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A thread on WHO is REALLY behind the #Balenciaga ads:

The Devil In Disguise: Lotta Volkova

1. She has been one of the main stylist in Balenciaga since 2014.
2.She has a relationship with an accused pedophile.
3. We can't only boycott #Balenciaga but also the people behind it. This isn't Lotta or styled ...This Lotta Volkova
I also want to make something very clear, I feel #Balenciaga threw the photographers under the bus and that's not enough. If I'm wrong in something correct me please as I don't want to spread misinformation. I'm going to start with the strangest first and how it led me to her. Image
Meet the photographer that led me to her: Gabriele Galimberti
he said on this daily mail article: 'As usual for a commercial shooting, the direction of the campaign and the choice of the objects displayed are not in the hands of the photographer.' I believe him on this. ImageImageImage
He did pretty much keep his mouth shut though except for the name Chris Maggio, this where it gets creepy. Chris Maggio have done some really high profile work for Vogue,Balenciaga,GQ,Bloomberg and others however what caught me was one work that was called Double Magazine ImageImageImage
The little girl resembled the one in Balenciaga so much I thought it was her first, but I also found the style to be very similar. I went on lemagazinedouble website and couldn't find the issue. I found the whole shoot weird and that Disney Cruise Line reminded me of Epstein. Image
This is actually true Disney Cruise Line used to travel to Epstein Island or St James island, however that could just be a coincidence what's important is this was styled by no other then Lotta Volkova. This is how she got my attention.…
I have to thank the previous photographer for snitching on Maggio as it would've never led me to Lotta Volkova. Now when I found she styled it I thought who is this woman. She has become one of the most prominent stylist in the fashion industry.
She has worked with Vogue,Adidas,Balenciaga,Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier amongst many others, Marc Jabos constantyl comment on her insta. Now lets focus on her insta and her relationship with a accused pedophile. ImageImage
One of his fans funny enough made a video on him on this and GQ also made an article on this, however some way somehow he was left off the hook and kept working in the fashion industry.… ImageImageImageImage
Gosha,Lotta and Demna are really close and their history goes way back to stone age. This is what I found weird with Lotta and Gosha. Below she tags Gosha taking pics of young boys sleeping looking like they past out. Image
I found the pic on the right incredible disturbing what is she actually referring to when she tagged gosha and added a wink. Maybe it's just some weird goth humour but it is from the The Shining, which is about witches that what a young boys shining. ImageImage
She has just like Gosha an interest to really young looking boys, it's really hard to guess their ages some I would say looked no more then 13. I could be wrong but have a look and at her insta and campaigns. ImageImageImageImage
I also found this disturbing as she films a Juvenile Facility and then has that bloody floor which actually looks like real blood. Did anything happen there or was it just a set for Vetements campaign. ImageImageImageImage
Update on Demna, It's too late to apologize how did that saying go? The cat is out of the bag. The damage is already done, we see through all of the B.S..
We will still #BoycottBalenciaga
#Balenciaga as a brand is dead as long as it has the same owners.

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A curious 🧵

Tom Hanks who btw was a Lolita express passenger to Epsteins Island, Who also got accused by a former Hollywood actor for being pedophile.
Well he did a comedy skit on Jimmy Kimmel around 11 years ago and it recently resurfaced. It didn't go publicly well for him.
It actually went so bad, the well oiled propaganda machine had to be used to cool down the drama and slow down all these #childtrafficking hashtags that suddenly rose with this.
You could just Google tom hans beauty pageant and they're all trying to say it's a comedy skit. Image
It's true it's a comedy skit making fun of all these over zealous parents pushing their little girls on these embarrassing stages with make up,dresses and where they have to perform.

However that's not the reason everyone got angry or why the hashtag #childtrafficking blew up
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It reminded me of this case or rather cases in Netherlands where there had been so many abuses and trafficking involved that the Dutch government BANNED dutch citizens to adopt internationelly. This was just now in 2021.…
Did Angelina Jolie still Maddox from his birth mother Cambodia, was the paper work in order ?

I've not looked into that nor watched the documentary but it's on my list :…
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