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A 🧵 on #NewYearResolutions and 10 rules on how to follow through on it.
Purposely writing this on day 8 of the new year so that only those genuinely wanting to work on themselves will read it.
I am only mentioning things that have helped me personally!
Read on. 👇🏼
Research about New Year Resolutions suggests that 23% of people quit/drop out in 1st week.
Only 36% people make it till 2nd month.
Only 8% are able to successfully keep up their resolutions!
So, should you really be keeping the New Year Resolutions despite knowing that the chances are as low as 8%?
As Akshay Kumar's character says in one of his finest movies, Baby, "Mai 1% pe bhi jaata hu!"
Even if the chances of success are 1%, it's better than never trying!
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One of the common objections I hear about doing any kind of self-care work is “I don’t have time”. Today I’m going create a slow 🧵 of gentle New Year’s Resolutions you could make to so it could feel like you have more ease in the time you do have.
Let’s start with:
- Reduce the guilt around resting
- Take more naps
- Stop thinking your weekends are time to cram extra work in
- Take your lunch breaks
- Enjoy the food you are eating
- Call an old friend once a week
- Write someone you love a letter
- Put a monthly kitchen disco in your diary
- Read a page of a book before you get out of bed
- Close some tabs on your browser
- Spend three minutes every day thinking of an emotion you like and times your felt that
- Plan your day ahead of time
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Thanks @malonespeaking for having @uspirg on your show today to talk about #NewYearResolutions.
No. 1: Check your credit report free through or 877-322-8228. Errors can cost you money, a new job or home rental. @edmpirg (THREAD)…
@malonespeaking @uspirg @edmpirg You can get your credit report from each of the 3 bureaus once a week at no charge through April. Then it's once a year, unless the law is finally changed. You must go through or official phone number to get reports free. @edmpirg @MikeLittUSA
@malonespeaking @uspirg @edmpirg @MikeLittUSA No. 2: If you have a debit card or use PayPal, Venmo or another payment app tied to a bank account, get a secondary checking account. Don't expose your primary checking account to fraud or mistakes that will happen. Tons of banks offer no fee/no strings checking. @edmpirg
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#NewYearChallenge I am on the last day on not-buying-anything-I-don't-need-year and thought I'd share in case it inspires you to do the same

Two weeks before Christmas last year I watched a #DavidAttenborough show, #BluePlanet and it inspired me to take massive action

I watched the plastic floating in the oceans and wondered, with shame, how much was mine :/

I decided to do a year of not consuming.

My only rule was "not to buy anything I didn't need". This meant I could buy food, drink and basic toiletries etc.
(I included mascara and moisturiser on my basic lists, I'm not a monster).

I didn't buy; clothes, shoes, presents, other makeup, hair products, jewellery, bags, decorations, anything disposable, plants, flowers, house items etc.
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FAMILY, MINDSETS & GUILT TRIPS | If you're succeeding in life and trying to create a better life for your parents, siblings or extended family, you should read this. #Thread #NewYearResolutions #NewYear
One of the hardest things you'll come up against is mindset. It is what will cause you the most sorrow. Let me explain using a Nigerian example.
You believe one should have electricity for 24 hours a day. You have the financial means, so you can now attain this using a combination of PHCN, Generator, Inverter and Solar Panels.
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There are 2 popular attitudes when it comes to #newyearresolutions:

1- "Resolutions are a waste of time"

2- "I always make resolutions (but never keep them)"

In this thread I'll explain why resolutions commonly fail & share strategies that have served me well in the past...
I can't emphasize this enough: failure is an integral part of success.

Failures are stepping stones towards your goals, provided:

1- You don't give up

2- You learn and adjust your approach
"Resolutions are a waste of time" is an attitude (usually) held by those who have given up.

"I always make resolutions (but never keep them)" is an attitude (usually) held by those who don't learn from failure and repeat the same mistakes every year.
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