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Today's #P4P Grant spotlight falls on yet another vital and timely project, led by Assefa Fiseha and Nicole Beardsworth (@NixiiB), and examining #Ethiopia's youth and their relationship with state and federal politics.
Young #Ethiopians affected by recent protests in the country form an integral part of this research: they will be trained in ethnographic video-making to help express their unfiltered views on access to political representation and representatives.
These ethnographic films will then form the foundation for conversations and advocacy with state and federal level politicians, in order to improve their engagement with, and outreach amongst, #Ethiopia's youth and make them part of critical reform processes in the country.
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We have more fantastic P4P Grant research projects to share with you this week! First up are @sewithst, @atomicsentences and @IrenaGrizelj who explore the innovative and creative ways in which #Ethiopia's youth are striving for peace and democracy
The team are using audio-visual & documentary reporting, as well as arts-based and participatory approaches, to construct positive narratives about young people’s agency and highlight the skills they can bring to develop a more inclusive political environment in Ethiopia
PI @sewithst has a background in economic development and gender issues, and aims to bring into focus a new and positive perspective on youth political participation in #Ethiopia
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#Hadalhaynta [ Analysis Thread 👇] Sarakiisha Ethiopian ka ee ay isticmaaleen @M_Farmaajo & Fahad Yasin si ay cadaadiyaan Axmed Madobe ayaa ku guuldaraystay in ay wax ka badalaan aragtidiisa, balse waxaan halka ku iftiiminaynaa warbixinta dahsoon ee ku gadaaman saraakiishan. 1/8
#Hadalhaynta Saraakiishan ka tirsan sirdoonka #Ethiopia waxaa heshiis kula jira Fahad Yasiin oo maalinti Eid Al-Adxa u dhoofay Addis Ababa si uu uga soo kexeeyo ayna u cadaadiyaan Axmed Madobe, ujeedkooda ayaa ahaa cadaadis siyaasadeed & mid dagaal inay ku qaadaan Madoobe. 2/8
#Hadalhaynta Horay waxay ugu guulaysteen in ay ka joojiyaan Shariif Sakiin inuu is sharxo, sidoo kale waxay dagaal dhiig badan ku daatay ku soo xireen Mukhtar Robow oo ahaa musharax KG, waxayna lacag hormaris ahaan u qaateen $500,000 qaybti kale waxaa geeyay Abdulahi Kulane. 3/8
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We are mid-way through our #P4P programme, which supports #Ethiopia and #Myanmar based researchers studying issues of political representation, participation and engagement in the global south, using approaches that integrate the arts and humanities... @ahrcpress @GCRF @SOAS
So, all this week we'll be sharing news of our latest #P4P Grant awardees and their projects...
1st up are Mikiyas Bekele Kidane (@MickyEthiopia), Abel Wabella (@Abelpoly), Solen G. Megersa (@solen_gemechu) & Michael Million - with 'The Participation of Target Groups in Civil Society Organizations and the Role of Civil Society Organizations in Federal Law-Making Processes'
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#Ethiopia|n government's #GreenLegacy campaign: Audacity or a pipe dream?
The #GreenLegacy campaign to plant four billion tree saplings is off to a boisterous start with ambitions to break world records & to supplant previous campaigns that have failed to restore the severely degraded #Ethiopia|n landscape.
#Ethiopia has 18 million hectares of degraded land potentially suitable for afforestation and reforestation, according to the National Greening Action Program.
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#Ethiopia: As Ethiopians joined @PMEthiopia's #GreenLegacy initiative with a promise to plant 200 m seedlings today, team AS would like to recognize @fairytale0716 for mobilizing #EthioTweeps & everyone who participated in this inspiring civic duty yesterday.#አረንጏዴአሻራ 🌳
@PMEthiopia @fairytale0716 PM #AbiyAhmed arrived in #ArbaMinch city to participate in "#GreenLegacy initiative where he already planted seedlings with government officials and community members this morning," #PMO. #Ethiopia
@PMEthiopia @fairytale0716 Members of Ethiopian National Defense Force (#ENDF) participating in today's #GreenLegacy program.

