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A thread covering findings of German pathologist Prof. Arne Burkhardt, a notable pioneer in the histological investigation of tissue/cell damage from m-RNA injections. We've translated his most recent seminar in subtitled video format plus a transcript.… Image
By the way, Prof. Burkhardt, from the University of Tübingen Institute of Pathology Kaufbeuren-Ravensburg-Reutlingen is also an expert in oral cancers.…
Due to the technical nature of this topic we've split the original 1 hour recording into two subtitled video files. The separate 18 page downloadable English language transcript includes definitions of the medical terms used and time markers to aid orientation. ImageImage
In this thread we'll look only at the first video and highlight new histology findings we consider important. Contents of the second half of the presentation will be addressed later.
Burkhardt says right from the start "After the first five cases it became clear to me that there is a very complex and disturbing histological picture" also noting that this is a forensic toxicology challenge as almost all organs and tissues in the body are affected. Image
Three extraordinary findings stand out from the histological analysis. Histology involves the examination of tissue slices under the microscope using a variety of laboratory techniques including staining. Image
One finding is the presence of a mysterious crystalline substance in the pancreas, spleen, heart, lungs, and brain. Here is one in the form of a giant needle in the tissue space between lung alveoli. What is this substance? Image
Initially, these mysterious deposits were regarded as 'formalin pigments', a well known artefact of laboratory techniques used for preparing tissue samples. However, they occurred in many unexpected places quite frequently and caught Prof. Burkhardt's attention. Image
Further, the mystery substance shows birefringence (double refraction of light). See this article to learn more about the phenomena: (…) ImageImage
They are often trapped inside vacuoles and the surrounding tissue has mild inflammation. Vacuoles are organelles inside cells that are used to sequester waste products. Image
Samples of this susbtance were subjected to Raman spectroscopy. This technique can provide some hints about the chemical composition of the substance. Prof. Burkhardt found many unexpected signals. Tentatively, it is thought that this substance is pure crystalline cholesterol. Image
But, wait a minute! Pure cholesterol is not normally found inside the body. Almost always it is combined with a protein. Of course, bile stones are pure cholesterol crystals.
Burkhardt considers if cholesterol might be coming in via the mRNA vaccines? Or are they formed in the body as a side effect of these gene therapy injections? The latter explanation seems to be most favoured. Image
Given that cholesterol is the 2nd most abundant lipid in the LNP complex in the injections — present in about 0.2 milligram in one Pfizer shot — we wonder what is happening to the cholesterol which enter via the needle?…
Next, Burkhardt finds another mystery substance. This time it is eosinophilic, meaning it will asborb the stain eosin & stand out as a coloured area. In the image coloured areas show deposits of this substance embedded within the walls of blood vessels in the spleen. Image
This substance which can also be detected using the stain Congo red occurs in many places — the heart muscle, in the blood vessels, even in the fatty tissue, and in the connective tissue. What is it?
Prof. Burkhardt plans to do further studies of the substance using the electron microscope. It does show birefringence. Interestingly, the pure cholesterol crystals are often embedded within this substance. He thinks that this is an amyloid protein. ImageImage
The strangest finding seems to relate to the widely reported blood clots. But these elastic 'mystery clots' first discovered by embalmers are shown to be entirely different and not composed of thrombi. A still to be solved mechanism is involved here.…
A blood sample taken from a 40 year old marathon runner provides some clues. Image
Her blood is sampled, spun in a centrifuge and then cooled. It forms a strange gelatinous clot that floats to the top of the test tube! Image
The clot collected from the test tube is whitish and quite solid, but a bit elastic. Strangely, it is not dissolved by the reagents used during tissue slide preparation. Image
A slice from this mysterious clot looks like this.
Prof. Burkhardt gets the impression that it is composed of a self-assembling protein. Image
Strangely, the clot has no red blood cells and is composed of fibers. What are these mysterious substances? Already three such never before known substances are seen in tissue samples after the m-RNA vaccines. What more will be discovered in future investigations?
The catalogue of damage is well shown via Burkhardt's histological slides which will remain as evidence for centuries. While autopsies have been suppressed, others list pathology investigations which add to the mounting evidence of crimes against humanity.…
This review will be continued in a further separate thread covering the second and final video part of Prof. Burkhardt's Symposium

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