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20 Apr
1/ Yeah, vaccine protection against variants is nearly as good as a lil thing I like to call the human immune system.

Let’s be clear: Five months in to SARS-COV-2: PART 2, THE VARIANTS, we have precisely zero evidence that any variants affect the long-term course of the ro...
2/ And this has nothing to do with vaccines. Take a look at the course of the epidemic this winter in South Africa, home of the famed, umm, South African variant. Cases fell 95% from January to April. Ditto Ireland, where the British variant was a thing for a while. ImageImage
3/ The variants are a useful excuse to scare people into getting vaccinated at a time when the ro is on the way out (except in places where mass vaccination campaigns are just taking off)... as well as to getting vaccinated again next fall.
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19 Apr
1/ For #Covid vaccines, shingles and even more dangerous and painful skin rashes may be the new thrombocytopenia. (Photos of Allen Luxenberg, now hospitalized in New York for lesions he fears were caused by his Moderna vaccination.) ImageImageImageImage
2/ Israeli scientists reported over 1 percent of 500 patients with an autoimmune disorder developed shingles – a painful rash caused by a herpes virus – after receiving the Pfizer vaccine. The US reporting system also now includes many reports of post-vaccination shingles.
3/ Shingles is not usually deadly, but a handful of people have had far more serious skin lesions following vaccinations. Called Stevens Johnson Syndrome or in the worst case toxic necrolysis, these rashes cover most of the body before blistering, breaking open, and oozing fluid.
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18 Apr
1/ This paper on #Covid deaths in 30 million Medicare patients last year has received no attention. It should have. One key finding: ~NO excess risk of death in Covid patients in nursing homes (Covid or not, about 25% of patients died over the nine months studied)...
2/ Further, using case-matching (deaths in Covid v non-Covid patients) rather than comparing 2020 to a three year average of deaths reduced reported excess deaths from 131,000 to 101,000 - showing the sensitivity of the excess death count to different statistical techniques...
3/ And when the case-matching method was used, the researchers found that nursing homes in 2020 actually had FEWER deaths overall than expected. This cuts to the heart of the with/from question.

Of note, this was NOT true for Medicare beneficiaries outside nursing homes...
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15 Apr
1/ So a new study looks at CVST (the blood clotting disorder) rates in DNA/AAV vaccines, mRNA vaccines, and people with #Covid.

The study is half garbage and half VERY interesting.

The garbage part, no surprise, is the claim people with C-19 get CVST at very, very high rates...
2/ The reason that part of the study is junk is: it uses medical records to find people with C-19. BUT ONLY A FRACTION OF PEOPLE WITH COVID ARE TESTED, MUCH LESS NEED MEDICAL CARE. The study claims 500,000 out of 82MM (mostly) Americans got Covid from late January to late March.
3/ The real number is probably 15x-20x that figure - 7.5 million to 10 million out of the 80 million surveyed. Thus the study may overestimate the rates of blood clotting disorders in the Covid population by 15x to 20x. They aren't 39 per million, they are 2-2.5 per million...
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8 Apr
1/ Want real-world evidence that vaccine side effect databases do not capture ANYTHING close to the real number of adverse events, even extremely serious ones?

Here goes.

Britain has a system similar to VAERS, with voluntary reporting of post-vaccine side effects...
2/ Just a week ago, the British reported 30 cases of severe blood clotting problems, including 7 deaths, after 18 million doses of the @AstraZeneca vaccine. This is a very serious and unusual problem and it should pop out to doctors.

Yesterday, the Brits updated the number...
3/ Now they report 79 events and 19 deaths out of 20 million doses - a near-tripling of events and deaths in a week.

Did all those extra problems happen in the last week/2 million doses?

No. They are coming now because physicians are finally LOOKING for and reporting them...
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7 Apr
1/ This fascinating @CDCgov review of Covid death certificates in 2020 deserves way more attention than it's received.

Among the findings: of the 182 deaths under 18, 65 were probably unrelated to Covid. So 117 deaths out of 70 million kids and teens...…
2/ Overall, @cdcgov found almost 10,000 deaths had "no plausible" connection to Covid.

Further, another 67,000 deaths were reported only as having a plausible "significant contributing condition" (this was defined very loosely and included hypertension and diabetes)...
3/ And those deaths disproportionately took place in homes, nursing homes and hospices, rather than hospitals. In other words, that 67,000 figure is probably the minimum number of "WITH" rather than "FROM" Covid deaths...
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5 Apr
1/ Legacy media simply can no longer be trusted.

As for @DKThomp, I will say only this: standard journalistic practice on ANY story, much less a piece focused on one person, is not to ask one round of questions and then try to discredit the answers without following up...
2/ Had I tried that at the Times, my editors would have laughed. Then they would have been angry. The harder you want to hit someone, the fairer you need to be.

