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(1) A brutally honest review of the 2022 midterm election. Image
(2) As the political discussion centers on the 2022 wins and losses from the midterm election, one thing that stands out in similarity to the 2020 general election is the difference between ballots and votes.
(3) Insofar as electioneering is concerned, where votes were the focus, the Biden administration suffered losses.  However, where ballots were the focus, the Biden administration won. Image
(4) Since the advent of ballot centric focus through mail-in and collection drop-off processes, votes have become increasingly less valuable amid the organizers who wish to control election outcomes.
(5) As a direct and specific result, ballot distribution, assembly, collection and return has become the key to Democrat party success.

The effort to attain votes for candidates is less important than the strategy of collecting ballots.
(6) It should be emphasized; these are two distinctly different election systems. Ballots -vs- Votes

The system of ballot distribution and collection is far more susceptible to control than the traditional, now arcane, system of votes physically cast at precincts.
(7) A *vote* cannot be cast by a person who is no longer alive, or no longer lives in the area. However, a *ballot* can be printed, distributed, completed and returned regardless of the status of the initially attributed and/or registered individual.
(8) 'Votes' and 'Ballots' are two distinctly different things.

Votes require people, difficult to manage and costly for electioneering. Ballots require systems, easier to manage and more cost effective.
(9) While ballots and votes originate in two totally different processes, the end result of both “ballots” and “votes,” weighing on the presented election outcome, is identical.
(10) The controversial 2020 election showed the result of making ‘ballots’ the strategy for electoral success.

Under the justification of COVID-19 mitigation, mail-in ballots took center stage. Ballot harvesting was one term for collection process but don't get hung up on it.
(11) Now that ballot collection has been shown to be a much more effective way to maintain political power, Democrats in a general sense are less focused on winning votes and more focused on gathering ballots. Image
(12) When ‘ballot organization’ becomes more important than ‘vote winning,’ you modify electioneering approaches accordingly.

It might sound simplistic, but inside the distinct difference between ballots and votes you will find why refusing debates is a successful strategy.
(13) If you are trying to win votes you could never fathom campaign success by refusing to debate an opponent. However, if your focus is centered around ballot collection, the debate is essentially irrelevant. Image
(14) You can vote at any scale you want, but when ballots are more important than votes – the election will always favor the former.

Michigan and Pennsylvania voters are likely very unhappy today, while Michigan and Pennsylvania ballot providers are smiling.
(15) If Democrats had to win individual ‘votes’ to gain election success, they would be at a disadvantage. It would be unfair.

However, as long as Dems only need to gather ‘ballots’, they have a path to winning elections. The process of electioneering is modified accordingly.
(16) Campaigning, advertising, promoting, debating, hand-shaking, crowd attendance and venues for rallies, along with physically meeting people and convincing them of your worth, are only important if you are trying to win votes. Image
(17) Fortunately for Democrats, modern electioneering does not require these arcane voting efforts. So, in the larger picture of what you see in election outcomes, they have stopped wasting time and doing them.

Who cares about votes, modern elections are the result of ballots. Image
(18) It’s time for those in the voting group to start seeing the difference between elections decided by votes and elections decided by the ballot group.

They are two entirely different election processes.

It really is that simple.

/END ImageImage
Here's the expanded article.…

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