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Airborne AIDS

HIV t-cell depletion test and HIV antivirals treatment is diagnosis and treatment not being offered to long term SARS patients.

If #LongCovid talks like a duck, and #LongCovid walks like a duck, duck off denying SARS is not airborne AIDS!
The entire #MedTwitter community is arguing over itself about terminology specificity!

When the other anti-science side is inventing fucken “immunity debt” terminology to minimize and misinform!
There’s ZERO interest in funding research to support what China has already evidenced about antivirals treatment!
ZERO interest in maintaining a healthy society that can live beyond age of retirement b/c death of immunodeficiency occurs age 65.
ZERO interest is exactly the sort of interest and dividends one acquires from “immunity debt”.
ZERO accountability is how we got here because the medical community is too busy arguing about specifics and not pointing the finger of blame at those responsible! Not holding their federal political leadership accountable!
The severity of #AirborneAIDS will not be felt for 10-15 years.
There exists #LongCovid diagnosis test to clinically prove “brain fog” is not just a “neurological disorder”. But scientific proof is lacking because the same day clinical t-cell depletion test to evidence #LongSARS in patients is not available in the US, UK & EU - only Africa!
The greatest minimizing misinformation propaganda ever tweeted was this #SARS is novel.

I mean “NOT novel” in every epidemiological sense of the word.

In 2003, we called the virus SARS-CoV, the disease SARS and patients who suffered long term illness - SARS survivors.
We didn’t minimize SARS survivors by using #LongSARS or #LongCovid minimizing terminology.

Those who suffer long term SARS symptoms had their t-cell depleted, then naïve t-cell depleted. That’s invisible but permanent scarring to immune system where patients die early deaths.
At this time last year the WHO finalized a clinical case definition for post COVID-19 condition. This enable physician diagnosis & treatment but also directed nations to test, track and report #LongCovid…
The US never bothered to adhere to CDC’s IHR(2005) legal obligation to report numbers of #LongCOVID cases. Instead, when the WHO request came in, US restricted access to PCR testing (one means to prove #LongSARS)

Legal obligation to report #AirborneAIDS:…
How much does the US care about #LongCovid patients, if they aren't even counting the cases?
The tweeting dotard openly called for falsifying data to minimize danger & prevent evidence of failure of US’s response to #SARS. Changes to HHS legal obligation to ensure the unfiltered data goes direct to WHO w/o transit via admin checkpoint was never reversed by current admin!
The greatest misinformation propaganda ever tweeted was this SARS is novel!

But long lasting harm by tweeting dotard was abandoning the #PrecautionaryPrinciple with tweet attack of scientific community for lack of evidence!
#PrecautionaryPrinciple is the long-standing medical philosophy to always “err on the side of caution”.

Because in the real world;
lack of evidence of safety,
never trumps,
lack of evidence of risk!
Renaming SARS is how we got here;

#PASC chronic phase of SARS disease minimized as #LongCOVID

#SAND patients of #PASC minimized as “brain fog”

#PCID is immune debt in sheep’s clothing

#AirborneAIDS is how we get out of this mess!
#ZeroCovid is possible!

We could end the worldwide transmission and spread of this RSV/flu/SARS #syndemic TOMORROW!

A full return to normal is possible in mere weeks using simple NPIs (not lockdowns).
#ZeroMERS & #ZeroCovid is not insanity!

#ZeroPox #ZeroEbola #ZeroPlague used exact EXACT same NPI precautions we used in 2003 to achieve #ZeroSARS

Insanity is repeating the same mistake over and over with hopium cures that are always going to be 3 months behind the mutations.
2003 we eradicated #SARS!

#ZeroSARS used 3 simple NPIs;
- N95 grade PPE w/eye protection
- testing & tracing
- isolation of the infected

But these community-level NPIs (all abandoned 2022) depend upon international travel surveillance & quarantine (never implemented in 2020).
US had a legal obligation to implement "international travel surveillance" which is essentially testing & trace with quarantine of the infected.

Instead, the tweeting dotard tweet attacked the WHO then tweet attacked any country abiding to WHO guidance.…
This pandemic is being kept alive with new #SARS varianta where #AirborneAIDS is negatively reducing community immunity because the US, UK & EU never abided by the WHO guidance.…
Instead of minor temporary inconvenience for the few elite international travellers, responsibility for Public Health got punted down to billions at a cost of trillions!
There’s a cultlike groupthink that international leisure travel is some divine right or necessary for the world economy!

Temporary isolation & testing at border entry is not a violation of Human Rights because entering a new country is a voluntary decision.

