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Midoriya Izuku didn’t have the best of luck. He was a male omega which also meant he didn’t have the best of choices. And by that, he meant he had 0 choices. He was sold to marry an alpha he disliked who had a career he hated. Monoma Neito made a career out of tricking people. That was how he ended up married to him in the first place. He convinced his family he was a noble with a family in a far away land that would give Izuku the world. He was no such thing. He was a traveling conman.
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Midoriya Kazui was excited as his dam dressed him up in his best clothes. Combed his unruly spiky hair, and put the smell good stuff all over him. It was a routine he was used to and something he found fun.

"Today, I'm gonna do it!" Izuku puffed his cheeks. "Yeah! There's lantern sharks! And Lemon sharks and Whale sharks! And Nurse sharks!" Kazui and the kid, Mahiro became fast friends. Kazui ended up following him and his family all through the aquarium.

"You should come have dinner with us!" Mahiro begged.
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CW: Self Harm, Dark themes (But major healing and love at end!)

Midoriya Izuku lived his biggest dream as the number one hero. It was a short time, but it was the best time of his life. He lost One for All at 23 years old and now he was back to being quirkless. Izuku gratefully guzzled the water as Katsuki held his head to his heart and let him hear it beat. He always knew exactly what to do.

“Kacchan, you had a hard night last night.” Izuku reminded him. “I saw the news, you were helping those civilians evacuate for hours.”
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Bakugo Katsuki was a very important businessman. No, he was more like a business tyrant. Needless to say, he was extremely busy and this annoying ass wedding planner was the last of his worries. He looked at his assistant, “I had the wrong idea about you. Thank you for watching over my son. Please continue to allow him to be part of your success.” Inko bowed.

“It wouldn’t be success without him.” Katsuki smirked before standing up. “I’ll try and take more days off for the both of us.”
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#bkdk #omegaverse #drama (will finish multiverse story after)

“Are you boys ready for your first day?” Bakugo Mitsuki excitedly asked her son and his childhood friend as they walked out of the house.

“Don’t you dare snap a picture!” Katsuki seethed. “I am excited, thank you Auntie.” Izuku smiled at her politely and let her take a photo. He then followed Kacchan out the door nervously.

“You better walk behind me!” Katsuki roared.

“Whatever you say, Kacchan.” Izuku said dejectedly. Their relationship was bad.
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Midoriya Izuku took a deep breath as he looked into the morning sunrise. He needed to do it. He needed to confess his love to Kacchan. Ever since the war, things between them were nice… but awkward. There was something unspoken. A looming tension. “I wish it were that easy, but the other world has enchanted objects! The other me insisted the Kacchan from that world was great at tricking people with it! I know the Kacchan from our world would never hurt Kazu, but I can’t risk it not being that Kacchan!” Izuku stressed.
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#bkdk #omegaverse #collegeau CW: Attempted SA

“And that’s the last of it!”

Bakugo Katsuki was miserable.

“Wait! You need one more thing!”

He knew what his fate was so he shouldn’t have been surprised. Kindergarten, elementary, junior high, high school. Midoriya Izuku was always there. Whether they got along. Whether they didn’t. They were still always together. So of course Izuku would show up when it was time for Katsuki to move into the college and surprise him by saying he got into the same university.
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It’s absolutely crazy to me how much of the MHA fan base completely glosses over/ignores/misses the point of the control your heart plotline when Horikoshi has written explicitly in the text that it is and always has been about Deku’s feelings for Bakugo. What about this canon plotline scares people to touch so much? The only ones who acknowledge it are shippers and it doesn’t necessarily have to be looked at in a romantic setting? But perhaps it is so those who acknowledge it can’t help but ship them?
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I need you all to understand that actions do not equal characterization. We have never seen Izuku hold a knife or sneeze or clip his nails either. That does not mean he never did and never will. By the way, we have seen him giggle. ImageImage I’ve seen a lot of writers criticized for “mischaracterization” when it’s literally just the plot or the genre they are writing in. As an actor, I always hated when other actors would say “my character wouldn’t do that.” Because people are capable of anything+
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#bkdk #omegaverse #idolau #drama CW: #agegap

“Bakugo-San, your career has been soaring non-stop since you went solo! The world wants to know what’s next for you?” A reporter asked the number one idol in all of Japan.