That’s the way it used to be, anyway. No more. And the places that had the highest standards have fallen the fastest.
3/ Here’s one more small example of the deceptions and elisions that riddle the @dkthomp piece. Read this VERY carefully. Does Segal say I’m wrong? No, he knows I’m right, so he points to something ELSE the piece says...
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4 Apr
Holy moly. Did anyone else notice that @google just declared the pandemia over?
I hadn’t seen this before the Final Four ad
The version I saw didn’t have a vaccine reference! Unless I blinked and missed it
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1 Apr
1/ Read it. So much lamer than I feared it might be. From the bluecheck panting, I thought maybe @DKThomp had something. Instead the piece simply ignores the central issues I and others have raised for the vaccines:

The clinical trials largely ignored the at-risk population...
2/ The side effects profile for the mRNA vaccines - both in the trials and VAERS - is off the charts, far worse than the flu vaccines;

EVERY country (without exception as far as I can tell) has had case and death spikes following the first dose of mass vaccination campaigns...
3/ The preclinical safety signals (probably around potential LNP toxicity) do not appear to have been chased, and regulators do not seem to care;

The political pressure to approve the vaccines was overwhelming once the topline data came out;
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30 Mar
1/ Okay, a bunch of countries have decided @AstraZeneca’s #Covid vaccine is double-plus ungood because of a tiny ittybitty lil risk it will cause horrible deaths in healthy young adults.

But no worries about the @JNJNews @pfizer @moderna_tx shots, right?

Well. Hmm.
2/ All these vaccines work the same way - by hijacking your cells and making them crank out massive numbers of #SARSCoV2 spike proteins, leading to an antibody response far more intense than most people have to the actual virus...
3/ However, they deliver the molecule that causes the hijacking differently. The JNJ and AstraZeneca vaccines both use a modified cold virus hitched to a piece of DNA (which converts to RNA in your cells); the Pfizer and Moderna shots use RNA itself, inside a tiny ball of fat...
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28 Mar
1/ More evidence of a massive backlog in making #Covid vaccine side effect reports public - each VAERS report gets a unique ID, numbered roughly sequentially. Thus in 30+ years pre-Covid (to Dec. 2020) VAERS had received 770,000 reports, and it was at roughly VAERS ID #902,000...
2/ In fact, the IDs were only six digits long, allowing for a maximum of 1 million reports. Which should have lasted at least late 2022 - in recent years, the system has averaged ~3,500 reports a month, mostly non-serious (from 2018-2020, it averaged 13 death reports a month)...
3/ Then the mRNA vaccines showed up. With a few weeks the odometer rolled and the system needed seven digits. Now the IDs are past 1,115,348 (a death report received March 19) - implying ~180,000 reports received from early December (assuming the ID sequencing has not changed)...
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22 Mar
Alert. Hit piece coming from @TheAtlantic
I’ll attach the questions and answers here too: ImageImageImageImage
Screen 2 of 3 ImageImageImageImage
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22 Mar
More evidence for the crazy conspiracy theory that the first vaccine dose causes spikes in #Covid infections. It comes from -

@pfizer itself.

You may recall Pfizer excluded thousands of “suspected” Covid cases in its clinical trial. That was odd enough.

But a reader noticed...
Although overall “suspected” cases were slightly lower in the vaccine arm (though nowhere near enough to be statistically significant), suspected cases in the week after vaccinations were much HIGHER in the vaccine arm. But @pfizer’s trial design made those vanish.

Yay Pfizer!
But all those people who died after getting infected a week after their first dose were probably totally happy to sacrifice themselves for the good of the folks who made it to the second dose, amirite? Can’t make an omelette and all that!
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18 Mar
1/ What I think and have said all along is that the question is far more complex. I am trying to follow and report the data, as always.

Do these vaccines "work" in the basic sense of causing us to make antibodies? Yes. Did trials show they reduced mild/moderate infections? Yes.
2/ Did the trials show that they reduced deaths or clinically serious cases? No, because not enough people at high risk were enrolled, though there was a trend towards fewer serious cases...
3/ Are we starting to see real-world evidence NOW of fewer deaths and serious cases in countries that vaccinated early? I'd say yes, but with big caveats; the trend seems to run the OTHER way in the days after the first dose, and we don't know how long the good trend will last...
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18 Mar
1/ Let’s talk about Israel.

The good news: three months after it started mass vaccinations, new cases are finally below their levels when the campaign began.

And serious cases and deaths are far below their January peaks.

Great, right? Vaccines work!

Mmm. Let’s look closer.
2/ This analysis ignores two big issues. First, new and overall serious cases are STILL above where they were when vaccinations started Dec. 19. Deaths are roughly the same.

