Going through some of the photos I took at various concerts in 2022, and am picking out some real winners. Here's @tearsforfears at Jones Beach.
More @tearsforfears with swirling maelstrom in the back court.
Here @curtsmith takes the lead. @tearsforfears at @NorthwellJBT
One of the sickest shows I've seen in all of 2022 happened at the beginning. @disclosure just wrecked faces with the insane visuals on the wraparound widescreen at @BrooklynMirage. I got enlightened on that evening, believe me. Next-level visuals.
Of course with eternal buddy @capnsmak and the ladies in tow, we lost our collective mind at this show. I wish it were possible to express how amazing @disclosure were. Can't wait to see them again.
Still not feeling vaccinated enough to be down in the pit with the rest of the @disclosure fans, but one of these days.
@disclosure Wasn't close enough to see @aha_com close up but their show was still great, even if lead singer Morten Harket isn't known for how much he moves on stage (he doesn't). This is the best they've sounded, even better than they did on their 'farewell' tour of 10 years prior.
@disclosure @aha_com Seeing the legendary favorite band of your favorite band, @sparksofficial was a highlight, captured here at @TownHallNYC
There's a new album coming from these righteous brothers, as well as a new musical (if I have that right). Still #Sparks, still prolific. Incredible.
Of course bringing my kids to see @coldplay at @MetLifeStadium was on another level, especially since I strategically got GA tickets so they could feel the enormity of it.
@coldplay @MetLifeStadium My little one cried at ALL the ballads. He was a wreck during Yellow, The Scientist, Fix You, and Let Somebody Go. Hey Coldplay, think of the kids!
Seeing the band up close as we were literally hugging the barrier on their Stage B exploded my kids' minds.
But then Bruce showed up. Like 5 feet away from my collective clan. He Dancing In The Darked us into euphoria. I thought Kylie Minogue was going to come out, as she did the night before (random), but when Mr. Springsteen ascended the stage, it was wild.
Maybe the coolest show I got tickets to in 2022, though, was the first of two @kraftwerk shows, which I bought on a whim and dragged @capnsmak to. We were one row back from the front of the stage.
On this night we saw high-def Germans in 3D. #Kraftwerk
I tried not to be 'that guy' with the photo taking. I grabbed just enough to remind myself how close I was to the band, for future years when my memory is crap. This show was so impromptu and off the grid that it didn't even make it onto @kraftwerk's tour shirt.
@kraftwerk Seeing them a second time later that week with my wife at @RadioCity was great, even if the picture taking was rough, since the entire backdrop is in 3D.
It had been 6 years since I last saw @PaulMcCartney at @MetLifeStadium but he was just as strong. Mostly the same jokes, but he mixes them up enough to keep it fresh. Besides, who can get tired of seeing an actual Beatle live in concert, especially when Bruce Springsteen appears.
Clearly I had cheap seats, but @springsteen is awesome no matter the distance. I saw him twice that month without once buying a Bruce Springsteen ticket, which helps ease the pain of it being impossible to buy Bruce Springsteen tickets on Ticketmaster.
Despite being older than you'd imagine them to be, @midnightoilband still put on one of the most ferocious shows possible. There's so much energy in their performance I feel worn out just soaking it in. It's just the second time I've seen them, but it's their final tour.
So, perhaps with that in the back of their minds, #MidnightOil gave it 300%. Hopefully they've documented this tour somehow, and will release a video of some sort. That'd be a great postcard from a career-defining tour. There's still plenty of fire in their bellies.
One band I didn't expect to catch this year was @ABCFRY who brought his gold lamé best (as well as the hits). I was only disappointed that there was no merch to be had, because I wanted to support the cause with money, but the music was enough.
If I ever get the chance to see ABC in England, with their full orchestra set-up, I definitely will. @ABCFRY's songs feel better with the lavish string arrangements. I feel like he shouldn't ignore the 90s house songs from Up, though. That album is supremely underrated.
@ABCFRY Catching @RATMofficial at @TheGarden was mega epic. I didn't have great seats, but I did see them twice, which is especially fortunate considering Zack de la Rocha's injury that forced them to cancel the rest of their tour. #RATM
Watching @tmorello murder his guitar on stage is worth the price of admission alone. Dude is so endlessly inventive with that plank it makes me want to take extensive guitar lessons so I can suck 5% less. I mean, the entire band is flawless. I'm still buzzing from the show(s).
@tmorello The show I wasn't sure I'd get to see was @DavidGray's much delayed White Ladder anniversary tour. Tickets weren't exactly cheap as they were resale-only by the time this show rolled around, but White Ladder is such a great album, my wife and I both went for it at the 11th hour.
With the Brooklyn Bridge as his backdrop, and the summer breeze swirling around on Pier 17's outdoor rooftop, the show was majestic AF. I didn't realize @DavidGray would be so energetic, either. I was blown away by the sheer energy he brought to the stage.
