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Nov 21 12 tweets 7 min read
A vital reminder: the media outlets that always tell you they fight "disinformation" united right before the 2020 election to spread an absolute lie: this laptop was "Russian disinformation."

I knew it was a lie right away and staked my career on it. They lied *on purpose*.
The reason I knew the laptop was real was because conservative outlets produced conclusive evidence that it was, and it had all the hallmarks that we used to authenticate other large laptops: WikiLeaks, Snowden, Brazil.

Here are all those who lied:👇👇

I don't care about Hunter Biden. This mattered because it revealed a lot about ***Joe Biden's**** activities in China and Ukraine.

And now it matters most because the media outlets that all lied refuse to retract this lie. They lie as their mission:👇

If you don't care that the CIA laundered a blatant lie through their most loyal media servants -- starting with POLITICO's @NatashaBertrand -- all to interfere in and manipulate the outcome of the 2020 election, then it means you are an authoritarian and love "disinformation": Image
So many who work for media outlets and universities who declare themselves media ethics specialists -- @brianstelter, @jayrosen_nyu, @GlennKesslerWP, etc.

Do you have anything to say when *not one media outlet* that spread CIA pre-election lie about the laptop has retracted it? ImageImageImageImage
The @HuffPost didn't just spread the CIA lie that the laptop was "Russian disinformation." They produced a virtual Biden 2020 campaign video based on it.

Watch it. 👇 How can anyone justify their lack of retraction given proof of its authenticity?

Less than 2 weeks before Americans voted in the 2020 election, CNN put their normal army of US Security State operatives to spread the lie that the laptop was "Russian disinformation." CNN spread it all over their platforms. Not one retraction. Watch:

And one high-level Democratic official after the next -- including @jrpsaki and the Biden Campaign itself -- repeatedly said that the Biden laptop was "Russian disinformation." They all lied. This was a CIA lie. These are the people who want the power to censor the internet. ImageImageImageImage
The former head of Twitter's content moderation (i.e. censorship) unit, @yoyoel, has a NYT op-ed praising himself for all the ways his censorship made the US healthier.

He forgot to mention that he and Twitter *banned* links to reporting on the laptop based on this CIA lie. Image
This was - and is - a gigantic scandal. The CIA, corporate media and Big Tech (including FB) all united *right before the election* to lie to the American public about information that reflected poorly on Joe Biden, and then brute censored it.

@jack apologized. Nobody else has. Image
Watch one lie after the next from liberal media corporations -- liberal pundits who always claim they need to censor the internet to stop disinformation when *they* are its most destructive purveyors of it. Not one of these scumbags acknowledged their lie

Anyway, it's obvious why all these media corporations united to ratify what was so clearly a CIA lie right before the election.

It's the same reason they won't retract or acknowledge it now:

They lied to ensure Trump lost, and they know their liberal audience wants them to lie.

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Nov 26
WATCH: Our new nightly live program -- SYSTEM UPDATE -- will launch very soon on Rumble. To prepare, we have been airing test-run episodes for a limited audience.

My monologue last night explored the media's deranged panic over free speech on Twitter:👇…
We are posting on Rumble segments of the pre-launch episodes: to give our audience a feel for what our show will be in our newly built studio.

Last night, I highlighted just how deranged is this media meltdown, and to explore what is driving their primal need for censorship:
This demented media meltdown has dragged into the light one of the newest media scams: they invent fake credentials ("disinformation researcher," "online safety expert") and then bestow them on their friends to masquerade their politicized agenda as scientific and data-driven.
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Nov 26
Over the last 48 hours, multiple liberal outlets (including the WPost) equated free speech with mass murder, and blamed @elonmusk for large numbers of people soon to die -- without including a single person who disagreed with this insanity.

This person was their main source:👇
That free speech is murder - that many will die if we have just one social media platform not controlled by liberal journalists and academics - is inherently laughable.

That they refuse to quote anyone disagreeing with this inanity shows their real function: not journalism.
I have updated my profile to reflect that I, too, am now on online safety expert.

As an online safety expert, I am here to assure everyone that those of us in marginalized groups will find a way to survive even if Musk allows people disliked by Media Matters to be heard online✊ Image
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Nov 25
The leading agitators for online censorship insist it's needed to prevent hateful messages from circulating, since those incite rage and violence.

Just go check what they tweet all day. It's a never-ending flow of vicious hatred against their enemies, deliberately inciting rage.
The most-quoted person over the last 48 hours by liberal media outlets demanding more censorship on Twitter - and demanding Google and Apple remove them if they don't obey - is the trans activist @Esqueer_, one of the most relentlessly hateful people on this site. Look at this: Image
Caraballo is insinuating Mormons and Republicans are likely to produce non-binary mass murderers. Imagine the potential that has to incite violence toward Mormons.

But they think their hatred, their attacks and calumnies, are noble. Hateful insults by The Enlightened are sacred.
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Nov 25
Can we get an answer from NBC or @oneunderscore__ if this is true? Seems like an obvious and serious ethical breach if it is.
Collins has denied it's him, saying it's another Ben Collins.

How can Ben Collins do his important and dangerous work of covering toxic extremists online if he now blocked me? How can Ben - Supreme White Male Ally-Protector of the Marginalized - monitor all the people I endanger? Unless this is about blocking me from reporting on him?
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Nov 25
BREAKING! Allowing those disliked by liberals to be heard on the internet will *literally* kill many people (😱), warn the most neurotic, mentally unwell, petulant petty-tyrants who have declared themselves "online safety experts" and are now called that by liberal media outlets.
Taylor Lorenz miraculously found 3 or 4 people more neurotic, clearly unstable, and censorship-happy than she, bestowed them with fake expertise titles, and now the WPost is blasting out her alarmist asylum-worthy babbling to millions. #journalism

This is one of Lorenz’s Twitter friends - just look at tweets of hers to see how unhinged and disturbed she is - whom the WPost cites as an expert to warn Musk's mildly greater free speech is “existentially dangerous for various marginalized communities”

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Nov 23
What NBC permitted Ben Collins to do this week in exploiting the corpses in Colorado Springs - with lie after lie, one baseless claim after the next - is repugnant. It sickens me. He doesn’t see LGBTs as humans: just weapons and mascots to exploit for his own aggrandizement.
Politicians like @aoc did the same: saw what they thought were gay dead people and immediately - without knowing anything about the killer or motive - paraded them around as dolls to accuse their enemies of murder. The liberal-left sees us as toys: to hug when we’re useful.
But politicians are expected to be tawdry, opportunistic, unscrupulous creeps. AOC saw (what she mistakenly thought were) gay corpses, picked them up and used them for attention. That’s not empathy. It’s sociopathy masquerading as empathy, exploiting groups they believe they own.
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