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The interview started out alright. But Izuku was anxious which made his hero partner, Kacchan, on edge which meant if the reporter asked the question he knew was coming, her life span was about to end.

“So, Deku-San.” She pried.
“Y-yes?” Izuku’s leg started shaking and Kacchan firmly gripped his knee under the table to remind him he was supported.

“Uravity and Ingenium just had their pup which they named after you. How do you feel about that?”

“I’m very honored that they would do such a thing!”
Izuku said as confidently as he could sound.

“Yes, it is an honor to name their child after the number one hero. The first omega to take the spot, along with you of course DynaMight.” The reporter said happily. “But the world can’t help but wonder-”
“LET THEM WONDER.” Katsuki seethed through the mic but the reporter had pre-emptively cut his off and spoke over him.

“When is it YOUR turn?! You and Shoto have been married for five year now. The world can’t wait to see you start a family!”
“LISTEN, YOU-” Katsuki snatched Izuku’s mic out of his hand before Izuku snatched it back.

“Kacchan, it’s okay! I’ll answer!” Izuku tried to laugh it off. “As I’ve told every reporter who has asked me this question before, my priority right now is hero work.”
“But you’re not getting any younger! Soon, the time window in which-”

“THIS INTERVIEW IS OVER!” Katsuki snatched Deku’s mic back, grabbed his wrist and dragged him away from the camera.

“WAIT! Come back!” The reporter tried to call after them, but it was too late.
They stormed back stage where their PR Agent looked displeased.

“I told you to behave yourself DynaMight.”

“I’ll behave myself when these vultures behave themselves! Deku obviously doesn’t like these damn questions! Make sure we never give this bitch an interview again!”
“It’s okay, Kacchan.” Izuku sighed. “It’s kind of what I signed up for, you know? I’m an omega so…people can’t help but naturally be curious.”

“Don’t worry about what that reporter said, Deku-San.” Kokami, the PR Agent, reassured him. “You still have plenty of time left.”
“Come on! I need a drink!” Katsuki scoffed before dragging a sad looking Izuku away.

Izuku was grateful for Kacchan. He really way. And he was grateful for Kokami’s reassurances too. But what neither of them knew was that he would give ANYTHING to start a family.
If his husband woke him up and said right and there, he wanted to make a baby, Izuku would do it in a heartbeat. But that was never going to happen. Izuku gave up hope trying to change his mind a long time ago. Now he just had to live with the sadness in the pit of his stomach.
Marrying Todoroki Shoto was a dream. They got together officially in their third year of high school. Izuku had never thought of Shoto that way but the alpha courted him hard and he couldn’t help but fall and fall fast. It was his very first relationship but,
Izuku didn’t need much more experience. He struck a gold mine. He had the perfect alpha. Kind, rich, handsome, respectful. Someone with a bright future who always put him first and treated him like royalty. They were already so close and their love blossomed so naturally.
Izuku got along with his family, and surprisingly got the Endeavor seal of approval and Shoto got along with Izuku’s. All Might was thrilled for them and most importantly Kacchan was happy for them too! Izuku was worried Shoto might be jealous of his closeness with Kacchan.
But he understood it more than anyone ever could. He encouraged their closeness and supported their hero partnership. And Kacchan and Shoto had their own friendship going. Izuku used to joke, if he wasn’t in the picture, they would get married. Kacchan didn’t like those jokes.
When Shoto proposed to him, it was an easy yes. Izuku couldn’t wait for their future together. He pictured it in his head so vividly. Them and their family and a dog or two and a cat and Kacchan who visits often and the kids arguing over which grandpa was the better hero.
Kacchan was their joint best man, and wedding planner, and he got ordained so he could be the one to marry them. He didn’t trust anyone else to make sure the wedding went perfectly. That day was the best day of Izuku’s life…until the reception.
They were doing the rounds as a couple talking to all their friends until Izuku got to Auntie Mitsuki.

“Auntie! Thank you for coming!” Izuku had beamed.

“Of course! I wouldn’t miss it for the world!” She said excitedly.

“It means a lot to us.” Shoto bowed.
“You are so handsome! I’m so glad Izuku married you.” She pinched Shoto’s cheek. “You’ll have cute kids!”

“Oh, I don’t think we’ll have any.” Shoto smiled nervously.

“I-I don’t think she means now, Shoto.” Izuku giggled, thinking he misunderstood.
“We’re both busy heroes afterall. I don’t think Kacchan will be happy if I took a year off suddenly.” He laughed.

“Who cares what my brat thinks! He’s probably not giving me anything! You should start soon!” Mitsuki encouraged.

“Shall we dance?” Shoto offered his arm to Izuku.
Izuku nodded happily and grabbed his arm. “Thanks again Auntie!”

They moved into the center of the dance floor and everyone cheered as they swayed together when Shoto bent down and whispered into his ear.

“I don’t think I’d make a very good sire. I don’t have the best example.”
“I disagree.” Izuku tried to encourage him. “You’re kind and patient and perfect. Any pup would be happy coming home to you.”

“Izuku, it’s something I’ve thought about for a long time.” He stroked his cheek gently and looked into his eyes. “You’re the only family I need.”
Izuku blinked in confusion as he felt his stomach twist. He had been very open with Shoto from the beginning about how badly he wanted kids and a family.


“I’m sorry.” Shoto kissed him. “I should have told you sooner.”

“Um…” Izuku didn’t know what to say.
“Don’t worry.” Shoto kissed him over and over, overwhelming him with his scent so as to calm his husband’s growing distress. “We can talk about this later. Let’s have a good time, okay? I’m very happy to have you with me forever. You get that, right? You’re all I need.”
Izuku tried to think positively. Maybe he was just anxious about the whole. After what he went through, who wouldn’t be? But still, it felt like a bomb was dropped in his heart.


“I need air.” He didn’t want to cry in front of all of his wedding guests.
Izuku pecked his husband on the cheek and ran outside to breathe. His heart was racing as tears poured down his face.


“K-Kacchan!” Izuku wiped his face as fast as he could.

“Everything alright? Did the old hag say something?!” Katsuki grumbled as he walked closer.
“N-no! She um… we were happy to see her.” Izuku sniffled.

“You don’t look happy.” Katsuki wiped a tear off his cheek. “What’s wrong?”

“I’m just overwhelmed, I guess. I was really happy one second and then… it’s forever, you know? Marriage.”

“Not really.” Katsuki snickered.
“If ya wanted to run away right now, just tell me. I’ll rip up your certificate and we could tell everyone this whole wedding was on big hallucination! A quirk from a deranged villain.”

“Kacchan.” Izuku laughed.

“If ya changed your mind next week, you can annul the thing.”
“If you change ten years from now, you can get a divorce. Marriage is really just a piece of paper. What’s more permanent is a mating bond. You were waiting till tonight, right?” Katsuki questioned.


“If you’re still not sure, just hold off. Half and Half will get it”
“You don’t think it will be weird? To be married and unmated?” Izuku blinked.

“I mean sure, it’s weird. But you have time. You should only do something like mating if you’re 100% sure. Marriage? 90% is enough.” Katsuki advised. “Hell, 10% is enough if you’re loaded”
“But you love him, don’t you?” He raised his brow.

“Yes, I love him very much.”

“So what’s with the cold feet?” Katsuki drank from his champagne glass.

“Y-you know me… I overthink.” Izuku shrugged.

“Well don’t let that ruin you from enjoying the party.”
“I worked too hard to make it perfect.” He grumbled.

Izuku looked at him fondly and smiled. “I don’t deserve you. Thanks! I’ll try and enjoy myself!”

“You better! You can dump the guy next week for all I care! Go have fun!”

Izuku laughed and pulled his arm. “Dance with me!”
“I don’t dance!” Katsuki protested.

“Is that why you didn’t bring a date?”

“No one would wanna date me!” Katsuki scoffed.

“Why not?! You’re handsome and rich and smart and-”

“And I got my hands too full worrying about your ass. No omega will sign up for that!”
Izuku froze and Katsuki sighed in annoyance.

“Don’t overthink what I said! You’re not a burden to me! And I don’t care to be with someone like that anyway! No one can keep up with me like you can! You and Shoto being happy is all I need, got it?! So go! Dance with your husband!”
“Y-yes sir!” Izuku saluted before running and inside and rejoining Shoto.

“Everything alright?” The alpha asked in concern.

“Yeah…I feel a little better.” Izuku said while looking at Kacchan.

Their honeymoon was awkward but beautiful.
Shoto was hurt that Izuku didn’t want him to claim him and the first night was spent arguing.

“What do you mean you’re not 100% sure? Why did you marry me then?!”

“Because I thought I was! I thought I was 100% but then you pulled the rug out from under me!”
“I’m sorry I don’t want children, but Izuku.” He gently tilted his chin up and whispered. “I love you. I want you. I want you more than I want air. Don’t you see that? We don’t need anyone else but each other.”

“I love you too but…but I can’t help what I want!”
Izuku cried.

“Don’t you want me? Why is someone who doesn’t even exist stopping you from completing our bond?”

“Is there really no way you’ll change your mind?” Izuku begged. “I want you…but I want a future with you. I want a little you. I want see him grow up…”
“That’s not how it works, Izuku. It’s not just seeing a child grow up. You have raise him, care for him, be there for him. And if you’re messed up? So will they? If you screw up? It will affect them for life!” Shoto grabbed Izuku’s hand and placed it on his scar.
“There doesn’t need to be anymore Todoroki’s to hurt.” He said firmly.

“I’m sorry.” Izuku relented. “I understand where you’re coming from…but you have to understand where I am too. Give me time. I’m not ready to be mated.”

“Fine.” Shoto sighed. “Let’s just…”
“Enjoy the rest of our honeymoon.”

Their relationship never quite recovered from the blow. Sometimes they would be happy and forget. But their marriage wasn’t easy. Especially when Fuyumi had her pups. Shoto was an amazing uncle. The Todoroki family was overjoyed.
Izuku wanted to be happy for her. But he was extremely jealous. It also made his in-laws pester him more and more about when it was his turn. But he just gave them the same answer. Hero work comes first. Shoto also never dropped the mating issue.
They both were stubborn and after awhile dropped hope entirely that the other would budge. They had a long fight one night that ended with them realizing they loved each other intensely and that if they wanted their marriage to work, they just had to accept the other’s choice.
Things improved a lot after that. But this past year, Izuku was miserable as every one of their friends started their families. First it was Mina and Eijiro, then it was Denki and Hitoshi, Jirou and Momo and now Ochaco and Tenya.
They were all over the moon their kids would grow up together and Izuku couldn’t help the pain in his heart as they all giddily discussed the “new class A.”

It didn’t help that after every pup, reporters would swarm him asking when it was his turn. Izuku was sick of it.
He was just glad Kacchan was by his side. He couldn’t ask for a better hero partner. A selfish part of him was glad he didn’t have a mate of his own. Because if Kacchan had a pup and Izuku couldn’t give him one to grow up with, he would jump out a window.
“Earth to dweeb.” Katsuki snapped his fingers in front of his face. “That’s your third beer. You sure it was a good idea to order another?”

“Don’t you know, Kacchan?” Izuku raised his beer glass. “I’m not pregnant. So I can have the alcohol I want!”
“Come on. I have more at my place.” Katsuki offered him his arm. “Don’t want any nosy assholes calling you an alcoholic.”

“Better than calling me a pup hater.” Izuku grumbled.

“Come on!” Katsuki payed the bill and helped him up.
Izuku liked Kacchan’s place. It was cozy and comfortable. His and Shoto’s felt two big. A reminder that it would never be more than the two of them.

They downed a couple of more glasses of wine and fine beer because Kacchan was a snob while they vented about the reporter.
“I can’t believe the bitch muted my fucking mic!”

“To be fair, most reporters do these days!” Izuku laughed at him.

“Yeah! Cause they won’t stop pestering you about popping out a pup like you’re a baby factory or something!”
"Like I said, it’s a natural question.” Izuku shrugged.

“It’s insensitive as shit! They don’t know what you got going on! To be fair, I don’t either but I have the decency to keep my curiosity to myself!” Katsuki fumed.

“Oh…you’re curious?” Izuku smiled at him devilishly.
“Stop that look!” Katsuki blushed.

“Kacchan’s just as bad as everyone.” Izuku laughed.

“Nuh uh! I don’t ask!”

“But you want to.” Izuku sang.

“No! I don’t! In fact, I would be offended if you told me!”

“Offended?” Izuku snorted. “You wanna know really bad! Look at you!”
“Well of course I’d wanna know when you keep lying to everyone about it! You even lied to All Might about it! And don’t even try to deny it! I can tell when you’re lying!” Katsuki said defensively.

“Yeah.” Izuku guzzled his drink. “I lie about it pretty much every day now.”
Katsuki stared at him as Izuku smiled and gave them those big doe eyes that said ‘Don’t cut me off. One more beer please?’


“Kacchan.” Izuku whined. “I’ll tell you! I’ll tell you everything if you give me one more!”

“Look at you! You’re barely holding it together!”
“That’s because every day I’m barely holding it together! See? Here I go again, unfiltered drunk Izuku who will give you all the information you’ve been craving for years!” The omega sang, hoping the temptation was good enough.

“Fine! I’ll give you the beer but no more!”
Katsuki popped the can open and handed it Izuku who giggled victoriously before taking a dainty sip.

“You don’t have to tell me, though. If it’s too much. Just keep it to yourself…”

“It is too much.” Izuku sniffled as he put the can down.
“It’s so much that I can’t keep it to myself anymore. I feel like I’m living a nightmare.”

“Shit. You can’t have ‘em, huh?” Katsuki rubbed his back gently.

“I can! That’s the thing!” Izuku cried. “I can and I want to! I want to more than anything!”

“It’s him? He can’t have em?” Katsuki put his arm around his shoulder and rubbed it reassuringly.

“He….he can. But he just doesn’t want to. He doesn’t want them! He doesn’t want a family with me! After…after everything with him growing up, it’s understandable but…”
“But you’ve been wanting a big happy family since you were five.” Katsuki sighed sympathetically. “Used to have notebooks full of your dream kids and their quirks and shit. All Might 1 and All Might A.”

“You forgot Girl Might.” Izuku sobbed into his chest.

“Dog Might too…”
“Why didn’t you discuss this shit before, huh?!” Katsuki wiped his tears. “That’s the kinda thing you gotta know before you even think about getting married.”

“That’s why he didn’t tell me…” Izuku mumbled.


“He didn’t tell me until we were already married.”
“Every time I brought up my wishes and hopes and dreams, he would stay silent and nod along but really he knew before he even began to court me that he didn’t want them! He didn’t want to tell me until it was too late! Because he was worried I would leave him!” Izuku sobbed.
“That’s why you haven’t mated yet, huh? Or changed your last name?”

“I…I can’t be 100%…because I want a pup really bad! I keep hoping he’ll change his mind! I thought after meeting his nephew, he would change his mind! I thought after being named little Izuku’s godfather,”
“He would change his mind! I thought after seeing me hold a pup, he would change his mind! And I keep hoping that one day, it would happen. He’s wake up and see but…but he’s even more set in his ways now!” Izuku sniffled. “I…I thought I was pregnant once.”

“My heat was late and a few weeks back, we weren’t…we weren’t that careful. So I went to get a test and before the timer even finished, he was looking up doctors to…to get rid of it!” Izuku was shaking at this point, but so was Katsuki. Pissed off was an understatement.
“Why are you still with him?” Katsuki grumbled.

“I don’t know…I love him I guess. I still love him even after everything.”

“Is this really love?” Katsuki stroked the tears off his face. “It doesn’t look like it to me. It looks like torture.”
Izuku looked into Katsuki’s eyes and felt immense comfort.

“Did you…have you..have you ever experienced love?” He questioned him.

“Not the kind that’s reciprocated.” Katsuki laughed before looking away.

“Who would be stupid enough to not love you back?”
“I’m not that easy to love, Izuku.” Katsuki rolled his eyes.

“Yes you are! I would know, I wanted you for years!”

“Huh?!” Katsuki froze.

“You didn’t know?” Izuku giggled. “All through high school, I had the biggest crush on you! Well, before that too!”
Katsuki looked like the hamster running on the wheel in his brain just died.

“I’m sorry if this is weird. It’s probably cause I’m so drunk and it doesn’t really matter anymore anyway. You didn’t want me and that was obvious. You even told me to go for it when Shoto asked me out”
“I had only entertained it because I wanted to make you jealous but that was a dumb idea too! Shoto won my heart over in the end but…I sometimes wonder what it would have been like if…th-the point is! It was easy! Very easy! A-and oh gosh! I said too much! Please forget this!”
Katsuki stood up, startling the omega.

“Give me a sec…I’ll be…right back…” Katsuki walked onto his balcony like a zombie and when he shut the door, he screamed as loud as possible, waking up the neighbors. Then he marched back in, loudly rummaged through his fridge and
returned with two of the most expensive bottles of wine he had.

“You and I are gonna race to see who can finish these first.” He slammed them on the coffee table.

“A-are you sure?! What’s the occasion?!” Izuku blinked in horror.

“Your fucked up marriage!”
“If you insist.” Izuku grabbed one of the bottles.

“Ya know, at least you didn’t give in to letting that bastard claim you!” Katsuki said as he angrily took the cork out of his bottle before passing the corkscrew to him.

“He’s not a bastard…” Izuku grumbled.
“Come on, I don’t buy that you’re not angry with him! I would be livid if I was you! You’re here with me and no one else! So let it out!”

