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Megan Fox says she and fiancé Machine Gun Kelly drink each other’s blood for ‘ritual purposes’… <--- Clear ref to blood drinking. Note that they're wearing black and there's pink sign behind. Related:… #occultelite #symbolism
Rihanna and ASAP Rocky reportedly host ‘rave-themed’ baby shower… <--- Story is about a dark-skinned couple and baby. Red, pink, purple featured in photo chosen. Fits in with symbolic pattern.
Elite confectionery products… <--- Recall of range of products including chocolate due to salmonella fears. So many of these lately. Yet they don't withdraw one thing causing most damage by far: 💉Why this looks like message for the elite.
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The Dutch State is the world champion in separating children from their parents and blocking any and all contact between them. #StateKidnapping.

A thread in English. THREAD NO 1.
This affects at least 95,000 children who are taken away from their loving families, and 450,000 - 900,000 under some form of State "supervision" (in theory, but in practice this usually means: an interference based on terror, intimidation and retaliation).
This problem has occured for at least 75 years. The grave problems were investigated by Formal Committees (Samson, 2013 De Winter 2019) and dissertations were published (Clarijs, The tyranny of Youth Care 2013) and journaliste (Van Beek, Children of the State 2020), and others.
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Adam Walsh’s sister had her children taken away for questioning her father John Walsh about her brother’s death. Conservatorship is next.
Things are not what they seem around CPS, the #AdamWalsh Act or the NCMEC!
She is speaking out against #MoneyLaundering and #ChildTrafficking
I just left a comment for #RoseanneBarr (she is back on YouTube) and I invite others to show up and comment politely under mine to bring a little more attention/support/info- Let’s get the WHITE LIGHT OF JESUS to shine on this story!!!
@TheEmmapreneur @shepardout
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The husband of a survivor of Ireland’s mother and baby homes says the Church was like the secret service in the devious way they carried out adoptions.+
Church operating international human trafficking network?
@hrw @IrishMirror @rangdebasantitv
#ChildTrafficking #Ireland Image
The Missing Children tells the story of the Tuam mother and baby home, which made global headlines in 2014 when Catherine Corless uncovered the names of the 796 children who died there.+
The scandal revealed that the children had died in appalling circumstances and were buried in an old sewage tank on the grounds of the home, where they remain today.+
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Keeping the swamp busy..... Deleted within minutes of posting..... Get a job Murt .... Oh YEAH you can't....
Seriously Murt, is the persecution of Timothy who usually can't stop really worth it?
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Timothy's Bitchute…

The High Command Bitchute…

PPTF on Telegram
Actionable Intelligence…

Timothy's Website


Everything Everything 🎵
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1) Let's talk about #Guatemala and VP Harris

President Alejandro Giammattei
Change how $ is delivered letting ‘LOCAL’🇬🇹 nonprofits handle the programs
U.S.🇺🇸 #NGO charge too much and don’t deliver $
Apply for Asylum in Guatemala
2) Let's talk about #Guatemala and VP Harris

Where has U.S. Aid $ been going? #NGO
$70M out of $157.5M has gone to GOVERNANCE and ADMINISTRATIVE COSTS 💸💸💸
3) Let's talk about #Guatemala and VP Harris

Meanwhile, Kamala meeting with U.S.🇺🇸 #NGO George Soros💥 and Rockefeller💥 selling out our Nation
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Thread: The #SuperBowl is coming up so it is important to know that this event coincides with increased demand for sexual exploitation of people believed to be "escorts", "prostitutes" and consenting "sex workers".
The pro porn & pro sex work ideology creates an acceptance culture around sexual exploitation. The flawed ideology promotes the idea that "sex work is real work" and that "sex workers are consenting individuals who enjoy what they do".
This is a false cover veneer sold to the public to cover up the horrific, dark reality of the sexual exploitation industry. The "pro sex work" (pro prostitution) movement that promotes and defends prostitution also list things like...
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@StateDept | Sunday, January 10, 2021


Announcement of a new whole-of-government human trafficking website.


❝With my resolute support, executive departments and agencies are steadfastly continuing the battle to abolish this form of modern slavery.❞

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Yes there is.

He had her on his lap, seen without his shirt on in the company of what was clearly a underage girl.
#BorisHasFailedTheNation #KeirStarmerhasfailedthekids when head of @cpsuk helping @ClarenceHouse #PrinceCharles @JimmySavileNews to be buried.