Closing with @thecure's In-Between Days was unexpected and a gorgeous way to end the evening. My heart felt totally full after this show, having feasted on the sounds I didn't expect to hear in person. A memory of a lifetime. @DavidGray
@thecure @DavidGray It was a family affair when I brought the wife and kids to see famed Studio Ghibli composer Joe Hisaishi at @RadioCity, to see him perform all his hits from Hayao Miyazaki's movies. This show did not disappoint.
I've seen Joe Hisaishi from as close as the 2nd row, but for an avant-garde music performance, so it wasn't a My Neighbor Totoro kind of vibe that time. This time, though, it was literal fan service from beginning to end. My half-Japanese kids were in half-Japanese heaven.
How many more times will I get to see this amazing composer live in concert? Probably not many, so this was a bucket list occurrence. #JoeHisaishi #StudioGhibli @RadioCity
Although his arrangement for Bygone Days (from Porco Rosso) was a bit jazzier than I expected, it was still gratifying to hear the orchestra perform it. It's my favorite composition by Hisaishi. #PorcoRosso
Imagine following up Joe Hisaishi with a crowded, steamy performance by @odesza at @ForestHillsStdm on a cool night in the middle of the summer. Having never seen them live, I don't believe I was adequately prepared for their visuals, videos and DRUM LINE.
@odesza @ForestHillsStdm Big CG wolves racing through a techno forest? Yes please! Once again, @capnsmak and I did it just for you. I especially appreciated #Odesza's temporary pop-up shop in Soho the day after, where I got signed albums, posters, and HQ swag to bless my body with every day.
However cool you think this is, it's cooler than that. #Odesza
If you haven't seen this band, but you like to do fun things with your eyes, go see them, whether you like electronic music or not. It's 300% worth it. @odesza
He's controversial, difficult, opinionated, and loud mouthed, but you can always count on Roger Waters to put on an eye-popping show.
I wasn't originally planning on seeing him this tour (which may be his last), but my mother had an extra ticket and asked me to go, so who was I to say no? Worth it to see the spectacle #RogerWaters put on at @TheGarden where the sound quality was off the charts.
Generally speaking, #RogerWaters hates everyone. But if Pink Floyd are never getting back together, might as well see them in pieces.
A band I totally expected to play it safe, especially on their 50th anniversary tour, was @roxymusic, but instead they came prepared with the full-on visual onslaught. While Bryan Ferry isn't busting out the high notes of More Than This, they still crank out a serious sound.
I was sincerely impressed with @roxymusic's A/V presentation. Even from the middle-tier view of my seats on the low but far end of @TheGarden (where I spent nearly a week seeing shows) things looked spectacular. #RoxyMusic
@roxymusic @TheGarden The geezers got an A-for-effort on this evening, I will say. Phil Manzanera and Andy McKay still have the chops too. Pretty amazing seeing these living legends fill up the Garden in NYC. #RoxyMusic
Oh, they brought the lights too. I forgot to mention that. #RoxyMusic
A band you should see *every time* they hit your city, whether you like surf rock or not is @SCOTS_Music, because you are guaranteed an incredible time. I saw them 25 years-ago in Scottsdale Arizona, and then again this year, where they were even better.
You're not ready for how much fun you'll have at this powerful 3-piece band's incredible energy. They tour *all the time* and hit most major cities and even the non-major ones. Don't sleep on North Carolina's finest. Songs about fried chicken and gasoline never fail to amaze.
Somehow I've never seen @neworder up until this past year, when they toured with the @petshopboys on a double bill that hit @TheGarden. Despite the absence of eternal grump Peter Hook, New Order sounded great. I regret missing 'Regret' but NO started earlier than expected.
They played all of the songs I hoped to hear, and still didn't exhaust all the hits. Hearing 'Temptation' was a real spine-tingler in concert, though, and it reminded me of how beautifully @ChemBros mix it in with Star Guitar. #NewOrder
Madison Square Garden showed up for this awesome double-bill of @neworder and @petshopboys.
@neworder @petshopboys The set-ending tribute to @joydivision was appreciated by everyone, too. Even with Bernard Sumner taking over vocals, it still worked. Not a dry eye in the house. #NewOrder
@neworder @petshopboys @joydivision The most tragic show of the year had to have been @gorillaz, though, as my friend got me a ticket, but then couldn't go himself (cuz COVID) so I had to watch it in his place. Damon Albarn and co. were great, though. I now view Blur as his sidepiece and not the other way around.
@neworder @petshopboys @joydivision @gorillaz Damon tweren't scared of the 'rona, though, considering how many fans' hats he wore, and how many people he touched on frequent tours around the arena at @barclayscenter. He survived it though, and bless him for giving it 100%. #gorillaz
@gorillaz @barclayscenter Who would ever have imagined that the melodica would be THE sound of #Gorillaz? Not me. But it is.
@gorillaz @barclayscenter Does whatever a spider can. #SpiderMan #Gorillaz
@gorillaz @barclayscenter @LittleDragon's Yukimi is a total dreamgyaru. Empire Ants is such a great song.
@gorillaz @barclayscenter @LittleDragon They teachers, leave them kids alone.