“O-okay!” Izuku popped the cork out and guzzled the wine. “FUCK YOU SHOTO! HOW DARE YOU STEAL MY FUTURE FROM ME?! HOW DARE YOU TRAP ME?!”
“YEAH FUCK YOU!” Katsuki and Izuku raced to see who could finish their bottle first and Izuku won before throwing the empty bottle on the floor.







“A MUCH BETTER QUIRK!” Katsuki drunkenly encouraged him. “Wait…that’s not a bad idea…”

Katsuki grinned evily. “Half and Half doesn’t want ‘em right? But I can handle a few pups. Yeah! Yeah! Have mine!”

“R-really?!” Izuku hiccuped. “You’d want pups…with me?!”

“Who else?! You’d be a great dam! The perfect one! And Half and Half won’t have to worry about shit!”
“Kacchan!” Izuku grabbed his cheeks drunkenly. “You’re so smart!”

“Are you kidding? I’m a fucking genius!”

“Let’s do it then! Give me a pup!”

“I’ll give you so many pups, you’ll never walk straight again!”

“You’re the be-” Before Izuku could finish that thought,
Katsuki grabbed his face and smashed their lips together. They sloppily made out as Izuku jumped on him and wrapped his legs around his waist.

“Mmm…you taste good..”

“Shut it.” Katsuki pulled his hair back and stuck his tongue down his throat as he stumbled to his room.
They kissed and touched each other all over sloppily as Katsuki tackled Izuku on his bed.

“You sure you’re okay with this?” Katsuki checked as he unbuckled Izuku’s shorts and undid his zipper.

“I’m more than okay…” Izuku nodded. “Knot me, Kacchan…”

“What about this?”
Katsuki pulled Izuku’s wedding ring off his finger.

“Fuck that!” Izuku angrily grabbed it and threw it across the room before grabbing Katsuki’s face and kissing every inch of it. “Let’s make a baby…”

They spent all night going at it like rabbits.
Izuku had never felt so good and supported and cherished. Sex with Kacchan was nothing like sex with Shoto. It was two entirely different worlds because Izuku trusted Kacchan. Izuku and Shoto’s wedding night wasn’t as blissful as he had hoped. It felt empty and sad and
he was sure he had a slight panic attack throughout the whole thing. Things had improved drastically over the years and they were able to find a rhythm that worked for them, but after the pregnancy scare, their sex life was practically non existent.
But in bed with Kacchan, Izuku felt safe. And that allowed him to feel unimaginably good. So good he never wanted to leave…until he sobered up, that is.

Izuku fluttered his eyes open in a bed that was not his next to an alpha that was not his husband.

Katsuki looked just as shocked to be waking up next to him.


“AAAAAH!” They both screamed as they jolted up.

“D-did that…did we?!” Izuku panicked as he looked everywhere for his wedding band.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Katsuki hit his head over and over.
“Izuku!” Katsuki grabbed his wrist after he stood up. “I’m sorry! Fuck, I’m sorry. Please don’t… shit, I know you’re married and stuff but…but don’t freak out! Don’t shut me out please. It’ll never happen again!”

“R-right.” Izuku gulped. “N-nothing happened.”
“Nothing at all.” Katsuki begged as he gripped his wrist tighter.

“We just um…drank too much and fell asleep. There’s nothing wrong with that.”

“Yeah…yeah.” Katsuki sighed in relief. “You might wanna shower before uh..going home.”

Izuku looked at himself in the mirror and yelped after he started the shower. He was COVERED in scratch marks, bite marks, and hand prints, all over his neck, wrists and ass.

“Really Kacchan?!” He said in horror. He took a long shower as he felt awful about what he had done.
He needed to come clean to Shoto. He needed to tell him everything that happened and why. It was the only way he had even a small chance to fix things. It was wrong. What he did was disgusting and wrong but….but it felt right… he shuddered at the small things he remembered.
Izuku held himself and tried to fight his thoughts but it was difficult. Because everything had felt so good..

“Izuku…” Katsuki walked in the bathroom with a towel for him and a change of clothes. “Don’t hate yourself…it was my fault…”
“No…no it wasn’t. We were both drunk.” Izuku turned the shower off and walked out, grabbing the towel. They were both still naked but it wasn’t awkward. They had known what each other looked like since they were kids. “You had no one to be faithful to. I did. I was worse.”
“I’m still sorry.” Katsuki whispered.

“Don’t apologize. Like I said…we’ll just…forget it. But, but I have to tell Shoto.”

“Do you?” Katsuki whined.

“I’m sorry. It’s the right thing to do.”

“He’s not gonna let us forget it. Especially if you two work it out.”
Katsuki grumbled as he teared up. “I…I don’t wanna lose you. I can’t have him take you away from me.” He whispered.

“Kacchan…” Izuku said worriedly. “Nothing will keep me from your side. Nothing will keep me from working beside you. No marriage is worth it.”
“But..” He put his hand on his chest. “I’m not ready to give up on my marriage just yet. So maybe…maybe he doesn’t have to know.”

“Yeah.” Katsuki nodded. “He kept the kid thing from you until he locked you down. You can keep this.”

“Besides…it won’t happen again.”
“Yeah.” Katsuki put his hand on his. “It won’t.”

“I should get dressed.”

“Right.. I’ll leave you to it then.” Katsuki turned around.



Izuku grabbed his hand. “I do want to try one thing though. Just one time!”

Katsuki looked at him nervously.
“C-can I kiss you? Sober?”

Katsuki smirked and shrugged. “Why not?”

Izuku blushed and took a deep breath before tip toeing and softly kissing him. “Yeah…still great.” He cleared his throat.

“Alright then.”

“Time to get dressed…”
Katsuki walked to the door and grabbed the handle before taking a deep breath. “Fuck it.” He turned back around as Izuku rushed toward him before kissing each other feverishly. Katsuki shoved him back in the shower and turned the water back on as they did it twice more.
After cleaning themselves up again, they said an awkward goodbye and Izuku walked home so he could collect his thoughts before seeing his husband again. He had mixed emotions and was a nervous wreck. What was he thinking?! Could he really keep it from him?!
Kacchan had some make up around to cover bruises and scent neutralizers so Shoto wouldn’t smell him all over him but Izuku had the worst poker face on earth. And Shoto was just as perceptive as Katsuki when it came to his emotions. But Kacchan was right,
there was no way the alpha would be okay with them continuing to work together after what happened. Izuku counted to ten then unlocked the front door.

“Hello?” He said sheepishly as he removed his shoes. “I’m home!”

“Izuku!” Shoto ran downstairs in tears. “You’re alright!”
“I’m sorry! Did I worry you?!” Izuku blinked as his husband threw his arms arms around him.

“Did you not get any of my calls or texts?!”

“My phone died…” Izuku informed him. “I’m really sorry.”

“I worried you and Bakugo got hurt by a villain or something!”
“No, we just went drinking and had a bit too much. I slept on his couch.” Izuku informed him.

“Well, I’m glad you’re home.” Shoto kissed him and Izuku flinched. “Is something wrong?”

“No…it’s just…I had a long night. I’m tired.”
Shoto spent the week being extra doting and amazing. It made Izuku feel more and more guilty. But the feeling passed as the days went on. Going back to work with Kacchan was surprisingly not as awkward. They only slipped and kissed once at their agency.
But that was only the first week and they never really talked about it again. Things picked back up and went back to normal. A month passed and they were on patrol when Kacchan suggested a dango shop.

“You love this one, right?”

“Yeah! It’s my favorite! It has-”
He was going to ramble on about the special way they make the treat when they got close enough to smell it…and the scent revolted him.

“Izuku?” Katsuki blinked as his distress levels went up.

“I’m sorry…I…” He covered his mouth and ran to a trash can before throwing up.
“You okay?!” Katsuki rubbed his back for comfort as Izuku caught his breath.

“What’s…what’s the date today?” The omega asked him.

“November 3rd. Why?!”

“Oh…oh no!” Izuku cried. “Oh no, oh no oh no!”

“What’s the problem?”

“I’m…” Izuku blushed. “I’m late.”
Katsuki paced back and forth in their agency locker room as Izuku took three pregnancy tests just to be sure.

“Well? Any results come back yet?”

“We have to wait a minute, Kacchan.” Izuku informed him.

“Has it not been a minute?!”

“It’s been 10 seconds!”
“It…it would be mine, right?” Katsuki whispered through the stall door. “If it’s positive…”

“I haven’t um… Shoto and I haven’t done anything since the last time I took one of these tests which was 6 months ago…so…yeah…it would be yours. But only if you want…”
“I do!” Katsuki reassured him. “I-I know it’s your choice. And I shouldn’t pressure you or anything to decide one way or the other but…but if it is positive and you do want to keep it. I’ll be the best damn sire there is! Any way I can be!”
“What do you mean by that? Any way you can be?“

“I mean..if you wanna leave him and be with me, that’s fine! If you don’t wanna leave him and wanna lie to him and tell him it’s his, then that’s fine too! I’ll just be the cool uncle who comes around a LOT! I’ll do whatever!”
Katsuki assured him. “If you wanna be single and independent, I’ll still come by and give you half my paychecks and take care of you when you’re sick and watch them any time! I…I’m by your side! No matter what you decide!”

“Kacchan…” Izuku cried.
This was what he needed. This kind of support. This kind of assurance. No matter what he decides…everything will be okay because it was Kacchan’s.

His timer went off and he anxiously looked at the tests.

“So?!” Katsuki could hardly breathe.
Izuku slid them all under the door. “I don’t know what to do.”

Katsuki knew Izuku was freaking out but he couldn’t help but feel overjoyed at the three positive test results. “That’s fine. Whatever you decide, I’ll be here to catch you.”
Izuku opened the door and walked out in a daze.

“I’m gonna have a pup.”

Katsuki leaned down and rubbed his stomach gently. “We are.”

“Yeah…we are. Thank you.” Izuku cried. “Thank you so much.”

“So? We’re keeping it?”

“I think I’ll die if I lose it.”
Katsuki kissed him and Izuku couldn’t help but kiss him back. He knew what he had to do. He had to do the right thing. He had to do the right thing for his pup.

Izuku sat anxiously in the living room as Shoto returned home from work.

“I’m home.” The alpha announced.
“Shoto…” Izuku called him. “I’m in here.” He was curled up in a blanked, holding himself. He had to tell him the truth. He had to leave him the right way. This wasn’t going to be easy.

“Everything alright?” His husband flipped the lights on as he walked in carrying a present.
“W-what’s that?” Izuku blinked.

“It’s for you.” Shoto smiled sweetly as he sat next to him.

“What’s the occasion?”

“I’ve been thinking.” Shoto sighed. “I went to visit Nee-San today.”

“How’s she doing?”

“Her and the kids are good…”
“That’s good.” Izuku smiled sadly.

“But she had a very honest talk with me. About how growing up affected her as a dam. About how happy she is she could provide her kids a happy loving home and how…despite everything, she still had the ability to love them.”
“I love them too, and…I realized I was unfair to you. I’ve been unfair to you. Please. Open it.”

Izuku anxiously opened the gift to reveal a special edition All Might tea set. Decaffeinated. There was a note on the top. It read:

‘I changed my mind. Let’s start a family.’
Izuku stood up knocking the gift on the ground.


“I’m sorry…I feel sick!” Izuku covered his mouth and ran to the bathroom before puking his guts out in the toilet.

What was he going to do now?!
Shoto felt shocked to his core. Too shocked to speak. Too shocked to think. Too shocked to even breathe. He never thought Izuku was capable of something like this. His sweet, kind, beautiful Izuku who refused to even look at him as he confessed his pregnancy in their room.
After he had ran to the restroom, Shoto found him wracked with tears and shaking in fear.

The alpha had carried him to their bedroom and tried to calm him down and when he finally did, Izuku apologized over and over.

“What’s wrong? Why are you sorry?”
“I…I’m…I’m already…I..I’m p-pregnant.”

“Huh?” Shoto blinked, confused. He didn’t look it or smell it. “You look great for 6 months!” He tried to reassure him.

“No…I…I’m only about one month. It’s…it’s not yours, I’m so sorry.”
“What do you mean it’s not-”

“I was unfaithful to you!” Izuku confessed as he rambled on and on and every word he spoke was like a knife to his chest. “I’m sorry, you didn’t deserve it. You’ve been wonderful and I…I’m disgusting and you don’t deserve someone awful like me..”
He went on and and on about how Shoto deserved someone better to start a family with, who would be mated to him no matter what, and who wouldn’t do something so unforgivable. But Shoto didn’t want anyone. He wanted Izuku. This made no sense! This wasn’t who he was.
“Who did this to you?” Shoto whispered as he gently wiped his tears. “Who hurt you, Izuku? Tell me…we can make sure they pay for this. Whatever happened isn’t your fault.”

“No one hurt me…” Izuku sniffled. “I…I’m just as guilty as they are.”
“You’ve been on the other side of this several times.” Shoto said patiently. “You know as well as I do, that it’s never the victims fault.”

“I’m not a victim, Shoto! I… I wanted what happened to happen. I know it’s awful. But that’s all on me. I betrayed you and I’m sorry!”
Shoto tried to process what he was saying but no matter how much he tried to wrap his head around it, he couldn’t fathom that Izuku could do something like this.

“Who’s the sire then? Who was worth putting everything on the line for?!”

“My pup, Shoto!” Izuku caressed his belly.
“I wanted one. I wanted one more than anything and you knew that before marrying me! I was wrong to…I was wrong to go about it the way I did but…but I found out about him today and… I don’t regret it because I’m so happy!” Izuku said threw his tears.
“I’m sorry! But…”

Before Izuku could finish his sentence, Shoto kissed him.

“You’re right. It my fault. I neglected you and your needs and…and I held back how I really felt before we got married because I wanted you more than anything! I’m the one who should be sorry!”
Izuku froze in shock as he heard his husband speak.

“I still want you. I love you. I want to be mated. I want to raise this pup with you! I forgive you and I’ll forget at this very moment that it isn’t mine! But please!” Shoto grabbed his hand. “Do this with me….”
Izuku looked away as he tried to process how he felt. He didn’t expect this. He didn’t expect Shoto to want him still. He didn’t expect to want his pup. But… it wasn’t just his pup.

“I’m sorry.” Izuku said quietly. “The sire already knows. And… I think my pup needs his family”
Shoto stood up and marched toward the door.

“Where are you going?!”

“I need air!” The alpha said. “I’ll be back! Just…. Give me a moment!” He rushed down the stairs and outside his house as he let his emotions overwhelm him. He was angry. He was beyond angry.
He needed to get away from Izuku before he said things to him he could never take back. He promised himself he would never so much as raise his voice at his husband and he never was tempted to until now. The last thing he ever wanted to do was terrify him.
But the fact that he betrayed him…the fact that he wanted a family with someone else just for the sake of having a family made him beyond upset. He was willing to forgive. He was willing to do anything to not lose him and Izuku didn’t care. It hurt.
He burst into tears outside in the garden as he processed everything. It was all so much… his thoughts were everywhere but one thought possessed him that made it worth going back inside. He took a few deep breaths to calm himself down and then walked back up the stairs.
Shoto could hear his husband crying to himself through their bedroom door. And his distressed scent made his alpha go nuts with the instinct to protect him any way he can. But... he was the one who hurt him. Izuku did this to himself.
Shoto slowly opened the door and Izuku ran to him and threw his arms around him.

"I'm sorry." He apologized once more. "I... I was just...sad. All the time! And I was tired of it! I.. I couldn't pretend anymore! It started at our wedding reception and it never stopped!
"Is that it then?" Shoto cupped his face with his hand and gently wiped his tears off with his thumb. "You're done with me? You won't even try to make it work?"

"It's already broken." Izuku grumbled. "I can't make it work. I gave up trying a long time ago."
"And you really think it is going to work with this alpha?!" Shoto couldn't stop himself from snapping. "This piece of shit who would take advantage of your misery to sleep with you?! As someone who loves you, I can't subject you to that!"
"He's not a piece of-"

"Don't you defend him to me! As far as I'm concerned, he's the lowest life form on earth who doesn't deserve to breathe oxygen, much less the breath that comes from your mouth!" Shoto cried.


"No! I won't allow this! You deserve better!"
"Allow?!" Izuku blinked in confusion. "What are you saying?! You can't stop me from doing what's best for my pup!"

"If you honestly think that jerk is what's best then you're mistaken! You really think he's gonna stick by your side through this?!"
"He will! I know he will! He was supportive when I told him and he was happy! I could feel it!"

"He was happy to be able to fuck you! When he's done with you, he'll just toss you aside!"

"I can't hear this right now! Stop!" Izuku cried. "Just let me go in peace!"
"Who is it, Izuku?! Who did this to you?!"

"I don't wanna say right now! I...it's too stressful!" Izuku started to tremble. "But he's the opposite of what you think he is! And he would never ever lie to me just to get what he wants!"
"I'm sorry but-"

"I don't believe you." Shoto said as tears streamed down his face. He pulled out his phone and started furiously typing.

"Well it's true. He would never-"

"No. I don't believe you're sorry. But it doesn't matter. I have to do what's best for you."
"As your husband, I swore to love and protect you for better or worse! And that's what I'm gonna do!" He put his phone away and Izuku panicked.

"I won't go to a doctor! You can't-"

"I didn't make you a doctors appointment!" Shoto sighed as Izuku's phone started blowing up.
Izuku shakily pulled it out and felt like the wind was kicked out of him as he saw what his husband had tweeted out.