If you think #AirborneAIDS is fearporn - keep in mind rich nation declared HIV no longer a "communicable diseases of public health of significance”, because they can afford expensive antivirals & profit selling antivirals to poorly developed countries!…
AIDS timeline offers stark contrast:

In comparison, #AirborneAIDS is in 1982. Still blaming the victims and their “life choices” or outright ignorant denial of opportunistic diseases. But, we finally acknowledge AIRBORNE!…
1986 is when scientists started to do regular testing of HIV patients for determining t-cell depletion, we aren’t there yet.

We are still far removed from anyone being concerned about this horrifying #syndemic (multiple pandemics).
#DontLookUP was a mockumentary about Corporate Democracy abandon of Public Health concern by muzzling of scientists. Climate change scientist can learn something from current failure of epidemiologists being muzzled because we allowed nations to abandon the WHO guidance.
WHO international travel guidance was derived from years of pandemic research attempting to find a balance between keeping economies working, paying for public health measures & keeping people healthy. The health of people depends upon, health of economy & ability to earn living.
Finding a well-balanced approach between priorities of health and economy wasn't easy. The solution was proven effective at protecting health and economy for little cost in 2009!
The WHO provided nations with Pandemic Playbook framework based on international travel surveillance in 2007. The WHO were able to prove in 2009 that the WHO Pandemic Playbook framework was successful for nations like US who adopted it.
PS. H1N1 pandemic originated in Mexico.
Nobody remembers mask debates and vaccination arguments in 2009!

Because Public Health responsibility was not punted down to individuals!…
Those who claim #ZeroCovid is impossible because of “virulence” are hoping nobody remembers 2009!

Biggest difference in 2009 was President Obama didn’t tweet attack the WHO, abandon WHO guidance.
The best reason to refer to SARS as #AirborneAIDS?

Nothing about #AirborneAIDS is fearporn if - you wear N95 grade PPE with eye protection, to protect yourself!
If you want scientific evidence to understand the t-cell depletion from SARS infection causes greater autoimmune disorder than HIV, here’s a thread.
The scientific causation of Lupus is unknown. The viral pathogen that destroys the immune system clears before patients die 10-15 years later. If HCoV-OC43 was the cause, and SARS-CoV increased the risk from 1 in 1000 to 1 in 3, would you care?
The autoimmune diseases (not virus) of SARS and Systemic Lupus Erythematosus are identical.

Just a reminder we have zero scientific knowledge about the environmental causation of SLE.
#CLE #AirborneLupus
There’s plenty of clinical case reports on the possible association between coronavirus OC43 and autoimmune disorders, well before this pandemic.…
Several cases have been reported of patients developing Lupus who were infected with SARS, but data has not been published on the onset of clinical manifestations of SLE after SARS infection.

We don’t know the exact causation of MOST autoimmune disease!…
It's entirely possible the Let'er R.I.P. population-level SARS experiment of 6 billion unwilling study subjects, will produce scientific knowledge that HCoV-OC43 we had previously dismissed as "the common cold" was in fact the cause of Lupus and many other autoimmune disorders.
Autoimmune diseases cause many serious lifelong and quality of life reducing problems and life ending problems. There exists some treatment options for rich nations to extend life of patients with autoimmune diseases, but not quality of life.
Of significance: Lupus negatively affects the cardiovascular system & is considered causal to coronary artery disease.

But, we also blame the victims using “co-morbidity” health conditions such as coronary disease they didn’t have before SARS infection!…
The only medical advice anyone should follow from me, some rando twit chick; is to always seek and follow physician advice. If you physician is not aware of GI disorder or autoimmune diagnosis & treatment (which does include nutrition guidance) then seek second physician advice.
To be clear: SARS-CoV is not being compared to HIV, nor should they be.

We do have the opportunity to learn from the lymphopenia arising from chronic AIDS and repeated SARS infections.

#AirborneAIDS is a ground-level pushback to media pundit Minimizers pushing “immunity debt”. Image
Nobody expects the experts to join in using #AirborneAIDS

Scientific research professionals and medical physicians are going to abide by terminology as has been determined by the WHO.

If you are a PhD and use your real name, continue using specificity of terminology.
Physician are required to abide by what has been scientifically evidenced for very good reasons!

Unfortunately, the US, UK & EU stopped collecting scientific evidence.

Nobody is being tested after SARS infection for preliminary markers to determine onset of #LongCovid.
If anyone requires citations beyond those sources I provide or those below or would like to ask about their significance. please don’t hesitate to ask me.
Another great thread, with a simple detailed description of thé immunocompromised state after SARS infection.
Another great thread discussing how the flaws of Human Immune System vs SARS (part 1)
If you pass the first course from Dr. Gilchrist and your brain is not suffering inflammation, this is Part II:
Dysregulated Complement may be at the heart of the increased incidence and severity of opportunistic fungal infections of those who have suffered SARS infections. But nobody is conducting immunity dysfunction testing.
I should add a note about "opportunistic infections" because there are rising counter-arguments suggesting there's no acquired lymphocytopenia due to a significant lack of "everyone dying from bacterial infections".

