Why would #Eritrea launch a premeditated attack on territories and locations such as Badme, which are Eritrean territories??
Western version of history that never happened!!
Badme is #Eritrea !!
In May 1998 Eritrea took the step to clear it from #TPLFTerroristGroup occupation
..and it's only because YOU didn't HV ave the balls to recognise who was the real culprit (#TPLF started infiltrating into #Eritrean territories by moving Tigrayans n their belongings into Badme n it's environs since 1996) that eventually they invaded #Eritrea
And you know well that if it wasn't for YOU n your intelligence support to Meles & Co, #TPLF was getting ready to be completely wiped out inside #Eritrea, as it's military forces where getting near Keren without realising they were going to be surrounded n closed by the back.
YOU told them to not attempt to take Keren and try to go to Asmara as it would have been suicide.
A suicide that would have meant the collapse of #Ethiopia n possibly much more implications in the Horn.
So you convinced them to retreat and build a 300K+army at the border
and in some parts holding #Eritrean territories...
The rest is history, including the @UN involvement under western advise in snuffer zone that was ALL inside #Eritrea
Your version of those times is just yours, @StateDept and CIA, and you were able to convince the western
countries, Int'l orgs and whomever was conveniently necessary to be used to keep ur narrative alive.
Susan Rice & CO. did a great job!
Enough said!
Whatever U day today have no more weight
#Ethiopia isn't under #TPLFTerroristGroup anymore.
They lost!
you lost!

• • •

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More from @vitsil64

Jan 25
Talking about trolling....🤡
What was the message??
It looked like more of the same pattern in regarding to lecturing about democracy, elections, freedom, religion and so on, all subjects you Americans are so proudly filling your mouth with.
Let's talk about it then..shall we?
Elections: You accuse #Eritrea of being a dictatorship because there hasn't been elections since independence.

Like in Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, UAE ...Vatican City!
All good friends of yours.
In all above, political parties r banned!
Religious freedom: in #Eritrea people are free to follow any religion they like, up and until those religion do not interfere with the Govt n State activities and they are legally registered as religious organisations.
Religion cannot be used as an excuse not to fulfil Ur duties
Read 12 tweets
Jan 15
Nice try to deflect the topic.
Nevertheless, as you brought it up:
Ethiopia was the aggressor as the war in 1998 happened because of #TPLFTerroristGroup border incursions during '97.
Obviously U take the flaring point on 12 May 1998 so to conveniently pont the finger at #Eritrea
The other 2, namely Djibouti n Yemen:
1st: in 1996 the Djibouti dictator lied in regards to an inexistent incursion by Eritrea while Petros Solomon, at the time foreign minister, was on official visit to the country.
The reality was the opposite, which dragged into 2018 events
All was about Djibouti trying to overcome the agreement made by France n Italy in 1935, and establish a status quo in regards to Ras Doumeira, an area that was given to Italy following the treaty signed & rectified in Rome.
Djibouti used a non exchange of documents are the time
Read 21 tweets
Nov 20, 2022
Since the signature of permanent cessation of hostilities in Pretoria by the #Ethiopian Govt and #TPLF/ #EDF // #GovtofTigray (1 if them, or either 1 of them, or all of them or none of them), there has been a continuous concerted effort by elements against peace, particularly..
..in the Tegarus camp in diaspora (and not only), and within the so-called analysts, journos n anti-🇪🇷 elements, to spread a narrative that #Eritrea is inside Tigray, going deeper, occupying territories n committing all sort of crimes.
All without a single tangible proof...
..Just accusations, allegations, innuendos, and a continuation of fake news aimed principally at making sure the peace accord doesn't go ahead.
The idea of having to disarm n dissolve as a paramilitary force, to be still part of #Ethiopia, to relinquish the dream of being..
Read 10 tweets
Nov 5, 2022
The state of denial Tegarus in diaspora are finding themselves in is the result of years of brain washing done by #TPLF
In the past 2 years, they hv been bombarded daily with a well crafted n designed propaganda to became themselves part of a design to amplify a narrative ...
... pointed to convince western countries, NGOs, human rights orgs n mass media to support the quest of Tplf itself to paint the #Ethiopian Govt, #Eritrean Govt, #Amhara State and others as the enemy of the people of #TigrayWillPrevail.
The Tigray "genocide" hashtag, being the..
... tool used even before the hostilities started in Nov 2020, has been the main vehicle to start propagating a consecutive amount of false news and information that went out to the public also with the help of paid actors, analysts, journos n historical Tplf friends to make..
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Nov 3, 2022
The full version of the signed agreement between #Ethiopian Govt and #TPLF

Read 9 tweets
Nov 3, 2022
All this would HV been avoided 2 years ago only if the US was going to fully back up a legally elected Govt of a sovereign nation and firmly denounce the actions of a renegade party that, by hijacking a State n it's people, went rogue using military means.

#Eritrea #Ethiopia
The results of your failed foreign policy (not the first time around), gave confidence to a group of people that lost power due to their shocking tenure as a govt in #Ethiopia for 30 years, to enact military action against the federal Govt. with Fed Gov resources
Your 30 years long friendship with #TPLF have created a monster, and you have been the major cause into their arrogance in thinking everything was allowed to them.
Hopefully, although late n after many unnecessary loss of lives, U realise that.
Read 4 tweets

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