'Very pleased to announce Izuku and I are expecting our first child. Thank you for all the support. ✨'


His phone kept buzzing as his head swirled.
Izuku wanted to keep the pregnancy to himself. He really didn't want the whole world knowing so soon. Now everyone knew and everyone thought it was Shoto's. Revealing Kacchan was the sire would be career suicide. So many choices were ripped from him with a single post.
It was overwhelming and it was happening all at once. His mom, All Might, Endeavor, Fuyumi, his PR Agent, Ochaco, Tenya, everyone was blowing up his phone with calls or congratulations. How was he supposed to explain to everyone what he did?!
“Do you know what you just did?” Izuku questioned weakly.

“Do you?!” Shoto glanced down at his stomach. “Do you honestly have any idea who you are anymore? This isn’t you! Someone is manipulating you. I’m not going to let them ruin your life!”
Izuku began to hyperventilate as he realized Shoto was right. Someone has been manipulating him for years. It was him. And now he just ruined his life and his pups life and Izuku couldn’t do anything about it. Telling the truth would ruin his, Kacchan’s and their pups reputation.
He was stuck.

“What do you even want from me anymore?” Izuku cried. “This isn’t love! It’s torture! Why would you want to be miserable with someone like me?!”

“Because no day with you is miserable! Even my worst days with you are better than my best days without you!”
“I don’t want to be with you anymore.” Izuku said firmly. “I want to be with the sire of my pup. He would never make me feel like this!”

“If you want to risk everything you’ve worked hard for, everything All Might gave you, and everything you and Bakugo have built for this guy,”
“the door is right there! I won’t get in your way!” Shoto stepped to the side and Izuku sunk into their bed, feeling numb. “Well?”

“Do you want the guest room…or should I take it?” He said quietly.

“I’m not the bad guy…” Shoto sighed in relief. “I just wanna be a team again.”
“Then pick. Where do you wanna sleep?”


“I’m doing what you want! Isn’t that enough?! Just tell me so I can go to bed. I’m tired!” Izuku cried. “It’s been a long exhausting day and I just want to sleep!”
“I guess I’ll sleep in the guest room.” Shoto relented.

Izuku stood up, grabbed his pillow, favorite blanket and started packing his bags.

“What are you doing?”

“If you want the guest room, then I’m taking it!”


“You sleep here!”
Shoto watched on helplessly as Izuku packed his things then marched downstairs and slammed the guest room door before locking it. He knew things were awful now. But they would get better. They had to. Izuku didn’t really have a choice.
Katsuki pored his unexpected late night visitor a tall glass of wine. He was ready for a fight when Todoroki knocked on his door but the oblivious son of a bitch instead vented to him about everything that went down that evening.
“I didn’t know else to do?” Shoto was shaking and crying as Katsuki tried not throw the wine bottle at his head. “I know I failed him in so many ways and now he’s pregnant by some other alpha! And he won’t tell me who! I need your help, Bakugo!”
“Why should I help you?” Katsuki seethed. “You know this is all your fault. And now you basically forced him to stay with you even though he wants to be with this other guy. That’s shitty! I don’t do that love shit but if Izuku of all people betrayed you, you really fucked up!”
“I know I did…but this other alpha…I don’t trust him. I know Izuku made his choice and he should live with it and if this guy hurts him, that’s all on him but… I can’t let it happen. I still love him. I don’t care that he betrayed me. I deserved that! He doesn’t deserve this!”
Katsuki sipped from his own wine glass and thought for a moment.

“This issue is you fucked up Izuku’s trust in you. He won’t tell you shit.”

“I know…” Shoto sighed.

“So bring him to me.”


“Let him stay here. I’ll get it out of him.”
Katsuki advised.

“Why does he have to stay here? Cant you just come over and talk to him?” Shoto blinked.

“1. You two need space. Ever heard of absence makes the heart grow fonder? 2. Izuku hates being told what to do. If I ‘let’ him go see the guy, I can find out who he is.”
“3. Your dimwit stunt put him in a hell of a lot of danger! Everyone knows he can’t fight now! That includes villains, dumbass! He needs someone to protect him! Let me be that someone!”

“Oh…I didn’t consider that.” Shoto looked up in horror.

“No! Ya really didn’t!”
“Al…alright. I’ll bring him by tomorrow morning. I’m so sorry for all the trouble. And thank you for doing this.”

“I’m not doing it for you…” Katsuki grumbled.

“Thank you anyway.” Shoto sighed. “Hopefully you can talk some sense into him by the end of the week…”
“No promises.” Katsuki shrugged. “Sense and Izuku don’t exactly see eye to eye. Look who he married.” He teased.

“Look who he chose as his hero partner.” Shoto teased back.

“Get out of my place.” Katsuki sighed. “See ya tomorrow.”

“Yeah…I’ll see you.”
As soon as Shoto shut the door behind him, Katsuki jumped up on his couch and pumped his fist in victory! He was getting Izuku all to himself for a whole week. He didn’t care what kind of trouble they were going to get into. They were already in hell. They might as well raise it.
Izuku woke up to the light tap of a door. Right. He was in the guest room. Everything that had happened the day before hit him like a truck. He sat up in realization before caressing his stomach. He had a pup on the way. Kacchan’s pup! This was real. It wasn’t a dream… but..
“Izuku. It’s me, can I please come in?”

It had become a nightmare. He knew what he did was wrong. He completely betrayed Shoto but Shoto had also completely betrayed him. He supposed he deserved it. But… he couldn’t help but long for happiness despite everything.
And he couldn’t be happy being married any longer. Unfortunately, separating now would completely ruin his career. It was all so much to process. He was too overwhelmed to decide anything.

“The door is unlocked…” Izuku informed him. Shoto opened it slowly, holding a bouquet.
“Flowers aren’t going to fix things…” Izuku sighed. “They’re not going to cheer me up.”

“They’re not meant for that.” Shoto walked further in carrying a suit case. “They’re meant as an apology. Regardless if it fixes anything. I’m sorry for what I did last night.”
“Just like I told you on our wedding night… you can apologize, and I can forgive you, but it doesn’t take back what you did. You can’t take it back. I know I can’t take back what I did either. So now here we are… stuck.” Izuku looked at him.

“Not completely.”
Shoto lightly caressed his face before leaning down and pecking him on lips. Izuku didn’t kiss back, but he didn’t flinch either.

“I know you’re overwhelmed. I know everything is awful and terrible but I want us to be able to get some space. Some time to think.”
“How can I have time to think when everyone already knows? My time to think is over…I don’t have many choices left.” Izuku lamented.

“We can decided how we move forward together, Izuku as a team but…I know you’ll never see us that way if your stuck here.”
“So, why don’t you stay with Bakugo for a little bit? Get some time to yourself to process everything.”

“Huh?” The life in Izuku’s eyes returned noticeably causing his husband to sigh in relief.

“He already knows everything that happened. He’s agreed to let you stay with him.”
“R-really?” Izuku tried to contain his happiness. “You told him?”

“I’m sorry. I just needed someone to vent to. Someone who I trust more than anything who won’t tell a single soul. Someone who could make me see where I went wrong.” Shoto grabbed his hand.
“So… he suggested I stay with him?” Izuku smiled nervously as he realized how evil the sire of his pup was. But the villainy was welcomed at the moment.

“Yes. And I agree. But only temporarily! I love you, Izuku. I want this to work. I will do anything to make this work!”
“Thank you.” Izuku nodded as he gripped the flowers and held them to his chest. “I…really appreciate it.”

Shoto leaned down and kissed his forehead gently. “Anything for you.”

Izuku was packed and ready to go in an hour. He still hadn’t answered many of his phone calls.
He didn’t want to think about that. Right now, his only thought was Kacchan. It was the only thing keeping him going. He needed to get out of this house.

Shoto pulled up to Kacchan’s place and the other alpha was waiting outside. He opened Izuku’s door and grabbed his suitcase.
“I’ll be upstairs, setting your stuff up in my guest room after you say goodbye.” Katsuki informed him. Izuku nodded gratefully and then turned to his husband after his hero partner was out of eyesight.

“Goodbye Shoto. Thanks again.”

“Izuku.” Shoto sniffled.
“You know I love you, right?”

“Yes..” Izuku said sadly.

“Do you still…do you still love me?”

“I’ll always love you Shoto.” Izuku reassured him. “But… I’m not happy with you. I haven’t been for a long time.”

“I see… I can work on that. If there’s one thing I ask…”
“Its that during this time apart… you think about giving me a chance to make you happy.”

“I’ll think about it.” Izuku nodded. “Thank you for this.”

“Bye then.”


Shoto kissed him and Izuku kissed him back.
He really was sad his marriage was ending. But it had to. He knew he would think about all kinds of things while away from him. He didn’t lie when he said he would think about the possibility of giving him another chance. But… he knew it would be fruitless at the same time.
They had failed. This marriage was as good as over. It never felt right in the first place. Izuku took a deep breath after waving his husband off. Then he opened the door to Katsuki’s place and saw him smirking that signature grin when he had won something major.
“He gone?” Katsuki asked after Izuku shut the door behind him.

“You’re unbelievable.” Izuku scolded him.

“I got you out of there, didn’t I?”

“Yeah.” Izuku smiled his wobbly smile as tears poured down his face. All his emotions crashing down at once.
“Yeah you did!” Izuku ran to him and threw his arms around him as he sobbed uncontrollably in his chest. Everything was screwed up. But being wrapped in Kacchan’s arms, being enveloped by his scent, being supported by him in his home…he felt maybe…just maybe things would be ok.

(Very small update as I didn’t get much sleep and need to crash! Will continue again later. 💕)
Katsuki tucked Izuku into his den after he had tired himself out from crying. He had a guest room, sure. But that was for guests. Izuku was much more than that. He was… well, the dam of his pup for one! As far as their relationship? They hadn’t really discussed it. Not outright.
Not like they had much time decide that thanks to that damn Todoroki! What the hell was Half and Half thinking, claiming his pup as his own in front of the whole world?! Any guilt Katsuki may have had about sleeping with his omega was GONE the moment he did that.
Izuku wrinckled his nose as he gripped Katsuki’s pillow for dear life, burying his face in it and chirping. Katsuki’s alpha swelled with pride at the omega in his bed. He gently ran his hands through his curls and caressed his face as he slept peacefully.
He couldn’t believe it. Izuku was carrying his pup. It may have been through a series of poor, very drunk decisions, but finally, Katsuki had him right where he always wanted him. He knew he was in love with the omega after their first year at UA.
They had been through so much together and Katsuki knew there would be no one else for him in the world. No one else who would get him, keep up with him or understand him. Izuku had it all. He was strong, smart, fast, and beautiful. His scent was Katsuki’s favorite drug.
But self loathing was a real bitch to him after everything he had been through. And everything he had put Izuku through. Katsuki never felt he was good enough for him. He promised himself he would always love him from afar. And be by his side, no matter what.
He would work overdrive for Izuku’s happiness and basically be his bonus alpha. Katsuki thought since Izuku was so focused on being a hero anyway that he wouldn’t have to worry about any other alphas for awhile. That the heart break was a long ways off. But that was naive of him.
Of course other alphas would be crawling for the chance to get to be with Izuku. He had been courted by several of them throughout their second year but thankfully Izuku never thought to give them the time of day. Until Shoto finally grew a pair their third year.
Katsuki knew the other alpha loved him too. And if there was anyone who deserved Izuku’s time of day, it was him. He was almost relieved when they started dating. Because Shoto respected his place in Izuku’s life. He understood it more than anyone could.
He was never jealous and he fully supported the two's plan to be hero partners. And Katsuki THOUGHT that he would be able to properly care for Izuku. He thought he was the perfect alpha for him. The only person other than himself that he would ever trust to care for him.
When Izuku approached him after Shoto started courting him and asked what he thought, Katsuki never in a million years would have realized it was because the omega was actually in love with him and wanted him to shut it down. So like an idiot, he told Izuku to go for it!
Katsuki never thought Izuku could actually want an alpha like him. Izuku deserved someone who was kind to him and put him first and never even thought about raising his voice. Shoto checked all the boxes so of course he was happy for them when they got together.
He could be happy for them and sad for himself at the same time. It hurt. It hurt watching them hold hands. It hurt hearing Izuku babble on and on about how wonderful he was. It hurt watching them kiss, it hurt helping Shoto plan his proposal.
It hurt watching Izuku enthusiastically accept it. But Izuku was the only person earth he loved more than himself. So he could take the pain for him. He’s already taken several bullets for him, what’s one more? He thought he had made the right choice.
But Izuku suffered for five years because he was a coward. Something seemed off at the wedding. Katsuki kept his eyes on the omega the whole reception, making sure he kept that beautiful smile on his face the whole time. But then the stupid hag said SOMETHING and-
the happy couple wasn’t so happy anymore. Katsuki watched as they seemed to have some sort of hushed disagreement. Then Izuku ran to the balcony and Katsuki could tell, he was a moment away from flooding the reception with his pretty tears.
He chased after him and found he was having cold feet after the fact. Which was an odd time to have them but Izuku’s brain wasn’t the most rational working organ in the world. Katsuki, like an idiot, thought he he eased his worries and sent him right back into Shoto’s arms.
Later, he confronted his mom, asking her to dance so he didn’t cause a scene and scream at her for ruining the wedding HE planned.

“What did you say to them?!” He whispered to her.

“Nothing! I just wished them congratulations!” She giggled drunkly.

“You reek.”
Katsuki grumbled. Whatever she said, she probably wouldn’t even remember it.

“You wanna know something, Katsuki?” She whispered in his ear. “They’re not gonna last.”

“Stop that! Izuku deserves to be happy!” Katsuki scolded her.

“I know he does.”
She smiled sweetly at him as she caressed his face with her long acrylic nails. “But only my Katsuki is able to do it.”

“Shut it.”

“You’re the best alpha for him and you know it.”

“It’s a little late for that, don’t you think?!” Katsuki seethed under his breath.
“I never raised you to give up!” She scolded him. “You’re a Bakugo, act like it! Go steal him for a dance!”

“Go drink some water!” Katsuki rolled his eyes.

“When they finalize the divorce, I’ll be the first one to tell you I told you so!” Mitsuki snickered.
Katsuki cursed himself at that thought.

He was surprised that Izuku took his advice and returned from his honeymoon without a mating mark. He wanted to ask, but felt he should let Izuku come to him if there was a problem.
Katsuki thought Izuku’s anxiety at the reception were fleeting. He didn’t realize him not being 100 percent sure about Shoto was something that would last. But day after day, Izuku came to work smelling like himself. Katsuki felt relieved every time he saw him.
Every day, he wondered if that was the day Izuku and Shoto would finally be bound for life. But 5 years had passed and Izuku was still unclaimed and he still went by Midoriya.

Katsuki wished he wasn’t such a coward. He wished he asked him about his troubles sooner.
Hell, he wished he properly courted him the second he realized he loved him. Maybe then they would already be on their second pup.

Shit, they were having a pup. Together. It was real. It wasn’t a pipe dream anymore. Katsuki was going to be a sire in 8 months.
He stared at Izuku in awe as he drooled slightly. He caressed the small saliva trail with his thumb before tracing his hand down his neck and torso before landing on his shirt. He lifted it slight and traced his belly with his hands. Izuku purred at the contact.
Katsuki’s heart swelled as he caressed it over and over in fascination. There was a whole human growing in there. A gift for him and Izuku to raise and send out into the world and hope they come back and visit with cookies. He wondered if it would be a boy or girl.
Alpha, beta or omega? Quirkless or with an explosion quirk? Or a different quirk all together? Katsuki’s mind raced at all the possibilities. A future. His future with Izuku. He was relieved at that moment that what Izuku really wanted was to raise the pup together.
Because when Shoto announced “their” pregnancy to the world, Katsuki was heartbroken. He told Izuku he was fine with doing whatever but at that moment, it realized it wasn’t true. He wanted to be a family with Izuku! Him! He wanted to be the sire! Not the uncle!
Izuku's purrs became louder as his eyes fluttered open.

"K..Kacchan? Oh... I fell asleep... I'm sorry." He blushed.

"Don't apologize." Katsuki whispered. "You need to rest after your emotions were jerked around like that."

"Right..." Izuku sighed as put his hand over Katsuki's
"What do we do?" He questioned anxiously. "What am I supposed to tell my mom, All Might and everyone? Am I just supposed to lie? Am I supposed to go along with it and tell everyone it's his? What if he or she comes out looking exactly like you?"
"What if..."

Katsuki kissed him to shut him up. It felt good to finally act on that impulse. To show affection any way he could. "To hell with what ifs. What do you want? If Half and Half never lied to the world, what would you have wanted, huh?"

"I... I want to raise our pup"
The omega said before lacing his fingers in Katsuki's. "Together... b-but only if you really wanted to!"

"Of course I want to, Izuku!" Katsuki crawled over him before kissing him again. "Shit, you have no idea how long I've wanted to!"

"What do you m-mean?" Izuku blinked.
"I MEAN I had the biggest crush on you in high school too, nerd!" Katsuki stressed. "Only, it never went away..."

"Why... why didn't you tell me?!" Izuku teared up. "All this time you've wanted me and I..." He thought back to all the times he gushed to Kacchan about Shoto.
All the dates Kacchan accompanied him and Shoto on as a reluctant third wheel. All the time Izuku ran and jumped and kissed Shoto while Katsuki was right there. If he had known, he never would have been so careless with his feelings.
Hell, if he had known, he never would have dated Shoto!