Source: ENA.

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About @PMEthiopia and the deteriorating situation in #Ethiopia. This is a deconstruction of the genesis of PM Abiy's rise and how his methodical plans to gain power have a direct implication on what is taking place right now. Read this as a thread. /1
First, it must be acknowledged that @PMEthiopia did not rise to power in a vacuum, there was no miraculous ascension to the "throne", Instead, Abiy was always the byproduct of outside interference, the same foreign intervention that gave rise to the era of the #TPLF /2
Bureaucrats like @CohenOnAfrica, Brzezinski, Kissinger, @madeleine and Susan Rice have worked for decades to destabilize #Ethiopia and induce tribalism among Ethiopians. If you need proof of this, refer to Cohen's racist tweet yesterday where he vilified #Amhara people /3
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Thread... ⬇️

1/ የብርግነትና አካባቢው ወጣቶች ዛሬ የስምንተኛ ክፍል ብሄራዊ ፈተናቸውን ተፈትነው ጨርሰዋል፡፡ አንዷን ታዳጊ ወጣት ምሳሌ አድርጌ ይቺን ቤተሰብን ፈታኝ ሁኔታ ውስጥ የምትከት ጭንቀት ላጋራችሁ…
2/ ታዳጊ ወጣቷ ልጅ የጠዋት ክፍለግዜ ተማሪ ከሆነች ከሰአት በኋላ፤ የከሰአት ተማሪ ከሆነች ደግሞ ጠዋት ላይ በጎችና ኸብቶችን ወደ ዱር ይዛ ሄዳ እረኝነትን እየሰራች፣ የገበያ ቀን በሆነው ማክሰኞ በየሳምንቱ እናትና አባቷ ወደ ገበያ ሲሄዱ ደግሞ…
3/ ከትምህርት ቤት ቀርታ እረኝነቱን ቀኑን ሙሉ ውላበት፣ ወደ ትምህርት ቤት ስትሄድ እግረ-መንገዷን እህል ወደ ወፍጮ ቤት ይዛ እየሄደችና ወደ ቤት ስትመለስ የተፈጨውን ይዛ ያንን ገደልና ተራራ እየወረደችና እየወጣች እናትና አባቷን አግዛ…
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At the conference entitled "Democracy and the Future of the Developmental State". I will post highlights from the day. Speakers: @FukuyamaFrancis @EleniGabre @alemayehuGeda @LaversTom @goitom_gebrelue @PreciseConsult @Abdeta2 #futureofdevstate
@FukuyamaFrancis @EleniGabre @alemayehuGeda @LaversTom @goitom_gebrelue @PreciseConsult @Abdeta2 Did not have internet for the rest of the day, but will post highlights throughout the day today!
@FukuyamaFrancis @EleniGabre @alemayehuGeda @LaversTom @goitom_gebrelue @PreciseConsult @Abdeta2 There has been a lot of debate on twitter today about the core message of @FukuyamaFrancis' keynote at the @CIPEAfrica and #FSS conference. I want to contextualize some of his statements that I found to be reflected, humble and mostly true. #futureofdevstate
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.@MarcChampion1 leaves Ethiopia after a stellar trip -- one of the best Bloomberg colleagues i’ve worked with, with deep knowledge about the FSU & Yugoslavia. photo from one of our last meetings, with TPLF chairman Debretsion Gebremichael beside a bear, for a coming story
Whoever pulled the trigger, Simegnew Bekele found himself in the eye of multiple political storms still today battering the GERD. A year since the engineer’s death, a @BW account with @MarcChampion1 -- Addis Ababa, Mekele, & Asosa.