Who is now #leadersdebate of @UKLabour who is attempting to divert you away from @TheDukeOfYork as @KensingtonRoyal carry on as
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@sm63 @dineshjoshi70 Sir @PMOIndia @amitshah @rajnathsingh Sirs we have voted u to power, #Bollywood with Politicians in Maharashtra have been exposed by many #whistleblowers on SM in cases of #childtrafficking #auction supplied by #NGOs, @republic journo was arrested since he knew SS #farmhouse 1/1
@sm63 @dineshjoshi70 @PMOIndia @AmitShah @rajnathsingh @republic 1/2 had something hidden which they did not want exposed... If #BJP is serious about cleaning India, expose what is hidden there and other places ...#Child and #womenTrafficking is killing out system .. @republic had the guts to expose, but politicians jailed them
@sm63 @dineshjoshi70 @PMOIndia @AmitShah @rajnathsingh @republic Please sirs if the minister of #WomenAndChild is not bothered to take strict action on this because of connections, please change and put tough police women as head of this ministry. So many children are kidnapped from cities and villages and auctioned at Bollywood parties..1/3
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Thread :

This is how child trafficking happens & that's how the system has reacted to it until now..
A hypothetical movie reference but looking at the trends and research I won't even doubt it's authenticity cz the reality is uglier
How will we save people or support people to stand up against such a
henious crimes..
Many have been murdered trying to reveal their reality..
How many more ?
How many MORE??
I am sure the brutality in real would be on a larger extent but the question is WHY?
Movies are a reflection of our society, but under glittery fake stars we often forget to notice these things where hardly any light is shed
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Do you want to see PROPAGANDA in action?

I've been digging around Surrogacy in the Eastern Europe. Almost everything creepy stuff with connections to #Childtrafficking
Except one video proclaiming Surrogacy brings happiness.
I checked the organisation⏬that's what I found
Compare these 2 Videos: the same plot, town, agency, the same characters, but not same the narrative.
Made by ABCNews
There are some essential "mistakes" in the video, but I would like not to emphasise them here in order just to compare the narrative.
The 2. one was filmed by CurrentTimeTV and posted by RadioFreeEurope/Radio Liberty
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1) [Thread]
Almost one month ca. 50 babies born from surrogate mothers were held in a hotel-room in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Their new parents could not pick them up due to the closed borders during Corona-Lockdown.
#ChildTrafficking #StopSurrogacyNow #Weltkindertag2020 Image
2) 46 (according to various sources up to 76) babies stayed nearly a month in ONE room at the Hotel Venice.
⏬Video was published by the BioTexCom Center for Human Reproduction for surrogate parents from the USA, Italy, Spain, UK, China, France, Germany...
3) Official opinion
The Ukrainian ombudsman (Commissioner for Human Rights) L. Denisova: "It is necessary to legislatively regulate the issue of surrogate motherhood, since Ukraine CANNOT control how the rights of Ukrainian citizens, who leave for other countries, are respected"
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ShoutOut to @SavetheChildren Chattanooga, Raising Awareness Rally

#ChildTrafficking has been reported as having risen 106% during COVID Shutdowns… #RevTN #CHA #Chattanooga #SaveOurChildrenChattanooga #SaveTheChildrenChattanooga #SaveTheChildren #tnleg
Tennessee has large hurdles to overcome when it comes to #ChildTrafficking #HumanTrafficking…
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#MichelleObama is friends with the most vile people on the planet. And she even planted her daughter as an intern at #HarveyWeinstein's…
#MichelleObama is close friends with #Oprah, that poor black oppressed woman, who said "They just have to die"

Did MO know about the human trafficking going on in #Hollywood? #Oprah sure did. Nice friend you got there #MichelleObama ImageImage
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Nawomi Awoga and her daughters Marina Oke & Assiba Lea Fandohan of Chicago suburbs, were charged in a child labor and #ChildTrafficking conspiracy.

They brought 2 children from Benin in West Africa into the US via visa fraud, made the work for them, and threatened them.
It doesn’t specify whose children they were, but Naomi Awoga is a Benin citizen. While she was in Benin, the kids left their families to live with her, where she coached the kids to lie to US Customs to get them into the US.
No idea if those kids were the children of friends or relatives or if perhaps they were sold or promised a better life, etc. Either way, once they arrived here, they were forced to work to make the defendants money.
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Why is Florida a hub for child trafficking? Could it be the underwater tunnel to the islands? Why are the elite & politicians so involved in the Caribbean? The below screenshots are from 2010. #ChildTrafficking #adrenochome #CrimesAgainstChildren #CrimesAgainstHumanity ImageImageImageImage
There are a few blogs saying this underwater tunnel is fake. Is it really?
Video showing satellite footage of some of the tunnel visible under water. Screenshots are needed as we are heavily censored & links disappear. Tunnel visible around Virgin Islands. You can see at least 1 offshoot to land underwater.

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To all of the @linkinpark fans. We have all suffered a great loss by losing #chesterbennington 3 years ago. I’m seeing a lot of posts of people crying for him, crying for his loss, missing him. We all miss him but
2. Wake up to the reason he’s gone. #InTheEnd he was fighting the battle of his life! He had been fighting against the evil that pushed him into his depression. Did you ever ask why he was “depressed”? He had so much to live for. The music, a beautiful wife, beautiful children.
3. Does everyone understand the evil #chesterbennington and #ChrisCornell were #Exposing ?

They were working to expose #PedophileRings of Hollywood and the music industry.

Seems like everyone who tries to expose these rings, dies.......
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Another long thread. This one is about child trafficking. We need to raise awareness!! #WhereAreTheChildren Image
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How deep does it go? Keep looking. You have to know the truth. There are children waiting on you to protect and rescue them. You pay for it.

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