"I'm sorry! That must have hurt! I must have hurt you so m-"

Katsuki could never get enough of his new ability to stop Izuku's motor mouth with his own.

"YOU didn't do shit. I caused my own misery, you hear?"
"I'm the one who was too chicken shit to court you! I didn't think I deserved you! But I know now that was stupid! I'm just as bad as Half and Half. I took your decision on that matter way too! If I had just owned up to it... maybe you could have been actually happy."
"It's not all your fault." Izuku said sadly. "I was scared to tell you how I feel too."

"Feel?" Katsuki raised his brow at the present tense.

"I'm having your baby, Kacchan!" Izuku giggled.

"So? We were drunk."

"Not every time. I... I love you. You make me feel happy."
Izuku pecked him on the cheek. “You make me feel safe.” Then the lips. “You make me feel strong. I wish more than anything, that we can be a happy family and everyone can be happy for us. But how are we supposed to now?”

“Sorry, I didn’t catch anything after ‘I love you’”
Izuku smiled at him sweetly, waiting for his brain to fully process it.

“I-I mean! Fuck! I love you too!” Katsuki started crying, surprising him.

“Kacchan! Don’t cry!”

“I’m not crying dummy! You’re just seeing things cause you’re pregnant! Ma says it makes people go crazy!”
Izuku giggled as his own tears started to pour. He pulled him on top of him and wrapped his legs around his waist as they poured all their feelings out in the connection of their lips. Izuku knew he was technically still married. But nothing could convince him that this was wrong
They cuddled and enjoyed each other’s company for a few hours, getting used to the feel of intimacy between them. The only part of each other they never got to know. Izuku was happy and content and he almost forgot about his worries until his phone started to buzz again.
“Don’t.” Katsuki reached for it but Izuku was faster.

“It’s mom again… I can’t ignore her forever.” Izuku sighed. “I just don’t know what to-”

Katsuki snatched the phone from him and answered it.


“Katsuki! Can I please speak to Izuku? I don’t know if you saw but,”
“I saw.” Katsuki interrupted her. “He put that out there before Izuku wanted him to.” He informed her. “He’s freaking out.” He put her on silent as she panicked wondering if her son was okay. “I’m gonna tell her the truth, Izuku.” He whispered to him.

“But, you don’t have to worry about anything anymore. I’ll handle it from here. You get to be happy. Leave the stressful stuff to me.”

“Um…” Izuku knew this was crazy. But he trusted Kacchan. He could see the way he watching his reaction.
He wasn’t asking for permission, but he wouldn’t go through with it if it upset him.


Katsuki took her off speaker. “Auntie, it’s mine.”


“The pup is mine. Shoto doesn’t know. It’s a long story. Come over and I’ll tell it to you. Izuku’s staying here.”
Izuku froze in fear as his mother went silent.

“I’ll be over in 15 minutes.”

“Thanks and don’t-” Before he could say anything, the phone cut off.

Katsuki sighed as he waited for it. He knew what was coming. 5 minutes passed. Then HIS phone started blowing up.
“Damnit.” Katsuki groaned. Text after text after text.

“Who is it?” Izuku blinked.

“Who do you think?” Katsuki showed Izuku the messages notification.

Hag 👹
TBC 👯‍♀️
Izuku cried into his mom’s shoulder as she held him tenderly while Katsuki was busy getting whacked in the head repeatedly by a magazine he forgot to put away before his mother came over.

“WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?! I told you they were gonna divorced! Why couldn’t you wait?!”
“I TOLD YOU! WE WEREN’T THINKING! IT JUST HAPPENED!” Katsuki screamed back at her.

“Don’t blame my sweet innocent Izuku in this! You tempted him! And now look! He has to work in overdrive to try to avoid public humiliation for himself, you, AND MY GRANDBABY!”
“I’m sorry, mom.” Izuku sniffled while Inko wiped his tears away. “I’m know you raised me better than this…I should have waited… I shouldn’t have gone about it this way. I’m sorry.”

“Izuku, why didn’t you tell me you weren’t happy?” Inko asked him. “All this time…”
“All this time I thought I didn’t have to worry about you. That Shoto-kun was a fine enough alpha. That he loved and respected you. And even though he wasn’t Katsuki-kun, he made you happy in his own way.” She began to cry herself. “To think he hid something so important…”
“…so important to YOU until it was too late…”

“This all you fault, Katsuki! If you just grew a pair and asked him out earlier, poor Izuku wouldn’t have had to go through this!” Mitsuki scolded him.

“It’s not all Kacchan’s fault!” Izuku defended him.
“I was scared to tell your son how I feel too… and I was too scared to leave my marriage when I found out how Shoto felt about the future I wanted… I’m just as guilty.” Izuku grumbled.

“Auntie..” Katsuki walked over to Inko and bowed slightly to her. “I’m sorry.”
“I put my own fears in front of what Izuku wanted. I put him in this humiliating position. But I promise I’m going to be better! I’m gonna take care of your son! And I’m gonna be the best sire I can be to our child!”

“I know you will, Katsuki-kun.” Inko smiled.
She stood up and walked toward him before putting her hand on the scar on his shoulder that was peeking out from his tank top. “You always have cared for my Izuku. You always have loved him. Though I wish you two would have gone about this in a better way, what’s done is done.”
She walked toward Mitsuki and grabbed her hands. “I can’t wait to meet our grandchild!” They both cried and giggled in happiness and Izuku felt immense relief. He thought his mother would be far more disappointed than she was.
They spent the next couple of days telling only a few trusted individuals. Namely All Might, Denki, and Ochaco. Izuku was overwhelmed by all the support, love and compassion he was given. Denki had always been supportive of Kacchan’s pursuit or lack thereof of Izuku.
He had been his shoulder to lean on and was the ONLY person Kacchan had confided in. He was extremely happy for them and while he thought it was a little uncool what they did, he understood why it came to that. Ochaco was surprised that Izuku had it in him to cheat.
But given that it was Kacchan, it made sense. She was LIVID that Shoto would trap him in a marriage while hiding how he really felt about Izuku’s dreams. She didn’t care about his reasons, she fully supported Izuku’s wrongs and was excited their kids were going to grow together.
“Don’t worry about Tenya. He won’t know a thing until you’re ready for him to know.” Ochaco reassured him. “Your secret is safe with me.”

All Might was extremely shocked by the turn of events. He was less than impressed with the way they went about it, but he was also relieved.
He cared about Shoto but he felt so much guilt in his heart because he always felt Katsuki and Izuku belonged together.

“My happiness for your future outweighs my disappointment at your present actions.” All Might had explained while giving them a thumbs up.
“You have an uphill battle to fight given what Young Todoroki put online. But if anyone deserves happiness, it’s you two. Let me know if I can do anything to help.”

“You’ve already done enough” Katsuki sighed. “The only thing I ask is you help keep this crybaby together.”
Katsuki rolled his eyes and he squeezed Izuku’s hand tightly.

Izuku was happy to have Kacchan by his side. He was happy he helped rip the band aids off he was most afraid to touch. Katsuki spent the whole week helping him relax and focus on his happiness for the pup to come.
Kacchan took his phone away and monitored who called and texted him and only gave it to him if he deemed them stress free. Izuku appreciated it greatly. He felt spoiled. Kacchan cooked for him, bathed him, took care of him and showered him with affection.
Ever since he got married, Izuku had been living with a knot in his belly. He was always nervous and sad an anxious and after five years, that knot had finally started to loosen.

Katsuki was massaging shampoo in Izuku’s hair, admiring how receptive he was to his touch.
The omega had his eyes closed and looked like he was in heaven as he purred excessively. Katsuki kissed his forehead gently, getting soap in his mouth.

“I’m never letting you leave, Izuku.” Katsuki whispered softly. “You okay with that?”

“Hmmm? You say something?”
Izuku said as he barely managed to flutter his eyes open.

“You tired after a long day of lazin around my couch?” Katsuki teased him.

“Mmm…looking at your All Might comics out of order was stressful on my brain.” Izuku teased back.

“They are not out of order!”
“They’re ordered by release date! Not chronologically in the story!”

“That’s just chaotic.” Izuku yawned. “They only released volumes 9 and 10 before 7 and 8 because of a shipping error. But 7 and 8 are meant to be read first.”

“Nuh uh! If you read closely, that arcs villain-”
“-has a reality quirk! He bends time and space and all that! So we’re supposed to think All Might is in the present but he’s actually in the future! Which is why 9 and 10 released first!” Katsuki explained.

“That was a retcon and a joke. All Might defeats the villain right away”
Katsuki was about to go on and on about how wrong he was when he got a phone call. From Todoroki.

“Rinse this soap out of your hair and get to bed.” Katsuki kissed him really quick. “I have to take this annoying call. I’ll be right back.”

“Okay…” Izuku said sleepily.
“Damnit, you’ll fall asleep in the tub and drown at this point.” Katsuki snickered. He texted Shoto he’ll call him back then helped Izuku rinse and dry off. He tucked him into bed and kissed him but Izuku had long since fallen asleep. Brat.
After turning the lights out and stepping outside, he called back the Half and Half bastard.

“What do you want?” Katsuki greeted.

“How’s Izuku?” Shoto wondered.

“He’s fine. Finally got him to relax.” Katsuki emphasized.

“That’s good.” Shoto sighed in relief.
“Did he… tell you who it is yet? Did you find out anything?”

“About that…” Katsuki said steadily. “I’m gonna need more time. I think I’m wearing the answer out of him, but if ya really wanna know, I need more than a week.”

“Really? I miss him Bakugo, I don’t think-”
“Listen! You need to think about more than just yourself right now! That’s how you got into this mess! Izuku needs this time away! And if you want any goddamn hope of him ever coming back and not running off with this jerk, you’ll let him stay here!” Katsuki stressed.
“Is he really that upset with me?” Shoto. “Does he really want leave me that badly?”

“He’s not thinking about you right now! He’s freaking out about everyone knowing something he wasn’t ready for them to know! Even if it was yours, telling the world like that was stupid!”
“Fine…But please have him call me by the week’s end.”

“Sure. But only if you promise not to say shit that would freak him out more than he already is!” Katsuki bargained.

“Yeah… I won’t. Thank you, Bakugo. I don’t know what I would…what WE would do without you.”
“Whatever.” Katsuki hung up quick and stepped back inside. He went inside the bedroom and crawled back into bed with his… with his Izuku. He put his arm around him and protectively rubbed his belly like he did every night. But he felt unsettled.
He didn’t want Shoto to ever be able to take him back. He wanted Izuku and their pup all to himself always. Katsuki nuzzled the omegas neck and took a huge whiff of his scent gland.

“Mm…” Izuku stirred as Katsuki kissed it over and over. Damn. He wanted him so bad.
Katsuki couldn’t help himself as he lapped it with his tongue causing Izuku to mewl in his sleep. His alpha fangs elongated and damnit, he was so tempted to make him his.

‘My omega’

‘My pup’


His alpha screamed at him.

Izuku mumbled happily before grabbing onto his shirt with his hand. “Love you…so safe…”

“Shit.” Katsuki retreated as he held him tight. He needed to control himself! Damnit what was he just about to do?!
“Marry me, Kacchan…” Izuku giggled like a child who was just given a lollipop. He was dreaming so peacefully and happily. Katsuki couldn’t help but fall in love all over again.

“One day, Izuku… One day…”
“Where are you going?!” Izuku blinked cutely with bits of rice stuck to his cheek from his breakfast as he watched Katsuki grab his keys.

“Don’t you worry your pretty little head about that.” Katsuki scoffed. “I’ll be back.”

“Kacchan, I know you don’t want to stress me out,”
“but not knowing what you’re doing stresses me out more. I may be pregnant but I’m not so sensitive that I can’t handle a little bit honesty about what’s going on out there.” Izuku grumbled.

“Fine.” Katsuki sighed. “I have a meeting with Kokami.”

Izuku dropped his chopsticks.
“I tried to spare you!” Katsuki rolled his eyes as the omega stood up.

“Kacchan! I thought we would agree to tell her together! If I’m not there, she’ll go ballistic!”

Kokami Sena, their PR agent, was an odd ball. Eccentric was an understatement.
Outside to the world, in front of the cameras, and behind the scenes during talk shows, she was poised, cool, calm and collected. Some would even say mysterious. She was beautiful. People often told her she should be an idol with her eyes that drew you in at first glance.
She had a way of charming absolutely everyone she met. But in her office? Where she did her work? She was a complete and total disaster. Hair frizzy, eyes bloodshot, papers everywhere that she insisted were ‘organized chaos’. Anything could make her snap.
She must have spent about half her salary on her expensive coffee she had shipped straight from Italy that she drank a whole bag of in a day. She was in her own world constantly running around the place in her slippers and screaming about SOMETHING. But, she was a genius.
And the only one who hadn’t quit on them. In fact, she donated her entire time and energy into making them her only clients. A necessary action because Deku and DynaMight as heroes were, what she called, ‘walking talking PR disasters.’
She made it very clear that Bakugo Katsuki and Midoriya Izuku were the bane of her existence, but Deku and Great Explosion Murder God DynaMight were her magnum opus. Reputations she crafted and would defend with her life and soul.
Tongue lashings from her were often severe and loaded with personal insults that would make anyone sob and often DID make them BOTH leave with tears in their eyes. But she was worth every penny and more.

“I can handle it myself, Izuku! You can’t be around all… THAT right now”
“I’m still your partner!” Izuku stood his ground. “We do this together!”

“You sit and finish the food I made you, prop your feet up on the couch, munch on your favorite snacks and watch re runs of All Might vs Godzilla! I will be back!” Katsuki ordered.
“Kacchan!” Izuku protested but Katsuki now had a trick he was never able to use before. He wrapped his arm around his waist and kissed him slowly, but lovingly. “Mm!” The omega squeaked and Katsuki chuckled as he traced the back of his neck and stroked his scent gland.
“Please.” Katsuki whispered. “You deserve to rest. Let me do this for you.” He pressed their lips together once more.

“You’re not playing fair.” Izuku pouted.

“Ya really wanna listen to her throw the world’s biggest hissy fit?”

“I think this will be villain origin story..”
“And anyone showing any kinda hostility your direction will be mine! If she so much as speaks to you in a displeased tone, Izuku, I will lose my shit! This is what’s best for all of us right now!” Katsuki argued.

“Fine. But I’m waiting for you to get home before the sequel.”
“Thank you.” Katsuki kissed him and sighed in relief. “Trust me. I can handle anything.”

Katsuki could hardly breathe as Kokami strangled him with the mouse chord connected to her keyboard.

“Shit…stop!” Katsuki pulled on the chord.

“STOP! YOU WANT BREATHING ROOM?! IS THAT IT?!” She let go of the chord. “I’m still trying to BREATHE FROM YOUR LAST SCANDAL!!! And now this?! This is WAY ABOVE MY PAYGRADE DYNAMIGHT!”
“It’s not like I’m the one who sent the tweet announcing it! If you’re pissed at anyone, blame Shoto!” Katsuki said defensively as he threw the mouse to the side.

“I already raised it AND I have an advance here for you for a year.” Katsuki slid her the check. “Just…fix it! Do anything you have to so me, Izuku and our pup can live in peace!”

“Peace.” She laughed. “You think you deserve peace after what you put me through?!”


“YOU WANNA SEE LOW?!” She jumped on her desk before open looking down at the amount Katsuki wrote her. “Ahem.” She cleared her throat. “I sincerely apologize DynaMight.”
She then exuded a green aura, her quirk, 'catnip'. It attracts cats. Several jumped on her windowsill and swarmed her, calming her down with their purrs as she handed them treats. "Now.." She said as she sat back in her chair, petting one on her lap. "Let's go over this again."
She grabbed a random coffee stained paper and handed it to Katsuki with a pen. "Write down everyone who knows about this. Shoto doesn't know it's you yet which is your BIGGEST advantage here. If he finds out, you're the sire, there is no telling what he will do."
Katsuki wrote down everyone as she spoke.

"I trust you're not a complete idiot and only told close family."

"Two friends too. But they are fully on our side and won't tell a soul!" Katsuki ensured. Kokami stared at him is disapproval before holding her hand out.
Katsuki handed her the paper and she snatched it, scanning the names swiftly before blowing up, scaring the cats away.


"She's Izuku's closest friend! She won't say shit!"

"WHAT'S THE PROBLEM?!" Katsuki snapped! "It's been a day! And Shoto's still oblivious as shit!"

"The problem is who she is married to! Ingenium is publicly close to both Deku and Shoto! He's a wildcard who we cannot trust!"
"She already assured Izuku she's not gonna say anything to him!" Katsuki informed her.

"You underestimate what one quarrel between a couple can do!" Kokami sighed. "You really think she's not risking her own marriage by hiding something this big from her husband?"
"In fact, you don't know what their marriage is like all. You didn't even know what Deku's marriage was like until he let it slip to you along with his pants while wasted! What if Ingenium doesn't trust her? Is the jealous type who snoops through her phone?"
"What if this is a game to her?! A bargaining chip? Or what if she is the loyal type who would eventually feel so guilty, she'd cave and tell him! You don't know! This was the stupidest decision you could have made! Which means we have to act fast!" Kokami typed furiously away.
"What are you doing?" Katsuki questioned as she printed out a paper.