“A fucking nap.” Katsuki groaned, making the reporter fret. Izuku laughed from his couch as his eyes were glued to his every word.

“Really, Izuku.” His mom turned off the tv. “There’s so many idols out there, why are you obsessed with that one?!”

“He’s great, mom!” Izuku beamed. “I know his language isn’t the best,”
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Probably because the spin offs Hori is actually involved in and talks highly of have zero Iz///Ocha content. And the one from TUM is heavily one sided. And the light novels which Hori praises the most have a whole valentines chapter which is again, one sided w/ bkdk cuteness. For TUM, he sketched and planned the whole romantic chapter with Ojiro and Hagakure. And nothing at all for Iz//Ocha. It in fact makes you wonder why the side content that he is actually involved in has 0 thought into the supposed main pairing.
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#BKDK #omegaverse #drama #Dark

Alpha Todoroki Shoto had finally gotten his hero license. He had been waiting for this moment since that fateful day his first year at UA. It was finally time for him to take on the dreadful villain, and his former friend, the Dragon Dynamight. (Sorry, will finish my other WIP soon but I just can't get this out of my head!!!!)
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MHA Random In-Universe Fun Poll: Image Does Class A have a Group Chat?
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King Bakugo Katsuki was a busy man. Ruling UA was no joke especially when the king had one goal: rule the world. Then world peace would be achieved under his reign. Turns out conquering all of the lands required his undivided attention. But that didn’t mean he couldn’t leave a legacy behind. He married young in order to have many suitable heirs. His mate was a pretty little thing named Izuku. He didn’t know much about the guy other than he knew at first sight it had to be him. Izuku gladly accepted.
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Rewatching Heroes Rising for the 1238494293th time 💕 Bakugo really is such a Princess refusing to do any work. 🤣
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#bkdk #drama CW: SA, Age Gap (not between BKDK), Grooming, Manipulation

Izuku didn’t know how to feel when All Might stepped down from teaching before starting his second year at UA. Because of everything they had gone through their first year, Class A stuck together. Aizawa included. Izuku thought this meant a fresh start with no threat looming over their lives. He thought it would be an exciting stress free year. But it wasn’t all of Class A without All Might. It felt weird not having his mentor watch over him in school.
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#bkdk #omegaverse #dark (CW: Abuse)

Midoriya Izuku was sad when his childhood friend left for an amazing opportunity to work under a hero in the USA after they graduated. But he never let him know that. Kacchan would be crazy not to take it! But what he never expected and what added an extra layer of difficulty was the fact that he was what his mom called a “late bloomer”. He presented omega at 18 years old. And presenting omega without the alpha was around his whole life filled him with need.
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About THAT tweet:

Sometimes on Twitter, you tweet something and the wrong audience gets a hold of it. I don’t think many of you can relate to OP. Even I can’t. Because nearly 30k likes and 500 QRTs is an insane amount of attention. But the nature of this app is it can happen+ to anyone. That tweet was an obvious joke at no one but Izuku’s expense. And it’s not even an original joke. How was OP supposed to know what antis and dude bros would do with it?

OP didn’t do anything wrong. It’s not their fault that antis and dude bros and Bakugo haters exist
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#bkdk #omegaverse cw: dark themes, age gap, dub con. Starting out short, MAY expand.

Kirishima Eijiro was getting impatient. He may have been a beta, but he was one of the most desirable betas according to Hero News Weekly. He THOUGHT the alpha of his dreams was courting him. The alpha of his dreams just so happened to be his best friend Bakugo Katsuki, the rising pro hero Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight. All their friends were dying for them to be together and they had even gone on a few dates, but a few years ago, it all stopped.
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I’m so sick of this “Bakugo doesn’t have a villain therefore he’s not important” talking point.

He does have a villain. It’s Shigaraki. It’s always been Deku AND Bakugo taking him on together. If you don’t see that, you aren’t reading the story properly. Did Bones not give you all a big enough picture to read? Do you all just pat each other on the back and say “Oh well Twitter agrees on this so I’m just going to keep saying it is true despite there being plenty of evidence to prove the contrary because TWITTER SAID SO”
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Poor Izuku. He loves Kacchan so much and his life has just been: “KACCHAN FEEL INTO THE RIVER”