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Музыкальное и чуть-чуть про Путина и финку.

♣ Видимо у VK (экс Group) лицензированные ранее на РФ треки начали исчезать раньше, чем у Яндекс.Музыки. Аналогичный альбом ещё воспроизводится целиком у вторых, а в соцсети уже покоцался.
👇👇👇 ♣ Видимо у VK (экс ...
♣ Яндекс.Музыка обновила интерфейс переноса¹ коллекций из Spotify, Deezer и т. д.. Разумеется, что и перенесённые треки скоро станут недоступным в Яндекс.Музыке. Это позиция правообладателя: «РФ? Ничего не дадим», — а не владельцев той или иной российской площадки. ♣ Яндекс.Музыка обновила ин...
♥ Iiro Rantala “Potsdam” концертный альбом² — очень хорош! Записан до войны, осенью прошлого года. Вышел в 2022-м. Почти все фортепьянные сочинения самого Ийро, одна Леннона, две Бернстайна.

Про Путина и финку 👇👇👇 ♥ Iiro Rantala “Potsdam” ко...
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My heart is jumpin' you started somethin' with them there eyes
You'd better look out little brown eyes if you're wise
They sparkle, they bubble, they're gonna get you
In a whole lot of trouble, oh baby, them there eyes…
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#OTD Mar 13, 1914: James Reese Europe says his Clef Club Symphony Orchestra has the best Black musicians in NYC: “we colored people have our own music that is a part of us. It’s the product of our souls. It’s been created by the sufferings & miseries of our race.
#History ImageImageImageImage
#OTD Mar 13, 1914 James Reese Europe, ragtime & jazz bandleader, arranger & composer, explains his Clef Club Symphony Orchestra as having the best Black musicians in NYC. When he joined the 15th Regiment & the WW I military band in the 1910s history was made.
“The Jazz germ hit them and it seemed to find the vital spot. Loosening all muscles and causing what is known in American as an eagle rocking it”

#OTD Mar 13, 1914: James Reese Europe explains his Clef Club Symphony Orchestra has the best Black musicians in NYC.
#History #Jazz
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Les dejo con esta última y magnífica lectura para esta noche. Un bellísimo homenaje a Albert Camus en @sintetia #dignidad…
@sintetia "Sólo tardíamente se adquiere el valor de sostener lo que se sabe"
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Please do the thing where you help me spread the word with likes/RTs (I ain't too proud to beg)

Tonight's title: Splash Wildebeest
#Magic at #Sixers

Bamba returns! But we weren't worried there, really. The bigger news is Jalen Suggs broke a thumb and that changes things here with Cole Anthony still out.
Oh, the universe says I'm supposed to tag these threads with #FantasyBasketball so we'll just do that here and see how it goes.
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The wife has some patient notes to write, so I suppose I can carve out some time for this JUMBO STYLE TWEETSTORM.

Let's see if I can make it through to the end in one piece. It was a behemoth.

RTs/Likes always appreciated!

Title: Wait, Who Got Hurt?
#Suns @ #Cavaliers

Look at big JaVale. Hah! I have a soft spot for him, and honestly he hasn't been that bad lately. He's a dynamite fill-in if Ayton misses time again down the road. In the interim, he's more of a 14 or 16 teamer. Still fun, though.
Kevin Love is very much in the streamer discussion but not a games cap level guy. Jarrett Allen's FG% is robust. But overall, no particularly earth-shattering fantasy valuation changes.
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Title: Gobert, Back in the Top 18

Yeah, you know where this is headed.

RTs and Likes, as always, are the steam in my engine.
#Nets @ #Cavaliers

LMA played great again and he's absolutely a must-start guy in games cap formats. Harder to deal with on the rest days in h2h but he's been so good lately he probably hangs on even there. Mills is a nice stream with Harris out.
Markkanen and Allen came back from various illnesses and looked great. Fire 'em up! Kevin Love is somehow hanging onto deep league value but his little baby-sized window to play more is gone. As is Ed Davis. Isaac Okoro needs to show me more consistency before I add there.
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Comenzaremos con una serie de conciertos Pre-Festival en el Centro Académico Cultural ubicado en Manzanares Juriquilla, dentro del circuito del Campus de la UNAM.
Este recinto formará parte de las sedes del Aniversario próximo 🥳
¡Te invitamos a conocerlo y a disfrutar los conciertos de jazz que ahí llevaremos a cabo!