"If you want a peaceful life, you're going to have to put Deku-san through some stress right now. He's not glass. He's strong. He'll make it through." She handed him the printout of an email.
Katsuki snatched it and read it quickly. "This is..."

It was an appointment Kokami set up with a divorce attorney to file an emergency petition. But not just any attorney. It was the same lawyer that represented Todoroki Rei.

"We need to send a message." Kokami said steadily.
"A divorce after a pregnancy announcement will shock everyone. But Izuku filing so quickly using THAT lawyer. It will send a message without saying the words. The divorce was necessary. Whether or not it's for similar reasons is up to the public's imagination."
"That's fucked up." Katsuki said before crumbling the email and tossing it. "Half and Half may suck, but he doesn't deserve that! He's still a hero and the world still needs him on the street! He's nothing like his father. I'm not playing that game."
"He's the one who pushed start." Kokami reasoned.

"But I'll win the right way!" Katsuki declared.

"By sneaking around and lying to him while you sleep with his husband?" She laughed. "So heroic DynaMight! That's our number one!"
"Fuck off. He deserves that. He doesn't deserve this."

"Fine. I'll find you a different lawyer. But you're getting him to file for that divorce today! The world needs to know there's trouble in paradise. And Deku needs to be the one to tell them."
Izuku sat next to Kacchan in his divorce attorney's office. She was the opposite of Kokami. Calm, serene, and so so kind.

"Since you're not mated, this will be easy." She reassured him. "I just need you to sign here and we'll get the papers to Shoto today."
Izuku stared at the petition to start the divorce proceedings and felt a swarm of conflicting emotions. He remembered the first time he stared at a contract like this. He had happily signed his marriage contract as part of the ceremony. He was so...different then.
Happy, in love, full of hope. He used to look at Shoto and be filled with butterflies. He used to think he was the luckiest omega on earth. But everything was built on lies. Shoto had all the cards when he signed that contract and Izuku didn't.
He thought about all the good times they had. Like the third day of their honeymoon when they went to a lantern lighting festival and all the children excitedly begged Shoto to light theirs with his fire and Shoto patiently lit each one, making all of their day.
He thought about the time Shoto surprised him at work by filling his desk with limited edition action figures he had absent mindedly vented to him about when they were second years! He remembered and tracked down each one over the span of 7 years.
He remembered the time Shoto had brushed up on his All Might trivia, even going so far as to visit All Might himself and take notes about and any and all obscure facts because Kacchan had a cold and couldn’t be his partner in a trivia contest Izuku was looking forward to.
But he also remembered the bad times. Their wedding night, their constant fights. The times Shoto would even go so far as to belittle his dreams!

“I thought your end goal was to be the number one hero, not the number one pup factory.”

He remembered their biggest fight.
It wasn’t when Izuku had his pregnancy scare. It was when Momo was pregnant with her first pup. Reporters again were curious about all of her and Jirou’s friends and their thoughts.

“Shoto!” One reporter had asked him after he took down a villain.
“You have a well documented work history with Creati. How do you feel about her new journey as a mother?”

“As a mother?” Shoto smiled confidently. “There is no one better suited for it.”

Izuku knew he was just being supportive but it devastated him.
Shoto returned to the whole house reeking of his distress. He ran into their room to find Izuku curled in a ball sobbing so bad his stomach hurt and when he desperately asked him what was wrong and Izuku told him, he sighed and said.

“That’s all?”
Izuku had never yelled at anyone the way he did that night, but he lost it. He felt so entirely hopeless.

“What do you mean no one better?! You think she would be a better Dam than me?! Is that it?! If you married her, would it all be different?!”
“No! I just don’t see you as a Dam Izuku! I don’t want you as a mother! I want you as my mate! I want you just the way you are! And I don’t want to share you with anyone else! I’m sure you would be a wonderful Dam if that’s where your life was headed but you married ME!”
“You’re with ME! And that means you’re not going to be one! So yes, there is no better suited than Yaoyourozu for that particular job that you will never EVER have!”

Izuku didn’t speak to Shoto for a whole month after that unless it was absolutely necessary.
The alpha groveled and showered him with apologies and gifts and sweet nothings after that until Izuku eventually gave in and forgave him. It was easier to stay than to leave. So Izuku stayed. He stayed and tried his best to be happy with what he had. But it wore away at his soul
It wore away at him until he did something he thought he would never do.

“I…” Izuku grabbed the pen from his lawyer as one single tear dripped down his face. “…I tried my best.” He spoke inaudibly.

Katsuki kissed the hand he was holding in support.
Izuku squeezed it gratefully and signed the petition before handing it back to his lawyer.

It may have taken 5 years, but he was ready to finally be happy.

Izuku and Katsuki walked to the car in silence. The walk outside of the courthouse to the parking lot was long.
Katsuki gently guided Izuku’s back with his hand as they looked like a united front, walking side by side. Excited civilians and paparazzi took photos of them. They had no idea what they were there for yet, but the image was clear. DynaMight and Deku were a team in this.
Kokami said it was necessary to build positive press once the petition is made public. The image of pregnant Deku leaving the court house in tears after filing for divorce from his husband while DynaMight is by his side was bound to warm hearts everywhere.
And she was right. News traveled quickly. By the time Izuku and Katsuki finished All Might vs Godzilla 2, Deku filing for Divorce was the top story of the day. Katsuki removed the batteries from both their phones and made the day all about helping Izuku relax and destress.
They made a pillow fort like when they were kids and cuddled and laughed while playing Hero themed mad libs.

“Give me a verb, Kacchan.”


“Okay, now a noun.”


“Kacchan! That’s a verb.”

“It can be a noun. Like you’re a cute fuck!”

“Okay, fine.” Izuku giggled.
“Adjective. And don’t say fuck!”

“Fuck can be an adjective too.”

“You’re going to be an awful sire!” Izuku teased.


“Our kids are going to come home from school with detention for cursing out their teachers!” Izuku laughed.
“Kids, huh? More than one?” Katsuki wrapped his arms around Izuku and rubbed his belly.

“Yeah..” Izuku blushed. “I’d like that. Is…that okay?”

“It’s more than okay.” Katsuki kissed him. “I want 5.”


“Yup. We can spread em out of course. So you do hero work-”
“And then every 5 years, BAM! I put another sucker in you! Maybe we’ll twins or triplets at some point so you can get it all out of the way at once.” Katsuki mused.

“Wow. You’ve really thought about this.” Izuku smiled in amazement.

“Izuku.” Katsuki snickered. “You’re my dream”
“Of course I thought about this! I’ve thought about this for ages!”

“Kacchan…” Izuku felt his heart swell before suddenly there was a loud pounding on the door.

“Izuku! Izuku please! Come out!” It was Shoto. He sounded like he was an emotional wreck.

“Let me handle this.”
Katsuki assured Izuku who looked conflicted and upset. He kissed him before going to the door and answering it.

“Todoroki.” Katsuki walked out and shut the door behind him.

“Bakugo, what the hell is this?!” Shoto was crying uncontrollably as he waved the divorce papers.
“What does it look like?” Bakugo said sadly.

“You told me you would reason with him! Not help him file for divorce! I saw the pictures!”

“He doesn’t want you anymore, Todoroki. It’s over.” Katsuki said as gently as he could. “There’s no reasoning left to be done.”
“I need to see him!” Shoto demanded. “Let me see him! He would never do this without telling me himself!”

“It’s not a good idea for you to see him right now! You’re not calm enough!”

“Move out of my way, Bakugo!” Shoto tried to get past him and Katsuki tried to stop him, but
Shoto surprised and socked him in the nose before bursting in the door.

“Izuku!” He called as the omega crawled out of the fort.


“What is this?! Did you really do this yourself?! I feel like I’m going crazy here!”
“Get away from him!” Katsuki appeared behind him and put him in a choke hold. “I told you to get out!”

“Kacchan! Stop!” Izuku demanded. “It’s okay…I’ll… oh my gosh, you’re bleeding! What happened?!”

“How do you think he got in?!” Katsuki seethed.
“Shoto…” Izuku cried.

“I’m sorry! I just needed to see you, Izuku! I needed to hear it from you! Are you really giving up on us?! Are you really throwing away everything for that… that guy?!” Shoto was hyperventilating.
“Kacchan, let him go…” Izuku whimpered and Katsuki reluctantly did what he wanted as Shoto collapsed to his knees and sobbed. Izuku walked up and gently wiped his tears away with his hands.

“I’m sorry. I’m not leaving you for some guy, Shoto. I’m leaving you for me.”
“I haven’t been happy for a long time. Things could have gone so differently if… if you were just honest with me before I signed that marriage contract. But there’s no use thinking about what could have been. All we can do is move forward. And we have to move forward apart.”
“I don’t want to be apart from you, Izuku.” Shoto cried helplessly. “I won’t sign those papers.”

“You don’t have to.” Izuku grumbled. “You don’t have to sign them. Everyone knows I’m unhappy now. You can hold off and stay married to me while I move on with my pup and his sire.”
“You can miserably hold onto hope that I’ll change my mind some day. You can stay bound by the contract made by your lies all you want. But I hold all the cards now. And I’m done with you whether you like it or not.”

As soon as he said that, something snapped in Shoto.
He lunged for Izuku’s exposed scent gland and was about to bite until Katsuki swiftly chopped his neck with his hand, knocking him out cold.

“Damn that bastard!” Katsuki seethed. “You alright?!”

“Mmm…” Izuku shook his head as panic set in. “No… no I… Kacchan!” He sobbed.
Katsuki ran and wrapped his arms around Izuku as he cried in distress. This wasn’t good for the pup. He had to calm Izuku down but he also had to get Shoto the fuck out of there. He called Denki who came to pick him up and gave him Izuku’s keys to drop Shoto at their home.
Shoto spent the next few days completely numb. He was such an idiot. He couldn’t believe he lost control like that. Bakugo had blocked his number and of course Izuku did too. He just wanted to apologize but figured the best way to do that would be giving Izuku the space he needed
He looked at his fist in shame. How could he punch Bakugo when he did nothing wrong? He was just trying to protect Izuku and obviously Izuku needed it! Shoto wasn’t in the right mind set. He had lost all of his senses and his alpha took over. He was awful. Absolutely awful.
Shoto needed to confide in someone, so that night, he went to Tenya’s house. He told Tenya everything. Everything that had happened since the beginning of their marriage.

“I know I don’t deserve him, but I can’t help but still worry about who it is he’s seeing.”
“I feel like Izuku isn’t the type of person to lie or cheat or start divorce proceedings without talking to me first! I feel like…I feel like someone is hurting him and manipulating him to act this way.” Shoto cried. “Bakugo was trying to find out for me, but.. no luck.”
“It’s very unlike him!” Tenya was crying. “I can’t believe he would do something like this to you! Yes, you had your faults too. But marriage isn’t about giving up when it gets hard! Not mating with you and not giving you a chance to change your mind. Being unfaithful?”
“It’s obvious there is someone behind the scenes! And Izuku was so desperate to get what he wanted, he believed anything he told him!” Tenya seethed. “We have to find out who this mad man is! He needs to pay for destroying your family!”
“The only chance I had at finding out is gone.” Shoto sighed. “Bakugo won’t talk to me and I don’t blame him. It doesn’t matter if Izuku was right or wrong. I should never have lunged for him like that. I should never have tried to forcefully claim him.”
“You were emotional after he disregarded everything you had built together. Cut yourself some slack. It came from a place of love.” Tenya sighed. “But yes, control yourself better next time.” He stood up and returned with his laptop.

“What are you doing?”
“Sometimes when you love someone, you act in a way that is shameful.” Tenya confessed as he pulled up files and files of audio footage organized by date, time and location. “I trust my wife and love her very much, but she can sometimes get herself into trouble.”
“I bugged her phone so I can listen in at all times. No matter where she is.”

“Iida…” Shoto said, disturbed.

“Maybe Izuku won’t tell Bakugo who the sire is. But he tells Ochaco EVERYTHING.” Tenya pulled up and audio file from earlier that week located at Bakugo’s apartment.
“You think he told her who the sire was?”

“Only one way to find out.” Tenya gulped before pushing play.
TBC 🎤🔈
Shoto wondered if he was hit with a quirk that sent him into a parallel universe. One where everyone he knew and cared about and loved stabbed him in the back over and over and laughed at him as he died bleeding on the floor. It was them three. Izuku, Bakugo and Shoto.
Them three against the world ever since first year. It was Izuku and Bakugo who turned his world upside. It was Izuku and Bakugo who were by his side through all of his ups and downs. It was Izuku and Bakugo who made him feel like he had a place in this world.
He felt that everything was okay as long as he had Izuku and Bakugo in his life and by his side. And now he had to listen in agonizing detail how they so readily betrayed him. One drunken night was something he could understand. It was something he could forgive, even. But this?
Lying to him. Manipulating him. Making an absolute fool out of him. It was something he couldn’t believe they were capable of. He felt like Kirishima and TetsuTetsu both hardened as hard as they could and punched him in the stomach, knocking all the wind out of him.
Shoto had trusted Bakugo. He trusted Bakugo with his life, he trusted Bakugo with his soul, he trusted him with the care of his husband and fate of his marriage when he was the one interfering the whole time! And then there was Izuku.
How long had he been lusting after his hero partner? How long had he been secretly in love with him? How long had he lied to his face when he reassured him over and over that he loved ‘Kacchan’ but was IN LOVE with Shoto. How long had he been waiting for this opportunity?
Shoto was an idiot. An absolute total idiot for ever putting his trust in those two. If they were so into each other from the beginning, why did they put his heart in a blender and stomp on it instead of just getting together in the first place?! He would have understood.
He would have given up. He would have been happy for them. But instead, they pulled him along like a monkey on a leash, ready to perform for their own personal circus.

“Shoto…” Tenya said steadily as he put his hand on his shoulder, trying to encourage him to breathe.
“Should I turn it off?” Tenya questioned as Ochaco and Izuku’s conversation continues while Bakugo went to the kitchen.

“No…” Shoto said shakily. “I need to hear everything.” He cried. “I need to hear everything they won’t tell me.”

“So?” Ochaco said suggestively.
“Don’t give me that look!” Izuku had scolded her.

“I gotta know. Who’s better?” She questioned while giggling.


“Come on! You got the two hottest alphas from our class! Whose better in bed?!”

Tenya and Shoto looked at each other in horror at the omegas conversation.

“Come on just tell me before he gets back.” Ochaco whispered. “You know I won’t tell a soul!”

“They’re both d-different. I wouldn’t say one is b-better than the other. That’s not fair to either of them.”
Izuku had babbled nervously.

“Come on, Izuku. Who makes you FEEL better.”

“Um..well… Shoto has more experience but Kacchan… it’s like Kacchan knows me without me having to tell him. When I’m in bed with Shoto, I feel like a possession but with Kacchan, I feel like a treasure”
“Only YOU can make sex sound so sweet.” Ochaco giggled. “Tenya treats me like a possession too but I LIKE IT that way. He’s like a demon!”

“I didn’t need to know that!”

“Let me share Bakugo!”


“What?!” She teased. “I wanna know what being a ‘treasure’ feels like.”
“Back off he’s mine!”


“Izuku! Why are you strangling her with Blackwhip in my living room?! If you’re gonna kill her, do it outside!”

Shoto fiercely shut the laptop and froze it before throwing it on the ground and shattering it to a million pieces.
“My laptop!” Tenya panicked. “All those files! I get you’re upset but-”

“Iida.” Shoto stood up. He was shaking as tears involuntarily poured down his face non stop. “Thank you for showing me this. But it’s for the best you lose those files. Trust me.” He sniffled.
“If you can’t trust her. She’s not worth keeping.” He slowly walked out of the room like a zombie.

“Where are you going?” Tenya questioned. “You should stay here! You shouldn’t be alone right now!”

“I’m going home. And I’m going to sign those papers. It’s best you leave me be.”
Izuku nervously laid on the bed in the doctors office, squeezing Katsuki’s hand as the doctor performed an ultrasound.

“And there he is.” She said sweetly. “Your little peanut.”

“Ah…” Izuku’s eyes watered. “Kacchan, look! It’s…it’s our pup!”
Katsuki kissed his hand over and over again as tears poured down his own cheek non stop. It was so tiny. Only a month and a half along, but still. Katsuki felt so proud. So proud of their little fighter. Everything felt so real.

“I can’t believe it.” He sniffled.
“I’ll give you guys a minute. Congratulations! I’m a big fan. You’ll be wonderful parents.” The doctor said sweetly before exiting the room.

As soon as the door closed, Katsuki buried his head in Izuku’s freshly bitten scent gland. They had mated officially that morning.
It was a decision they didn't take lightly. It had been a week since Shoto had tried to claim Izuku against his will. It took the omega three days to recover from the shock of the whole thing. It had shaken him up. He never imagined his husband would ever do something like that.
Danger Sense had triggered momentarily and if it hadn't, Izuku wouldn't have flinched in time for Kacchan to interfere. It hurt him deeply. But the omega didn't blame Shoto. He blamed himself. He blamed himself for driving the alpha that crazy.
His heart was swarmed with feelings of nothing but guilt. Shoto had worked so hard to never become like his father. And Izuku had practically driven him to that point with his actions. If he had only done things the right way...
If only he had annulled the marriage the second he found out their goals didn't align. If only he had waited to leave him before sleeping with Kacchan. If only he had talked to him face to face and broken things off before serving him divorce papers and blindsiding him.
Izuku couldn't eat, couldn't sleep, couldn't even talk for two days. Kacchan was patient with him. He was wonderful, and filled him with the comfort he so desperately needed. Izuku thought it was odd how accepting he was of Kacchan's love and care.
Afterall, the alpha was his partner in crime. Both of them betrayed Shoto together. And while Izuku regretted the way they went about it, he couldn't bring himself to regret Kacchan. He couldn't feel anything but happy and grateful to have him by his side.
He was disgusted with himself but not with what they did. Not with what they made. He was still overjoyed to produce a pup with him. And thinking of their pup kept him from being overwhelmed by any distress. On the third day, Izuku watched Kacchan focus on making him a smoothie.
The way he so carefully picked out which fruits Izuku loved the most, used a bigger helping of sugar than he normally would, and mumbled to himself worriedly about how long it would last in the fridge in case the omega couldn't even finish a smoothie filled Izuku with strength.
Kacchan loved him. He could do anything as long as he had Kacchan by his side. Izuku burst into tears and threw his arms around his waist from behind.

