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Nov 6 11 tweets 3 min read
We mustn’t forget how many years it took for Twitter to become the nation’s political water cooler. Every media outlet is here; every politician is here; every journalist is here; every pundit is here. Don’t fool yourself: it’d take any other site over a decade to become Twitter.
PS/ I understand folks having accounts elsewhere. I do too; I’m on Substack (at both PROOF and RETRO), Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and now even Mastodon. But I’d be deceiving myself if I thought any of those sites will *ever* hold a candle to what political Twitter is right now.
PS2/ Yes—Elon Musk is a petulant manchild who is wreaking havoc on Twitter right now. But things *will* settle down here. And I do not want to let a conservative troll like Musk break up what is currently the best gathering place in the world for progressive voters and politicos.
PS3/ While I don’t think it was his purpose, the fact remains that if Musk manages to scatter America’s progressives across 10+ websites with a tiny fraction of Twitter’s usability and audience—Tribel Social, Counter Social, Mastodon, Blue Sky et. al.—the far right will have won.
PS4/ And what is strangest of all to me is the normally savvy political people I know on here who seem to honestly believe that what Twitter is for American progressives can be recreated anywhere else in under a decade.

That’s simply not how digital communities form or function.
PS5/ Right now I see only one medium-term danger for Twitter: that the real plan Musk had for giving everyone a checkmark is to start over the process of identifying who’s a public figure, with it now being mostly *conservatives*—affecting how the platform works for progressives.
PS6/ If Musk were acting in good faith—which thus far he clearly has not been—he would have issued a secondary “public figure” notation to all those (432,000 people in all) who are *currently* verified before allowing anonymous users to be verified without identifying themselves.
PS7/ But I’m not convinced that content moderation here is going to change much long-term. I think users will continue to be able to use Twitter for free if they choose to. I think monetization options will continue to be subtle *enough* that they don’t much distract from the UX.
PS8/ Mastodon is confusing as hell and run by just one person. Other non-Twitter options equally have major Achilles heels. Twitter became what it is because it is generally speaking elegantly designed, incredibly usable, and the *consensus pick* of tens of millions of Americans.
PS9/ No one anywhere needs to take my advice (obviously). But my candid advice would be to stay on Twitter and use Twitter primarily unless and until the site literally falls apart—which at this point I think any expert would tell you there is a less than 10% chance of happening.
PS10/ But I’ll also make a prediction: given that the neo-Nazis already have Gab, Parler, GTTR, Truth Social, and even—let’s admit it—the political quadrant of Facebook, if progressives now cede *Twitter* to them and then scatter to the wind, it will be a major blow to democracy.

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Nov 6
BREAKING (CNN): Wisconsin GOP Senate Candidate Ron Johnson Reveals He May Try to Steal the 2022 Election in Wisconsin, Admitting He May Not Accept Election Result If He Loses; Johnson, Who Lied About Abiding By Term Limits, Is Also a 2020 Election Denier and January 6 Conspirator Image
(PS) I’ve been saying for weeks that Wisconsin is no longer a democracy—and it appears that Johnson’s plan to steal the election if he loses depends upon the complicity of the already lawless Republican-led Wisconsin state legislature. This is extremely ugly, authoritarian stuff.
(PS2) Wisconsin Democrats must turn out in overwhelming numbers to make it impossible for Johnson to falsely claim some imaginary irregularity entitles him to have this election decided by legislators rather than Wisconsin voters. That Johnson is pulling this stunt is horrifying.
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Nov 6
MAJOR BREAKING NEWS (NBC NEWS): New National Poll Shows Massive Swing Toward Democrats in Voter Enthusiasm; Republican Enthusiasm Is Down 5% and Democratic Enthusiasm Up 4% Over Just a Few Weeks—Wholly Erasing the “Enthusiasm Gap”

Please RETWEET this stunning eleventh-hour news!
Possible explanations for the shift:

🟥 Trump’s planned November 14 announcement of a presidential run confirmed to GOP voters that voting Red on Tuesday is just voting for more Trump nonsense

🟥 GOP voters finally got the memo that the GOP will cut Social Security and Medicare
More possible explanations:

🟥 Per Politico, GOP polling firms flooded the zone in October with skewed polls that did not reflect voter sentiment

🟥 GOP scandals—Walker paying for abortions, Bolduc assaulting a guy, Lake joking about assassinations—caught up to their candidates
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Nov 4
BREAKING NEWS: With Major Media Continuing to Refuse to Report on Don Bolduc’s Assault on a Libertarian Activist—and His Subsequent False Report to Law Enforcement—the New Hampshire GOP Senate Candidate Is Freed to Go on National TV and Lie to Voters Again
PS/ After Hannity re-introduced Bolduc’s “Jussie Smollett–style” hoax to his millions of credulous viewers, falsely stating that someone “took a swing at” Bolduc, Bolduc accepted a false premise he’d orchestrated *yet again* after *also* lying about this at his St. Anselm debate.
PS2/ Some folks don’t realize how sinister this is. This hoax was concocted to (a) garner political sympathy for Bolduc, (b) hurt the Libertarian Party in New Hampshire (which is currently “taking” vote from Bolduc he thinks are his), and (c) cover for his bad debate performance.
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Nov 4
If I understand correctly, Trump pal Thomas Barrack won his FARA trial today by telling jurors he didn’t sell out America because of loyalty to the UAE.

Instead, he explained, he *literally* sold out America—to make money for himself.

Quite a covered-in-glory “acquittal,” that.
I guess the fact that Barrack literally babysat for UAE royals—during a period he was advising Trump to throw America under the bus for the sake of the UAE—was seen by jurors not as a sign of an agency relationship but a man willing to abase himself before tyrants to make a buck.
What I find interesting is that if Donald Trump were to have taken the stand in a criminal trial and said *exactly* what Barrack did, he—Trump—would have been convicted for Bribery. Good thing Barrack isn’t a Trump family creditor, or else that would look really...

Oh wait... 🤯
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Nov 3
(🔐) BREAKING NEWS: New Hampshire Republican Senate Candidate Don Bolduc Assaults Libertarian Party Activist on Camera Before Debate, Then Makes False Report to Law Enforcement

As a former New Hampshire public defender, I am astonished by what I just saw.…
1/ The New Hampshire Senate race is a dead heat. Bolduc is an election denier and insurrectionist whose campaign has been hampered by one entity in New Hampshire: the Libertarian Party, which is currently keeping him from having a clear lead over his Democratic opponent (Hassan).
2/ Video now clearly shows that Bolduc assaulted a leading Libertarian Party activist (a crime punishable by up to a year in jail in New Hampshire), then made a false report to law enforcement (another crime punishable by up to a year in jail).

But it gets even worse than this.
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Nov 3
Political violence is *never* acceptable. And unless the incident in which Don Bolduc claims he was assaulted by a Libertarian Party activist is some other event besides this, it certainly does seem like the Republican Senate candidate lied about being assaulted to make the news.
Don Bolduc is a dangerous insurrectionist, election denier and habitual liar who certainly does seem to have made up an assault to take the heat off his fellow insurrectionists for threatening and in some cases attacking Democrats and election workers all across the United States
It really is something to see, above, the video of Bolduc elbowing a Libertarian Party activist—an assault—and then repeatedly saying, “He hit me! He hit me!” though there’s no indication he was ever touched at all; hard not to conclude he was inventing a crime for political gain
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