukes:

Read 6 tweets
Oct 16
Ten straight minutes of leading Dems undermining faith in the integrity of our elections by insisting the 2000, 2004 and 2016 elections (all which, coincidentally, they happened to lose) were illegitimate because the false outcome was due to cheating:

How liberals justify their alliance with Bush/Cheney crowd is bizarre: I may not agree with them but they believe in democracy and election integrity.

What?!? Since when? You spent 2 decades claiming they stole the 2000 election by fraudulently installing the loser, George Bush. ImageImage
Read 4 tweets

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