"Hey! When did you wake up, huh?" Katsuki turned around and held him.

"I'm sorry!" Izuku cried. "I worried you so much!"
"Fuck, that's nice to hear." Katsuki sighed in relief. "I missed your damn voice, ya know." He said softly.

"Kacchan..." Izuku sniffled. "I want... I want eggs! And a muffin! And bacon with whipped cream on top!"

"You want whip cream on your bacon?!" Katsuki blinked.

Izuku nodded furiously as his stomach rumbled and Katsuki was so relieved he was finally receptive to solid food that he catered to his every demand.

They had talked that evening all about Izuku's fears and regrets.
They discussed in detail his conflicting feeling about the way his marriage ended. About how if Shoto apologized, they would certainly forgive him. With time. Katsuki felt guilt too, but he also felt the same as Izuku. He couldn't bring himself to regret their pup.
They spent the next few days discussing their future. What that looked like. What they considered each other. Izuku had been the first to broach the topic of mating.

"Kacchan." He crawled into his lap one day.
They had just finished watching some cheesy American Christmas movie called "It's a Wonderful Life" and cried their eyes out together despite Katsuki denying he was crying.

"Um... Remember on my wedding night?"
"How you told me I should only mate with someone if I was 100% sure about them?" He asked him nervously.

"Yeah. Best advice I ever gave you, huh?" Katsuki smirked.

"Mmhmm... Um... you're the only person... the only alpha in my life that I'm 100% sure I want by my side."
Izuku grabbed his and hand and squeezed it tightly. "You're the only one who I trust with my heart, and my dreams and my future so... it doesn't have to be now but, maybe one day, will you-"

"YES!" Katsuki smashed their lips together. "Yes, yes, fuck yes!" He cried.
They spent the whole night in bed together, their last few hurrahs as an unmated pair. For comparison sake. Then in the morning, Katsuki claimed Izuku and things had never felt so... so right.

For the record, mated intimacy was 1000 times better than unmated intimacy.
They relished their newfound bond, feeling so complete and whole as they got ready that morning for Izuku's first doctors appointment.

Happiness filled the room as they both cried while looking at their adorable little bean in the ultrasound.
"What do you hope it is, huh?" Izuku questioned his mate. "A boy or a girl?"

"I hope it's a you." Katsuki sniffled. "I don't care the gender, I just hope it comes out looking exactly you. I hope it has your perfect heart. I hope it's a hero inside and out. Qurik or not."
"I guess we're on opposite side then." Izuku sighed. "I hope it's a Kacchan. I hope it has your beauty and strength and tenacity and most importantly your AUDACITY. I hope he or she knows who they are inside and out. And I hope they love me just as much as I already love them."
"If you hope they're like me then they'll definitely love you." Katsuki kissed him gently and squeezed his hand. "I can't wait to meet them."

"Me too!" Izuku laughed and Katsuki laughed along with him. They were so happy, they forgot about any worries they may have had...
Until Katstuki's phone rang. It was Kokami.

"What do you want?" Katsuki sighed. "We're have a moment here!"

"Is the pup healthy?!" She questioned.

"Yes, perfectly healthy." Katsuki assured her as he squeezed Izuku's hand.

"Good. Cause Izuku needs to post his video. TODAY!"
"Why can't we just have one nice day, huh?!" Katsuki snapped.

"Because after what you told me about Shoto's attempted assault, he is a complete wild card! Who knows WHAT he will tell the media. His complete silence is worrying!" Kokami explained.
"Deku needs to control the narrative and fast! He needs to own up to the affair before Shoto has a chance to throw him under the bus! I know you two deserve to be happy but you will be in a hell of a lot more shit if you don't do this A S A P, Dynamight! Come to my office!"
"He needs to eat first!" Katsuki seethed.

"It's okay, Kacchan." Izuku nodded before grabbing the phone. "We'll be there as soon as possible. I'm ready to do what's best for my pups future."


The video went viral within the first 5 minutes it was posted.
It was a simple video of Izuku sitting sweetly wearing a Dynamight hoodie sitting in a bean bag and speaking directly to his fans.

"Hello everyone." Izuku smiled a wobbly smile. "I know you're all shocked by a few things that were announced before I was ready to share with you."
"My husband..." He took a deep breath "... Ex husband put me in a situation where I have no choice but to be honest with everyone who has supported me and looked up to me thus far. I know our separation has shocked you, but it was a long time coming."
Izuku had explained all about what caused the discourse in their marriage. How Shoto lied and hid his true feelings about starting family until it was too late. How he didn't feel comfortable mating until he was clear their goals aligned. How that never happened.
He explained all about how desperate he was for a family and how sad and miserable he was watching all of his friends live the dreams he now never had a chance of achieving. How his omega was in agony every day.

"There's... someone who supported me through all this pain."
"I'm not ready to share them with you but... This pup..." Izuku rubbed his belly. "This beautiful child that I have growing inside me. That I have wanted and dreamed of and prayed for for so long, is his. I know it was wrong. I will forever regret my actions."
“But I felt trapped. I married the wrong person under false pretenses and I tried to make it work with everything I had. Until I had nothing left to give anymore. To Shoto and his family, I’m really sorry. I always will be. But I had to do what was best for me.”
“To everyone watching me and supporting me who are disappointed by my actions, I’m sorry. All I can do moving forward is be the best dam I can be. And still continue to be the hero you all know me to be. I know my actions weren’t heroic…”
“But I…” Izuku cried. “I’m human too. Please try and remember that and respect my privacy during this difficult time. I want to make it clear that Shoto brought this to your attention knowing fully well the pup wasn’t his. He… He wanted me stay in the marriage or-”
“risk the trust you all have in me. And I’m sorry but I’d rather risk your trust than actually lie to you. You can believe me or not… but this is the truth.” Izuku sniffled as he wiped his tears. “And you guys deserve that after all of your support.”
The video caused a firestorm in the media. Izuku had overwhelming support. Omega rights activists were horrified by the suppression of his natural urges. As unfortunate as it was, the Todoroki family history worked in Izuku’s favor. Shoto’s fans were heartbroken for him.
Some blamed Izuku. Some blamed Shoto. But something Izuku didn’t expect but Komaki absolutely DID was the primary conversation that erupted all over the internet.







We’re the #1 trends
Izuku and Katsuki had a very passionate fan base, being the number one hero duo. Not only did people love them fighting together, half of them were DYING for them to BE together. Izuku had tried to tune that kind of support out when he was married.
He had to hold himself back from saving beautiful fanart and candid photos of the two together but right now? Those fans were his savior. They rabidly defended him from any and all criticism.

‘I don’t know why you’re all defending him!’
‘Deku married ENDEAVORS son when DynaMight was RIGHT THERE’

‘We said he was PRETTY not SMART’

‘Deku was TRAPPED by Endeavors son. And DynaMight saved him! 🧡💚'

‘With his knot’

‘And the problem is?!’
‘You guys. What if it really is just a random alpha?’

‘Then he can catch you after you jump off the bridge you so desperately need to hurl yourself over’

‘DynaDeku canon.’


It wasn’t the most logical support but…it was very passionate!
Shoto had his defenders too who wrote essays about his family trauma and how heartbroken they were that it effected his view on having a family himself. Thus causing a side effect no one expected. Not even Komaki. Everyone blamed Endeavor for their divorce.
“That’s enough looking for today.” Katsuki gently closed out of Twitter on Izuku’s phone.

“I guess that’s for the best.” Izuku sighed. “But… I can’t believe it went so well.”

“We pay that bitch top dollar for a reason, Izuku.” Katsuki scoffed. “She’s batshit. But she’s good.”
The omega smiled and looked at the sonogram of their pup again on the coffee table.

“Maybe everyone will be happy for you after all.” Izuku whispered sweetly. Katsuki grabbed him and pulled him on his lap to get a closer look at the picture so he could admire it again.
Then he inhaled Izuku’s scent deeply, burying his nose in the crook of his neck.

“You smell like me…” Katsuki said proudly.

“Mmm…” Izuku pulled his wrist to his nose. “We smell like each other.”

“I love you.” Katsuki kissed him. “I’m so fucking glad you’re mine.”
“And YOU’RE mine.” Izuku straddled him. “All Mine. From now until forever.”

“From now until-” Katsuki was about to finish that sentence when his phone rang. It was Shoto. They both mutually unblocked his number before the video came out and texted him a heads up.
“I have to take this.” Katsuki sighed, hiding the screen from Izuku. “But I’ll be back.” He walked outside and answered it. “What do you want Half and Half?”

“I want to meet with you for dinner before I sign the divorce papers.” Shoto explained. “Just me and you.”
“What for?” Katsuki grumbled.

“This is closing a chapter on my life. I know I shouldn’t have lunged for him and I hope I can apologize one day when he’s ready to see me. But for now, I need a friend with me while I do this. And despite everything, you’re my closest one.”
“Fine.” Katsuki relented. “I’ll be there.” He didn’t want to keep bull shitting with Todoroki as he was gonna find out very soon he was the sire. But he wanted to make sure he signed those damn papers.

“My house at 7.” Shoto instructed. “Thank you.”


“By the way…”
“Did Izuku tell you who the sire was?” Shoto questioned? “Is he a good person? Do you think… I’m making the right call by leaving him to be with someone like that?”

“I don’t know. Haven’t met the guy yet. But I trust Deku’s judgment. Even if it can be wrong sometimes.”
“Right. See you at 7 then…”

Katsuki called Denki and Hitoshi and informed them what was going on and asked if they could watch Izuku for him. However, Shinso showed up alone.

“Where’s Dunce?”

“Orihime was fussy tonight so Denki had to stay home.”
“Thank you for coming.” Izuku bowed.

“Don’t thank me. You deserve to feel safe while you’re expecting. I’m here to keep you safe.” Shinso declared. “We’re on your side, Midoriya.”

“Well, come on in then! I’ll make you tea!” Izuku smiled gratefully.

“I’ll be back soon, okay?”
Katsuki kissed Izuku. “Don’t wait up for me. If you’re tired. Go to sleep.”

“Sleeping is hard without Kacchan.” Izuku purred. “So don’t be out too long.”

Katsuki nibbled on his cheek aggressively and ruffled his hair before whispering in his ear. “I love you. Be back.”
“I love you too Kacchan!” Izuku beamed loudly as he left, embarrassing him in front of Shinso.

“He can be sweet too, huh?” Shinso smirked.

“When he wants to be.” Izuku giggled. “I hope your pup is alright!”

“Oh… that was a lie.” Shinso shrugged. “She’s with my mother.”
“Huh? Then where’s Denki?” Izuku questioned.

“You know how nosy he can be.” Shinso sighed. “I told him it was a bad idea but he still has your key to Shoto’s place. He REALLY wanted to be a fly on the wall for this conversation. So he hid in the pantry while Shoto was out.”
Izuku sighed. “I should have taken that key back… oh well.. I feel sort of relieved to have someone watching Kacchan. I’m kind of worried.”

“You’re always worried.” Shinso smiled softly. “But you can calm down now. You’re gonna make a great damn.”
Izuku felt so incredibly happy to hear that. After Shoto signed those divorce papers, his life could finally begin. Him and Kacchan could start their family. And after all these years, he could finally fulfill his dreams.

He just needed the night to be over.
Katsuki nervously stood outside of Shoto’s large ass house. He used to tease Izuku mercilessly about it.

“You know, a villain could sneak in here, hide out for days, eat all the food in your pantry, and drown in your pool before you finally notice he’s there!”
But Shoto was used to the finer things in life and the finer things in life he got. But he couldn’t have Izuku anymore. He was all his. And he wasn’t gonna let the other alpha hold him by this stupid contract any longer.

“Bakugo.” Shoto sighed in relief after opening the door.
“Thank you so much for coming. Especially after what I did to you… especially after what I did to Izuku.” He looked down in shame.

“Love makes me people do whacky shit.” Katsuki looked to the side. “You’re just lucky I was there to stop you from hurting him.”
“Yes. I was very lucky.” Shoto nodded. “Please come in. The food is getting cold.”

“You could just warm it back up with your quirk.” Katsuki grumbled as he followed him inside. They sat at the dinner table and ate in silence for a moment. “Where‘d you get this takeout?”
“It’s bland as hell.” Katsuki noted before reaching for the hot sauce on the table and dousing it.

“What makes you think it was takeout?” Shoto blinked.

“I can’t imagine you cooking.” Katsuki scoffed.

“Well, I have to learn now.” Shoto pouted before choking up.
“Sorry. This is a hard day for me. Thanks for the heads up on the video… um… I haven’t seen it. And I haven’t been online. But my father is not the happiest with me or Izuku. And apparently he’s getting all the blame for what happened. I can’t help but feel bad.”
“Everything will pass soon.” Katsuki shrugged. “Your old man can take the heat. You’re doing the right thing by signing those papers. You might be a shitty husband, but I still believe you’re a good person.”

“Thanks.” Shoto smiled. “That means a lot coming from you.”
They continued to eat for a bit more until Shoto finished his food and guzzled his wine. “I did love him, you know. Izuku.”

“Did?” Katsuki raised his brow.

“Yeah. I loved him with everything I had. But I’m signing these papers because after what he did… I don’t.”
“Not anymore.”

“Whatever happened to your forgiveness shpeel and all that. Trying to claim the pup as your own. What changed your mind?” Katsuki questioned.

“I realized Izuku is someone who will do whatever it takes to get what he wants.”
“Izuku’s always been like that. It’s not a bad thing.” Katsuki said as he chugged his wine. “You didn’t mind that quality when what he wanted was you.”

“But I don’t think he actually wanted me. If he did, he wouldn’t have thrown himself at some random alpha.” Shoto shrugged.
“Izuku stayed with you for five years!” Katsuki defended his mate. “He didn’t throw himself at some random alpha like a cheap whore. He put everything he had into your marriage. It was you who couldn’t keep him happy! He wanted you so bad, he was willing to give up his dream!”
“But he didn’t.” Shoto stated while pouring himself more wine. “He got exactly what he wanted just like he always does regardless if it hurt me. He wasn’t completely in the wrong. I’m not saying that. But my feelings for him are gone.”
Katsuki didn’t say anything and angrily poured more hot sauce on his bland ass food in order to stomach it.

“Who am I kidding?” Shoto chuckled. “I’ll always love him. Even if I hate him. Even when I’m angry with him and hurt. A part of me will always want him.”
“You can’t hate Izuku.” Katsuki scoffed. “Believe me, I tried for years. It’s impossible.”

“Yeah. You’re right. Thank you for listening and being here. You’re… a good friend, Bakugo.” Shoto smiled before standing up and grabbing the divorce papers from a drawer.
“Ready to sign ‘em now?” Katsuki questioned as sweat dripped down his brow. Shit. The room was hot.

“Yes. Now that you’re here with me. I really am grateful.” Shoto signed the papers and sighed. Relieved that it was done. “Any luck on finding the sire? I think…”
“It would be easier for me to direct my hate towards him.”

“Izuku still won’t tell me anything about him.”

“Really?” Shoto blinked. “In the two weeks it’s been since you’ve had him, he hasn’t once even asked to see him?”

“Nope.” Katsuki shrugged.

“Hasn’t called him?”
“Not that I’ve heard, but you know how he is. He b-babbles and t-talks all day… FUCK it’s hot!” Katsuki coughed. It was difficult for him to breathe. “You leave the oven on or something?! Open a damn window!”

Shoto stood up and did just that. “I just find it hard to believe-”
“-that Izuku wouldn’t trust you of all people with who the sire of his pup is.”

“He p-probably knows iwashelpingyou” Katsuki slurred his words as he felt time slow down. What the hell was going on?!

“I guess that makes sense.” Shoto nodded. “I’m trying to decide.”
“Decide what?” Katsuki regained clarity for a moment.

“If I’ll miss you or not.”

“Miss me?”

“After all, you think I’m a complete idiot.”

Katsuki suddenly felt his stomach twist as he coughed up blood all over the table. “Shit….shit! Shit! HWUAH!” More blood spurted out.
Shoto stood up and put the divorce papers in his pocket and grabbed his keys as he headed for the door. “But you’re very predictable too. The way you lie so easily to me. The way you readily defend Izuku. The way you can’t resist a bottle of hot sauce when it’s in front of you.”
“What…..did you…do…” Katsuki hyperventilated as he tried to breath.

“You two are freshly mated right? I can smell him through you, you know.” Shoto mused as he put his shoes on. “This should be enough punishment for him too.”