#Ethiopia #Egypt #Sudan…
The new GERD engineer, Kifle Horo, shared the job with Simegnew back in 2011 was removed after clashing with Metec over its proposal to change the dam’s design to increase the headline generating capacity. #Ethiopia #Egypt #Sudan @MarcChampion1…
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"Endgame" -- May 11, 2019
Operation Disclosure…

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.)
The Earth Alliance's plan to collapse the fiat debt-based financial system is nearly complete.

These plans were in the making after the events of 9/11 and were set in motion after the collapse of 2008.
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Let me debunk some myths created by the 3D rendering of the #AddisAbaba riverside project
Myth1. Tourism-#Ethiopia's competitive advantage in the sector isn't waterfront devt. Any sane tourist interested in waterfront devt prefers to go to Shibuya Stream, Tokyo or Tampa 1/10
Riverwalk, Florida or V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. Our tourism competitive advantage is in historical sites, landscape & wildlife. let's invest in our heritage & parks.
Myth2.Tourism-related jobs-of course the construction & the est. of business around it will create jobs. 2/10
However, the jobs created compared to the total amount spent is minuscule. Had we invested a similar amount in agro-processing parks, it would have solved huge unemployment & helped 2transform our agrarian economy.
Myth3. Diplomatic Capital-yes #AddisAbaba hosts AU & ECA 3/10
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Abebech Gobena more famously known as "Africa's Mother Theresa," is the founder of Ethiopia's oldest orphanage. She was born in a small rural village called Shebel in 1938.
She was only a month-old when her father was killed during the Ethio-Italian war, so she was raised by her grandparents until the age of nine. (2/9)
She then was married at the age of 10 without her consent per the tradition of her community, but revolting against her marriage, she ran away from home to Addis Ababa where she scraped a basic education, gained a job as a quality controller and remarried. (3/9)
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1/ It's fair to say @UNPeacekeeping🇺🇳 is currently in a financial crisis caused largely but not solely by the 🇺🇸 Trump administration. Here's a thread explaining the state of play
2/ First a caveat: the numbers fluctuate regularly so what follows are just snapshots. @UNPeacekeeping & its troop- & police-contributing countries (T/PCCs) are reimbursed after the fact. Here's an explainer of how it works via @ipinstGO…
3/ When UN Member States don't pay their @UNPeacekeeping dues in full and on-time it hurts 1) T/PCCs; 2) mission effectiveness in the field; and 3) the reputation of the UN's🇺🇳 general effective system for financing #PeaceOperations.
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I'm going to take this time to express myself about the latest developments involving Julian Assange. Read this as a thread and if you share this, please use #RiseUp4Julian to spread public consciousness.
Let me be completely frank about this, since I woke up this morning & greeted by the news of Julian Assange's arrest, I have been swerving back & forth between outrage and sadness. I had to snap out of my emotions in order to do contribute my voice to the #DefendAssange cause /2
After writing the article I published earlier and using social media to speak up on behalf of Julian Assange, it finally hit me the gravity of this moment. In conversation with @sbonifides, he noted that he has not felt like this since 9/11, and I concur with this assessment /3
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This is an excerpt from #SerendipitysTrace, a book I wrote two years ago, a collection of poems and reflections. Read this as a thread.

History’s Malevolence

The middle ground is treacherous
Preaching unity to all sides dangerous
Creating consensus out of chaos
Is often laden with insults—profoundly onerous
It’s easier rebuilding the tower of Babel
But lend me an ear brethren and sisters
What if I told you history was malevolent
Facts rewritten by victors and conquerors
In order to split the masses into opponents
Propagating propaganda to prolong injustice
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The response of the public to the humanitarian crisis in #Gedeo Zone, Southern #Ethiopia over the last 24 hours has exceeded what has been done since it all began last year, 2018.
If you look at it honestly, the crisis they face today is the result of the failure to see the humanity of each other and to not respond with love and kindness to this human tragedy. It has only deepened as it has been ignored.
In the last 24 hours, countless numbers of Ethiopians have proven that we are indeed capable of great kindness. We do not have to bring it from somewhere else, like foreign aid; instead, it is within us.
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#Breaking: Just in - The #EU announced that it will ban all Boeing 737 MAX aircraft to fly over its airspace following the #Ethiopia crash which killed all 157 people on board. More countries to follow and Boeing is loosing a lot of stocks...
#Updazte: Just in - UAE Civil Aviation authority bans the operation of the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft as a precautionary measure...
#Breaking: Just in - #Canada Transport minister announces to ban all of the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft for using it's airspace.
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~~Our master Bilal (ra) struggled with Arabic/Tajwid/Makharij?!

