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1/ For those of you who'd rather see the whole Gottlieb #TwitterFiles in a thread... here goes!

On August 27, 2021, Dr. Scott Gottlieb - a Pfizer director with over 550,000 Twitter followers - saw a tweet he didn’t like, a tweet that might hurt sales of Pfizer’s mRNA vaccines.
2/The tweet explained correctly that natural immunity after Covid infection was superior to vaccine protection. It called on the White House to “follow the science” and exempt people with natural immunity from upcoming vaccine mandates.
3/ It came not from an “anti-vaxxer” like Robert F. Kennedy Jr., but from Dr. Brett Giroir, a physician who had briefly followed Gottlieb as the head of the Food & Drug Administration. Further, the tweet encouraged people who did not have natural immunity to “Get vaccinated!”
4/ No matter.
By suggesting some people might not need Covid vaccinations, the tweet could raise questions about the shots. Besides being former FDA commissioner, a CNBC contributor, and a prominent voice on Covid public policy, Gottlieb was a senior board member at Pfizer...
5/ @Pfizer depended on mRNA jabs for almost half its $81 billion in sales in 2021 and paid Gottlieb $365,000 for his work that year.
6/ Gottlieb stepped in, emailing Todd O’Boyle, a top lobbyist in Twitter’s Washington office who was also Twitter’s point of contact with the White House.

The post was “corrosive,” Gottlieb wrote. He worried it would “end up going viral and driving news coverage.”
7/ I found the email in a search of records I ran at Twitter last week - part of Elon Musk’s “Twitter Files” effort to raise the veil on censorship decisions Twitter made before Musk bought the company in October.
8/ I went into detail about my involvement at the Twitter Files in a Substack article yesterday. I plan more reporting on the files in the weeks to come.…
9/ Through Jira, an internal system Twitter used for managing complaints, O’Boyle forwarded Gottlieb’s email to the Twitter “Strategic Response” team. That group was responsible for handling concerns from the company’s most important employees and users.
10/ “Please see this report from the former FDA commissioner,” O’Boyle wrote, failing to mention Gottlieb was a Pfizer director with a financial interest in pushing mRNA shots.

A Strategic Response analyst quickly found the tweet did not violate any Twitter misinformation rules.
11/ Yet Twitter wound up flagging @DrGiroir’s tweet anyway, putting a misleading tag on it and preventing almost anyone from seeing it.

It remains tagged even though several large studies have confirmed the truth of Giroir’s words.
12/ A week later, on Sept. 3, 2021, Gottlieb tried to strike again, complaining to O’Boyle about a tweet from Justin Hart. Hart is a lockdown and Covid vaccine skeptic with more than 100,000 Twitter followers.
13/ “Sticks and stones may break my bones but a viral pathogen with a child mortality rate of <>0% has cost our children nearly three years of schooling,” Hart had written.

14/ Why Gottlieb objected to Hart’s words is not clear, but the Pfizer shot would soon be approved for children 5 to 11, representing another massive market for Pfizer, if parents could be convinced Covid was a real threat to their kids.
15/ O’Boyle referred to “former FDA Commissioner Gottlieb” when he forwarded the report, again ignoring Gottlieb’s current work for Pfizer.
This time, though, Gottlieb’s complaint was so far afield that Twitter refused to act.
16/ At the same time, Gottlieb was also pressing Twitter to act against me, as I disclosed on Substack on Oct. 13, 2022, drawing on documents that Twitter’s pre-Musk regime provided to me as part of my lawsuit against it.…
17/ Gottlieb’s action was part of a larger conspiracy that included the Biden White House and Andrew Slavitt, working publicly and privately to pressure Twitter until it had no choice but to ban me.
18/ I will have more to say about my own case and will be suing the White House, Slavitt, Gottlieb, and Pfizer shortly.
19/ The morning after I wrote that article, Gottlieb appeared on CNBC, the financial news channel where he is a contributor, and offered what at best was a seriously misleading explanation of his actions and his motives.
20/ Gottlieb did not deny pressing Twitter on me - he could not, given the documents I had released.
But in an interview with @JoeSquawk of @CNBC, Gottlieb said he had asked Twitter to act only bc he was concerned if tweets raised the threat of violence against vaccine advocates.
@JoeSquawk @CNBC 21/ “The inability of these platforms to police direct threats, physical threats about people, that’s my concern about what’s going on in that ecosystem,” Gottlieb said.
22/ "I'm unconcerned about debate being made,” Gottlieb told Kernan. “I'm concerned about physical threats being made for people's safety."
23/ In a tweet that morning, Gottlieb doubled down, writing:
Respectful debate and dialogue is one thing, and should be encouraged and protected. But there's no place for targeted harassment, and misleading dialogue..."