Nosotros como anfitriones abriremos este ciclo de conciertos presentando nuestro más reciente material como JEM 5eto
#jazz #musica #Queretaro #Aniversario #festival
¡¡5.º Aniversario!!
Line up:
Raúl Ríos- drums @raulriost
Octavio Monroy- Bass
Dulce Resillas- piano @resijazz
Paco Servín- Sax @pacoservin2
Armando Servin- Trumpet

📍Centro Académico Cultural (CAC) UNAM
Manzanares Juriquilla, Campus UNAM Juriquilla
📅16 Octubre 2021
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Хокон Корнстад новый вышел. На этот раз трио, с вокалистом тенором. Сам саксофонист и поёт, как догадались старые слушатели Хокона.

@FrodeHaltli аккордеон, контрабас — @matseilertsen. @hakonkornstad — саксофон-тенор, сэмплер (живой «лупинг»), тенор в… Хокон Корнстад трио новый. С вока

В анонсе к диску Хокон рассказал о выборе произведений. Оказывается, в прошлом году главная библиотека Осло, Дейхман, переехала в новое здание и по пути распродала «излишки» книг, пластинок, CD.
В феврале 2020 Хокон метнулся было на библиотечную распродажу, но его технично оттеснила профессиональная фарца. Жуки скупали пластинки не глядя, ящиками.

Отдел партитур, однако, пустовал.
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Jazz is America's greatest (and most sorely underappreciated) artistic creation.

Here are legends to celebrate during #BlackHistoryMonth.

Start with the most spiritual of geniuses, by the name of Coltrane.

No, not John...

One of the greatest of all tenors...

The incomparable Bobby Hutcherson with one of the most beautiful jazz tunes...

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This week at SFI: "#Complexity and the Structure of #Music: Universal Features and Evolutionary Perspectives Across Cultures", an #interdisciplinary working group assembled to explore new frameworks for understanding music. Stay tuned for highlights!…
"Every pitch class set is connected to every other pitch class set."

– @mbnUNT, co-organizer of this week's #musicology working group, presents on how to understand the #topology of #harmonic structures in music with #network diagrams (e.g. Pic 4 with #JSBach's BWV 66):
Once you represent a musical composition as a network, it is possible to examine the evolutionary dynamics of its harmonic content over time, as explained by @mbnUNT in his opening talk for this week's SFI #musicology working group.

(Ironically, this #Beethoven is #scalefree:)
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How do we make sense of "Girl From Ipanema"? /thread

#jazz #jazztheory #musictheory #guitar
Let's look at the original Getz/Gilberto version in Db, not the fakebook version in F. Here's a faithful transcription of Gilberto's guitar part:… . And this is the melody:….
The A sections aren't too crazy: essentially, the progression of Db [6/9] - Eb9 - Ebm9 - D7 (or Ab flat9 when the bass enters) - Db [6/9] reduces to a I - ii - V7 - I progression with a chromatic II7 chord produced by an incomplete neighbouring note between the I and ii chords.
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#Monk in #PaloAlto the story so far (a thread): back in mid-June, the Monk estate and Impulse/Universal announced internationally with top marketing push for a #jazz release that an #unreleased concert in Palo Alto was coming out on July 31. /1
Great backstory: gig promoter was high school kid, recorded by school's janitor. Single was launched on digital platforms. Then, around July 25 it "disappeared" without notice. Bare-bones official explanation: release had been postponed indefinitely. /2
Given how this was disrupted (tracks disappearing from personal devices), eyes turned to Columbia/Sony: big corp with serious legal team. Monk was under exclusive contract with them and they'd have first call on any releases of Monk's recordings made during his contract. /3
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 07/23/2020…
Opinion | How to Fix America: Spend. Spend. Spend. - The New York Times…