Vaccine advocates note correctly that most of those cases are in people who are not “fully vaccinated.”
3/ But they fail to note that at this point, the people in high-risk groups - i.e. over 70 - who are not fully vaccinated probably CANNOT be. In other words, most of those people got the first shot but not the second, probably because they could not tolerate the side effects...
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18 Mar
1/ This fascinating piece last July from two Canadian immunologists highlighted the risks a #Covid vaccine would be far less effective in older people at far higher risk. Even the preclinical work for vaccines focuses on younger and not older animals...…
2/ What the immunologists couldn't have known was how @pfizer etc would deal with the problem: by enrolling only a relative handful of those older people in their pivotal clinical trials. Genius.

You think that decision was a coincidence?
3/ This is not a conspiracy theory, friends. This is not 5G or whatever.

It's much cannier than that.

It's the equivalent of enrolling a bunch of people WHO DON'T HAVE CANCER in tests for your oncology drug and then proudly proclaiming no one who got the drug died of cancer...
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16 Mar
TL: DR - Top officials @EMA_News feared @US_FDA faced massive political pressure to okay the mRNA vaccines quickly and Britain's "rush" to authorize might worsen the problem.

They also worried Pfizer CEO @AlbertBourla was trying to play US and European regulators off each other.
Man, I am disappointed.

THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THREAD I HAVE EVER POSTED. Stop making it about Trump or Biden. It's about regulatory collapse in the US and Europe. Once the topline results came out, @Pfizer knew it was in control. IT WOULDN'T EVEN GIVE THE FDA 10 EXTRA DAYS.
Yes, Trump clumsily interfered in the approval process; but the Democrats would have done the same, only more cannily. The EMA faced exactly the same problem.

And maybe @Pfizer knew if the stampede slowed down people would have more time to look at what the data actually said.
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16 Mar
1/ @US_FDA felt extreme pressure to allow the fast sale of @pfizer’s mRNA #Covid vaccine, emails from the European Medicines Agency show.

Just days after Pfizer posted its first big clinical trial results, a top EMA official warned FDA was being “pushed hard by Azar and US GOV.”
2/ Marco Cavaleri, the head of EMA vaccine strategy, made the warning.

By Azar he meant Alex Azar, the then head of Health and Human Services, FDA’s parent agency. Minutes later, another senior EMA official replied, “Azar is pro-Trump... Trump Is still pulling strings on this.”
3/ An undated email from Cavaleri at about the same time reveals concerns at both FDA and EMA that Pfizer CEO @albertbourla wanted to play the agencies off each other to force them to move even faster...
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15 Mar
1/ Welcome to the mRNA Vaccine Church! Anyone can join! Simply accept these creeds on faith. Do not look for clinical trial evidence for them as you will find none!

Say it with me, believers!

The hoooly shot reduces #Covid deaths!

And all-cause deaths!

And is safe for all!
2/ Now, believers, you may find yourself doubting at times. Is this blessed blend of cholesterol and modified genetic material too good to be true?

BANISH THESE THOUGHTS! For verily they are the devil’s handiwork. And the devil has opened a book. He calls it VAERS.
3/ Believers must NEVER upon pain of excommunication examine the side effects in this book of mis-dis-information. Only apostles may open the pages of VAERS, and only to remind believers of the hooooly truth that correlation is not just NOT correlation but can never be!
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15 Mar
Fun fact: the @AstraZeneca vaccine has 54,571 adverse events reports in Europe, including at least 198 deaths (63 cardiac).

The @Pfizer mRNA vaccine has 102,100, including at least 957 deaths (276 cardiac).

Similar number of doses given. But it’s the AZN shot that’s in trouble?
I say “similar number” because I cannot find an exact EU-wide figure for either: AZN said today 37 million doses worldwide and 17 million people vaccinated in Europe (some with two doses); @pfizer was at 28 million doses delivered (not given) as of Feb. 17 and has sent more...
I suspect @AstraZeneca is ahead, actually. But even if @pfizer is, it is by a little - far less than the 5x gap in reported cardiac deaths.
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15 Mar
1/ Oh sigh. Here we go.

A) Polyethylene glycol is derived from ethylene glycol, which is why I said “involves” rather than “uses.”

B) I could have written a megathread summarizing the concerns around LNPs, including the fact that their toxicity rises with repeated dosing...
2/ The immune response they have been shown to generate over time, and the fact a Moderna cofounder coauthored a paper saying mRNA/LNPs should first be used as cancer treatments (ie for patients without other good options) before being broadly dosed as prophylactic vaccines...
3/ But all that might have confused you. I figured “involves antifreeze” - not uses, involves - made the point.

Nice to hear from you, though. Shouldn’t you get back to ranting about Tell Your Children now?
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