“Bastard!” Katsuki fired off an explosion, but
It missed as he couldn’t see shit. Black spots were blurring his vision. “Leave him…alone…” He cried before coughing more blood and losing all of his consciousness.

Shoto felt a single tear pour down his face. “Guess I do miss you afterall.”

Izuku cried as Shinso tried to calm him down.

“Is it still going off?”

“It won’t stop!” Izuku sobbed. “I’m scared.”

Danger Sense had been making the omegas head pound for 30 minutes straight. Shinso had looked everywhere for any kind of danger, but couldn’t find a thing
Suddenly it stopped and Izuku tried to catch his breath but he couldn’t shake the feeling that something was horribly wrong.

“What if it’s the pup? What if my pup is in danger?” Izuku whined before he realized. “What if it’s Kacchan?! Since we’re mated now, maybe…”
“Maybe it’s connected!” Izuku began to panic.

“I’ll call Denki and see if they got in a fight or something!” Shinso grabbed his phone and froze at the 100’s of text and calls from his mate. He read through them quickly. “Izuku, stay here! And don’t open the door for anyone!”
“What’s going on?!”

“Bakugo will be okay! That’s all you need to know right now. Everything is going to be fine. I will be back!” Shinso ran out the door and Izuku quickly shut it and locked it before looking for his phone to call his mate.
He was panicking. Shinso said Kacchan would be okay but Izuku really wished he told him what was going on. What happened?! He needed to know. All kinds of possibilities ran through his mind when suddenly he heard the front door unlock.

Denki panicked as he tried his hardest to make Katsuki vomit in the bathroom. But it was like he was holding a doll. His pulse barely working.

“Come on, Katsuki! Throw up for me! Just stay alive! Please!” He slapped his face. “AHHH! It shouldn’t be too much longer!”
Denki had no idea what he was hearing when he first heard Katsuki cough and then the realization hit him after listening to him fire off an explosion toward Todoroki. He immediately texted his mate to pick up Eri-Chan from UA and meet him at Shoto’s.
He knew if he tried to confront Todoroki when he was well…all murdery… that Shoto would burn him to a crisp. He was no match against him and Orihime needed her mother!

“Don’t you die, Katsuki! Just hang on for me!” Denki laid him down and was about to perform cpr,
when he heard the front door open.

“Kaminari-San! Where are you?!” Eri shouted as she ran in the house!


Shinso and Eri ran upstairs and the latter pushed Kaminari out of the way as she activated her quirk. “It was poison, right?”
“I assume so!” Denki panicked. “I’m so confused! Why would Shoto do this?! He’s gone off the deep end!”

“Please be quiet so I can focus!” Eri demanded. After waiting with baited breath, Katsuki took a deep breath in his lungs and jolted up.

“Katsuki! You’re alive!” Denki cried.
“Eri-Chan? Dunce Face? Shinso?!” Katsuki whipped his head around. “What’s going on?! Where am I? Fuck!”

“You were poisoned!” Denki explained. “Luckily I hid out in the pantry before you got here. It’s a long story. But I called Shinso as soon as possible to bring Eri here!”
Katsuki looked at his savior and bowed his head slightly to her. “Thanks kid.” Then his head whipped to Shinso as all the memories crashed into him. “Where Izuku?!”

“In the car, right babe?” Denki blinked. “You brought him! Right?!”

“No, I didn’t want to stress him out and-”
“I didn’t exactly have time to think. Any minute now, you would have been a goner. So I left in the apartment.” Shinso explained.

“YOU IDIOT!” Katsuki stood up. “WE GOTTA GO RIGHT NOW!”

Izuku stared at his husband in shock. What was he doing here? How did he get a key?
“Sho…to?” Izuku blinked. “Where’s?” He tried to steady his breath.

“Your mate?” Shoto questioned.
Izuku bit his lip in worry. Kacchan made it clear he didn’t want Shoto to know until the divorce was official. How did Shoto find out?

“Not gonna say anything?” Shoto questioned. “I know it’s his. I know your pup is Bakugo’s. So there’s no use denying it.”
“Um…” Izuku swallowed the saliva building up in his throat as his eyes trailed down to the keys in Shoto’s hand. Kacchan’s keys. “Yes. Yes he’s the sire of my pup. We mated officially this morning. I’m so-”

“Don’t apologize. I don’t want to hear you say another lie.”
“Shoto…” Izuku cried. “What did you do to Kacchan?”

“Stop crying. You don’t have anything to cry over. I’m here to give you exactly what you want. Play into your hands just like I always have.” Shoto pulled out the divorce papers and handed them to him.
Izuku grabbed them and unfolded them, confirming he signed them. He was worried. This all felt wrong but Danger Sense wasn’t going off.

“I really did want this work out Sho-”

“Izuku, what did I tell you about lying?”

“I’m not ly-”

“How long?!” Shoto interrogated.
“How long have you two been seeing each other behind my back? How long have you been in love with him? How long has he showed you what a TREASURE you are when I wasn’t looking?”

Izuku looked away guiltily. “Ochaco… told you about that?”

“I could have been so much worse.”
“I could have been like my father. I could have been like Iida who bugged Ochaco’s phone with a listening device and had hundreds and hundreds of recordings of her without he knowledge!”

Izuku gasped put his hand over his mouth.

“I could have been like your father and left you”
“But I was NONE OF THOSE THINGS! I may have messed up! Because I wanted you more than anything! I may have been afraid! But I never…” Shoto cried. “I never would have done what you and Bakugo did to me! And don’t you tell me it was just a drunk mistake!”
“It’s more than that! You chose to continue lying to me! You chose to lead me on! You promised me you would think about giving us another chance all while I dropped you off to sleep in HIS BED! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!” He lamented.
"I'M SORRY!" Izuku burst into tears.

"I'm not finished, Izuku," Shoto said coldly. "Stop crying. I'll wait until you do."

"Please... just tell me where Kacchan is... I'm scared..."

"I'll tell you everything when you stop trying to make me feel sorry for you! I don't!"
Izuku had never seen that look in his eyes. It was worse than first year. Cold, uncaring, indifferent. He had never felt so helpless. He hated it. He was shaking all over in fear. He couldn't get the feeling of dread away from him. Something was terribly wrong.

"Tell me now!"
Izuku had no choice but you cover himself in one for all, surrounding himself with blackwhips tendrils. It was an empty threat. He couldn't actually fight back if Shoto tried. It would be too hard on the pup. And unfortunately for him, the alpha realized that.
He took on step forward, letting only a spark light up on his right size triggering danger sense, terrifying Izuku.

"That's right." Shoto sighed. "You didn't expect that. What was it you once said? Nothing is more hurtful to you than the 4th being triggered by someone you love."
Izuku doubled back until he was against the wall.

"You can't do anything. But it looks like the tears finally stopped. So let's continue where I left off. You had every opportunity to tell me the truth. You knew exactly how Bakugou was lying to me."
“You jumped at the opportunity to leave our home for ‘space’ to ‘save our marriage’ when really all you did was use the time to let him TREASURE you as much as possible! You were manipulative and dishonest and hurtful and I didn’t deserve it, Izuku! I didn’t deserve it at all!”
“I tried to do it the right way…” Izuku squeaked out. God he hated out pathetic sounded. But he felt frozen. Any wrong move and his pup could be gone. He held his stomach protectively and tried to stand his ground. “I didn’t want to trick you but you wouldn’t let me leave…”
“I didn’t want to tell you it was Kacchan yet because I was worried you’d think the worst of us when really… it wasn’t some long standing thing. We messed up after I was TIRED of having reporter after reporter, fan after fan, family members, friends,”
“even villains remind me that my dreams weren’t possible as long as I was married to you! To answer your question, I have always loved Kacchan but you knew that! I loved him but I fell in love with you too! I chose you! I married you! And you lied to me!” Izuku cried.
“You took decision after decision away from me until you broke me! I know I messed up!! But I did what I had to to get out!! I chose Kacchan because he would never ever do what you did to me!” He said honestly.

“You’re right.” Shoto said as he walked toward him.
He leaned down and caressed Izuku’s newly formed mating mark on his scent gland with his thumb. “He never will do that to you. He’ll never get the opportunity to. Just like he’ll never get the opportunity to meet your child. And with how fresh this is?”
He pushed hard on it making Izuku whine. “You probably won’t get to either. Because Bakugou is gone, Izuku. I may be angry with you after you ripped my heart out and burned my soul with your actions, but I still love you. Bakugou doesn’t have that same privilege.”
“What did you do to him?!” Izuku cried out. “What did you to Kacchan?!”

“What you MADE me do. What you and your actions DROVE ME to do.” He gently wrapped his hand around Izuku’s neck, being careful so as to not squeeze it too hard before kissing him on the forehead.
“I killed him.”

“NO!” Izuku shoved him off with full cowling as tears poured down his face. “I DONT BELIEVE YOU!” He sobbed as he ran outside. His chest tightening, and lungs constricting. But to his shock, Kacchan’s home was surrounded by reporters.
Cameras flashed everywhere as he tried to focus. But they were all shouting at him.



Izuku couldn’t think or breathe as cameras were shoved in his face. He just wanted his alpha.

“Kacchan….” He said through his hyperventilation. “I NEED TO SAVE KACCHAN!” He activated smokescreen causing all of them to scream as he tried to float away. But it was hard to focus.
His head was swirling, vision blackening and he couldn’t see or think of breathe through all the chaos. It hurts all throughout his body. He could feel his distress overwhelm him but he was stronger this! He couldn’t succumb to this! He remembered Shinso’s words to him.
‘Bakugo is going to be okay!’

He remembered that Denki was there. With how angry Shoto was, he would have told him and blamed him if he killed Denki too. He didn’t know! He had to have faith and Shinso and Denki saved Kacchan together!
Izuku saw a clear opening in the sky and was about to take off when someone swiftly chopped in the back of the neck, knocking him unconscious.

Shoto was a zombie. His arms and legs tied up in the basement of Katsuki’s home with quirk suppressing cuffs slapped on him.
“Tell us where Midoriya Izuku is.” Shinso demanded. He had developed his quirk to the point where he could get information out of those he mind controlled.

“I don’t know.” Shoto answered. “The last place I saw him was the front door. He ran away. I haven’t seen him since.”
“DAMNIT! WHAT DID YOU TO HIM?” Katsuki screamed.

“He won’t answer to you, Katsuki.” Denki whispered as he held the crying Eri’s hand. “Only Hitoshi. Let him do his job.”

“What did you do to Izuku?” Shinso asked Shoto.
"I lashed out at him. Told him all the ways he hurt me. I scared him by triggering danger sense and then I told him what I did to Bakugo. I wanted to hurt him just like he hurt me. But he didn't believe me, shoved me away and ran." Shoto answered obediently.
"Then what happened to Deku-san?" Eri sniffled. "Where did he go?"

The three had immediately ran to Katsuki's house. When the got there, reporters were surrounding Shoto who was trying to walk through the crowd. Katsuki saw red and confronted him, cameras be damned.
"YOU BASTARD!" Katsuki had socked him in the face then grabbed his shirt.

"You're... alive?!"

"YEAH! YOUR LITTLE MURDER ATTEMPT DIDN'T WORK! NOW WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY MATE?! WHERE'S IZUKU?!" Katsuki popped small sparks in his hand and held it to his face.
"I didn't do anything he didn't deserve!" Shoto seethed. "You two don't get to be happy while making me a fool!"


"Kacchan, Shoto!" Izuku's voice grabbed their attention.

"Izuku?" They both said before freezing, under Shinso's control.
After securing Shoto in the basement, the three tried their best to find Izuku. Denki had ran out and talked to the reporters asking if any of them had information about where he went, but none of them saw him after the smoke cleared. They all, however, could smell his distress.
They contacted every hero near the scene and none of them were able to locate him. Not at Shoto's house, not at his mother's or All Might's, or Iida's. It became a massive manhunt with the media, heroes and civilians alike trying to find the omega.
"Are you sure it worked?!" Katsuki seethed, referring to Shinso's brainwashing. "What if he's bullshitting us?! Pretending to be under your spell and feeding us crap?!"

"He's not." Shinso said holding onto his pounding head. "I can tell when they do."
"DAMNIT!" Katsuki screamed before standing up and kicking his chair.

"He's gonna be fine, Katsuki!" Denki tried to assure him. "It's Midoriya! He has to be!"

"If anything happens to him or my pup, I'm killing Half and Half and you can't stop me!" Katsuki cried.
"Deku-san is strong!" Eri balled her fists in determination and she looked so much like Izuku, it was comforting. "He won't let anything happen to his pup! We have to believe he will be okay!"

"Right..." Katsuki sighed as he ran his hands through his hair and sunk to the floor.
He brought the scent gland on his wrist to his nose, inhaling the scent of his mate mixed with his. Izuku had to be okay. He just had to...

Izuku fluttered his eyes open as he felt a gentle purring on his chest. He looked around and took in the soft bedding,
twinkle lights, soothing music and the scent of honey and lavender wafting through the air. He was also surrounded by cats under a canopy. He sat up and realized where he was.

"Oh!" Kokami span her rolling chair around from her desk in her office toward him. "You're awake!"
Aizawa sat with his arms crossed as he listened to his former students explain everything that happened that had led them to this point. He slept through most of the chaos and only woke up to Mic's screams that Eri wasn't in her room when he went to wake her up for school.
The 3rd year in Middle School was exhausted and worried sick about her hero, Deku. Shinso knew leaving his mate, his mentors adopted daughter and Bakugo to their devices while they were sleep deprived wouldn't be productive in finding him so he brainwashed them to fall asleep.
Shoto was also put to sleep, still tied to the chair in Bakugo's basement in case he'll have more productive information when he woke up in the morning.

Aizawa had only had the media circus to go off of when tracking down Eri.
She had texted him that Shinso needed her for an emergency but she neglected to mention what that emergency was!

Aizawa had guzzled coffee and brought himself to look at a website he loathed: Twitter. Mic had tried to summarize it for him,
but he was obnoxiously invested in the drama and if Shouta had to hear another word about how Bakugo's knot saved Midoriya, he was going to retire from teaching indefinitely.

From what he gathered, Midoriya released an apology and explanation video the morning before.
Then later that evening Iida released a video defending Todoroki, lambasting Midoriya for cheating and outing his affair partner who was, as everyone guessed, Bakugo. He included Audio footage of Midoriya bragging to his wife about how good the latter was in bed.
Then at some point, the media surrounded Bakugo's home after catching Todoroki enter the premises. Midoriya ran outside highly distressed, in tears, worried about the sire of his pup, screaming he had to save him before using smoke screen and disappearing.
Then Todoroki walked outside like a zombie. He looked completely blank as reporters bombarded him with questions, as if he had no soul. He just stood there, motionless. And then Bakugo showed up, confronted him, accused him of attempting to murder him,
And interrogated him about Midoriya's whereabouts, and revealing to the world they had mated. Then Shinso arrived and put them both to sleep before their altercation became more physical. Eri was right behind him. Thirty minutes after they had retreated into Bakugo's home,
Kaminari exited the premises and asked about Midoriya's whereabouts. Thus leading to a massive manhunt for the number one hero who was last seen distressed and pregnant. No one had been able to locate him even by morning.
But Aizawa was at least able to deduce where his daughter was. Shinso had groveled with apologies for removing from campus without permission, but given the true nature of what happened, Shouta understood why it was necessary. He never expected Todoroki would go so far.
"Is he still downstairs?" Aizawa questioned.

"Yeah. I brought him breakfast, but he didn't say a word or open his mouth to eat when I tried to feed him." Shinso explained.

"And no word on Midoriya?" Aizawa looked at Bakugo who was holding the equally distraught Eri's hand.
The alpha wiped his tears with his other hand and shook his head 'no'.

"We'll find him. Right, Sensei?" Kaminari questioned. "He'll be okay! He has to be!"

Aizawa sighed deeply as he processed everything. "I'm not going to say it's completely hopeless."
But it was dire. Midoriya being pregnant and distressed put him in no position to fight. Any villain paying attention the chaos could have easily taken advantage of the situation. Or Midoriya could have attempted to fly and dropped both from his distress and from the sky.
Katsuki choked out a sob as Eri tried to comfort him.

"Deku-San always says to have hope. He will be okay Kacchan-San! He has to be!"

Suddenly, Katsuki's phone rang. It had been ringing all night and morning and his stomach twisted wondering if it was going to be the call.
The call telling him his mate, pup, and future were gone forever. Eri grabbed it for him. He had instructed her to act as his secretary and only tell him about important calls pertaining to Izuku's location.

"Hello?" She answered. "Dynamight's phone, this is Eri speaking."
Suddenly to she stood up, crying in relief. "Ahhhhh! Deku-san?!"

Katsuki immediately grabbed the phone from her, his heart beating out of his chest. "Izuku?!"

"Kacchan!" Izuku sighed heavily in relief. "You're okay?!"

Katsuki ran his hands through his hair as tears poured endlessly in relief at hearing the voice he thought he would never get to hear again. "Where are you?"

"It's a long story." Izuku grumbled. "I'm just glad..." He cried. "I'm so glad you're not... I'm glad Shoto didn't..."
"As if that bastard can take me down..." Katsuki assured him.

"Um..." Izuku sniffled. "Kokami-san said for you to meet me in front of our doctors office... In half an hour, if you can. I need to see you desperately but I also need to check on the pup."

"More like saved me. I was too distressed to float, and probably would have dropped. That's not why she did it, but I'm grateful anyway." Izuku sighed.