There's a very good chance @pnau were super-fucking-high when they hit the @MusicHallofWB the other month, and possibly singing along to backing tracks, because I can't imagine people sounding studio perfect while jumping around, but this was a party.
Nick Littlemore of @EmpireOfTheSun (who are working on a new album) looked as hot as I felt. So many people packed into the place the energy and heat were downright tropical. #PNAU
@EmpireOfTheSun Was super cool to meet PNAU's Peter Mayes after the show, though. He was really nice and generous with fans. A good bloke that one.
As far as 'bands' go, the last proper show of 2022 was @lcdsoundsystem at Brooklyn Steel, which was to @capnsmak's amazement the first time I'd seen them live, which was funny since I was the one who turned him on to them.
@lcdsoundsystem @capnsmak This show was no joke. I would love a live document of this residency, but their 2014 release The Long Goodbye is a pretty adequate substitute. They didn't play songs like Disco Infiltrator or North American Scum, but they played so many bangers it was hard to hold a grudge.
@lcdsoundsystem @capnsmak James Murphy sounds like a devilish cross between Robert Smith, Morrissey, and The Normal, and yet wholly unique at the same time. Meanwhile, there can never be enough @nancywhang. I basically just watched her play, dance and sing all night and that was enough.
@lcdsoundsystem @capnsmak @nancywhang Unreal to think they sell out like 15+ night in a row, but with bangers like Dance Yrself Clean, Losing My Edge, and Get Innocuous!, the New Kings Of The Cool School should expect nothing less. @brooklynsteel
@lcdsoundsystem @capnsmak @nancywhang @brooklynsteel The final actual show of 2022, which crossed over into 2023, was my annual attendance at jazz trumpeter and band leader @chrisbotti's New Year's Eve performance. He always has the most amazing line-up of musicians. I actually saw him earlier in Dec. too, but pics are from NYE.
We always somehow get table 21, which is the perfect position for watching his band approach the stage and perform. #ChrisBotti #jazz @BlueNoteNYC
@BlueNoteNYC This dude is the epitome of modern jazz, and he was looser and more relaxed than I've maybe ever seen him. Maybe he was just like "fuck it let's have some fun" since it was NYE, but whatever the case the show was even better than usual.
@BlueNoteNYC One of his frequent guest regulars is Andy Snitzer, who played the squalling sax solo on Boy Meets Girl's 80s hit 'Waiting For A Star To Fall.' His jazz playing, though, is velvety, nuanced Coltrane territory. The singer, Alita Moses, is a phenomenal talent, too.
@BlueNoteNYC @chrisbotti Aside from Alita Moses, pictured here is @JohnSplithoff, who is the only vocalist to appear on Chris's upcoming David Foster-produced album. His song 'Paris' is just gorgeously sung and played classic pop music in Steely Dan territory. I am an instant fan.
@BlueNoteNYC @chrisbotti @JohnSplithoff Aside from his ace band, Chris also has superstars like Caroline Campbell appear to take the crowd through an amazing medley of Zeppelin's Kashmir, the Imperial March and other mash-up treats. She is the closest thing to a goddess as you'll ever see in person.
@BlueNoteNYC @chrisbotti @JohnSplithoff Which made it extra special to meet her after the show and have nearly the entire band sign this canvas print of @chrisbotti. We're moving out of NYC for a few years, so we won't be able to catch his annual NYE show, so that's a bummer, but this one was memorable enough.
@BlueNoteNYC @chrisbotti @JohnSplithoff I saw a ton of other bands or shows where I either didn't take great pics or couldn't, or just can't find which phone has them. I forgot about this Gary Numan show, which was the first time I ever saw him in concert.
Besides @numanofficial I also saw @nineinchnails, @octaveone, @RobertPlant, @duranduran and @nilerodgers and Chic, @kmfdmofficial, @bret_rospective, Bono on his solo book tour (amazing), Quentin Tarantino, Tony Levin during a King Crimson movie screening, and Rakim at @SOBs.
@numanofficial @nineinchnails @octaveone @RobertPlant @duranduran @nilerodgers @kmfdmofficial @bret_rospective @SOBs I also didn't see some shows, due to cancelations or scheduling conflicts. I missed seeing Foo Fighters for the first time for obvious reasons, Swedish House Mafia because of BitSummit, She & Him (canceled tour), Harry Style (I was worn out and sent the Mrs), Bauhaus (cncled).
@numanofficial @nineinchnails @octaveone @RobertPlant @duranduran @nilerodgers @kmfdmofficial @bret_rospective @SOBs I also missed seeing the most energetic show of the year in Carly Rae Jepsen's NYC show because it conflicted with New Order/PSB, also Charlotte De Witte because Odesza wiped me out, and finally a John Waters Christmas because @CityWineryNYC never told anyone it was canceled.
All in all I saw 30+ shows in NYC in 2022. That's the most shows I've ever seen in one calendar year, including all the Coachellas and stuff where you can say you've seen 20 acts in one weekend. Amazing year for shows that I am unlikely to ever surpass. /end

• • •

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