A 🧵 on #NewYearResolutions and 10 rules on how to follow through on it.
Purposely writing this on day 8 of the new year so that only those genuinely wanting to work on themselves will read it.
I am only mentioning things that have helped me personally!
Read on. 👇🏼
Research about New Year Resolutions suggests that 23% of people quit/drop out in 1st week.
Only 36% people make it till 2nd month.
Only 8% are able to successfully keep up their resolutions!
So, should you really be keeping the New Year Resolutions despite knowing that the chances are as low as 8%?
As Akshay Kumar's character says in one of his finest movies, Baby, "Mai 1% pe bhi jaata hu!"
Even if the chances of success are 1%, it's better than never trying!
And there is nothing to lose even if you fail! You will at least gain some wisdom.
The key is not to take the failures too personally and too seriously.
New year resolutions give you that one essential thing which people believe is necessary for behavior change- motivation! 4/n
But as you go along, you will discover that motivation alone wouldn't be enough for anything.
What matters is having discipline in place even on days when motivation fails.
Rule 2: Have an accountability partner

It could be your friend/family member/therapist/fitness trainer.

A personal story: I used to post a lot of political tweets, which would generate controversies & my entire energy would be wasted in debating on it.
Made a resolution in Dec 2021 that I won't do that & made sure that whatever I post on Twitter passes through my wife first.
Rule 3: Don't skip more than 2 days in a row

Don't have evidence to prove it. It could be 2 days or 3 days, but what matters is to do anything with consistency.
If you are not able to exercise for 30 mins, then just go do it for 5 mins.
Mark your attendance! Every action you take is a vote for or against the habit you wish to cultivate, as @JamesClear says.
Rule 4: Your self-talk is important

Some people, when they fail to do a task begin a narrative, "I am so lazy. I am a procrastinator. I am good for nothing."
This does not help your cause.
Cognitive behavior therapy & Clinical Hypnosis is of immense help to correct this.

Rule 6: Enjoy the process

If you wish to become fitter but don't like going to the gym, then it's not going to work well.
What else do you like?
Taking a walk along a lake?
Nature trail?
Don't like running?
Like skipping? Cycling?
Explore. Choose for yourself.

Rule 7: Results will take time

People expect that once they start exercising, their muscles 💪 will begin to bulge in a week and get abs in a month.
That's not how it works. Sorry.
Results are going to take time.
So, refer to Rule 6!

Rule 8: Starting a new habit is better than just trying to quite old habit.

When I decided to stop using Twitter for any unnecessary controversy/debates, I asked what else I could use Twitter for?
Let me just stick to what I love - talking about mental health.
Not just that. I deleted FB & used Instagram also for promoting mental health awareness. In the middle of the year 2022, I made 200 reels on mental health every single day on Instagram. Check out my IG handle
14/n instagram.com/psychidiaries?…
Rule 9: Every small change, compounds.

This is one of my favorite amongst the impactful images! Stick it on your walls. Stick it in your mind!
Rule 10:
Remember that people who are neurodivergent & with mental health disorders & addiction could find it extremely difficult to follow through on the above 9 rules.
Don't hesitate to consult a mental health professional in that case.
Also, remember that you don't need to have a mental health disorder to consult a mental health professional. Gaining insight into your habits & patterns & learning some important coping skills can be of great help.
What are some other rules that have helped you? Please mention it here so that it can be of help.
Also, if you think this might be helpful to someone, don't hesitate to share it across.
Consider following me @psychidiaries if you like reading such posts.

• • •

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Dec 27, 2022
A 60 year old lady was brought by her daughter to my OPD a couple of months ago.
In the field of psychiatry, how a person enters, gives us a clue about the clinical condition.
When a patient walks in himself v/s when a patient is 'brought by' someone makes a difference.
Generally, though not a rule:
> a patient coming himself, means he has some understanding of what is happening to him
> & when a patient is forced/coaxed by the relatives to visit a Psychiatrist, it would mean that the patient is either in denial or not in touch with reality.
So this lady and her daughter walked in, and I started to take the history.
The old lady didn't utter a word but kept crying. She clearly looked disturbed.
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I recently had a middle-aged man come to my OPD.
He appeared quite nervous and hesitant.
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He asked me if I provide counseling.
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He told me me that his daughter needed psychotherapy.
I asked him the reason for it.

He said, "Sir I have a 25 year old daughter and she has all the symptoms of being a lesbian!
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I listened to him patiently.

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Our society has always portrayed man as a stronger gender; one who is physically strong, doesn’t cry & is emotionally stronger. This myth not only makes men weaker but also pressurizes them to succumb to live up to the ideals of society. Look what has happened due to this-
Suicide is amongst the top 3 contributors to mortality amongst men in the age group of 15 to 44 years across all geographical areas.
Suicide rates are 2-3 times higher in males compared to females. Men adopt more severe means to die by suicide.
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While this is an absolutely sad news, an important thing that we should not fail to notice is the lack of communication between husband and wife.
He hadn't told her about his job loss for more than 6 months.
This isn't something new.
Many men I meet attach their value and self worth to their "package".
And when that ceases to exist it can come as a real blow.
They start to feel inferior and ashamed of themselves.
The volatility in the capitalist world is such that we are all dispensable.
The companies that we are working for, don't care for us.
Let's not define our self worth by it.
Let's not be ashamed to talk about our failures.
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Nov 17, 2022
So yesterday I had the first opportunity to be an examiner to check papers of Final year medical students.
The answers to basic questions in Psychiatry which they had written were horrible and spoke so much of the lack of awareness about mental health amongst doctors.
The questions were as basic as writing short notes on
Schizophrenia & Bipolar disorder.
And yet majority of students failed to ✍️ it properly.
This is mainly because of 2 reasons-
Either some of the subjects like
Psychiatry/Anesthesia, Dermatology/Radiology are not at all taught in their classes or if they are taught then also some students decide to leave them as optional because the question papers are designed such that you can easily pass the exams
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Oct 19, 2022
To all those who have got MD Psychiatry in the counseling, congratulations. 🙌🙂
A thread on 22 tips for young doctors entering Psychiatry residency in 2022!
1. Take all tips/suggestions with a pinch of salt as we all have biases
We may or may not be consciously aware of it.

2. Be slow to judge.

Your initial experiences could end up being confusing/scary but don't judge whatever happens to you in your initial days of residency.
3. It's going be hard work.

If you think you have chosen Psychiatry thinking it's going be a 'light' branch then better to shake this off before you step into the sacred wards of Psychiatry.
Residency is going to be hard work.
Accept. Understand. Be ready for it.
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