Debunking a folklore based on a fabrication (not reliable hadith!)~~

#Sahaba #Habasha #Habesha #Eritrea #Ethiopia
For those who want to watch me explaining it:

Here the two Rafidi clowns, the Park Runner and his brother the Tweezer using the same folklore belief (biLaL strUgGLed wiTh aRaBic/pRonuNciaTioN) and my response:

A famous (yet unauthentic) narration that is widely circulated (especially championed by Rafidah and Qadyanis to justify the failure of their leaders who haven't mastered basic Tajwid) is:

"The 'sin' (س) of Bilal is 'shin' (ش) in the hearing of God."
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#Ethiopia: @PMEthiopia indicates there has been a plane crash involving @flyethiopian "Boeing 737 on regular scheduled flight to Nairobi, Kenya this morning." The office extended it’s condolences to the families who lost their lives. But, there is no corresponding info as of yet.
Update: FanaBC confirms the news. "Ethiopian airline Boeing 337 flight from Addis Abeba to Nairobi crashed," the headline says. The news provides no further detail other than the quote from the PM office

**NOTE: AS is informed the accident did happen…
Update: It's confirmed. The aircraft B-737-800MAX with registration number ET- AVJ took off at 08:38 am local time from AA, Bole Intl Airport & lost contact at 08:44am. It crashed around Bishoftu. It has 149 passengers & 8 crew members.… (Pic: Profile).
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Subax wanaagsan @IlhanMN, I’m reaching out to you to offer a bit of friendly advice, unsought as it is. First, as a fellow immigrant from #Ethiopia, I have to admit that I’m very much proud of your achievements. /1
Even though I stopped believing in politicians after falling for the @BarackObama bamboozle and life’s hard lessons taught me to disavow both parties and ideologies in general, I have been very much impressed by your conviction and your audacity to speak truth to power. /2
Your voice is giving voice to a marginalized majority who have walked away from political participation due to the bankrupt nature of Democrats and Republicans. /3
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#Ethiopia, the following is a tweetstorm in response to this story:… written by @awolallo a couple days back. I add on @Abelpoly's assessment that Awol was awfully dishonest in his writing which I hope to bring out. @Ethiopialiveupd @addisstandard 1/
I start from the title, which is misleading. He forces his & contemporary political view points on #Adwa which celebrated its 123rd anniversary. None of the sentiments he discussed were part of this battle and him dragging it to our current political atmosphere is dispiriting. 2/
Another lie is presented here which completely disregards the historical oscillation of how #Adwa was commemorated. Adwa is not a pt. of ideological contestation and it's not contested by various nationalist groups (he went from country to groups) now. 3/
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1/ #AMISOM gets its first #Ethiopian🇪🇹 Force Commander. The last time Ethiopia offered to play this role in 2016, the proposed deal fell through...
2/ In early 2016, #Ethiopia🇪🇹 proposed taking the #AMISOM FC position if it could deploy an additional 1,000 troops into AMISOM & deploy a contingent to #Mogadishu. This was rejected in favor of a #Djibouti🇩🇯 FC. See p.201…
3/ It's an interesting time for an #Ethiopian🇪🇹 #AMISOM FC given recent events around #Baidoa w the detention of #Robow involving #ENDF troops; the #AlShabaab ambush of ENDF convoys; & ongoing unilateral ENDF helicopter operations.
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