#america #MMT
Considerations for a Safe Return to Campus | by Charles N Haas | Jul, 2020 | Medium…

#coronavirus #return #campus
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20/ Shout-out to @Coldcut & #Keleketla for this dope London-Lagos-Joburg-LA-West Papua collab. @shabakah
the late, gr8 #TonyAllen @YugenBlakrok @Antibalas



#music #RobsPandemicPlaylist
#NowHearThis ImageImage
21/ Also, y'all should really hear @MulatuAstatke1 & @bjxtweets collab, #ToKnowWithoutKnowing. Heavy #ethiojazz grooves



photo: Francesco Vicenzi

#music #NowPlaying #RobsPandemicPlaylist ImageImage
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Move to the Groove - Pat Metheny & The Heath Brothers, Kool #Jazz Festival live at "Palais Des Congres", Midem (F) - 28 jan 1983
Jimmy Heath (ts)
Pat Metheny (g)
Percy Heath (b)
Albert Heath (d)
#WHPDaily #IndivisibleTimes #AltGovDaily #AltGov #Indivisible #SVRAV #vanlife
Pat Metheny, B.B. King, Dave Brubeck ~ Blue Rondo A La Turk #WHPDaily #IndivisibleTimes #AltGovDaily #AltGov #Indivisible #SVRAV #vanlife
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1/ A celebration of #Jewish unity and #diversity at #NYC’s 10th Annual Sigd Celebration with members of the #Ethiopian #Israeli-Jewish Community, Chassida Shmella & @AmericanSephard. ImageImageImage
2/ At #NYC’s Sigd celebration, Professor Ephraim Isaac & Kes Eli Vanda Menntessnout led the reading and the prayers, telling the story of the #Jewish community in #Ethiopia, its heroic journey to #Israel and its rich cultural heritage.
3/ The super-talented #Israeli musician Gili Yalo took us to #Ethiopia, with his unique blend of Ethiopian #music with a modern touch of #jazz, #soul, #reggae & #funk. What a great evening!
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Headed out to my fave city in America for a 100th birthday tribute to a legend - Henry Roeland Byrd, aka #ProfessorLonghair.🤩

#Fess #NOLA #jazz #jass
So a lot of y'all don't know who Professor Longhair is, despite knowing his protégées #DrJohn, #FatsDomino, & #AllenToussaint - even those of you who consider yourselves #Jazz aficionados.

There's one reason for that: extreme poverty.
Although the blues and boogie-woogie Black musicians from Mississippi & Louisiana who made it up the river to Chicago found a wealthy white audience, Black musicians who remained in Southern states didn't have that - & thus remain underappreciated or unknown.
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@UKAutoharps Certainly. It would be a Beethoven Piano Concerto adapted for & played on the Autoharp. or Harps.
#WHPDaily #IndivisibleTimes #AltGovDaily #AltGov #Indivisible #SVRAV
@UKAutoharps The more I look at this, the more I am convinced I was right. This is a piece for an Autoharp Quartet. 3 diatonic, 1 Chromatic. Take a look. Beethoven wrote very straight-ahead music. Easily adaptable. #AltGovDaily #AltGov #Indivisible #SVRAV #Jazz #Music
@UKAutoharps 3rd Movement of #3 - This is a piece for an Autoharp Quartet. 3 diatonic, 1 Chromatic. Beethoven wrote very straight-ahead music. Easily adaptable. A Good Arranger could easily do this. #AltGovDaily #AltGov #Indivisible #SVRAV #Jazz #Music
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Objective #art is possible only when somebody has attained to a higher plane of being; it is created by those who have reached the peak. They can see the peak and they can see the valley both. They can see the height, the beauty, the sickness and the ugliness of #humanity.
They can see deep down in the dark valleys. They can manage to create some devices which will help the people who are crawling in the darkness to reach the sunlit peaks. Their art will be just a device for your inner #growth, for #maturity.
Picasso’s pictures are subjective art. Seeing a painting by Picasso … he has not considered you, who are going to see the painting. You are not taken into account at all. He has simply vomited his own madness on the canvas. It is simply a vomit.
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