24/ But Brett Giroir’s tweet about natural immunity was the definition of “respectful debate and dialogue.” And in his own email to Todd O’Boyle, Gottlieb did not raise any security concerns about it. He simply complained that it might wind up “driving news coverage."
25/ Gottlieb is not just a Pfizer board member.
He is on the board’s executive committee and the head of its regulatory and compliance committee, overseeing “compliance with laws, regulations, and internal procedures applicable to pharmaceutical sales and marketing activities.”
26/ Pfizer has a long history of violating drug industry laws and ethics rules. In 2009, it agreed to pay $2.3 billion, the largest health care fraud settlement in American history, for fraudulently marketing several drugs.…
27/ In 1996, it conducted a clinical trial of an antibiotic in Nigeria in which 11 children died and which became the inspiration for John le Carre’s novel The Constant Gardener.…
28/ So how will Pfizer react to the black-and-white proof from Twitter’s records that one of its most powerful board members secretly tried to suppress debate on the mRNA jabs that have has been by far its best-selling product since 2020?
29/ And will CNBC continue to let Gottlieb use it to mislead the public?


Full story also available on Substack:…

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Jan 9
1/ My first #TwitterFiles report: how @ScottGottliebMD - a top Pfizer board member - used the same Twitter lobbyist as the White House to suppress debate on Covid vaccines, INCLUDING FROM A FELLOW HEAD OF @US_FDA!

Thanks @elonmusk for opening these files.…
2/ In August 2021, Gottlieb told Todd O'Boyle - a senior manager in Twitter's public policy department - that a tweet from @DrGiroir claiming CORRECTLY that natural immunity was superior to vaccine immunity was "corrosive" and might "go viral."
3/ Twitter put a misleading tag on the tweet, preventing it from being shared. Gottlieb then went after a tweet about Covid's low risk to kids from @justin_hart. Pfizer would soon win the okay for its mRNA shots for children, so keeping parents scared was crucial...
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Jan 4
1/ @JReinerMD, remember when you tried to make people take novel biotechnologies or lose their jobs?

"Early experience with Covid-19 vaccine mandates shows that when faced with a choice between vaccine compliance and losing a job, nearly all employees choose to get vaccinated."
2/ "Choose" lol... though there's nothing funny about it.

Here's the sickest part of that coercive screed. You didn't write it in June 2021. You wrote it in November, when anyone with eyes could see the jabs didn't work for more a few months...…
3/ You wrote it knowing the vaccines had failed to work as promised. The push for vaccines in the spring of 2021 was forgivable, wrong but forgivable; but everyone who doubled down after July 2021 has MUCH to answer for...
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Dec 28, 2022
The last two days have made clearer than ever before what happens next.

They'll keep telling me how awful I am for chasing the questions they're too scared to ask.

I'll keep trying to get at the truths that are desperately important to their health...

This isn't for me. I'm not (mRNA Covid) vaccinated. My wife isn't. Our kids aren't. And none of us will be, not now and not ever.

This is for the billion people who got sucked into an experiment we STILL don't understand and increasingly cannot control...
Look, the odds are still very much in our favor. Omicron just isn't particularly risky, and it shows no evidence of mutating to become more virulent. But the IgG4 paper - and the fact Covid just will NOT go away in the mRNA countries - are enormous red flags...
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Dec 27, 2022
Tesla's demise?

Tesla is STILL the biggest car company by market cap - twice Toyota, the number two, four times as big as Ford and GM combined. It is profitable and growing. The stock was in a dumb bubble which has now popped. This is a market story, not a company story.
This reminds me a lot of Cisco in 2000. The stock had risen 16x since 1997 ($5 to $80, split-adjusted). It was briefly the most valuable company in the world. Even Tesla never got there.

By 2002, it fell as low as $10. Today, it's at $48...
Which is both good and bad news for Tesla shareholders. Cisco remains a vital and powerful company - the backbone of the Internet, with 80,000 employees. But anyone who bought at the peak 22 years ago is STILL down.
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Dec 21, 2022
1/ The new studies showing vaccinated people are at MUCH higher risk of Omicron have put vaccine fanatics on edge. I know because they're screeching I misrepresented them. Sorry, nope. Links to both in next tweet, judge for yourself.
2/ The Cleveland Clinic preprint:

"The risk of COVID-19 also varied by the number of COVID-19 vaccine doses previously received. The higher the number of vaccines previously received, the higher the risk of contracting COVID-19."…
3/ The Indiana paper:

"Six months after the index date, the incidence of SARS-CoV-2 infection was significantly higher in vaccine recipients (6.7%) than the previously infected (2.9%)"…
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Dec 17, 2022
The “13 billion vaccine” figure you’re seeing more and more shows the desperation of vaccine fanatics.


The vast majority of those shots are NOT the mRNA jabs Americans got - they are simple “inactivated virus”vaccines whose principles have been understood for generations…
But the United States and other rich countries REJECTED the old, proven vaccines for a Warp Speed gamble on a biotechnology that wasn’t CLOSE to human approval before Covid started. And for a few months they thought they’d won…
US regulators were so dismissive of older vaccines that they wouldn’t even accept them as alternatives here.

But - as often happens in drug development - the great new product has turned out to be less than advertised, with problems that the clinical trials missed (or ignored)…
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