A Thread On Extremely Serious Matter

1. Today I am going to unmask people and organizations behind propaganda #BBCdocumentry

I am requesting you to read and share this maximum.
Let's start👇
2. Before exposing them, let me remind you about the Jallianwala bagh massacre.

The British officer gave orders, but the people who had fired were Indians!
BBC Documentary is exactly similar to it.
3. BBC documentary starts with @alishan_jafri
He is Journalist with the Propaganda website The Wire.
He also writes for Article 14 and money laundering accused propaganda firm Newsclick
4. The second character in this propaganda documentary is Hartosh Singh Bal. He is the Political Editor of the Propaganda news website The Caravan.
Please go and check his timeline to understand his ideology
5. The third character who appeared in the Propaganda Documentary of BBC is Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay.
Interestingly, he also writes for Propaganda websites The Wire and The Caravan.
6. He works and gets a salary from the money laundering accused firm Newsclick.
7. The Forth character who appeared in Propaganda BBC Documentary is Arundhati Roy. I think almost every Indian knows about her.
But very few know that she was the first to give funds to propaganda fact-checking website Altnews and their communist owners!
8. A Fifth character in the Propaganda BBC documentary is Jaffrelot Christophe.
Interestingly, his propaganda works are promoted by the same entities like The Wire and The Caravan.
9. In fact, this propaganda writer Jaffrelot Christophe has tagged Indian American Muslim council which is working to put sanctions on India to watch and share this propaganda BBC Documentary.
10. Jack Straw, another important character behind this documentary came on Propaganda Website The Wire for an exclusive interview just after the release of the Propaganda BBC documentary. What a coincidence that he choose The Wire for an interview!
11. After the release of the Propaganda BBC documentary, Propaganda journalists of The Wire and The Caravan and other IPSMF funded have done their job as per planning (?)
12. But do you know who funds these Propaganda websites like The Wire, The Caravan, Alt News, Article 14, etc..?
13. But who are the donors of IPSMF? IPSMF was started by securing a fund of 100 crores. Rohini Nilekani, wife of Nandan Nilekani promised 30 Crores.
14. Rohini Nilekani, wife of Nandan Nilekani's role models are George Soros and his Open Society Foundation along with Bill Gates and the Ford Foundation!
15. You must remember that Nandan Nilekani has contested the election on a Congress ticket in 2014 after joining Congress.
16. This is the time if Nandan Nilekani and other donors of IPSMF realize that they have done funding unconsciously and it was their mistake, they should dismantle IPSMF immediately and they should apologize to Indians.
17. If they don't do this. We Indians will consider this as a conspiracy against India.
In which Deep state wants to divide India and they are helping them just like how a few Indian at Jallianwala Bagh fired and Killed innocent Indians just because a Britisher ordered them!
18. It's my humble request. Please share this maximum. We don't have a network like them where they have a cartel of web portals and direct association with international media.

Please tag your favourite account and ask them to read and share if they like this🙏

• • •

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Rewriting a very important thread with a few current events

1. Exposing Leftist Ecosystem and their masters

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Let me add further to this👇
2. Meet Margaret Sanger. She founded Planned Parenthood in 1916 and started the first birth control clinic in the USA.
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In USA a few cartels are working very hard to blame Hindus by spreading an imaginary conspiracy theory that there will be a genocide in India by Hindus!

But do you know that our Indian businessmen like Azim Pemji and Nilekani etc are indirectly playing a role in this process?
Under the leadership of Azim Premji and the Nilekani couple, a group of businessmen has created a trust IPSMF to fund so-called Independent media like The Wire, The Caravan, Alt News and many more!
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Few Clarification on my last thread.

1. Don't take your medical decisions just by reading my thread as me or Bill Gates don't have any medical degree!

2. Don't target Doctors or medical practitioners as they have 0 knowledge about this deep state.
3. Current medical is necessary in many emergencies and many diseases. Most doctors know how to solve problems but they don't know that behind that problems the same people are involved who have designed and funded the modern medical field!
4. Just like Politicians they all depend on WHO and Bill Gates-funded top advisers who got power and position!

5. Doctors can't practice against the research of WHO otherwise their license would be revoked.
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Extremely important thread

1. Me and my work won't be the same after this thread.

I am dedicating this thread to humanity and the people of India.

I know much information in this thread will shock you by the core!
A thread that might change your way of life and thinking
2. If you look at people in your circle, you will find that so many people are facing fertility issues, miscarriages, and PCOD like never before.
Food, environment and a few other factors could be the reason behind it but nobody is sure about it.
3. Now let me tell you some hard-hitting facts which will indicate the real reason behind it and you will know the people who are responsible for this inhuman act!
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