"She'll explain after our appointment."
After wrapping up the phone call, Katsuki rushed to get ready. Aizawa and the others stayed behind and prepared to turn Shoto in to the police.

All Might had picked up Izuku from Kokami's office and driven him to the doctors where reporters were already waiting outside.
Katsuki felt immense relief as soon as he saw his mate exit the car. Izuku ran and jumped into his arms and they teearfully kissed and held each other, absorbing the others scent and letting it comfort them.

"I was so worried." Katsuki cried into Izuku's hair.
"Me too." Izuku sniffled. "I need you to stop almost dying, okay? It's not funny anymore."

"And I need you to stop disappearing out of nowhere, jerk!" Katsuki snapped before they kissed once more as Katsuki dragged his hand down and rubbed Izuku's stomach.
"How's our little fighter?" He questioned.

"That's what I'm here to find out but..." Izuku put his hand over Katsuki's. "I think they're okay. I can feel it. They're strong like you." He lightly pecked his cheek as Katsuki grabbed his hand and walked with him inside.
"Welcome back from the dead!" Kokami greeted Katsuki, dressed in her professional attire.

"You have a lot of explaining to do!" Katsuki seethed.

"All will be revealed, but let's check on your pup first, yeah? Stop stressing out my happy ending!" She covered Izuku's ears.
The doctors appointment thankfully went smoothly. Their pup was okay but Izuku's body was worn out from distress and the use of One for All so he was ordered on a week of bed rest, away from any and all stressful situations. Katsuki was also ordered to stay by his side.
Considering their fresh mating bond, it was vital that Izuku be surrounded by scent and given lots of affirmation, love and support from his alpha. Katsuki didn't need to be told that, he was planning locking Izuku away forever anyway.
When the appointment was over, Kokami escorted the reunited couple outside. The reporters had a million questions and she swiftly grabbed one of the microphones away from Izuku's face as Katsuki guided his mate to his car.

"Deku and Dynamight will not be answering any questions"
"Please respect the couple's privacy as they recover from the immensely stressful events that occurred last night and prepare for the arrival of their healthy pup."

After her statement, Kokami drove them to her office where she made Izuku hot chocolate then
popped a bottle of champagne, poured Katsuki half a glass the kept the rest of the bottle for herself.

"What's all this for?!" Katsuki seethed.

"To celebrate me saving your number one spot, yet again!" Kokami raised the bottle before guzzling it.
She downed the whole thing and plopped it on her desk before sighing in immense relief as she took her down and relaxed into her chair. "I'm going to need an actual vacation after this!" She whined.

"Will you explain to me why the hell you hid my mate from me?!"
"Ingenium's rebuttal video did a number on public opinon. It was, what you would call, a PR disaster. Even though Deku-san already confessed to the affair, the audio of Uravity and him was not flattering for either of you. I suspect it was edited as parts of the conversation-"
"-were obviously cut out. But it made it appear as if he was proud for cheating and had been scheming behind his husband's back this whole time." Kokami explained. "It was damning. I rushed out of bed to your home to come up with a strategy when I saw the swarm of reporters."
She shook her head as she tried to shake any last drops out of the champagne bottle before giving up and grabbing another one from under her desk.

"That's when I found out, Shoto was there, confronting you guys. I stood outside and hoped you three didn't make this even worse."
"That's when Deku-san ran out. I recognized his distressed scent and it was overpowering. He frantically called your name and it was-" She kissed her hand. "Beautiful. A perfect opportunity. Shoto, showing up to confront a pregnant, lone omega."
"Said omega running outside, distressed, alone, scared, desperate for his alpha and hero partner. Then the smoke activated and I knew I had ONE shot." Kokami held her finger out. "One shot to create a perfect tragedy."
"Afterall, even the worst people are honored when they're gone. I had no idea Shoto to murder you. I still don't know if that's true but you screamed it in front of the cameras and it played right into my hands. A perfect bow to tie everything together."
"And it worked." Kokami smirked as she turned her laptop around and scrolled, showing them the highly supportive headlines with the photo of the two reuniting. "The narrative is exactly the picture I painted."
"Deku, trapped in a marriage under false pretenses, desperate to escape, does something highly uncharacteristic with his hero partner who has been by his side and in love with him this whole time. Pregnant with the pup he always wanted, attempts to leave only for Shoto to try-"
"and trap him by USING the public and their trust in him. Deku, risking his career, confesses the truth just for the sake of being honest. Since Shoto couldn't turn the public against him, he decided to turn his FRIENDS. Hence, Ingenium's video."
"But that wasn't enough. He just HAD to come by and further torture his husband who so desperately tried to do the right thing. And then, Deku disappeared. Distressed, pregnant and vulnerable. And poor poor DynaMight was left to search for his possible remains."
"You had all of Japan helping you. Hoping, praying for your happiness. Hoping and praying that Deku was safe and your pup was healthy and you two, Deku and Dynamight, could have a wonderful, beautiful future with your family. And then I gave them the happy ending they wanted."
"She had All Might tell the press he found me in the abandoned coffee shop downstairs." Izuku informed Katsuki. "Which technically wasn't a lie because that's where I had him pick me up."

"You're fucking evil, ya know?" Katsuki glared at her. "Why didn't you tell me earlier?"
"Because you're a terrible actor." Kokami snorted. "You would have been too calm. I called the press to the doctors office so they could see a tearful reunion after the worst night of your life. Not your shit eating grin after another victory."
"I'm sorry I listened to her." Izuku grabbed Katsuki's hand. "But... she's never let us down."

"No, she hasn't." Katsuki groaned before pulling out his checkbook.

"No." Kokami held her hand out. "Your last check was big enough. You need all the money you can for your pup."
"All I ask is you two PLEASE don't give me any more headaches for the new two weeks! No posting online! No interactions with Shoto, Ingenium or anyone involved, no public quarrels, don't even go outside without my approval, okay?!" She stressed.
"I think we can do that." Izuku bowed. "Thank you so much! And I'm sorry you had to do all this!"

"Your father wasn't in your life, Deku-san. Your poor taste in men is not your fault." She sighed.

"Right." Izuku hung his head low.

"Don't agree with her!" Katsuki seethed.
By the time they got home, a few things happened that further secured the public's support for their future together. Shoto was escorted to the police station by Eraserhead and Mind Master, where he turned himself in for his attempted murder of DynaMight and assault on Deku.
Uravity filed from divorce from Ingenium the second the courthouse opened and he was arrested as an accomplice due to the timing of the video being suspiciously timed with Shoto's attack on Dynamight and the reveal that Uravity was recorded without her consent.
Izuku and Katsuki were greeted at Katsuki's house by both their families and everyone from Class A, but Katsuki kicked the majority of them out after a couple of hours, needing some desperate alone time with his mate. Izuku didn't realize just how exhausted he was.
The adrenaline from Kokami's PR stunt, anxiety from how the public would take it and the need to host masked how much the distress effected him. When All Might, the last person to leave, said his goodbyes and closed the door, Izuku immediately collapsed into Katsuki's chest.
"You alright?!" Katsuki panicked as he cradled him desperately.

"Mmhmm." Izuku nodded as he clung onto his shirt for dear life and inhaled his scent. "I will be."

The alpha stroked his hair and let him do what he needed to do to absorb any comfort he could from him.
It took only 5 minutes for Izuku to drift to sleep. Katsuki figured he needed it so he tucked him in and spent the day with his arms around him. The next day, he panicked as the omega was still asleep well into the afternoon. He called the doctor but she told him it was normal.
That omegas close to drop typically need at least 48 hours to recover and that as long as he was by his side, surrounding him with comforting things, that him and the pup would be just fine. Izuku mumbled in his sleep sometimes but Katsuki was desperate for him to wake.
-pausing update because I ate something bad and am a distressed omega who needs to recover but has no alpha, only soft blankies and a cat who steps on my stomach for fun. Hopefully I’ll recover to finish thread later. Please enjoy Swag’s in the meantime.-
Katsuki was filled with anxiety but Izuku’s contented chirps and purrs after the alpha rubbed his belly and scent glands every now and then put his mind at ease. Still, after the 48th hour, every minute was torture. He thought maybe he should try to wake him?
Katsuki gently shook him, but all it did was make him toss and turn and grumble something about elevators. He tried to remove his covers, but that Caused Izuku to kick him with full cowling in his SLEEP and pull the covers back over him. He tried blasting a loud video.
Izuku didn’t stir one bit. Katsuki tried telling him a startling fact and Izuku sat up, said in full English ‘Life isn’t real’, then laid back down. He was OUT OF IT. Katsuki sulked as all he could do was watch him. He tried one more attempt by launching a tiny explosion.
Izuku giggled and mumbled. ‘I’m in love with Kacchan. But it’s a secret, okay? You can’t tell him because then he’ll hate me.’

Katsuki sighed and kissed his forehead. Izuku needed to eat at some point. The pup needed it. He needed it! At what point was he sufficiently recovered?
Katsuki buried himself in his scent gland and inhaled it, before realizing just how tired he, himself, was. He barely got any sleep since Izuku passed out as he was too paranoid. He closed his eyes as his mind finally gave in and fell asleep.
Katsuki woke up to warm lips on his.

“Mmm..” He could taste his mate, he could SMELL his mate who had crawled on top of him and straddled his slick covered thighs around his crotch.

“Kacchan…wake up.” Izuku purred.

“Izuku?” Katsuki took in his surroundings. It was still dark
“When…did you…” Katsuki asked as Izuku kissed him over and over. “Wake…up?”

“It doesn’t matter.” Izuku whined as he ran his hands under Katsuki’s shirt. “Need you. Now.”

“Mm…” Katsuki growled as Izuku bit his bottom lip. “You need to eat..” He demanded.
“There’s only one thing I want in my mouth right now…” Izuku said seductively and Katsuki realized he’d never experienced an omega in heat before. Why the fuck was Deku in heat?!

“Izuku! The pup! Is the pup okay?!”

“Of course our pup is okay! Now give me more!”
Izuku demanded aggressively, before yelping as Katsuki rolled him up in the blanket like a burrito to stop him from coming on to him.

“KACCHAN!” Izuku whined as wiggled like a worm.

“Hold on! Just hold on!” Katsuki stood up and grabbed his phone, calling the doctor.
She had given him her personal number for emergencies. A decision she now regretted.

“DynaMight-San? What is it?” She grumbled sleepily.

“It’s Deku! He’s in heat! Why?! He’s pregnant, isn’t he?!” Katsuki interrogated.

“Yes, dear.” She yawned. “But he’s only 8 weeks along.”
“And he’s newly recovered from a near drop. Typically omegas will still exhibit heat like symptoms around their alphas when coming out of their recovery period. He needs as MUCH of you as possible to regain stability. Especially since you’re newly mated.” She explained.
“So…what should I do?!” Katsuki flushed.

“Have fun. Goodnight DynaMight!” She said, annoyed, before hanging up the phone.

Katsuki turned around to find Izuku pouting angrily while still wiggling around in the blanket.

“Sorry Izuku.” Katsuki sighed.
“Kacchan’s mean!” Izuku cried.

“Kacchan’s concerned!” Katsuki tried to explain himself. “I’m new at this whole thing!”

“Then let me teach you and get me out of here.” Izuku said darkly, glaring at him like he was a predator and Katsuki was his prey.
“Alright, alright.” Katsuki laughed, embarrassed as he untangled Izuku from the covers, plopping him on the bed. “I guess you won’t be needing this.” He removed his shirt and threw it to the floor before throwing his own off.

“All I need is you.” Izuku crawled on top of him.
Katsuki smirked to himself as he took in just how… sexy his mate was like this. Hungry for him and behaving like a wild animal until he got what he wanted. He thought back to what Shoto said about not loving him because he will do whatever to get whatever he wants.
He was right about that observation. But Izuku has always been that way. Fighting the entire goddamn universe until he had everything he had ever dreamed of in the palm of his hand. But how can you marry him and not realize that? How can you not love him for it?
Katsuki was just glad that he was one of the many things Izuku wanted and fought for until he got. He was so glad HE was what Izuku had dreamed of. He was glad that a pup with him was what Izuku desired. He was so glad that in that moment, he was there to give him everything.
“And all I want is to give you what you need.” Katsuki teased as he flipped him over and pinned his wrists above his head. “Doctors orders.”

“Such a good alpha.” Izuku purred.

“Only the best for you.”
Everything was peaceful in their home for two weeks as promised.
They hadn’t felt the need to leave it. It was amazing getting the time for peace and relaxation and the ability to bask in the comfort of their newfound bond. At 9 in the morning on the 14th day, Kokami woke Katsuki up by blowing up his phone.

“What do you want?!”
“I didn’t want to bother you with this on my vacation but have you paid attention to the news at all?!” The jittery PR agent questioned.

“Not really! Doctor wants Izuku to RELAX.” Katsuki reminded her.

“Alright. Then you probably haven’t noticed but since we last spoke,”
“There hasn’t been any updates to the public about Shoto’s arrest at all! We got one update that Ingenium was released, not too long after they interrogated him due to having no knowledge of your dinner with Shoto. Uravity is pressing different charges for the recordings but-”
“that’s not something they can hold him for until the court case is finished. The point is! Nothing from Shoto or his camp! Nothing from Endeavor or the Todoroki family either. No statements, no apologies, a complete press shut down.”
“Why do I need to know this?!” Katsuki rolled his eyes.

“Because the hero commission contacted me.” Kokami informed him.

“Why?!” Katsuki seethed as Kokami took a deep breath.

“They want you to drop the charges.”
TBC 👩🏻‍⚖️

• • •

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Jan 27
#bkdk #ANGST breakup/makeup. MAJOR DRAMA. But very very happy ending I swear.

“It’s your first day at UA!” Izuku excitedly took a million photos of his daughter in her uniform with tears in his eyes. “I can’t believe you’re all grown up!”

“Stop.” Bakugo Hikari rolled her eyes
“Come on! You’re going to live in the dorms so let me do this! I’m gonna miss you so much!” Izuku sniffled. “I’m gonna be lonely, you know!”

“You wouldn’t be if you talked to Papa again…” She grumbled, making Izuku pause.

“Sorry…” He tucked his phone away.
“Maybe I’m overdoing it a bit.”

“Whatever.” Hikari clicked her tongue and rolled her eyes. Her phone buzzed and she saw a text from her other father and sighed. “He’s here. You can walk to me his car, you know. Say goodbye to me properly?” She goaded him.
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Dec 23, 2022
It was that time of the year again. Katsuki stared at the fully decorated Christmas tree in his empty house and took a deep breath.

“You can come out now.”

No response.



“You’re seriously gonna make me do this?!”
After another five minutes of silence, Katsuki begrudgingly marched into his closet, pulled out his speaker and a microphone and plugged it in.

“I don’t want a lot for Christmas. There is just one thing I need.” He spoke rather than sang.

Still nothing.

“You’re fucking picky!”
“I don’t care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree.” He sang but quietly. Suddenly, Katsuki could see the volume on his speaker turn up.

Ah, it was working.

“I just want you for my own. More than you could ever know.” He sang whole heartily.
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Dec 22, 2022
#bkdk #fluff #drabble

Izuku stared at the paper in his hand fondly. He was excited. Today was the day he got to vote for his favorite hero.

After the war, The Hero Commission revised the way they handled hero rankings. Now all pro heroes got a say on who belonged on top.
Izuku hummed to himself as he stood in line to submit his choice.

“Hey Midoriya!” Kirishima grinned as he greeted him. “It’s our first time voting! Can you believe it? Who do you think is gonna win?”

“I don’t know!” Izuku beamed as he held his vote to his chest.
“Hawks has been number one for a couple of years but Lamillion’s been doing some amazing things! I think he has a good chance of ranking really high!”

“Is that who you’re voting for?” Ei questioned.

“Oh… uh, I m-mean he deserves it but my vote is for someone else.” He blushed.
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Dec 13, 2022
#bkdk #bkdkkazahana🐺🐑 #winterau

Day 3 Prompt: Omegaverse

Omega Midoriya Izuku got up early like he did every morning for the past week, careful not to wake his pack and most importantly careful not to wake the chief, prime alpha Bakugo Katsuki.
He tip toed out of the tent, and gathered supplies to make a fire. Then he scurried to the lake to gather water he could bring to a boil. Of course these days it was impossible for him to go anywhere alone. The chief's trusty wolf, Black Destroyer of the Night (Kuro for short),
followed him and stayed by his side, wary of any intruders who dared to approach him. Izuku let him drink out of the lake then rode on his back to their campsite. Izuku wanted to be sure he had tea ready for their pack before the sun rose. He needed to prove himself useful.
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Dec 13, 2022
Mundane MHA HeadCanons. A Poll 🧵 Image
Who in Class A has the cleanest room? Image
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Dec 9, 2022
EraserMight Bkdk where O!Aizawa has nesting syndrome but can’t have kids and A!Toshinori saves these two kids one day from a villain and adopts them as a surprise to his mate only it turns out bkdk are a mated pair and they have to act like siblings to keep their better life.
Aizawa figures it out quickly but decides to see how far they would go to keep up the ruse and how easy it is for them to keep tricking his mate despite being discovered in various compromising positions.
AM:“The kids wrestle a lot!”

Aizawa: “Really… I didn’t notice.”

AM: “That must be what it’s like to have a brother! I never had one!”

Aizawa: “Yes… a brother.”

AM: “Katsuki despite being harsh is so protective of Izuku. It’s sweet!”

Aizawa: “I wonder why…”
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