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All right, let’s do a 🧵 about the D&D For All Kit I helped design with @Wizards_DnD. I’m incredibly proud of this project, and I want to highlight some of the thought that went into ensuring this kit was accessible and inclusive.
1/ A box with four red segment...
This project took about a year, and I worked closely with the spectacular @djdubow, who tirelessly advocated for it and the features we included, as well as several other folks on the Wizards team and the wonderful folks at FlightDeck Studios, who made the kits a reality.

The goal was to create as inclusive and accessible a kit for community members across as many access needs as possible. That meant that from the start, we needed to consider ensuring that things were high-contrast, textured, easy to open, etc. This informed EVERYTHING. 2/
It was also important that this wasn’t “the disabled kit,” but rather a kit of fantastic, useful, cool items that ALSO were chosen and designed with access needs in mind. These are items everyone would enjoy, but that have been selected with care and access considerations.
Let’s start with packaging. This box was designed to be easy to open and carry, even with limb difference, reduced manual dexterity, or limited mobility. We added magnetic closures, large handles, pull loops, eliminated fiddly packaging, etc.
We also used high-contrast colors and ensured all of the writing in the kit was also available in Braille and/or screen-reader friendly formats (we’ll get to that in a minute).
5/ A close-up on the section l...
Each section pulls out independently for organization and clarity, and each section box has a magnetic closure and opens with the d20 pull if desired, so you can use a tool, hook, etc., if hands or fingers aren’t the way you like to roll (dice).
6/ The front of the box with t...A hand pulling on the d20 l...
Inside each section is a QR code (key for lots of blind folks) leading to a screen reader-compatible website with high-contrast text and information/instructions about the items in the kit, and written and Braille instructions. The QR code is indicated by a tactile dot.
7/ The inside of the 3D pen se...
I recommended we include the 3D pen because of a conversation with @BlindTemple, where he mentioned that he adds puff-pen grid lines to his battlemaps, so he can count squares while DMming. This also led to the inclusion of the Tactical Maps Reincarnated Set.
8/ The included items spread o...
We included heat-protective items as well as high-contrast color filament, in hopes that folks can find fun ways to design with the pen. (It also can be used with the initiative trackers we’ll discuss later.) Only retail items were left in shrink wrap or original packaging.
Every bag is easy to open and also has a tag in Braille identifying the included item. The bags are black velvet with high contrast lettering. @aannggeellll mentioned “the elbow test” for packaging—if you can’t open it with just your elbows, it’s not accessible.
11/ A close-up on the Filament ...
Onto Section Two: The Starter Set. Again, this includes a QR code and information on redeeming a digital copy of the adventure on @DnDBeyond. This was really important so blind/low-vision folks could enlarge the font or use a screen reader.
12/ The Starter Set in the box....
You’ll notice that there’s an easy-removal velvet loop to remove the kit from the box. Again, because this was a retail item, we presented it in its original packaging. There’s also a Braille tag to identify it.
Third Section: Game Extras. Again, QR Code and instructions. This section has some protective fluff to safeguard the wooden items.

This was divided into sections, and most of these items go with the DM screen.
14/ The third box interior. The...
It was important to include an item for neurodivergent folks, so a fidget toy was one of the earliest items we discussed. I loved this one bc it was on theme with the Starter Set adventure. The two textures feel nice, and it’s quiet, since many folks are sound sensitive.
15/ A close-up on the “Fidget” ...A close-up on the “Fidget” ...
Now we are onto the DM Screen accessories. @dogmight made STUNNING screens for us. We chose accessories that would be useful for folks with a range of mobility and dexterity, so a dice tower and tray in high-contrast colors was one of the first things we picked.
16/ A wooden dice tower with a ...A wooden dice tray with a B...
As always, these have pull loops and Braille tags. The Inspiration tokens are magnetic and also adhere to the screen, and are textured and high contrast. The ball bearings are magnets used to attach items, but also feel nice to roll around as fidgets.
17/ Five wooden inspiration tok...A black velvet Braille-tagg...
The Initiative Trackers are great, fit in the top of the screen, and the plexi material can be backed with dark paper and used with the white chalk pen we included for high contrast and/or they can be marked with the 3D pen for texture/Braille.
18/ A black velvet braille-tagg...
Many folks with low vision need good lighting, so the Screen Light was an EASY choice. It allows access in a wider variety of environments and can help the players and the DM. It also attaches to the DM screen.
19/ A black velvet braille-tagg...
Box 4: The DM Screen. @dogmight collaborated to make a GORGEOUS 3D, textured, high contrast screen with a ton of modular options. The texture makes it enjoyable for all vision levels and folks who like tactile items.
20/ The interior of the DM Scre...
I mean…there are no words for how gorgeous this is.
22/ The fully assembled wooden ...
The back of the screen has plexi page holders in a few sizes as well as instructions (Also in accessible PDFs on QR page). Dark paper behind the plexi + chalk pen works for high-contrast notes. All silver dots are magnetic points to attach the extras. Panels are numbered.
23/ The dark stained wood back ...The back of two panels of t...The third and fourth panels...The fourth panel of the dam...
And finally, the screens are engraved and painted with the recipient’s name. This keeps them textured and identifiable.

24/ A close-up on the fourth pa...
I’m so, so proud of these kits and what they represent. I’ve heard from several people who said “EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS FEELS LIKE IT WAS DESIGNED FOR ME.”

Yes, it was. On every level. Because inclusion MATTERS. Everyone deserves access and a seat at the gaming table.


/end A box with four red segment...The front of the box with t...
Addendum: In terms of public availability, I’ll quote @djdubow: “Can't share a ton of info on sourcing for items just yet, but the potential for wider availability is something we did take into consideration! No promises, but I'll be sure to share if there are any updates!”
I hope that just by sharing the process and considerations that went into this, it inspires folks to think about how to make their own products more accessible moving forward, or sparks ways to integrate things like tactile maps or high-contrast notes into your own games.
We ALL win when games are inclusive and accessible, whether we are creators, storytellers, players, collectors, or any other type of enthusiast, and considering how to ensure access makes the future of gaming even more exciting for everyone.
(And if you want to see an accessible table in action, please check out the work we did on Galesong: Dragon’s Convergence.…)
(Also, PLEASE let companies know that you want accessible products and products like this. It’s so important that they receive feedback and have data reinforcing that there is market demand and appreciation for accessible, inclusive products.)
Thanks to @NalaWu, I was reminded that I neglected to share the Braille label on the outer carton, which reads “Dungeons & Dragons For All.” All of our amazing Braille work was printed by @candoable, who did an incredible job making beautiful, accessible accessories.

• • •

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I’m really thrilled with how this character has evolved over the months we’ve worked on her, but I’m even more thrilled by how James has made inclusion and accessibility part of his core operating framework for design on everything he’s done since we started working together. 🧵.
Herja’s chair is definitely designed to be a spectacle piece—it’s ONLY for the arena and is meant to intimidate her enemies, but we kept the focus on Herja herself, not her chair—embellishments, like the weaponized wings, act as costume pieces for her look (cont’d)
Rather than making the chair completely impractical for the sake of cool design, an issue I see too often. That ignores the entire reason for the chair’s existence: the user and their mobility needs. Herja is always the focus, her chair is a reflection of her arena persona.
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Oh, I feel this pain. Some of my discoveries along my dungeon design/mapping journey for D&D follow. A 🧵.
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For my #CandlekeepMysteries dungeon, I used a laundry rack, room info printouts, objects to scale representing rooms, and string to test out all of my passages, etc. It looked like a 3D version of the conspiracy board from It’s Always Sunny.

But it worked for me.

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