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Thinking of Omega Deku being transported to the regular MHA world and he seeks out his alpha only for normal Katsuki to freak out and be his normal Tsun self but his rejection sends omega Deku spiraling and Katsuki doesn’t know what to do 😂 He tries to send this Deku back to his world while hiding him from Normal Deku who he still hasn’t figured things out with. And he has to learn how on earth this a/b/o thing works.

“Stay here. I’m just going to class!” Katsuki instructs him.

“Can you scent me first?”
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Katsuki had taken several people sky diving. It was his job after-all, but there was something about this green haired sparkly eyed client that made him feel warm and mushy inside. He watched everything he did so intently.

“It’s really amazing you do this every day!” The client said as he helped strap him to himself and set up his parachute.

“Ya get used to it.” Katsuki shrugged.

“But the WAY you do it!” Deku, the clients name Katsuki thought, smiled. “It’s like the sky is your HOME. That’s SO COOL.”

“What can I say?”
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#bkdk #angst #drama #omegaverse Happy Ending as Always.

Katsuki was a proud alpha soldier. He was finally done with that god awful war. Unlike his colleagues, he was one of the few who didn’t drown his sorrows in alcohol but, he still had to join them in their outings. That’s how he ended up in this seedy ass show omega lounge with his closest friends and colleagues Kirishima Eijiro and Kaminari Denki.

“Come on, Relax!” Eijiro encouraged him, shoving a beer his way as a little omega wearing next to nothing danced on stage while alphas gawked