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Plastic is slowly killing you.

Not only is it destroying the environment...

But it's also poisoning your body and disrupting your hormones.

Here are 6 ways to protect yourself from plastic (without moving to a cabin in the middle of nowhere):
Plastic is everywhere.

Food containers, shipping materials, and clothing are just a few examples.

But some plastics are worse than others.

Here's the rundown (and how to avoid them):
1. Liquids

Avoid liquids stored in plastic.

Liquids dissolve plastic more quickly than solids.

Your swig of bottled water comes with a side of plastic and chemicals.

Aluminum cans and paper cartons are also lined with plastic.

Stick to glass, ceramic, and stainless steel.
2. Clothing

Polyester and similar plastic fabrics should be avoided.

Clothes rub against your body all day. Friction causes wear and minuscule plastic particles enter your skin and infiltrate your body.

Not good.

Stick to natural materials like wool, cotton, and linen.
3. Fats - Food/Cosmetics

For one compound to "dissolve" another, they must be chemically similar...like plastic and fat.

Plastic dissolves readily in fats for this reason.

Oil/butter/cosmetics should come in glass.
4. Heat

Heat speeds up chemical reactions and ramps up toxicity of ALL plastics.

Microwaved tupperware, car interiors baking in the sun (you know the smell), and sweaty polyester workout clothes are top offenders.

Use glass for food, keep car doors open, wear natural fibers.
5. Off-gassing

Speaking of hot cars...

If it smells like plastic, you're ingesting it.

"Off-gassing" is plastic dissolving into the air.

Keep new plastic items outside until the smell dissipates, use wood/tile floors instead of carpet, and invest in home air filters.
6. Type of plastic

Certain plastics are far less reactive and thus safer, including:

- Silicone
- HDPE (cutting board material)
- Nylon

Vinyl is a good example of a terrible plastic - highly reactive. The baked car smell again.
Some plastics may be less dangerous than others, but to be on the safe side, use:

- glass
- wood
- metal
- leather
- ceramic
- cardboard/paper
- cotton/linen/wool

Avoid plastics and other materials known to harm your body.
I've been down every health rabbit hole.

In fact, I got so fed up with trying to find food with good ingredients...

I quit my job to start a food company.
We make @Masa_Chips in small batches and fry them in pure beef tallow.

All health, no harm.

(and no seed oils)

Try them here: masachips.co/tan

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Jan 5
Seed oils are harming your body and damaging your skin from the inside out.

If you want to understand why...

First, you need to understand freckles:
Normal freckles occur naturally in many fair-skinned people. Especially kids.

They come from an overproduction of melanin (tanning pigment).

Now...There's nothing wrong with natural freckles but there's another condition I call "seed oil spots" that's killing your skin
"Seed oil spots" are sun spots or liver spots that increase with old age and sun exposure.

The @MayoClinic and WebMD would like you to believe these are also normal and common.

Their solution?

Slather up with chemical ridden sunscreen.
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Jan 3
Look at any photo of the average person from the 1950s and one thing is clear:

They were healthier than the average person today.

And they managed to stay fit and healthy without going low carb, avoiding dessert, or fasting.

So what changed?👇
Before I share the secret diet they've been hiding from you for decades...

Women 100 years ago:

- didn't go keto
- didn't have treadmills
- drank plenty of alcohol (despite prohibition)

And they managed to look great.
Men in the 1930s:

- no fasting
- no crossfit
- no juice cleanses

But fitness and health were the norm. An obese man was as rare as a pink elephant.
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Dec 30, 2022
6 health hacks (you've never heard of) to help you enjoy New Year's celebrations without the hangover after

And yes, they actually work...
First off, it's important to note that excessive drinking is never healthy.

However, celebrating the beauty of life has its benefits

So if you're going to drink, you should do it infrequently and in a way that minimizes damage to your health.

These 6 hacks will show you how
1) Glutathione and Vitamin C

Alcohol causes significant oxidative stress.

Two most powerful antioxidants to counter that? Glutathione and Vitamin C.

While glutathione is produced endogenously, Vitamin C must come from food and supplementation.

A healthy diet would normally...
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Dec 22, 2022
🧵How to avoid seed oils at restaurants 🧵

You know seed oils are bad for you

And you know they’re everywhere

So how can you enjoy restaurants without poisoning yourself?

Bookmark this thread for your next evening out:
1. SOS Card

First, your Seed Oil Sensitivity card will make it easier for your waiter to have conversations with the kitchen staff.

Plus it raises awareness of this very destructive food sensitivity

Wield it proudly. Included here for your convenience:
2. Choose a nice restaurant

You've got your card. Now it's time to choose your restaurant.

High-quality restaurants are more accommodating. They can handle dietary restrictions.

Not to mention they're less likely to serve seed oils to begin with.

(Remember: SEED OILS = CHEAP)
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Dec 21, 2022
You don't have to stuff your face with unhealthy slop just because it's the holidays

Here are 4 recipes to transform your annual food bender into a healthy, nutrient-dense feast:
1. Apple Pie


Sugar is fine, as long as you consume it in reasonable quantities

Which means you don't have to deprive yourself of Apple Pie this holiday season

Here's how to make it the right way:
You'll need:

- Organic bread flour (google "beadtopia")

- Pasture-raised lard or butter for the crust

- Organic apples, maple syrup, and organic spices for the filling

Then? Just follow your favorite recipe, subbing in your natural ingredients.

Easy as, literally, pie
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Dec 20, 2022
🚨 7 warning signs you're not as healthy as you think 🚨

(You might have serious work to do)

Doctors will proclaim you "healthy" as long as you're not on meds

And maybe you are... relative to the average person

But here's a secret:

The average person is a metabolic trainwreck. "Healthy" compared to them means nothing

You want to be elite

Here's what that looks like:
1. Skin

Your skin is a massive indicator of overall health. It should be:

- tan
- soft
- tight

Healthy skin is lightly oily but free of:

- acne
- eczema
- chicken skin
- peeling/dryness

That applies everywhere... yes even on the backs of your arms
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