That's not how HIV, AIDS and SARS work.
It's slow death.
Your immune system doesn't have pain receptors. Lymphocytopenia per se generally causes no symptoms. If there's complete or half destruction of your CD4+ T cells, you won't know. T-cells "can" grow back several times, in certain specific circumstances.…
However, we aren't testing for SARS viral persistence or t-cell depletion so immune injury remains unknown.

There's absolutely biomarkers for detecting SARS viral persistence that have not been authorized.
The current elimination of PCR testing & isolation has elevated community risks, but the greatest risk is asymptomatic infections because contact tracing depends on PCR testing. People are getting infected who don't know they were infected, why is that dangerous?
Vaccinated immunity can lead to asymptomatic infections

Asymptomatic infections can lead to #LongCovid

How many people think vaccine injury is the cause of their persistent long-term symptoms because they never got PCR tested and there's no persistent SARS test?
1 in 3 who are infected suffer some form of persistent SARS infection causing long-term symptoms. SARS clears the URT, but not the GI. Of those 1 in 3, many only have GI epithelium persistent SARS infection which can clear in a few months.
Of those 1 in 3, there are some patients who will have SARS persistent infection of renal epithelium cells, that can last 500-787 days. SARS persistence will cause permanent damage to immunity, neurological system and renal systems (affecting cardiac and respiratory systems).
Everyone who experiences a SARS infection will have a depleted and vulnerable immune system for a certain amount of time. This is a human immunity standard that occurs even after influenza or RSV infections. How long that lasts depends on how long the viral persistence lasts.
Those patients who continue to have SARS persistent infection beyond the acute phase are going to be characterized not only by sustained inflammation and immune activation cycles but the development of profound immunodeficiency which will depend on the viral persistence.
The real problem when discussing "viral persistence" and "permanent damage" or "temporary damage" is the abandonment of Public Health measures allowing multiple repeat infections. Persistent SARS infection should not be permanent, but your politicians made it permanent.
A significant finding from working on attempting to create a MERS/SARS vaccine was that patients with acquired lymphocytopenia (from HIV or SARS) do not die during the acute phase.…
The "cure" to avoid death from SARS is full-blown AIDS!

Cytokine storms are the leading cause of death from SARS during the acute phase - cytokine storms do not occur in severely impaired immune systems!…
Idiot’s pathetic minimizing of SARS viral persistence leading to spontaneous cardiac arrest or mysterious lymphocytopenia - is not the definition of idiopathic. Image
#AirborneAIDS is perfect to inform society there's no cure. "incurable" and facts about XBB.1.5 immunity evasion are being suppressed to prevent "panic"?
Avoiding "panic" has been a four-year strategy instead of "just wear N95 grade PPE with eye protection for your own health and safety".

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#AirborneAlzheimers #WearN95…
"Beyond its morbidity, #LongCOVID more disabling than fatal, exacts one of the most substantial tolls on public health in contemporary times, with the potential to cripple national economies"
SARS-CoV doesn't need to kill you to prevent you from living.Image
"The nervous system, particularly the brain, can become infected by SARS-CoV early in the course of COVID-19 via viral access through the cribriform plate located at the upper part of the nose"
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May 7
Highlighting: "transient" lymphopenia.
That means "temporary immune dysfunction".
Or, short-term AIDS lasting 2-3 years.
For many, this AIDS will last a lifetime, due to early onset autoimmune deaths and/or repeat re-infections. 1/
#AirborneAIDS #WearN95
SARS Survivors from 20 years ago faced the same challenge: the liver, kidneys, and pancreas rely on a robust immune system, which, in turn, relies on the health of these organs.
Lymphopenia exacerbates recovery!
Re-infection exacerbates lymphopenia!
There's a persistent SARS infection that resides in GI epithelial cells well beyond the acute phase and until that persistent infection is resolved, recovery cannot start.
We need a persistent SARS clinical test!

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Do you want to know why Associate Professor Philip Britton, can never be held criminally responsible for giving this false medical advice that will cause serious injury to kids?
@NCIRS @drphil2014
@NCIRS @drphil2014 Because "Freedom of Speech" protects anyone from spewing misinformation when it's published. No matter how insane it is to suggest children should be exposed to toxic Mycoplasma bacterium, this quack will never end up in prison for these words. Image
@NCIRS @drphil2014 Do you want to know why Dr. Britton, whose specialty is Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) can ignore the #PrecautionaryPrinciple and the evidence SARS-CoV has a role in reducing children's immunity that allows Opportunistic Infections (OIs)? Image
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